Alphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries in London with names and embassy designations of the persons returned as composing of their diplomatic staff.  Representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries and their diplomatic staff enjoy privileges and immunities under the  Diplomatic Privileges Act (1964).  Except where shown, private addresses are not available.

M           Married or in a Civil Partnership

*             Married or in a Civil Partnership but not accompanied by spouse or Civil Partner




Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

1 Princes Gate, London, SW7 1QQ

Phone: 0207 225 4743



Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00 to 17:00 


Consular Department 

Phone: 0207 225 4748 

Monday-Friday 09:00 to 17:00 


HIS EXCELLENCY DR ZALMAI RASSOUL   Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 January 2021)


Mr Abdul Khaliq Samandary  m  Counsellor

Mr Sayed Mansoor Sayed  m  1st Secretary 

Mr Sayed Rafi Eklil  *  2nd Secretary   

Mr Faramaz Hussiny  3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Albania

33 St George’s Drive, London, SW1V 4DG

Phone: 020 7828 8897

Fax: 020 7828 8869




Consular Section

Phone: 020 7828 8897

Fax: 020 7828 8869



Defence Attaché’s Office 

Phone: 020 7828 8897

Fax: 020 7828 8869



Police Liaison Officer’s Office

Phone: 020 7828 8897

Fax: 020 7828 8869



HIS EXELLENCY MR QIRJAKO QIRKO  *  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 August 2016)

            Mrs Anxhela Qirko

Mrs Mamica Toska  Minister Plenipotentiary

Mrs Mirela Ndini  1st Secretary (Consul)

Mr Refik Golli  2nd Secretary Consul (Consular Services)

Miss Fjorela Kastrati  2nd Secretary

Mr Arjan Hilaj  m  Defence Attaché

Andrin Cenaj  m  Liaison Officer (Police Liaison)

Arta Balla Consul





People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

1-3 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7DR

Phone: 020 7299 7077

Fax: 020 7299 7076



Consular Section

The Portal, 5 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS

Phone: 020 8752 1177

Fax: 020 8752 8061



Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Mohamed Khelifi  m  Minister Counsellor

Colonel Ahmed Bellaradj  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Mostefa Boudib  m  Minister Plenipotentiary

Mr Mohamed Seghir Benghanem  m  Counsellor

Colonel Belkacem Ammi  m  Maritime Attaché

Mr Rachid Chaouche  *  Counsellor

Mr Hichem Kimouche  *  Consul General

Mrs Sarah Abouredjila  m  1st Secretary   

Mr Hamed Oussama Salhi  1st Secretary

Mr Ishak Dehibi  m  1st Secretary

Mrs Imen Dehibi  m  1st Secretary

Mr Salem Boubaker  m  1st Secretary

Mrs Noura Smail  m  1st Secretary 

Mr Mohammed Rehamnia m 1st Secretary

Mr Touffik Slimani  m  Attaché (Chancery)

Mr Yacine Mohammedi  m  Attaché   

Mr Chakib Mahmoudi  m  Attaché 

Mrs  Zohra Abed  m Attaché 

Mr Khalid Ouled Elkheir  m  Attaché

Mr Abderrahim  Mourad   m  Attaché

Mr Tarik Lares  m  Attaché 





The Principality of Andorra

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Institutional Relations,

C/ Prat de la Creu 62-64, AD500 Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Phone:  +376 875 704

Fax: +376 869 559




Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary  (since 4 November 2020)


Ms Cristina Mota Gouveia  Minister-Counsellor





Embassy of the Republic of Angola

22 Dorset Street W1U 6QY

Tel: 020 7299 9850

Fax: 020 7486 9397

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 & 13.30-16.00

Visa Section Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00


Consulate General

46 Bedford Square WC1B 3DP

Tel: 02072918700

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00

Visa Section – 21 Bedford Square Avenue, London WC1B 3AS

Monday-Friday 09.00 - 17.00



HIS EXCELLENCY MR GERALDO SACHIPENGO NUNDA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 February 2020)

Mrs Catarina Esmeralda Chinggufo Nunda

Mr Diogo José Paulo Cristiano  m  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Anércio do Sacramento e Silva  m  Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Maria Odete da Gama Tavares França  m  Counsellor

Lt Colonel Manuel Alberto  m  Defence Attaché

Major António Pascoal Chibia  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Mrs Rosa Benigno F Sobrinho  *  Alternative Representative IMO

Ms Luzia Maria Dias dos Santos  Consul General

Mrs Lutilele Sara Vasco Cangombe Monteiro   m  Vice Consul

Mr Alberto Domingos França  m  Vice Consul

Mr Wine Garcia Soares da Costa  m  Consular Agent

Mr Alfredo Benedito Salvador Carima  m  Press Attaché





High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda

2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place, London, W1H 4LP

Phone: 020 7258 0070

Fax: 020 7258 7486  




HER EXCELLENCY MS KAREN-MAE HILL  High Commissioner (since 10 January 2017)


Mr Carlon Knight, Political & Economic Attaché

Miss Ideka Arienne Dowe  Economic & Trade Attaché






Embassy of the Argentine Republic  

65 Brook Street, London, W1K 4AH  

Phone: 020 7318 1300  

Fax: 020 7318 1301  




Consulate General  

27 Three Kings Yard, London, W1K 4DF  

Phone: 020 7318 1340  

Fax: 020 7318 1349  




Defence Attaché’s Office (Military, Naval & Air Attachés)  

27 Three Kings Yard, London, W1K 4DF

Phone: 020 7730 4356  

Fax: 020 77824 8703  



Representation to IMO  

27 Three Kings Yard, London, W1K 4DF  

Phone: 020 7318 1340  

Fax: 020 7318 1349  

Email: /  


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JAVIER ESTEBAN FIGUEROA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 August 2020)  

Mrs Alesandra Marcela De Figueroa   

Ms Carolina Perez Colman  Consul General  

Mrs Mariana Plaza  m  Minister & Deputy (Political, Press & Protocol)   

Group Captain Martin Gomez  m  (Defence Attaché)  

Mrs Estela Fernanda Millicay Resquin  m  Minister  (Political & IMO)   

Mrs Alesandra Marcela De Figueroa  m  Minister (Cultural)  

Mr Gonzalo Ortiz de Zarate  m  Minister & Deputy Consul General   

Mr Pedro Sondereguer  m  Counsellor

Mr Carlos Esteban  m  Counsellor

Mr Martin Santiago Molinas  Counsellor

Mr Martin Miguel Alemandi  2nd Secretary    

Mr Nicolas Abad  m  2nd Secretary  (Trade & Investments)    

Warren Officer II Diego Alvaro Soler Mendez  m  (Assistant Defence Attaché)  

Captain Raul Angel Braghette  m  (Technical advisor of the Argentine Representation to IMO)





Embassy of the Republic of Armenia

25A Cheniston Gardens W8 6TG

020 7938 5435

Fax :


HIS EXCELLENCY MR VARUZHAN NERSESYAN  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 29 August 2021)

Mrs Narine Nersesyan


Mrs Lilit Movsesyan Attaché Consular Affairs

Mr Hrachya Stepanyan  m  Counsellor

Mr Vrezh Kardumyan m 1st Secretary

Mr Aram Araratyan  m 3rd Secretary  (Political and Economic Affairs)






Australian High Commission 

Australia House Strand WC2B 4LA 

020 7379 4334 

Fax 020 7240 5333 



HIS EXCELLENCY MR STEPHEN FRANCIS SMITH  High Commissioner (since 24 January 2023)

            Ms Anita Jane Seymour

Ms Elisabeth Bowes  m  Deputy High Commissioner

Ms Sarah Sullivan  m  Minister-Counsellor (Management) 

Mr Christopher Moore  m  Minister-Counsellor 

Mr Christian Hirst  m  Minister-Counsellor

Brigadier Grant Mason  m  Head Australian Defence Staff  

Commodore Allison Norris  m  Nuclear Powered Submarine Attaché

Ms Nicole White  Minister-Counsellor (Liaison) 

Dr Olivia Samardzic  m  Minister-Counsellor (Defence Science &Technology) 

Mr Jaycob McMahon  m  Minister-Counsellor (Immigration) 

Mr John Swieringa  m  Minister-Counsellor (Economic)

Ms Faye Murray  m  Minister-Counsellor (NPSTF) 

Commander David McLean  m  Minister-Counsellor (Police Liaison)

Mr Simon Moore  Minister-Counsellor (Transport)

Mr David Camerlengo  m  Minister-Counsellor (Commercial)

Ms Jo-Anne Hardie  Counsellor 

Mr Craig Ferguson  m  Counsellor 

Ms Johanna Rayner  Counsellor 

Ms Elizabeth Petrovic  m  Counsellor

Mr Stuart Graham  m  Counsellor

Mrs Sonje Anoushka Franklin  m  Counsellor

Colonel Grant Chambers  m  Army Adviser 

Group Captain Scott Woodland m  Air Force Adviser

Captain Adrian Capner  m  Navy Adviser 

Mr Stephen Jay  m  Counsellor (Police Liaison) 

Ms Anastasiya Nishnianidze  m  Counsellor (Trade & Investment) 

Mr Andrew Tuohy  Counsellor (Financial Intelligence)     

Mr Robert McGrath  m  Counsellor (Defence Materiel) 

Mrs Amelia Williams  m  Counsellor

Ms Amelia Gard  m  Counsellor (NPSTF)

Mr Simon Hurditch  m  Counsellor (Immigration & Border Protection)

Mr Matthew Rowe  m  Counsellor (Australian Border Force)

Mr Kent Prior  m  Counsellor (Defence)

Mr Michael Abbot  m  1st Secretary & Consul 

Ms Katherine Forsyth  m  1st Secretary & Consul  

Mr Nicholas Williams  m  1st Secretary 

Mr Alexander Macinnis  m  1st Secretary 

Ms Kathleen McBryde  1st Secretary 

Mr Ashley Wright  m  1st Secretary

Mr Nicholas Burnett  1st Secretary

Mr Robert Lee  m  1st Secretary

Mr Alexander Campbell  m  1st Secretary

Mr Joseph Francis Winter  m  1st Secretary

Ms Jessica Mary Hughes  m  1st Secretary

Wing Commander Teresa Wynter  m  Assistant Air Force Adviser 

Lt Colonel Colin Morrison  m  Assistant Army Adviser 

Commander John Relyea  m  Assistant Navy Adviser

Wing Commander Adam Sharp  m  Assistant Defence Advisor  

Ms Joanne Fielding  m  1st Secretary (Immigration) 

