02 April 2012


Alphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries in London with the names & designations of the persons returned as composing their Diplomatic Staff. Representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries & their Diplomatic Staff enjoy privileges & immunities under the Diplomatic Privileges

Act, 1964. Except where shown, private addresses are not available.
m Married
* Married but not accompanied by wife or husband


Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

31 Princes Gate SW7 1QQ

020 7589 8891

Fax 020 7584 4801



Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Consular Section

020 7589 8892

Fax 020 7581 3452


Monday-Friday 09.00-13.30

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Dr Hameed Haami Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Sayed Mohammad Payenda m 2nd Secretary

Mr Nezamuddin Marzee m Deputy Military Attaché

Mr Ahmad Jawaid m Commercial Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Albania

33 St George’s Drive SW1V 4DG

020 7828 8897

Fax 020 7828 8869



Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Mal Berisha m Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mrs Teuta Starova m Minister-Counsellor

Ms Entela Gjika Counsellor

Mrs Gentjana Nino m 1st Secretary

Dr Xhoana Papakostandini m 3rd Secretary

Col. Roland Berzani m Defence Attaché

Mr Redi Voshtina m Police Liaison Officer


People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

54 Holland Park W11 3RS

02 April 2012

020 7221 7800 Fax 020 7221 0448


Consular Section

6 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5EW

020 7589 6885

Fax 020 7589 7725


HIS EXELLENCY MR AMAR ABBA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 December 2010)

Mrs Zehra Abba

Mr Mourad Adjabi m Minister-Counsellor

Ms Dalila Samah Consul

Mr Ali Kessai m Minister Plenipotentary

Colonel Tewfik Dechemi m Defence Attaché Colonel Nacer-Eddine Zebiri m Maritime Attaché Mr Mohamed Redha Bouchenafa m Counsellor Mr Boubekere Sedik Anane m Deputy Consul Mr Ahmed Adib Counsellor

Mr Selim Abbes Ghenouchi m 1st Secretary (Chancery)

Mr Ali Bouatrous m 1st Secretary

Mr Mohiedine Benhamida m 1st Secretary Mr Hacene Derdiche m Attaché

Mr Mohamed Hamdani m Attaché Mr Anis Guen Attaché

Miss Fouzia Salhi Vice Consul

Mr Abdelhafid Hachem Attaché Mr Lies Amici m Attaché

Mr Said Chemmackh m Attaché


The Principality of Andorra is not currently represented in London. For further information please contact:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Institutional Relations, C/ Prat de la Creu 62-64, AD500 Andorra la Vella Tel: +376 875 704

Fax: +376 869 559 exteriors.gov.andorra.ad


Embassy of the Republic of Angola

22 Dorset Street W1U 6QY

020 7299 9850

Fax 020 7486 9397



Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 & 13.30-16.00

Visa Section Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 (Closed Wednesday)

HER EXCELLENCY MR MIGUEL GASPAR FERNANDES NETO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 09 February 2012)

Ms Emilia Neto

Mr Eduardo Neto Sangueve * Minister-Counsellor

02 April 2012

Mr Henrique Assis m Counsellor Mr Diogo Cristiano * 1st Secretary

Mr Manuel Edgar de Fátima Camacho m 2nd Secretary Mr Jorge Chiúca Moisés Kachava m 3rd Secretary

Lt General Jonatão Augusto de Morais m Defence Attaché Mr António dos Santos Nascimento m Press Attaché

Mr Adriano Assis Pelinganga m Assistant Defence Attaché Mrs Maria Caetana R. Neto Amado * Financial Attaché

Mrs Rosa Benigna Francisco Sobrinho * Angolan Representative of the IMO Dr Maria Guilhermina D.S. Gamboa Carvalho Head of Health Department


High Commission for Antigua & Barbuda

2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP 020 7258 0070

Fax 020 7258 7486 enquiries@antigua-barbuda.com www.antigua-barbuda.com

HIS EXCELLENCY DR CARL B.W. ROBERTS, CMG m High Commissioner (since 03 October 2004)

Mrs Pauline Roberts

Mrs Althea Allison Vanderpoole Banahene Minister-Counsellor (Administration & Consular Affairs) Vacant Counsellor


