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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office publishes the monthly London Diplomatic List of accredited Foreign Diplomats in the UK, some of whom will be Foreign Intelligence Agency staff (obviously there will be many more who are not operating under official diplomatic cover)

For no good reason, the FCO no longer keeps an online archive of previous versions of this List. Other countries, such as Canada, make their monthly list Diplomatic, Consular and Other Representatives in Canada available on request, even if they do not publish the full archive directly via one web page.

In the United States of America, the State Department publishes their Diplomatic list Quarterly , but keeps archives of old list visible online

The Republic of Serbia also publishes their Diplomatic List in a similar format to that of the UK.

How are we supposed to obey the anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing and the various UN / EU / UK Financial Sanctions schemes which are meant to exert political/ diplomatic "pressure" on various evil governments, if even the names of their Diplomats / Spies publically expelled from London are kept secret ? These are exactly the people who are most likely to be acting as middlemen for the families and henchmen of corrupt dictators, either during their period of diplomatic cover, or afterwards.

Presumably mainstream international media organisation, freelance paparazzi photographers, specialist magazines serving the diplomatic community, UK and Foreign intelligence agencies, serious organised crime or terrorist gangs, know who these people are, so it is only the British public who are still being deliberately kept in ignorance by the Whitehall bureaucrats.

Here are some older versions of the London Diplomatic List, for comparison before and after a Diplomatic Expulsion from London, for the benefit of people who do not want their visits to appear in the FCO web server logfiles, or whose censored internet feed blocks them from accessing UK Government websites.

The Foreign office London Diplomatic Page is also partially archived by

N.B. there are various degrees of complicity or bureaucratic inertia which mean that not all *current* Diplomats are actually Listed. Temporary staff, drivers, cooks or visiting NSA communications technicians may well have Diplomatic status, but are not listed. Neither are the family members of Diplomats explicitly named in this list.

Everyone, including family members should be listed if they enjoy Diplomatic Immunity. Other staff working in secret with UK government permission, can be left of the list, but should not have Immunity.

Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko tweeted on 4th August 2015 "Bidding farewell to Senior Counsellor Valery Rodichkin & Counsellor Sergey Nalobin"

Looks like Sergey Nalobin got promoted from 1st secretary to Counsellor and has been been replaced as 1st Secretary at the Russian Embassy by Sergey N .Kustov

Valery Rodichkin also seems to have been promotedd from Counsellor to Senior Counsellor but seemingly has not yet been replaced.

Daily Telegraph 05 Aug 2015 - Russia claims four diplomats 'forced out' of London Sergey Nalobin now "persona non grata" is on the July 2015 list: who else has been expelled ?

Apologies for the lack of monthly updates. FCO should really be doing this.

Why was there no London Diplomatic List published online in February 2015 ? Why was there no London Diplomatic List published online in December 2014 ? Note the path:


S:\Protocol\DMIOU\UNIVERSAL\Administration\Lists of Diplomatic Representation\LDL\London Diplomatic List - Master List - Please update this one!.doc

Title of LDL (.pdf) - Registluciaholy see Some additions to Saint Lucia and changed Holy See First Secretary

If you are snooping on, or demonstrating near, or just visiting a Foreign Embassy in London, you will probably see some of their motor vehicles with Diplomatic Number Plates:

See this Wikipedia article:List of country codes on British diplomatic vehicle registration plates

Since 1979, cars operated by foreign embassies, consular staff, and various international organisations have been given number plates with a distinguishing format of three numbers, one letter, three numbers. The letter is D for diplomats or X for accredited non-diplomatic staff. The first group of three numbers identifies the country or organisation to whom the plate has been issued, the second group of three numbers is a serial number, starting at 101 for diplomats (although some embassies were erroneously issued 100), 400 for non-diplomatic staff of international organisations, and 700 for consular staff.

Many foreign embassies have acquired vanity plates from historic British car numbering systems, for example BF 1 and BF 2 (Burkina Faso), IC 1 (Iceland), CHN 1 (China), BEL 12E (Belize), FIJ 1 (Fiji), 1 NWY (Norway), 1 HKG (General-Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade office) etc.