Mr Jamie Ferdinand  m  1st Secretary (Liaison) 

Mr Aaron Jenkins  m  1st Secretary (Criminal Intelligence) 

Mr Jade Newman-Andrews  m  1st Secretary (Police Liaison)  

Ms Sarah Rose  1st Secretary (Immigration & Border Protection) 

Ms Tanja Ferguson  m  1st Secretary (Immigration) 

Mr William Woodward  m  1st Secretary (Liaison) 

Ms Stephanie Hitchens  1st Secretary (Defence Policy)

Mr Christopher Crawford  m  1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Donald Mackenzie  m  1st Secretary (Home Affairs)

Mr Edwin Windle  m  1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mrs Rosalind Leanne Obers  m  1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mrs Jennifer Rahilly  m  1st Secretary  

Mr Alexander Jackman  m  2nd Secretary 

Mr Andrew Cuzner-Davis  2nd Secretary   

Ms Katy Rengel  m  2nd Secretary

Ms Sally-Anne Malone  m  2nd Secretary   

Mr Andrew Munn  m  2nd Secretary (NPSTF)

Ms Jennifer Lee  m  Executive Assistant (Consular)






Embassy of Austria

18 Belgrave Mews West, London, SW1X 8HU

020 7344 3250

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Cultural Section

28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ

020 7225 7300


Defence Section

18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU

020 7245 9185

Fax 020 7245 9185


Commercial Section

45 Prince’s Gate, SW7 2QA

020 7584 4411

Fax 020 7584 2565


HIS EXCELLENCY DR MICHAEL ZIMMERMANN  *  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 August 2018)

Ms Katharina Rauscher  m   Minister Plenipotentiary & Deputy Head of Mission

Colonel Wolfgang Weichselberger  m  Defence Attaché

Dr Waltraud Dennhardt-Herzog  m  Minister (Cultural Affairs)

Dr Christian Kesberg  m  Commercial Counsellor & Trade Commissioner

Mr Mario Gavenda  m  1st Secretary (Political)

Ms Anna Pernegger m Attaché (Press Affairs)

Mr Frank Ortner m  1st Secretary (Administrative Affairs) & Consul

Mr Benjamin Cristoph Harrer  *  Vice-Consul

Ms Christa Marchardt  *  Attaché(Cultural Affairs)

Mr Michael Dobersberger  m  (Commercial Attache)

Mr Guenther Sablattnig  * Attaché (Police Liasion)

Lieutenant Colonel Christian Gatt-Egger  m  Assistant Attaché (Defence)

Ms Jasmina Dzinic  *  Assistant Attachée

Mr Christian Bolzer    Assistant Attachée

Mr Markus Haring      Assistant Attaché

Ms Jasmin Lindmaier  *  Assistant Attachée

Mrs Susanne Stauder-Jentsch  m  Assistant Attachée

Mrs Sonia Szydelko  m  Assistant Attachée

Ms Larissa Berg  Attaché (Administrative Affairs)





Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

4 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7938 3412

Fax 020 7937 1783

Consular Section Tel/Fax 020 7938 5482



Mrs.Lala Abdurahimova

Lieutenant Colonel Vugar Ahmadov  m  Defence Attaché   

Mr Polad Mammadov  m  1st Secretary   

Mr Nijat Guliyev  m  1st Secretary  

Mrs Gunel Salimova  m  1st Secretary   

Mr Rasim Mammadov  m  2nd Secretary  

Mr Zaur Safarov  m  3rd Secretary  

Mr Tural Ismayilov  3rd Secretary  


Mr Tural Mahmudov m Financial attaché - Finance

Mr Samir Salakhov m  Administrative Manager





High Commission of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

10 Chesterfield Street W1J 5JL

020 7408 4488

Fax 020 7499 9937

Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

Visa: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

Collection: Monday-Friday 14.00-17.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR PAUL ANDREW GOMEZ  High Commissioner (since 28 April 2023)

Mr Marchea Alexander Mackey  Deputy Chief of Mission

Mrs Allison Paulette Nortje m  Minister Counsellor

Ms Julika Laverne Thompson  1st Secretary/Consul

Mr Justin Everton Smith  2nd Secretary

Mr Anthony Arthur Stuart  Tourism Attaché

Mrs Kimberley Michelle Greenslade  m  Tourism Attaché

Mrs Lionella Elizabeth Stuart  m  Finance Attaché





Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain

30 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB

020 7201 9170

Fax 020 7201 9183

Monday-Friday 09.00 -16.00


Cultural Office

98 Gloucester Road SW7 4AU

020 7341 0770

Fax 020 7373 4210


HIS EXCELLENCY SHAIKH FAWAZ BIN MOHAMMED AL KHALIFA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 September 2015)

Mrs Shaikha Buthaina Mohamed Alotaibi

Mr Hussain Mohamed Alam  Counsellor

Mr Fahad A Albinali  m  Counsellor

Mr Ali Khaled Almahmood m Counsellor

Mr Ebrahim Abdulla Ebrahim Alshaalan  m  1st Secretary

Mr Bandar Sultan Alhathal  m  1st Secretary

Shaikha Alanood Ebrahim Mohamed Al Khalifa 1st Secretary

Mr Haitham Tamimi  m  2nd Secretary

Mr Tariq Almuraikhi  m  Attaché

Brigadier Ahmed Hamad S Alrowiaie  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Manea Almanea  m  Cultural Counsellor

Mr Mohamed Saad Hasan Alnoaimi  *  Attaché

Miss Maryam Abdulkarim Abdulla Basilar Diplomatic Attaché

Ms Hajer Mohamed Saleh Ameen Diplomatic Attaché




High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

28 Queen’s Gate, London, SW7 5JA 

Phone: 020 7584 0081

Fax: 020 7581 7477

Email: /


Hours: Monday-Friday 10.30 to 18.30

Hours Consular Section: Monday-Friday 10.30 to 18.30


HER EXCELLENCY MS SAIDA MUNA TASNEEM  m   High Commissioner (since 26 November 2018)

             Mr Tauhidul I Chaudhury

Mr Mohammed Hazrat Ali  m  Deputy High Commissioner   

Mrs Nasrin Mukty  m  Minister (Political)

Mr Sabbir Bin Shams  m  Minister (Public Diplomacy)

Mr Dewan Mahmudul Haque  m  Counsellor (Political)

Mr SK MD Shahriar Mosharraf  m  Counsellor

Mr Kazi A B M Shameem  m  Counsellor (Maritime)

Mr  A K M Monirul Hoque  m  Counsellor

Ms Moumita Zeenat  m  Counsellor

Ms Mahfuza Sultana  m  Counsellor

Ms Sonia Munni m  1st Secretary

Mr A Z M Sharif Hossain m  1st Secretary (Consular)

Mr Md Tahazzat Hossain  m  Attaché (Consular)   

Mr Md Ashequn Nabi Chowdhury  m  Minister (Press)

Mr Tanvir Mohammad Azim  m  Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Md Abdul Matin  m  Defence Adviser

Mr Md Saifur Rahman  m  Assistant Defence Adviser   





Barbados High Commission

1 Great Russell Street WC1B 3ND

020 7299 7150

Fax 020 7323 6872

Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MILTON ARTHUR INNISS  High Commissioner (since 17 December 2018)

Mr Charles Merville Morris   m   Deputy High Commissioner

Ms Natalie Carolyn Cox  Minister-Counsellor

Ms Cheryl Allyson Carter  Attaché

Miss Sandra Yvette Forde  Attaché

Miss Jamesa Camille Howell Attaché

Mrs Natasha Diane Mayers  1st Secretary

Miss Gloria Ann Carter  Attaché 

Miss Janelle Ramona Gibson  Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Belarus

6 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7937 3288

Fax 020 7938 5985

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00


Economic/Commercial Section                                     

020 7938 5988


Consular Section

020 7938 3677

Monday-Friday except Wednesdays 09.00-12.30


vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Mikhail Metelsky Counsellor

Mr Andrei Miskevich m  Counsellor

Mr Dmitry Shchepachev  1st Secretary & Chargé d’Affaires

Mr Maksim Gorely m  1st Secretary (Consular, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs)

Colonel Dmitry Luka  m  Defence Attaché (Non-Resident)





Embassy of Belgium 

17 Grosvenor Crescent, SW1X 7EE 

020-7470 3700 


Office of the Flemish Community and Region: 

Flanders House, 1A Cavendish Square, W1G OLD 

Flemish Community: 

020-7299 3590

Flanders Trade & Investment: 

020-7307 7710


HIS EXCELLENCY MR BRUNO VAN DER PLUIJM m Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since 18 May 2020) 

Mrs Hildegarde Van de Voorde 

Mrs Ellen De Geest  Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs)     

Mr. Jeroen  Deberdt  m  Consul General (Head of Consular and Administrative Affairs) 

Mr. René Peeters  m  Vice Consul 

Mr  Matthias Vanheusden  m  First Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Benjamin Muylaert-Gelein  m  First Secretary (Political Affairs) 

Mr Martin Duruisseau  m  Consular Attaché

Lt Col Bruno Plaetsier  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Bart Brosius  m  General Representative of  the Flemish Community & the Flemish Region 

Miss Natasja Duhem  Deputy General Representative of Flanders

Mr Samuel Servaes  m  Economic & Commercial Attaché for Brussels

Mr Dirk Verlee  Economic & Trade  Counsellor for the Flemish Region  

Mr Baudouin De Hemptinne  m  Economic & Trade Counsellor for AWEX

First Chief Commissioner Stanny De Vlieger  First Chief Commissioner,  Belgian Liaison Officer

Ms Claire Lammens  Trade & Investment Counsellor

Mr David Thonon  m  Attaché for WBI – Wallonia Brussels International






Belize High Commission 

3rd Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP 

020 7723 3603


HER EXCELLENCY MRS THERESE RATH  m  High Commissioner (since 18 July 2021)

         Mr Anthony Rath

Miss Jordan Allis Craig  First Secretary (Political)






Embassy of the Republic of Benin

87 Avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris

00 331 45 009882

Fax 00 331 45018202


London Honorary Consulate (see Honorary Consuls section below)


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary





Embassy of Bolivia

106 Eaton Square SW1W 9AD

020 7235 4248 Ext 100

Fax 020 7235 1286


Consular Section


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mr Juan Carlos Crespo Montalvo  m  Chargé d’Affaires