Embassy of the Argentine Republic

65 Brook Street W1K 4AH

020 7318 1300 Fax 020 7318 1301

www.argentine-embassy-uk.org info@argentine-embassy-uk.org trade@ argentine-embassy-uk.org culture@ argentine-embassy-uk.org politica@ argentine-embassy-uk.org pressoffice@ argentine-embassy-uk.org

cooperation@ argentine-embassy-uk.org protocol@ argentine-embassy-uk.org

Consulate General

27 Three Kings Yard W1K 4DF

020 7318 1340

Fax 020 7318 1349



Defence Attaché’s Office (Military, Naval & Air Attachés)

134-136 Buckingham Palace Road Second Floor SW1W 9TR

020 7730 4356

Fax 020 77824 8703


Representation to IMO

2nd Floor 27 Three Kings Yard W1Y 1FL

02 April 2012

020 7491 8785 Fax 020 7493 7018


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Osvaldo Mársico m Minister & Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO Mr Claudio Rojo m Minister, Consul General

Mr Horacio Fernández Palacio m Minister

Group Captain Alejandro Amorós m Defence Attaché

Ms Elena Mikusinski Counsellor, Deputy Consul General

Mr Cesar Campoy m Counsellor Mr Mariano Enrico Counsellor Miss Silvina Murphy 1st Secretary

Mrs Cristina Hitce m 2nd Secretary Mrs Cynthia Mulville m 3rd Secretary

Group Captain Germán Cibeira m Technical Adviser to the IMO

Captain Martin Ruíz m Technical Adviser to the IMO


Embassy of the Republic of Armenia

25A Cheniston Gardens W8 6TG

020 7938 5435

Fax 020 7938 2595




HER EXCELLENCY MS KARINE KAZINIAN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 September 2011)

Mr Ara Margarian Counsellor

Mr Gevorg Terteryan m 3rd Secretary (Consul)


Australian High Commission

Australia House Strand WC2B 4LA

020 7379 4334

Fax 020 7240 5333


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOHN DAUTH LVO High Commissioner (since 03 September 2008) Mr Adam McCarthy m Deputy High Commissioner

Ms Elizabeth Marks m Minister (Liaison)

Mr Ken Pascoe m Minister-Counsellor (Management) Mr Peter Calver m Minister-Counsellor

Mr David Wilden m Minister-Counsellor (Immigration)

Ms Kerstin Wijeyewardene m Minister-Counsellor (Economic) Mr Kym Fullgrabe Minister-Counsellor (Commercial)

Commodore Peter Lockwood m Head of Australian Defence Staff

Ms Heidi Venamore m Counsellor

Ms Lucienne Manton m Counsellor Ms Julia Dixon Counsellor

Ms Elizabeth Brown m Counsellor

Group Captain Peter Wood m Air Force Adviser

02 April 2012

Colonel John Hutchenson m Army Adviser

Captain Simon O’Brien m Naval Adviser

Ms Jane Sansom m Counsellor (Immigration)

Mr Peter Kerr m Counsellor (Defence Science)

Mr Keiran Miller m Counsellor (Police Liaison)

Mr Nick Paxman m Counsellor (Defence Material) Mr Andrew Ball m Counsellor (Defence)

Mr Michael Roche m 1st Secretary & Consul Mr Paul Gigg m 1st Secretary

Ms Rachael Cooper 1st Secretary

Ms Tiffany McDonald m 1st Secretary Mr Matthew Black m 1st Secretary

Ms Helen Taylor 1st Secretary & Consul

Mr Stuart Thomson m 1st Secretary Mr Timothy Spiteri 1st Secretary

Wg Cdr Mark Simpson m Assistant Defence Adviser

Mr Joel Russell 1st Secretary

Ms Caroline Taylor m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Bernard Unkles m 1st Secretary Ms Morvern Maclean 1st Secretary

Mr Bernard Geason m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Ms Claire Murray 2nd Secretary

Ms Alison Rosetta m 2nd Secretary Mr Daniel Marina 2nd Secretary

Ms Erica Parrington m 2nd Secretary


Embassy of Austria

18 Belgrave Mews West SW1X 8HU

020 7344 3250

Fax 020 7344 0292



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Cultural Section

28 Rutland Gate SW7 1PQ

020 7225 7300

Fax 020 7225 0470



Defence Section

18 Belgrave Mews West SW1X 8HU

020 7245 9185

Fax 020 7245 9185


Commercial Section

45 Prince’s Gate SW7 2QA

020 7584 4411

Fax 020 7584 2565



02 April 2012

HIS EXCELLENCY MR EMIL BRIX m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 01 April 2010)

Mrs Elisabeth Brix

Ms Elisabeth Koegler m Minister

Mr Andreas Sumper m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs) Mr Martin Reichard m Counsellor (Press & Information)