Embassies and High Commissions

    101 Afghanistan

    102 Algeria

    103 Argentina

    104 - 108 Australia

    109 Austria

    110 Bahamas

    111 Bahrain

    112 Bangladesh

    113 Barbados

    114 Belgium

    115 Benin

    116 Bolivia

    117 Botswana

    118 - 122 Brazil

    123 Bulgaria

    124 Myanmar

    125 Burundi

    126 Cameroon

    127 - 131 Canada

    132 Central African Republic

    133 Chad

    134 Chile

    135 China

    136 Colombia

    137 Congo

    138 Costa Rica

    139 Cuba

    140 Cyprus

    141 Czech Republic

    142 Denmark

    143 Dominican Republic

    144 Ecuador

    145 - 147 Egypt

    148 El Salvador

    149 Ethiopia

    150 Fiji

    151 Finland

    152 - 156 France

    157 Gabon

    158 Gambia

    159 - 163 Germany

    164 former German Democratic Republic

    165 Ghana

    166 - 167 Greece

    168 Grenada

    169 Guinea

    170 Guyana

    171 Haiti

    172 Honduras

    173 Hungary

    174 Iceland

    175 - 179 India

    180 Indonesia

    181 - 182 Iran

    183 - 184 Iraq

    185 Ireland

    186 - 187 Israel

    188 - 190 Italy

    191 C4te d'ivoire

    192 jamaica

    193 japan

    194 - 195 jordan

    196 kenya

    197 korea

    198 kuwait

    199 laos

    200 lebanon

    201 lesotho

    202 liberia

    203 libya

    204 luxembourg

    205 malawi

    206 malaysia

    207 mali

    208 malta

    209 mauritania

    210 mauritius

    211 mexico

    212 mongolia

    213 morocco

    321 montenegro

    214 nepal

    215 - 217 netherlands

    218 - 219 new zealand

    220 nicaragua

    221 niger

    222 - 224 nigeria

    225 norway

    226 oman

    227 - 228 pakistan

    229 panama

    230 papua new guinea

    231 paraguay

    232 peru

    233 philippines

    234 poland

    235 portugal

    236 qatar

    237 romania

    238 rwanda

    239 - 240 saudi arabia

    241 senegal

    242 seychelles

    243 sierra leone

    244 singapore

    245 somalia

    246 - 247 south africa

    248 - 252 russian federation

    253 - 255 spain

    256 sri lanka

    257 sudan

    258 swaziland

    259 sweden

    260 switzerland

    261 syria

    262 tanzania

    263 thailand

    264 togo

    265 tonga

    266 trinidad and tobago

    267 tunisia

    268 turkey

    269 united arab emirates

    270 - 274 united states of america

    275 uruguay

    276 venezuela

    277 vietnam

    278 - 279 yemen

    280 serbia

    281 dr congo (former zaire)

    282 zambia

    283 dominica

    284 monaco

    285 nauru

    286 st lucia

    287 uganda

    288 burkina faso

    289 st vincent

    290 zimbabwe

    291 vatican

    292 east caribbean

    293 belize

    294 brunei

    295 antigua

    296 angola

    297 guatemala

    298 mozambique

    299 namibia

    300 lithuania

    301 armenia

    302 slovenia

    303 latvia

    304 estonia

    305 croatia

    306 ukraine

    307 slovakia

    309 albania

    312 bosnia and herzegovina

    315 kazakhstan

    316 georgia

    350 - 400 may be used by any embassy for security reasons

    600 - 650 may be used by visiting royalty on official vehicles

there are also

international organisations

    900 commonwealth secretariat

    901 commission for the european community

    902 council of europe

    903 european centre for medium-range weather forecasts

    904 european organisation for the safety of air navigation

    905 european parliament

    906 inter-american development bank

    907 international maritime organisation

    908 international cocoa organisation

    909 international coffee organisation

    910 international finance corporation

    911 international labour organisation

    912 international sugar organisation

    913 international tin council

    914 international whaling commission

    915 international wheat council

    916 north atlantic treaty organisation

    917 united nations

    918 western european union

    919 world health organization

    920 eastern caribbean commission

    921 joint european torus

    922 international oil pollution compensation fund

    923 international maritime satellite organisation

    924 commonwealth foundation

    925 international maritime organisation (permanent representative)

    926 commonwealth telecomunications bureau

    927 united nations high commissioner for refugees

    928 commonwealth agricultural bureau

    929 international lead and zinc corporation

    930 oslo and paris commissions

    931 joint european torus

    932 north atlantic salmon conservancy organisation

    933 european investment bank

    934 european telecommunications satellite organisation

    935 european school (oxford)

    936 african development bank

    937 european bank for reconstruction and development

    938 european bank for reconstruction and development

    940 european bioinformatics institute

    941 european medicines agency

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