Captain Carlos Aguirre Vega  m  Naval Attaché





Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina

5-7 Lexham Gardens W8 5JJ

Tel:  020 7373 0867

Fax: 020 7373 0871

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

020 7373 0915



Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Ms Jasmina Sarajlic  Minister-Counsellor - Alternate Permanent Representative of Permanent Mission to IMO

Ms Jadranka Jović Obrenović  m  Counsellor (Consular)

Col Nebojša Janković    Military Attaché                   

Mrs Samra Koričić Mujkić  *  1st Secretary (Cultural)

Mr Bojan Masic  1st Secretary





Botswana High Commission

6 Stratford Place W1C 1AY

020 7499 0031/020 7647 1000

Fax 020 7495 8595

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Vacant  High Commissioner

Col. Gilbert Molebeledi Ntema  m  Defence Adviser

Mr Godfrey Engliton  m  Minister Counsellor

Ms Gao Tlhongbotho Tsheko  m  Counsellor II

Mr Tlhalefo Batsile Madisa  m  Counsellor II

Ms Ellen Tshotlego Seeletso  1st Secretary  (Administration) 

Mr Moemedi Mokgosi  m  Commercial Attaché

Miss Antoinette Kedibonye  Education Attaché








Embassy of Brazil

14/16 Cockspur Street


020 7747 4500


Office of the Permanent Representative to International Organisations in London

14/16 Cockspur Street, 4th floor


020 7747 4544 / 4548


Consulate-General of Brazil

3-4 Vere Street


Tel 020 76 59 1569


Brazilian Permanent Representation to the International Maritime Organization

170 Upper Richmond Road

SW15 2SH

020 8246 4401

Fax 020 8780 0730


Office of the Air Adviser

16 Great James Street


020 7440 4320

Fax 020 7831 8129



HIS EXCELLENCY MR CLAUDIO FREDERICO DE MATOS ARRUDA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 8 October 2018)

Mrs Lenice de Almeida Nóbrega Arruda


Mr José Augusto Silveira de Andrade Filho   Permanent Representative to International Organisations in London

Mr João Alfredo dos Anjos Junior m   Consul General

Admiral Marcos Silva Rodrigues  m  Permanent Representative to IMO

Mr Luciano Helmold Macieira  m  Minister-Counsellor  (Deputy Consul General)

Mr Roberto Doring Pinho da Silva  m  Minister-Counsellor  (Deputy Head of Mission - Economic)

Mr João Marcos Senise Paes Leme  m  Minister-Counsellor  (Deputy Head of Mission - Political)

Mr Ricardo José Lustosa Leal  Minister-Counsellor  (Multilateral)

Mr Heitor Sette Ferreira Pires Ganafei  m  Counsellor  (Multilateral)

Mr Antonio Carlos de Souza Leão Galvão França  Counsellor  (Multilateral)

Mrs Christiane Silva Aquino Bonomo  m  Counsellor  (Deputy Consul General)

Mr Nicola Speranza  Counsellor (Environmental)

Ms Rodrigo Oliveira Govedise  m  Counsellor  (Trade and Investment Section)

Mr Flavio Werneck Noce dos Santos  m  Counsellor (Consul)

Mr Carlos Henrique Angrisani Santana  m  Counsellor  (Economic and Agriculture Policy)

Mr João Paulo Tavares Fernandes  m  Counsellor (Head of the Ambassador's Office  and Public Diplomacy)

Captain Henrique Ferreira Costa  m  Naval Adviser (Head of the Brazilian Naval Commission in Europe)

Captain Alex Azevedo Urbancg  m  Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO

Captain Sergio Eduardo Fernandes Luiz  m  Defence & Naval Attaché

Captain Gustavo Sant’Ana Coutinho  m  Defence & Naval Attaché

Colonel Renato Farias Bazi  m  Army Attaché

Group Captain Cyro André Cruz  m  Air Attaché

Group Captain Delmo Sifrônio Freire  Air Adviser (Head of the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission in Europe)

Commander Fabio De Mello Santos  m  Naval Adviser

Mr William Marcel Murad m Police Attaché

Mr Augusto Luis Billi m Agriculture Attaché

Mr Daniel Pereira Lisbôa  1st Secretary  (Multilateral)

Mr Marco Kinzo Bernardy  m  1st Secretary  (Deputy Consul General)

Mr Joaquim Aurelio Correia de Araujo Neto  m 1st Secretary (Education, Science & Technology)

Ms Renata Rossini Fasano  m  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Marcelo Adrião Borges  m  1st Secretary   (Political)

Ms Luisa Bertuol Tatsch  1st Secretary (Administrative)

Mr Hugo Freitas Peres  m  2nd Secretary  (Agriculture Policy)

Mr Flavio Biecker Barbosa de Oliveira  m  2nd Secretary (Political)

Mrs Ana Flavia Jacintho Bonzanini  m  2nd Secretary  (Cultural)

Mr Meinardo Cabral De Vasconcelos Neto m 2nd Secretary (Political)

Mr Jose Claudio De Castro Salvio  m  Vice-Consul

Ms Maria Fernanda Vasconcelos de Almeida  Attaché

Mr Francisco Carlos Leal  *  Attaché  

Mr Luciano Gondim D’Oliveira  Vice Consul

Mrs Helen Roberta de Souza da Conceição de Almeida  m  Attaché

Mrs Bruna Magalhães da Motta  m  Vice Consul

Ms Maíra Moscardini de Campos  Attaché

Ms Lemirtes da Silva Candido  Attaché

Mr Bruno de Toledo de Almeida  m  Vice Consul

Ms Fabiana Ito Silva Vice Consul

Mr Luiz Roberto Avelino Reciolino  m  Vice Consul

Mrs Julia Abreu Braga  m  Vice Consul

Ms Luciana Faviero de Lara Ribeiro  Attaché

Ms Cássia Ayumi Furuta  Vice Consul

Mr Marino da Costa Aguiar Pizzani Prieto  m  Vice Consul

Mr Penélope de Melo Santos  m  Attaché

Mrs Marcela Malta Jucá Pimentel  m  Vice Consul

Mrs Lívia Frederico e Silva m Vice-Consul






High Commission of Brunei Darussalam

19-20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521

Fax 020 7235 7818


Consular Section

20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521 (ext. 111)


Brunei Student Unit

35-43 Norfolk Square W2 1RX

020 7402 0045

Fax 020 7262 8406 / 020 7706 0558



         Ms PG Noralam PG HJ Kahar       

Ms Noorfadlina Damit  m  Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Pengiran Dato Setia Yusof Pg Dato Hj Sepiuddin  m  Counsellor

Mr Muchdieni Hj Mohammad Salleh  1st Secretary

Ms Hajah azian Hj Abu Hasra  1st Secretary (Finance)

Mrs Nadia Safawana Omarali  m  2nd Secretary

Mrs Norkhalilah Roslin  m  3rd Secretary (Admin)

Mr MD Haziq Husaini  m  3rd Secretary (Admin)

Mr Anuar Hj Mahmud  m  3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mrs Dewi Delima Sari Mohd Taib  m  3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mrs Siti Khatijah Bara  m  3rd Secretary (Consular)

Mrs DK Mariawati Pg Hj Emran m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Norerine Junaidi  m  3rd Secretary

Mr Zainuddin Hj Zainal  m  3rd Secretary (Assistance Finance)

Mr Mohamad Hillman Husain  Attaché (Communication)

Lt Col Mohd Hairy Erwandy Hj Raya  m  Defence Advisor

Mr Hj Maryadi Hj Japar  m  Defence Staff Assistant

Mr Mohammad Danny Aimi  m  Attaché (Education)

Ms Erna Sumarne Haji Sumardi Attaché (Education)

Mrs Siti Nurbai Mornee m  Attaché (Education)

Mr Mohammad Ariffin Hj Matusin Attaché (Education)

Mr Hj Muhammad Fahmi Hj Abas m Attaché (Education)

Mr Shamrin Mohiddin  Attaché (Education)

Mr Hj Abdul Mu’iz Hj Basri  Attaché (Finance)

Ms Nor Akmaliah binti Roslan  Attaché (Finance)

Ms Siti Syafiqah binti Bujang  Attaché (Finance)

Ms Seraphina Anak Vincent  Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Siti Norhafizah Othman m  Attaché (Finance)

Mr Pg Haledi Pg Aliuddin  m  Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Norsuriaashikin Ismail  m  Attaché (Finance)





Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

186-188 Queen’s Gate SW7 5HL

020 7581 3144, 020 7584 9400,

Ambassador’s Office 020 7591 0781

Fax 020 7584 4948


Consular Section

020 7581 3144, 020 7589 3763

Fax 020 7581 9073

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.30

Individual Inquiries on Submitted Applications 14.00-16.00


Commercial Section

020 7589 4875

Fax 020 7589 4875

Monday 10.00-16.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MARIN RAYKOV  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 15 May 2019)

            Mrs Mariana Nikolova   

Mr Aleksander Manov  m  Counsellor – Political

Brigadier General Plamen Angelov m  (Defence Attaché) 

Mr Petyo Varbanov  m  Counsellor – Political

Mr Ivaylo Moysov  3rd Secretary (Political Affairs & Press)

Mr Nikolay Vanchev  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Head of Consular Section)

Mrs Natasha Blajeva  1st Secretary (Consular Section)

Mrs Boyana Yaneva  m Counsellor (Social and Labour Affairs)

Mrs Tanya Koycheva  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial Section)

Ms Maria Anguelieva  Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial Section)

Mr Hristo Dinkov  m  1st Secretary (Home Affairs)

Mr Milen Milov  m  1st Secretary (Administrative Attaché)

Ms Svetla Dionisieva  Counsellor (Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute)

Mr Ivalyo Moysov  3rd Secretary (Political)





Embassy of Burkina Faso

16 Place Guy d'Arezzo Brussels B-1180

0032 2 3459912

Fax 0032 2 3450612   

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.00


HER EXCELLENCY MRS JACQUELINE ZABA NIKIEMA  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 August 2018)

Mr Assane Tamboura  m  Deputy Ambassador

Mr Ousmane Ba  m  1st Counsellor (Consular) 

Mr Mambila Banse  m  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)





Embassy of the Republic of Burundi

Uganda House Second Floor 58-59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX

020 7930 4958



Mr Jean Pierre Uwitonze  m  Second Counsellor






Royal Embassy of Cambodia

64 Brondesbury Park, Willesden Green NW6 7AT

020 8451 7997


Consular Section

020 8451 7850



HIS EXCELLENCY MR KAN PHARIDH  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 7 September 2020)