Ms Renate Seib Consul (Administration & Consular Affairs) Mr Markus Wolfsteiner m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Edeltrud Desmond m Attaché (Social Affairs)

Mr Ronald Coloman Vartok m Defence Attaché

Mr Otto Riegler m Assistant Defence Attaché

Mr Peter Mikl m Cultural Counsellor, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Ms Waltraud Strommer Consul (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Ralf Boeckle Minister (Financial Affairs)

Mr Kurt Bayer m Minister (Financial Affairs)

Mr Georg Karabaczek Commercial Counsellor & Trade Commissioner

Ms Sonja Holocher-Ertl Commercial Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

4 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7938 3412

Fax 020 7937 1783



Consular Section Tel/Fax 020 7938 5482

HIS EXCELLENCY MR FAKHRADDIN ISA OGLU GURBANOV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 September 2007)

Mrs Saida Samadova

Mr Orkhan Sultanov m 1st Secretary Mr Vusal Abdullayev m 1st Secretary Mr Farhad Isayev 2nd Secretary

Mr Zaur Gasimov m 3rd Secretary Mr Jeyhun Novruzov m 3rd Secretary

Mr Polad Mammadov m 3rd Secretary


High Commission of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

10 Chesterfield Street W1J 5JL

020 7408 4488

Fax 020 7499 9937



Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

Visa: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

Collection: Monday-Friday 14.00-17.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR PAUL FARQUHARSON m High Commissioner (since 02 February 2008)

Mrs Sharon Farquharson

Mr Frank Davis 1st Secretary & Consul

Mr Michael Guy 2nd Secretary & Vice Consul

  02 April 2012
Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain  
30 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB  
020 7201 9170  
Fax 020 7201 9183  
Monday-Friday 09.00 -16.00  
Cultural Office  
89 Gloucester Road SW7 4AU  
020 7341 0770  
Fax 020 7373 4210  
HER EXCELLENCY ALICE THOMAS YUSUF SAMAAN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 19
September 2011)  

Ms Shaikha Zeina Hamad Mubarak Al Khalifa 1st Secretary

Mr Hussain Makhlooq 1st Secretary

Mr Yaser Al Heddi m 1st Secretary

Miss Lubna Khalifa Ahmed Selaibeekh Cultural Counsellor


High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

28 Queen’s Gate London SW7 5JA

020 7584 0081 Fax 020 7581 7477

info@bhclondon.org.uk www.bhclondon.org.uk Monday-Friday 10.00-17.30

Consular Section Monday-Thursday 10.00-13.00 & delivery 15.00-16.30 Friday 10.30-12.45 & delivery 15.00-16.30

HIS EXCELLENCY DR MOHAMMAD SAYEEDUR RAHMAN KHAN m High Commissioner (since 09 June 2009)

Mrs Quamrun Rahman Khan Mr Azim Ahmed m Minister (Consular)

Mr Rashed Chowdhury m Minister (Press)

Mr A.H.M. Ahsan m Commercial Counsellor

Mr Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury m Counsellor (Political)

Mr A.K.M. Shahidul Karim m Counsellor & Head of Chancery

Mr Md Abul Hasan Mridha m 1st Secretary Mr S.M. Mahbubul Alam m 1st Secretary Ms Nasima Mosharaf 1st Secretary

Ms Shirin Akther * 2nd Secretary

Mr Mansurullah Khan m 2nd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Md Enamul Karim Chowdhury m Attaché(Consular) Brigadier-General Abu Musa Sharfuddin m Defence Adviser Lieu


Barbados High Commission

1 Great Russell Street WC1B 3ND

02 April 2012

020 7631 4975 Fax 020 7323 6872

london@foreign.gov.bb Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR HUGH ANTHONY ARTHUR High Commissioner (since 01 September 2008) Mr Donville Johnson m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Euclid Patrick Minister-Counsellor

Mr Anthony Wiltshire m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Kendra Gibbons m 2nd Secretary

Mr Jean-Paul Cumberbatch m 1st Secretary (Commercial Affairs)

Mrs Petra Roach m Attaché Ms Anica Bostic Attaché

Mrs Valerie Marshall m Attaché Ms Tanya Brathwiate Attaché Mr Devon Chase Attaché

Ms Francoise Lana-Mae Hendy Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Belarus