Mrs Sokhany Ieng

Mrs Meach Sopheavy  m  Counsellor (Political)

Mrs Sopheakleap Kong  *  First Secretary (Consular & Admin)

Miss Chhun Heng  First Secretary

Mr Duong  Chanthy  m  Trade Attaché

Mr Ti Honglim  m  Second Secretary (Political)

Ms Vandany Kruy  Second Secretary






High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon

84 Holland Park W11 3SB

020 7727 0771

Fax 020 7792 9353

Monday-Friday 09.30 - 17.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALBERT NJOTEH FOTABONG  m  High Commissioner (since 2 October 2018)

Mrs Estherine Lisinge Fotabong

Mrs Anna Baninla Tasha Mbur  m  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Serge Cyrille de L’Assomption Bourne Wanmoh  m  1st Counsellor

Mr Guy Elessa  m  1st Secretary

Mr Bonnard Carlos Tiangue Nganguen  m  2nd Counsellor

Colonel Victor Enteng Mua  m  Defence adviser

Pr Humphrey Ngala Ndi  m  2nd Counsellor (Cultural)

Mr Guillaume Kimbi Loh  m  2nd Counsellor (Communication)

Mr Peter Ngwaya Ekema  m  2nd Counsellor

Mr Henri Steane Dina Imounga Mpollo  m  1st Secretary (Communication)

Lt-Col Marie Judith OWONO MENGUE  *  Deputy Defence Adviser

Major Alain Nagmou Pene  m  Attaché




High Commission of Canada

Canada House Trafalgar Square SW1Y 5BJ

0207 004 6000

Fax 0207 004 6050


HIS EXCELLENCY MR RALPH EDWARD GOODALE  High Commissioner (since 25 April 2021)

Mrs Pamela Jean Kendel-Goodale

Mr Robert Fry  m  Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Steffan Miles Board  m  Minister (Migration)

Mr Derek Foote  Minister-Counsellor & Consul General (Management & Consular Affairs)

Ms Celeste Kinsey  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Robert Dunlop  m  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Andrew Smith  m  Minister-Counsellor

Ms Sophia Arvanitis  Agent-General

Mr Latham French  m  Counsellor

Mr Aaron Rosland  Counsellor (Commercial-Ontario)

Ms Xochipili Bryan  m  Counsellor (Migration)

Mr Klaus Buttner  m  Counsellor (Commercial-Alberta)

Mr Daniel Perrier  Counsellor

Mr Dominique Nadeau  m  Counsellor

Dr Paul Hubbard  m  Counsellor

Ms Julia Gurr Lacasse  m  Counsellor (Migration)

Mr Colin Barker  m  Counsellor

Mr Jason Walsh  m  Counsellor

Ms Katrina Burgess  m  Counsellor

Mr Stephen Wilhelm  m  Counsellor

Ms Michelle Sanders  m  Counsellor

Mr Christopher Demerse  m  Counsellor

Mr Edward Malota  m  Counsellor (Finance)

Insp Cheryl Brunet-Smith  m  Counsellor

Mr Sylvain Bertrand  Attaché (Medical)

Mr Latham French  m  Counsellor

Mrs Jennifer Wood  m  1st Secretary

Ms Camille Ruest  m  1st Secretary

Cpl Mark Rysanek  m  1st Secretary

Ms Laura Lumsden  1st Secretary (Commercial)

Ms Sonia Hooykaas  1st Secretary (Readiness & Security)

Ms Lisa Racine  m  1st Secretary (Medical)

Mr Albert Price  m  1st Secretary

Ms Vanessa Gaudreau  m  1st Secretary (Migration)

Ms Laura Sparks  m  1st Secretary (Migration)

Ms Valérie Feldman  1st Secretary (Migration)

Mrs Brittany Blackstone  m  1st Secretary & Vice-Consul

Mr Philippe Hausser  m  1st Secretary (Migration)

Mrs Karine Tardif  m  1st Secretary

Ms Aldina Saude  1st Secretary

Ms Marnie Smith  m  1st Secretary (Migration)

Ms Cindy Taylor  m  1st Secretary & Consul

Ms Keri Bishop  *  1st Secretary (Migration)

Ms Noëlla Nincevic  1st Secretary (Migration)

Mr Claudio Ramirez  1st Secretary

Ms Catherine Hansen  m  Attaché

Mr Simon Lalonde  Attaché

Ms Maryam Mohammadian  1st Secretary (Migration)

Sgt Samantha Palmquist  m  2nd Secretary

Mr Dane Hunter  m  2nd Secretary (Migration)

Ms Virginie Lippé  m  2nd Secretary (Migration)

Ms Molly Graham  2nd Secretary

Ms Diana Godoy-Smirnova  Attaché

Mr Saleh Mukbil  *  Attaché

Brigadier General Dwayne Parsons  m  Commander & Defence Adviser

Colonel Jake Galuga  m  Army Adviser

Captain (N) Christopher Peschke  m  Naval Adviser

Commander Dale Turetski  m  Assistant Naval Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred de Boda  m  Attaché

Lieutenant-Colonel Michel Tousignant  m  Assistant Army Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Montgomery Price  Attaché

Lieutenant-Commander Joshua Bernatchez  Attaché

Captain Sandra Kassfeldt  Attaché

PO1 Daniel Hyland  m  Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Cabo Verde

Avenue Jeane 29 1050 Brussels

0032 2643 6270

Fax 0032 2646 3385


London Honorary Consulate (see Honorary Consuls section below)


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mr Octavio Bento Gomes  m  Counsellor, Chargé d’Affaires a.i

Ms Dulce Helena Barbosa Vicente Silver Fernandes  Counsellor

Ms Sonia Maria Lizardo Andrade  1st  Secretary





Embassy of the Central African Republic

30 Rue des Perchamps 75016 Paris


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary





Embassy of the Republic of Chad

Boulevard Lambermont 52 1030 Brussels

0032 2215 1975

Fax 0032 2216 3526


Vacant  Ambassador

Mr Detomal Nahogoum  Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Bakhit Mahamat Saleh Brahim  1st Secretary 

Mr Hissein Abdoulaye Hartaka  Attaché

Mr Mahamat Djourab Mallaye  Attaché (Press)





Embassy of Chile

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361


Consulate General

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361


Commercial Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7233 2500

Fax 020 7233 2501


Defence & Naval Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7292 1500/02

Fax 020 7434 0793


Military Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7233 3851


Air Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7799 5442

Fax 020 7222 3607


Carabineros Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361


Civil Police Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361


Office of the Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361



 HER EXCELLENCY MRS SUSANA ANDREA  HERRERA QUEZADA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of Chile (since 20 July 2022)

                 Mr Kassian Obkircher             
Mr Franisco Bartolucci  m  Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Jaime Bascuñán  Consul General
Captain José F Fuentes  m  Defence Attaché

Captain Jorge Raul Ibarra  m  Defence & Naval Attaché

Colonel Pablo Andres Lizama Pieper  m  Military Attaché

Group Captain Alejandro Arevalo Alegria  m  Air Attaché

Captain Rodrigo Daneck Guerra  m  Assistant Naval Attaché
Captain Sergio Wall  m  Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO   

Colonel Emilio José Rodriguez Morales  m Police Attaché  
Mr Francisco Tello  1st Secretary (Deputy Consul)

Lieutenant Commander Marcelo Gonzalez Gonzalez  m  Assistant Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO

Mr Gustavo Nicolas Poblete Bravo  m  Commercial Attaché

Mrs Jacqueline Rodriguez Vega  m  Third Secretary

Mr Pablo Humberto Campos Silva  m  Civil Police Attaché





Embassy of the People's Republic of China

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4049

Monday-Friday 09:00-12:30, 14:00-18:00


Political Section

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4055


Policy Research Section

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4074


Press and Public Affairs Section

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4088


Administration Section

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4021


Consular Section

31 Portland Place W1B 1QD

020 7631 1430


Defence Section

25 Lyndhurst Road NW3 5PA

020 7794 7595


Economic and Commercial Office

16 Lancaster Gate W2 3LH

020 7087 4930


Cultural Section

11 West Heath Road NW3 7UX

020 7431 8830


Education Section

50 Portland Place W1B 1NQ

020 7612 0260


Science & Technology Section

10 Greville Place NW6 5JN

020 7625 0079



(since 06 June 2021) 

Mrs Mme Hua Mei

Mr Yang Xiaoguang  *  Minister 

Mr Fei Zhao * Minister

Mr Guo Yuliang  *  Minister-Counsellor 

Mr Wang Qi  m  Minister-Counsellor 

Mrs Lei Jiang * Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Bao Ling  m  Minister (Economic & Commercial Office) 

Mrs Zhang Jin *  Minister-Counsellor (Education Section) 

Mr Wei Wang m Assistant to Defence Attache

Mr Tong Xuejun m  Minister-Counsellor (Consular Section) 

Mr Liyan Li *  Minister-Counsellor (Cultural Section) 

Mr Haibo Bi Minister-Counsellor (Press & Public Affairs Section) 

Mrs Hongbin ZHANG   *  Counsellor (Policy Research Section) 

Mr Zhou Feng  *  Counsellor (Administration Office) 

Mrs Xia Yuzi  * Minister-Counsellor (Administration Office)

Mr  Yongpeng Mu * Counsellor (Policy Research Section) 

Mr Xianze Wang * Attache (Political Section)

Mrs Hongmei Liu m (Counsellor)

Mr Kaixin Zhang Attache Consular Section

Mrs Yuanjing Lu  m  Counsellor (Political Section) 

Mr Zhouteng Jiang * Minister *Counsellor-Political Section)

Mr Wangyang Du * 1st Secretary -Consular Section

Mr Yue Wang  m  Attaché Political Section

Mr Li Xinhai m  Counsellor (Policy Research Section)

Mrs Wen Dong *  Counsellor (Policy Research Section)

Mrs Yanqun Wu  m  Counsellor (Political Section)

Mr Yangjun Liu *  1st Secretary  (Policy & Research Section)

Mr Jian Chen  *  Counsellor Policy Research Section

Mrs Ping Wang Attache-Press And Public Affairs Section

Mr Tingde HE attaché (Press & Public Affairs Section)

Mrs Sun Wei  *  Counsellor (Press & Public Affairs) 

Mrs Fu Jie  *  Counsellor (Press & Public Affairs) 

Mr Tan Ge  m  Counsellor  (Science & Technology Section)

Mr Xiangwen Kong * Counsellor (Political Section)

Mrs Kerong Dong (B) m Second Secretary-Cultural Section

Mrs Wang Xiaojing  m  1st Secretary (Political Section) 

Mr Du Zhengqiao  *  1st  Secretary (Political Section) 

Mr. Wu Zhonghao m 2nd Secretary (Political Section)

Mrs Xiaorui Wu *  3rd Secretary (Political Section) 

Mr Zhao Tianshu *  Attaché  (Political Section) 

Mr Ye Wei   Attaché  (Political Section)  

Mr Rui Lie  Attache - Political Section) 

Mr Li Tao  *  1st Secretary  (Policy Research Section)

Mr Wang Zhixian * 1st Secretary (Policy Research Section)

Mr Zhang Yu  * 1st Secretary (Policy Research Section) 

Mrs Zhuang Xinyan  *  1st  Secretary (Policy Research Section)

Mr Lin Xinjie  *  1st Secretary (Policy Research Section)

Mr. Sun Li  m  3rd Secretary (Policy Research Section)

Mr Lu Xin  Attaché  (Policy Research Section)

Miss Tianning Ren  Attaché  (Policy Research Section)  

Mr. Luo Shijie  Attaché  (Policy Research Section) 

Mr Qiu Ke  *  1st Secretary (Press & Public Affairs Section) 

Mr Yang Yi  m   Attaché  (Press & Public Affairs Section) 

Mr Yan Kai  Attaché (Press & Public Affairs Section) 

Mrs Ping Wang Attache-Press And Public Affairs Section  

Mrs Chen Wen  *   1st Secretary (Administration Office) 

Mrs Tian Lin  m  1st Secretary (Administration Office) 

Mr He Zhengquan  m 1st Secretary (Administration Office) 

Mr  Jun  Song  *  1st Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Sun Chao  *  1st Secretary (Administration Office)

Mrs Wenmer Guo m 1st Secretary (Cultural)

Mr Dier Shen m 1st Secretary  (Administrative Office)

Mrs Lyu Chunju  m  3rd Secretary (Administration Office) 

Mrs Peiwen Zhou * 2nd Secretary-Office

Mr Zhang Changtu  *  3rd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Chen Wei   m 3rd Secretary (Administration Office) 

Mr Dingkun Zhu m  3rd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Zhao Zhiqiang *  Attaché  (Administration Office)

Mr Li Junsheng    Attaché  (Administration Office) 

Mr Xiao Jiawei   Attaché  (Administration Office) 

Ms Tan Huiying   Attaché  (Administration Office)

Mrs Yingqiu Li * Attaché  (Administration Office)

Mr Wenbo Xiang * Attaché  (Administration Office)

Mr Yubiao LIN * Attaché (Consular Section)

Mr Chang Liu  *  Attaché (Consular Section)

Mr Jian Si (Consular Attaché)

Mrs Danyang Chen  m  Attaché (Consular Section)

Mr Du Jitao  *  1st Secretary (Consular Section) 

Mr Wang Binbin  *  1st Secretary (Consular Section) 

Mr Kang Yu 2nd Secretary - (Consular Section) 

Mr Fengrong Zhang * 3rd Secretary - Political Section

Mr Jingyi Hu  3rd Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Xinshuo Li * 3rd Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Yanle Li  3rd Secretary (Consular Section)

Senior Captain (Navy) Zhang Yanbo  m  Naval  Attaché (Defence Section)  

Senior Colonel Jiang Bo  *  Assistant Defence Attaché (Defence Section) 

Colonel Zu Zhaonan  *  Assistant to Defence Attaché  (Defence Section) 

Mr Xudong Tian  *  Assistant to Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Mr Zhang Yimin  *  1st Secretary (Economic & Commercial Office) 

Mrs Liu Na  *  1st Secretary (Economic & Commercial Office) 

Mr Gao Zhiqiang  *  1st  Secretary  (Economic & Commercial Office) 

Ms Liu Jingjing   2nd  Secretary  (Economic & Commercial Office) 

Mrs Cui Xiangxin *  2nd Secretary  (Economic & Commercial Office)  

Mr Wang Chun  m  2nd Secretary  (Economic & Commercial Office)   

Mrs Guo Zhitao  m   2nd Secretary (Economic & Commercial Office)  

Mr Chen Mingzhi  3rd Secretary (Economic & Commercial Office)

Mr Shuaiqi Cheng m (3rd Secretary - Economic And Commercial Office)

Mrs Weijia Fang m (3rd Secretary - Economic and Commercial Office)

Mrs Tian Chang  m  1st Secretary (Cultural Section) 

Mr Yu Guo  m  1st Secretary (Cultural Section) 

Ms Mo Xia   3rd Secretary (Cultural Section) 

Mrs Dong Mei m  3rd Secretary (Cultural Section)

Mr Wei Zhao m 1st Secretary (Education Section) 

Mr Jin Kun  *  2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Gao Shang  *  2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mrs Luo Anna * 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Shang Lu m 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Ms Jing Li  3rd Secretary (Education Section)

Ms Chen Chen  Attaché   (Education Section)

Mr Chunyi Yang  Attache  (Education Section)

Mr Jin Zhang m Minister (Counsellor- Education)

Mr Mingqin Ding *  Minister Councillor

Mr Gaoyang Feng * 1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section) 

Mr Huang He  m  1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section) 

Mrs Xie Huiping  m  1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section) 

Mr Tan Junyao  m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section) 

Mr Kong Jiangtao  *  1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section) 

Mrs Liu Ya  *  2nd Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Mrs Zhu Jingyun  *  3rd Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Miss Yutong LI 3rd Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Mrs Liuruitian Shi * (3rd  Secretary Administrative Office)

Mr Kai Sun *  (3rd  Secretary Administrative Office)

Mr Yu Zhang m 1st Secretary






Embassy of Colombia  

3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LN  

020 7589 9177 / 020 7589 5037 


Consulate General  

Ground and 3rd Floor, 35 Portland Place, London W1B 1AE  

020 7637 9893 / 020 7927 7121  

Fax 020 7637 5604 


Commercial Office  


6th Floor, 2 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XB  

020 7491 3535  

Fax 020 7491 4295  



Military, Naval & Police Attaché’s Office  

3rd Floor, 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW  

020 3170 6012 / 075 9018 8269  


 Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary Vacant


Mrs Nancy Benitez Paez  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Head of Mission)                    

Mr Pedro Isidro Lopez-Perez  m  Minister-Counsellor 

Mr Daniel Ricardo Escobar-Cardozo  m  Counsellor (Deputy Consul General)                     

Mr Francisco Alberto Meneses-Noriega  m  Counsellor (Deputy Consul General)                    

Mrs Marisol Rojas-Izquierdo  m  Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Captain Dario Eduardo Sanabria Gaitan  m  Permanent Representative of Colombia to the IMO

Colonel Ricardo Sanchez Silvestre  m  Police Attaché      

Miss Adriana Sandoval-Trujillo  Cultural Attaché – 1st Secretary 

Mr Nicolas Correa Cruz  Vice Consul – 3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Congo

Suite 404-406, 83 Victoria Street, SW1H 0HW

Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR PASCAL EMMANUEL JOSEPH GAYAMA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 25 February 2022) 

Mr Emeric Cibaly   Counsellor

Mr Sergil Morsely Ngoma  Second Counsellor

Mr Evrard Gustave Okemba Ingueloleka  Secretary

Ms Brice Claudine Ngolo  Third Secretary





Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


020 7580 3931

Fax 020 7580 8713


Consular Section

281 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8QF

Monday to Friday: 11:00-14:00 except on public holidays.

Identification for Congolese Nationals: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-14:00


Documentation & Cultural Resource Bureau (DCRB)

281 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8QF

Tuesdays 9:30-17:30 except on public holidays.

Identification and Biometric Data Collection for Congolese Nationals:

Tuesday 10:00-17:00


HER EXCELLENCY MS MARIE NDJEKA OPOMBO  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20 February 2017)

Mr Eric Mulume Oderhwa Migabo  m   1st Counsellor

Mr Armand Tshibuabua Lumbala  *  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Napo Ghonda Mbe Lukuya Ntela  *  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Armand Tshibuabua  m  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Hyppolite Olamba Ossomba  *  2nd Counsellor

Mrs Fanny Kayaya Beya  *  2nd Secretary

Mrs Ludmilla Perrine Ongania NeE Nkouli  2nd Secretary

Mr Phinees Kabango Muepu  m  Political Attaché

Mr Mike Pongo Longanga  m  2nd Secretary




Embassy of Costa Rica

23 Woodstock Street W1C 2AS

Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00


Consular Section

23 Woodstock Street W1C 2AS


HIS EXCELLENCY MR  RAFAEL ORTIZ FÁBREGA  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 October 2018)

Mrs Laura Valverde Borbón

Mr Francisco Jose Masís Holdridge  *  Counsellor & Consul General

Mr Allan Ricardo Araya Sanchez  m  Minister Counsellor & Consul General

Mr Zacarias Ayub  Commercial Attache






Embassy of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire   

138-140, Buckingham Palace Rd, SW1W 9SA.

Tel 020 7235 6991   

Fax 020 7259 5320   


TELEX 23906 Ivory Coast    

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00   


Consular Section

138-140, Buckingham Palace Rd, SW1W 9SA

Tel 020 7235 6991   

Fax 020 7259 5320 


Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


Permanent Representation to International Commodity Organisations

33 Cavendish Square W1G 0PW  

Tel 020 7462 0086  


HER EXCELLENCY MRS SARA AFFOUE AMANI   Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 August 2020)  

Mr Aly Toure m  Minister (Permanent Representative to International Commodity Organisations)

Mr Nestor Koko 1st Counsellor  

Mr Feh Moussa Gone m  Minister Counsellor  

Mr David Jacques Mimran m  Counsellor (Economic)   

Mrs Safiatou  Karambiri   Financial Counsellor

Mr Kouamé Clément Ehouman m  Counsellor (Commercial)

Mrs Assoumou Née N'Guessan Flore m (Counsellor)  

Mr Adou Hervé Stanislas N'cho  m  1st Secretary (Tourism)





Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

21 Conway Street W1T 6BN

020 7387 2022

Fax 020 7387 0310

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Consular Section

21 Conway Street W1T 6BN

Fax 020 7387 0936


HIS EXCELLENCY MR IGOR POKAZ  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 September 2017)

Mr Davor Ljubanović  m  Minister Plenipotentiary & Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Loreta Bertosa-Kusen  Minister Plenipotentiary

Mr Davor Kristic Minister Counsellor

Ms Iva Gudelj  1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Miss Dajana-Antonija Bebek 2nd Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

167 High Holborn WC1V 6PA

020 7240 2488

Fax 020 7836 2602


Consular Section

167 High Holborn WC1V 6PA

020 7240 2488

Fax 020 7379 4557


HER EXCELLENCY MRS BARBARA ELENA MONTALVO ALVAREZ   Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 7 February 2020)

Mr Aristides Julian Hechavarria Torrijo m  Counsellor (Press and Cultural Affairs)

Mrs Marta Castillo González  m  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Ms Ivian Alfonso Piñar  m  Consul 

Mr Michel Rodriguez Alonso  m  1st Secretary

Mr Carlos Rafael Rodriguez Melendez  m  1st Secretary 

Ms Aymee Alejandra Diaz Negrin  m   2nd Secretary (Political Affairs) 

Mr Ricardo Abreu Esquijarosa  m  Attaché

Miss Layde Rodriguez Saavedra  Attaché





High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus

13 St. James’s Square SW1Y 4LB

020 7321 4100

Fax 020 7321 4164

Monday-Friday 09:00-16:30

Consular Section, Monday-Friday 09:30-13:00


High Commissioner’s Private Secretary

020 7321 4101

Fax 020 7321 4162


Political Section

020 7321 4126

Fax 020 7321 4164


Consular Section

020 7321 4100

Fax 020 7321 4160

For Medical and Sponsored Patients issues


Maritime Section

020 7321 4154

Fax 020 7321 4171


Commercial Section

020 7321 4141

Fax 020 7321 4169


Tourism Section

020 7321 4170


Cultural Section

020 7321 4148

Fax 020 7321 4164


Press Section

020 7321 4127

Fax 020 7321 4164


Cyprus Educational Mission

020 8881 6982

Fax 020 8365 8257



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ANDREAS S KAKOURIS  m  High Commissioner (since 01 September 2019)

            Mrs Kareen Farrell-Kakouris

Mr Spyros Miltiades m Deputy High Commissioner

Ms Melivia Demetriou  m  Political Counsellor

Mr Odysseas Odysseos  m  Consul General   

Lt Col Theocharis Onoufriou m Defence Attaché

Ms Niki Savva  Counsellor (Finance)

Dr Christos Atalianis  m  Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Ms Tonia Kyrou  m  Counsellor (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Marios Theocharous  Cultural Attaché

Ms Riana Acarou Attaché (Maritime Affairs)

Ms Maria Loi  *   Counsellor (Education)

Ms Diamando Kyriakou Theodotou *  Attaché (Administrative)

Ms Eliza Antoniou  m  Attaché (Press)  





Embassy of the Czech Republic  

26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY  

020 7243 7900  

Fax : 020 7243 7926  


HER EXCELLENCY MRS MARIE CHATARDOVÁ  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 October 2021)   

Mr Benoît Chatard   

Mr Michal Strouhal   Deputy Head of Mission   

Brigadier General Vratislav Beran  m  Defence Attaché   

Mr Pavel Duchoň   1st Secretary - Consul (Consular Affairs)   

Mr René Dlabal   Minister-Counsellor (Consular Affairs)   

Mr Tomáš Kristlík  m  1st Secretary (Political Affairs)    

Mrs Isabella Hubbard  m  1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)   

Mr Martin Hošek  m  1st Secretary (Cultural & Education Affairs) 

Mrs Magdaléna Kopicová  m  1st Secretary (Political Affairs)   

Ms Michaela Chrtová  3rd Secretary (Head Economic & Commercial Affairs)   

Mrs Hana Kalašnikovová  * 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)   

Mr Michal Žižlavský  m  3rd Secretary  (Media & Communications Affairs)  

Mr Marek Timár  Attaché (Head of Administration)   

Mr Jiří Filip *  Attaché   

Mr Přemysl Pela   2nd  Secretary  (Director of the Czech Centre)   

Mr David Rodr  m  3rd Secretary – Police Liaison Officer 






Royal Danish Embassy

55 Sloane Street SW1X 9SR

020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0270

Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.30 & Friday 09.00-16.00


Consular Section

Monday-Friday: By appointment only

Passports 020 7333 0200

Visas 020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0266


Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7333 0228/0212

Fax 020 7333 0231

Representation of the Faroe Islands

Tel. 020 7333 0227


HIS EXCELLENCY MR RENÉ DINESEN  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 September 2022)

           Mrs Camilla Follin Dinesen

Ms Anne Dorothea Cathrine Bruun Aubry  m  Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Catherine Jane Lorenzen Franklin  m  Counsellor (European Policy and Financial Affairs)

Ms Marie Brink Norager  m  1st Secretary

Mr Morten Viktor Ranieri-Svendsen  m  Counsellor (Commercial Affairs)

Mr Esben Egede Rasmussen  m  Minister Counsellor (Agriculture, Food & Fisheries)

Mr Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen  m  Counsellor (Health)

Miss Christina Jensen  Counsellor (Wind Energy)

Mr Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen  m  Energy Counsellor

Mr Dennis Blicher  m  Consul

Brigadier General Jan Kazimierz  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Peter Mikael Ostenfeld  Maritime Attaché

Pastor Mr Flemming Kloster Poulsen  m  Attaché (Social Affairs)

Ms Cathryn Jane Sanderson  m  Minister-Counsellor (Representative of the Government of the Faroes)





Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti

26 Rue Emile Ménier 75116 Paris

0033 1 4727 4922

Fax 0033 1 4553 5053


HIS EXCELLENCY MR AYEID MOUSSEID YAHYA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 January 2015)

Mrs Manuelle Calligny





Office of the High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Dominica

1 Collingham Gardens SW5 0HW

020 7370 5194

Fax 020 7373 8743

Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


Vacant  High Commissioner


Mrs Janet Charles  m  Acting High Commissioner & 2nd Secretary

Ms Nakinda Daniel  3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Dominican Republic

81 Cromwell Road, SW7 5BW

020 7262 6856
Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00

Consular Section


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ELNIO MANUEL DURAN  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 March 2021)- Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission to the IMO

Mr Francisco Manuel Comprés Hernández  Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
Ms Ligia Auristela Reid Bonetti  Minister Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Joan Alemany Nunez  Counsellor (Cooperation & Administrative Affairs)

Mr Alfredo Suárez Mieses  m  Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Franklin Manuel Garcia Sosa  Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mr Wagner Alexi Mendez Herasme  m  Counsellor (Trade Affairs)

Mr Antonio Jose Castillo Lora  m  Counsellor (Trade Affairs)

Miss Miriam Gracia Stern Velazquez  Counsellor (Investment & Tourism Affairs)

Mr Angel Salvador Berges Peña  Counsellor (Consular Affairs)






Embassy of Ecuador

Flat 3b 3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LS

020 7584 1367 / 020 7590 2501 / 020 7590 2507



Consular Section

9 John Sessions Square E1 8NQ

020 7451 0040 / 0207 278 2923

Fax 020 3503 0991



Defence Attaché‘s Office and Permanent Representative to the IMO

Flat 4, 5 Lawson Close, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5EL

020 8715 3594


Commercial Section

Institute for Export and Investment

Flat 3b 3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LS

020 3078 8042 / 0203 078 8045


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Jose Miguel Vasconez Rivadeneira  m  Consul General

Mr Vicente Gabriel Villafuerte Manzano  m  Counsellor

Miss Maria Cristina Solis Gallo  Commercial Counsellor

Mrs Carolina Jacqueline Troya Palacios  m  2nd Secretary (Trade Officer)

Ms Ana Lucia Cuesta Caceres  m  2nd Secretary (Consul)                         

Ms Maritza Del Rocio Arauz Castro  Administrative Attaché





Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt 

26 South Street, W1K 1DW

Tel.: 020 7499 3304/2401  

Fax: 020 7491 1542

E-mail address:  


Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00


Consulate General

Visas, Legalisations, Egyptian Nationals

2 Lowndes Street, SW1X 9ET

Tel:  020 7235 9719

Fax: 020 7235 5684



Defence Office: 

24 South Street, W1K 1DN

Tel:  020 7493 2649

Fax: 020 7495 3573



Commercial Office: 

23 South Street, W1K 2XD

Tel:  020 7499 3002

Fax: 020 7493 8110



Medical Office: 

47 Longridge Road, SW5 9SD

Tel:  020 7370 6944

Fax: 020 7370 36



Press & Information Office 

3rd Floor

4 Chesterfield Gardens, W1J 5BG

Tel:  020 7409 2236

Fax: 020 7493 7456



Cultural Office:  

4 Chesterfield Gardens, W1J 5BG

Tel: 020 7491 7720

Fax: 020 7408 1335               



State Tourist Bureau: 

170 Piccadilly, W1J 9EJ

Tel: 020 7493 5283

Fax: 020 7408 0295



HIS EXCELLENCY MR SHERIF AHMED MAHMOUD KAMEL  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 16 December 2021)

Mrs. Heba Ahmed Mohamed Ismail

Mr Ahmed Ezzat Elkotb Salem  m  Counsellor (DHM)

Mrs Heba Tayea Ahmed Ramadan  m  Counsellor

Ms Mirande Camille Victor Goubran  Counsellor

Mr Mohamed H. I. Eid  m  1st  Secretary

Mr Akram Mohamed Elshahat Abdelhamid Elgendi  *  1st  Secretary 

Ms Asmaa S.M. Zayed  2nd Secretary

Mr. Ahmed M.A.ElAboulnaga  3rd Secretary

Mrs Jouman Asser Abdelhady Nigmeldeen  m  Consul

Mr Mohamed Raafat Ragab Hussnien  *  Consul

Mr Khaled Mosad mosad Anas Consul

Mr Mohamed Ahmed Fathi Abulkheir m Consul

Col Dr. Ahmed Fathy Ahmed Abdelkader  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Lt Col Yahya Mahmoud Yahya Salah  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Mohammed Hussien Mohammed Quasem  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Col Alaa Moheb Abouelfadle Hassan m Assistant Defence Attaché

Dr Rasha Kamal Mohamed A. Elshiekh  *  Cultural Attaché

Mr Tamer Mostafa Mohamed Ali  m  Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial)

Mr Ahmed Salah Elsayed Eid  m  3rd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Gaber Yusef Haider  Alkashaht  m  Attaché (Press & Information)

Mr Mohamed Mohsen Mohamed Ali Ismael  m  Tourism Attaché

Mr Hossam Ahmed R A Elshinnawy  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Afifi  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Wael Abdelfattah Ibrahim Rashed  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mohamed A. M. A. M. Reyad  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mmdouh Elsayed Ibrahim  *  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mamdouh Ali Abdelaal  *  Administrative Attaché

Mr Ahmed Mohamed Gouda Raba  *  Administrative Attaché

Mr Osama Modather Eissa Mansour * Adminisrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mohamed A. Omran Sarhan  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Miss Rania Essam Bakr Elsayed  Admin & Financial Attache

Mrs Naglaa Atta Moustafa Elkady  *  Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate

Mr Hatem Hosny Aly Hassan  m  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mrs Eman Abdelghany Abdelkader Loueloue  *  Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mahmoud Gamal A. Ahmed  m  Administrative Attaché (Commercial))

Mrs Doaa Mahmoud Mahmoud Sharaky  *  Administrative Attaché ( Cultural)

Major General Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Elmoshrefy, m Defence Attaché

Lt Col Waleed  Mohammed Mounir Rehan  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Brig General Amr Hassan Abdelmagid  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Lt Colonel Soliman A S Hamroush  m  Assistant Defence Attaché

Mrs Dalia Taha T E S Ibraheem  m  Attaché Admin & Financial

Mr Samy Helmy Farag Ali  m  Admin & Financial Attaché

Mr Walid Abdelfttah Aql Ahmed Khaled  m  Administrative Attaché





Embassy of El Salvador

8 Dorset Square 1st & 2nd Floors NW1 6PU

020 7224 9800

Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


HER EXCELLENCY MS CARMEN MARIA GALLARDO DE HERNANDEZ  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 30 April 2023)

        Mr Francisco Xavier Hernandez Velazquez

Miss Gabriela Maria Ramirez-Lazo  Minister-Counsellor

Miss Astrid Veronica Almendares Rivas  Counsellor

Miss Andrea Del Rocio Moreno Ancalmo  3rd Secretary   

Miss Andrea Carolina Duran Nuila  Consul





Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

13 Park Place St James' SW1A 1LP

020 7659 9090

Monday-Friday 09.30-15.00


Mrs Maria Jesús Diallo Besari  * 1st Secretary & Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Pio Estéfano Mba Ndong Nvomo  m 2nd Secretary 




Embassy of the State of Eritrea

96 White Lion Street N1 9PF

020 7713 0096

Fax 020 7713 0161


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ESTIFANOS HABTEMARIAM GHEBREYESUS  *  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 23 September 2014)


Mr Salih Abdalla Saad  *  1st Secretary (Head of Finance & Administration)

Mr Tewelde Yohannes Weldegiorgies  *  1st Secretary (Head of Public Affairs)






Embassy of Estonia 

44 Queen’s Gate Terrace, London, SW7 5PJ 

020 7589 3428 

Fax 020 7589 3430 



HIS EXCELLENCY MR VILJAR LUBI  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 August 2021)  

Ms Maarja Junti

Ms Inga Bowden  m  Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Vahur Murulaid  m   Defence Attaché

Ms Hellika Kirt  m  Consul 

Ms Agaate Antson  m  First Secretary (Economic Affairs)




Kingdom of Eswatini High Commission

20 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6LB

Tel: 020 7630 6611

Fax 020 7630 6564

Email: eswatinilondonhc@gmail,com

Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.30 & Friday 09.00-16.00



Ms Temnotfo L. C. Nkambule  Counsellor

Ms Sithembile Prudence Lushaba  1st Secretary (Information)

Mr Mandla Stanley Dlamini  m  3rd Secretary   

Mrs Ruth N. Kunene  m  Administrative Attaché

HRH Qethuka Dlamini   Education Attaché





Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

17 Princes Gate, London, SW7 1PZ

Phone: 020 7589 7212

Fax: 020 7584 7054



Hours: Monday-Friday 09.00 to 17.00


Consular Department

Phone: 020 7838 3895

Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00 to 13.00 & 14.00 to 16.00


Trade and Investment Department

Phone: 020 7838 3870


Press Office

Phone: 020 7838 3883


HIS EXCELLENCY MR TEFERI MELESSE DESTA  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 September 2020)

Mrs Mekdes Amaha Yitbarek

Mr Beyene G Meskele Mada  *  Deputy Head of Mission

Mrs Roza Yerukneh Alemu  *  Minister Plenipotentiary

Mr Wubishet Demissie Teklemariam  *  Minister Plenipotentiary (Political)

Mr Mekonnen Amare Gebretsion  m  Minister (Public Diplomacy)

Mr Tariku Setegn Tarekegn  *  Minister Counsellor I

Mr Tariku Legesse Dibaba  *  Minister Counsellor I

Ms Hanna Birhani Yadeta  m  Minister Counsellor I

Mr Sultan Ibrahim Abagisa m Minister Counsellor II

Mr Tewdros Teme Bekere  *  Minister Counsellor III

Mrs Workaferahu Aklilu Derseh  m  Minister Counsellor (Business Diplomacy)

Mr Tesfaye Beshah Wubie  m  Minister Counsellor (Finance Section)

Mr Zewdu Degaga Yaie  m  Minister 

Mr Mulugeta Embiale Ano  *  1st Secretary

Mr Abekrie Abdo Mohammed  m    2nd Secretary (Business)

Mrs Mulatwa Mesele Mulunhe  m  3rd Secretary 

Mr Dagnachew Werku Debele  3rd Secretary (Political) 

Miss Samrawit Gebremeskel Woldemedhin  3rd Secretary (Consular) 




Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom

Europe House 32 Smith Square SW1 P 3EU

020 7973 1992



a) Diplomatic Staff members:


HIS EXCELLENCY Mr Pedro SERRANO DE HARO m Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since 09 December 2022)

Mrs Ana Perez Kramer (spouse)


Ms Nicole Mannion, Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Adebayo Babajide m, Minister, Head of Political Section

Mrs Marie Colette Fitzgerald m, Minister Counsellor

Mr Per Eckefeldt m, Minister Counsellor

Mr Andrea Ricci m, Minister Counsellor

Mr Stephen Augustine Ryan m, Minister Counsellor

Mr Federico Bianchi m, First Counsellor, Head of Press and Public Diplomacy

Mr Jaime de Villata Ruiz m, First Counsellor, Head of Citizen, Social, Justice and Home Affairs

Mr Cyril Robin-Champlgneul m, First Counsellor, Head of Economic and Trade Affairs

Mr Andrea Amelio, First Counsellor

Ms Marie-Laure de Bergh m, First Counsellor

Ms Kristin Vandenbergen m, First Counsellor

Mr Elias Centellas-Martinez m, Counsellor

Ms Annelene Darnen, Counsellor

Mr Daniel Fleischer-Ambrus m, Counsellor

Ms Annette Kliemann m, Counsellor

Ms Justyna Lawntczak m, Counsellor

Mr Bart Vodderie m, Counsellor

Mr  CMr Charles Canonne m, First Secretary

Ms Albena Dimitrova-Borisova m, First Secretary

Mr Emilien Gasc, First Secretary

Ms Noura Rouissi, First Secretary

Ms Marit Sillavee m, First Secretary

Mr Jan Tatum Krauss m, First Secretary

Ms Isabella Torta m, First Secretary

Ms Beatrice Neven, Attache, Head of Administration Section

Ms Kristina Vlondis, Attache

Ms Susanne Oberhauser m, Minister, Head of European Parliament Liaison Office


b. Other Staff members:   



Ms Veronica De Ranieri, Assistant Attache

Ms Ana-Maria Huth m, First Secretary

Ms Fabia Gwendolen Jones m, First Counsellor

Mr Branko Jovin, Attache

Ms Sanna Helena Kangasharju m, First Secretary

Ms Typhaine Morillon, Counsellor

Ms Dako Mozagba m, Assistant Attache

Ms Egle Puleikyte m Attache Finance Officer

Mr Nicola Scafarto, Counsellor


Mr Guy-Charles Marhic m, European Central Bank Representative






High Commission of the Republic of Fiji

34 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5DN

020 7584 3661

Fax 020 7584 2838

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


Consular Section

020 75843661 ext 5340/5347


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JITOKO CAKACAKABALAVU TIKOLEVU  m  High Commissioner (Since 30 January  2016)

            Mrs Luisa Molidrau Tikolevu

Mrs Paulini Tala Tokaduadua Cakacaka  m  1st Secretary

Ms Florieann Rose Cecelia Wilson  2nd Secretary





Embassy of Finland


38 Chesham Place SW1X 8HW                  

020 7838 6200

Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00


Finland Trade Centre


Kensington Pavilion

96 Kensington High Street W8 4SG

Mr Harri Lanning  Senior Director, Head of Region


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JUKKA REINO SIUKOSAARI  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 September 2021). 
Mrs Mariella Siukosaari

Ms Heli Marjaana Lehto  Minister & Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Anna Henriikka Hakala  m  Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mrs Terhi Elina Bunders  m  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mrs Leea Eveliina Lamminpää  m  1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Markus Ensio Hippi  Press Counsellor

Mrs Heli Ilona Suominen  m  Press Counsellor

Mrs Sari Kilpi  m  2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Vesa Kivinen  m  Counsellor (Police Co-operation)

Mrs Anu Birgitta Vuorinen  m  Counsellor (Education & Science)

Captain (N) Mika Sakari Raunu  m  Defence Attaché





Embassy of France

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020-7073 1004


Consular Section

21 Cromwell Road SW7 2EN

020 7073 1200

Fax 020 7073 1201


Visa Section

6A Cromwell Place SW7 2EW

020 7073 1250

Fax 020-7073 1246


Cultural Section

23 Cromwell Road SW7 2EL

020 7073 1300

Fax 020 7073 1326


Science & Technology Section

6 Cromwell Place SW7 2JN

020 7073 1380

Fax 020 7073 1390


Trade Agency – Business France

4th Floor

71 Kingsway

London WC2B 6ST


Taxation Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1196


Customs Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

Tel 020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1159


Economic Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

Tel 020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1189



HER EXCELLENCY MS HÉLÈNE TREHEUX-DUCHENE  m  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 November 2022)

         Mr Rem Jean-Marie Duchene

Mr Gerrit Olivier François Van Rossum  m  Deputy Head of Mission

Rear Admiral Hervé Jean-Louis André Hamelin  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Emmanuel Paul Daniel Masse  m  Minister-Counsellor (Economic & Financial Affairs)

Mr Samer Joel MELKI Melki m Consul General

Mr Guillaume Jean Benoît Lacroix  m  First Counsellor

Mrs Victoire Ract-Madoux  m  Press Counsellor

Mr Nicolas Dasnois  Counsellor (Political)  

Mrs Camille Pintout  Counsellor (Political)  

Mr Pierre-Jean Albrand  Private Secretary  Deputy Press Counsellor

Mrs Sophie Lecoutre  1st Secretary – Counsellor (Political)

Mr Bertrand Buchwalter  m  Counsellor (Cultural), Director of the Institut Français

Mr Nicolas Le Van Xieu m Secretary-General

Mr Stanislas François Eleuthère Godefroy  m  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mrs Minh-Hà Pham  Counsellor (Science & Technology)  

Mr Romain Djoudi  Attaché (Customs)

Mrs Estelle Cros  m  Counsellor (Judicial Affairs) 

Mr Pierre-Yves Cordier  m  Counsellor (Nuclear)

Ms Virgine Perrey m Attaché (Police)

Mr Arnaud Philippe Denis Leretour  m  Trade Commissioner

Mrs Geraldine  Anne Filippi m Trade Commissioner

Miss Adele Marie Tiphaine Chabbert Trade Adviser

Miss Lucie Marie Lucas Trade Adviser

Mrs Marguerite Moleux  m  Counsellor (Social Affairs)

Mr Thomas Ernoult  m  Counsellor (Financial Affairs)

Mrs Heloise Pestel  m  Counsellor (Agriculture)

Mr Jean-Charles Ledot Deputy Consul General  

Mrs Julie Poirot  m  Deputy Counsellor (Agriculture)

Mr Philippe Henri Alexandre Orban  Counsellor

Captain Julien J L Lalanne de Saint-Quentin  m  Naval Attaché

Mr Xavier Rival  m  Air Attaché

Colonel Nicolas Filser  m  Military Attaché

Mr Jean Prudhomme m Defence (Equipment Attache)

Mr Edouard Assanelli  1st Secretary

Mr Hugo Martin  2nd Secretary (Political)

Mr Gaetan Lehuic  m  1st Secretary

Mr Benoit Potot m 1st  Secretary

Mrs Sohie Marie Anne Zietek  m  3rd Secretary (Administrative Affairs)

Mrs Emmanuelle Marie-Antoinette  m  Deputy Secretary General

Mr Guillaume Maurice Adrien Faivre  m  Property Manager

Mr Arthur Marcel Joseph Belaud  Project Manager

Mr Robin Lacroix  3rd Secretary 

Mrs Anne Claude Quistrebert Boeffard  m  3rd Secretary

Mr Cyrille Joel Igor Gauvrit  m  3rd Secrertary

Ms Jeanne Sallaberry  m  3rd Secretary

Mrs Victoria Lenoel  Vice Consul 

Mr Julien Jean Henri Guyot  m  Vice Consul

Mr Guillaume Ludwig Jean Langlois Secretary General of the French Institute of the UK

Mr Dragoslav Zachariev Deputy Director for Institut Français, Audiovisual Attaché

Mrs Amélie Barichard  *  Paymaster (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Stéphane Jouvet  m  Paymaster

Mrs Isabelle Manci  m  Cultural Attaché 

Mr Rudy Raymond R Ropital  m  Attaché (Police)

Mr Pascal Jean Remi Cornet  m  Head of Security

Mrs Emilie Viviane Noelle Cariou Attache (Taxation)

Mrs Alexandra Barreau-Jouffroy  m  Attaché (Taxation)  

Mrs Melanie Alice P Malnou-Diviella  m  Deputy Defence Attaché

Miss Camile Fournier  Liaison Officer

Mrs Frederique Lefevre  Commercial Attaché (Business France)

Mrs Raffaella Silvetti  Attaché (Business France)

Mrs Mélisande Louise Elise Roche  Inward Investment Director (Business France)

Mrs Florence Marie ELodie Ferran  m  Higher Education and Research Attaché

Mr Damien Loïc Vialle  m  Attaché for Higher Education

Mr Maxime Jean Andre Legathe  m  Maritime Attaché-Permanent Representation of France to IMO

Mr Manuel Benchetrit Head of Language

Mr Etienne Pontagnier Webmaster

Mrs Vanessa Fines  Cultural Attaché (Administrative Affairs)  

Mrs Krystèle Petris  Attaché

Mrs Sylvie Jeannine Marie Paul  m  Vice-Consul, Head of Visa Section

Mrs Frédérique Moreira  m  Vice Consul

Mr Philippe Colin  Attaché (Police Liaison Officer)

Mr Bruno Chetanneau  Attaché (Police Liaison Officer)

Mr Stephane Christophe Foin  m  Deputy Cultural Counsellor

Ms Mathias Rambaud  Cultural Attaché (Book Department)

Mr Grégory Charles Robert  m  Head of the Social Department

Miss Léa Ambre Auclair  Industry and Transport Attaché

Mr Etienne Benjamin Genty  Project Manager for Economic Affairs (Business France)

Miss Louanne Loreena Lena Romain  Digital Attaché

Mr Jules Voisin  Agriculture Counsellor





High Commission of the Gabonese Republic

27 Elvaston Place SW7 5NL

020 7823 9986

Fax 020-7584 0047


HER EXCELLENCY MRS AICHATOU SANNI AOUDOU  High Commissioner (Since 22 September 2015)

Miss Wendy Marcelle Bilong  Counsellor (Chancery)

Mr Willy Hugues Lemambot Mbele  Counsellor (Protocol & Public Relations)





The Gambia High Commission

57 Kensington Court W8 5DG

020 3928 9770

Fax 020 7229 9225

Monday-Thursday 09.30-17.00, Friday 09.30-13.00


HER EXCELLENCY Mrs Fatou Bensouda  High Commissioner (since 03 August 2022)

              Mr Philip Bensouda

Mr Abu Bakr Jawara  1st Secretary

Mr Ousman Jarjue  Finance Attaché

Mr Adama Njie Director of Tourism Promotion






Embassy of Georgia

20 St George’s Square, SW1V 2HP

020 7348 1941

Fax 020 7603 6682



Consular Section

020 7348 1942


HER EXCELLENCY MS SOFIO KATSARAVA   Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 14 April 2020)

Mr George Saganelidze  m  Minister Plenipotentiary

General Malkhaz Makaradze  m  Defence Attaché

Ms Lia Melikishvili  Counsellor

Mr Paata Papashvili  Consul

Mrs Ana Nozadze  m  1st Secretary





Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

23 Belgrave Square, Chesham Place, London, SW1X 8PZ

Phone: 020 7824 1300

Fax: 020 7824 1449




Passport & Visa Section (by online appointment only)

Fax: 020 7824 1449

Phone Visa Information Service: 020 7824 1466

Phone Passport Information Service: 020 7824 1426


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MIGUEL BERGER  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 29 May 2022)

Mr Ruediger Rainer Bohn  m  Minister (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Paata Patishvili  m  Minister Plenipotentiary/Deputy Head of Mission (Political)

Brigadier General Michael Oberneyer  m  Defence Attaché

Mr Dietrich Jobst Elard Eberhard Edel Lingenthal  m  Minister (Finance)

Mr Karl Matthias Klause  m  Minister (EBRD)

Mr Darius Rahimi-Laridjani  m  Minister-Counsellor (Consular)

Dr Clemens Kohnen  *  Minister-Counsellor (Political)

Mr Markus Knauf  m  Minister-Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Thilo Botzenhardt  m  1st Counsellor (Political)

Mr Jochen Moeller  1st Counsellor (Press)

Mrs Franziska Planckensteiner  m  Attaché (Political/FCDO Exchange Officer) 

Mr Friedhelm Saathoff  *  Attaché (Security) 

Mr Axel Eiers  *  Attaché (Security) 

Colonel Stephan Breidenbach  m  Air Attaché

Mr André Griese  m  1st Counsellor (Political)

Captain (Navy) Wolfgang Heuer  m  Naval Attaché

Ms Andrea Noske  First Counsellor (Science)

Dr Klaus Juergen Haffner  m  Air Attaché

Mr Markus Antonius *  First Counsellor (Military)

Mr Rainer Sulzer  m  Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Julian Frohnecke  m  Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Herbert Ernst Ludwig Düll  m  Counsellor (Social & Labour)

Ms Svenja Friedrich  Counsellor (Transport)

Dr Meinhard Arend  List  m  Counsellor (Agricultural)

Mr Horst Triller  m  Counsellor (Administration)

Lieutnant Colonel Stafan Alves Kraus  m  Military Attaché

Mr Erwin Albert Walter Ganzer  m  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Tim Rauschan  m  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Robert Rockel  m  1st Secretary (Political) 

Mr Johannes Peter Gerling  2nd Secretary (Finance)

Mrs Mariko Sara Higuchi  m  2nd Secretary (Economic)

Mrs Marlen Sulzer  m  2nd Secretary (Administration)

Mrs Petra Troise  m  2nd Secretary (Administration)

Mr Michael Hagenburger  m  2nd Secretary (Consular)

Mr Wolfgang Rainer Huesgen  m  2nd Secretary (Consular)

Mrs Petra Hanefeld  m  2nd Secretary (Press)

Dr Felix Karstens  2nd Secretary (Political)

Dr Julia Harrer  m  2nd Secretary (Political)

Ms  Silvia Scharf  m  2nd Secretary (Administration)

Mrs Doris Ernst  m  2nd Secretary (Consular)

Ms Kerstin Schneider  2nd Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Joerg Kunzendorf  m  2nd Secretary (Federal Police Liaison)

Mr Ralph Holzhauer  m  2nd Secretary (Administration) 

Mr Michael Fuchs  m  3rd Secretary (Political)

Ms Maria Hilgenfeld  3rd Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Matthias Schmitt  m  3rd Secretary (Customs Liaison) 

Mr Philipp Loepitz  m  3rd Secretary (Security Advisor – Administration)

Ms Sophia Elisabeth Hirthammer  m  Attaché (Political)

Ms Lilija Amamitch   m  Attaché (Consular)

Ms Valerie Hombach  Attaché (Political) 

Mr Dominik Steimann  m  Attaché (Consular) 

Mrs Janine Adu  m  Attaché (Consular) 

Mr Maik Laurin Eisbrenner  m  Attaché (IT/Administration)

Ms Silke Schell m  Attaché (Administration)

Mr Holger Griesbach  *  Assistant Attaché (Consular)

Ms Johanna Alagbo  Attaché (Consular) 

Mr Mario Gross  m  Attaché (Military) 

Mr Mke Stezka  m  Attaché (Military)