6 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7937 3288

Fax 020 7361 0005



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

Economic/Commercial Section

020 7938 1633

Consular Section

020 7938 3677

Monday-Friday except Wednesdays 09.00-12.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALEKSANDR MIKHNEVICH m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 13 November 2006)

Mrs Tatyana Mikhnevich

Mr Valery Kurdyukov m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Vitali Shumski * Counsellor (Economic & Comercial Affairs) Mr Leonid Lebedev m Counsellor (Security Affairs)

Mr Dmitry Basik m 1st Secretary (Economic & Commercial Affairs) Mr Vitaly Stakhovsky m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Andrei Silitsky m Attaché (Maintaining Computers, Website, Logistics)


Embassy of Belgium

17 Grosvenor Crescent SW1X 7EE

020 7470 3700

Fax 020 7470 3795



02 April 2012

Office of the Flemish Community & Region

Flanders House 1A Cavendish Square W1G 0LD

Flemish Community

020 7299 3590 Fax 020 7299 3591

Flanders Trade & Investment

020 7307 7710 Fax 020 7307 7711

HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOHAN VERBEKE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 January 2010)

Mrs Catherine Dubois

Mrs Marie-France André m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs) Mrs Véronique Petit m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Serge Dickschen Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Hubert Botti m 2nd Secretary (Head of Consular & Administrative Affairs)

Mr Pierre-Yves Dumont m Consul

Ms Catherine Crutzen Attaché (Consular Affairs) Mr Luc Lefere m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Marc Rogiers m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Geert De Proost m Counsellor for the Flemish Community & the Flemish Region Mr Ben De Smit m Counsellor for the Flemish Region

Mr Didier Denayer m Counsellor for the Walloon Region Mr François de Vrije m Counsellor for the Brussels Region


Belize High Commission

Third Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP

020 7723 3603

020 7723 9637



HER EXCELLENCY MS KAMELA PALMA High Commissioner (since 01 November 2008) Ms Lou Anne Burns-Martinez Minister-Counsellor

Ms Tanya Felicia Hulse 1st Secretary Ms Irma M Matus Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Benin

87 Avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris

00 331 45 009882

Fax 00 331 45018202


London Honorary Consulate (see page 125)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALBERT AGOSSOU m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 08 June 2009)

Mrs Gisèle Estèle Abégnonhou Hounton Mr Cosme Arouna m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Jean Clément Deka James m Attaché

Mrs Monique Attolou-Arouna m Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Joël-Marie Lontchedji m Attaché


Embassy of Bolivia

106 Eaton Square SW1W 9AD

020 7235 4248/4255/2513

Fax 020 7235 1286



Consular Section


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Eduardo Daza Sandoval 2nd Secretary & Chargé D’Affaires a.i.

Ms Veronica Paola Melendres Argote 2nd Secretary

Mr David Alejandro Infante Vascones Civil Attaché


Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina

5-7 Lexham Gardens W8 5JJ

020 7373 0867

020 7373 0915

Fax 020 7373 0871



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

HER EXCELLENCY MS JADRANKA NEGODIC Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 December 2008)

Mr Mensur Jusic m Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Slavica Grozdanic m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Jasmina Turajlic 1st Secretary


Botswana High Commission

6 Stratford Place W1C 1AY

020 7499 0031/020 7647 1000

Fax 020 7495 8595/020 7409 7382


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROY WARREN BLACKBEARD m High Commissioner (since 29 December 1998)

Mrs Julie Blackbeard

Ms Mabedi Motlhabani Counsellor/Head of Chancery Mr Mosie Mfolwe m 2nd Secretary Political

Mrs Irene Gofaone Rowland m 2nd Secretary Mrs Adalinah Magagane m 1st Secretary

Mrs Ambrosia Matsetse-Chisonta m Administration Attaché Col Gaboratanelwe Tshweneetsile m Defence Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Modisotsile Magaga m Training Attaché

Ms Montle Nicola Phuthego Commercial Attaché

Mr Bin Matengu m Assistant Commercial Attaché


Embassy of Brazil

32 Green Street W1K 7AT

020 7499 0877/020 7399 9000/020 7399 9004

Fax 020 7399 9100



Commercial Section

32 Green Street W1K 7AT

020 7499 0877

Fax 020 7399 9102

Consular Section

3-4 Vere Street W1G ODH

020 7659 1550

Fax 020 7659 1554

Office of the Naval Adviser

170 Upper Richmond Road SW15 2SH

020 8246 4400

Fax 020 8246 4475

Office of the Air Adviser

16 Great James Street WC1N 3DP

020 7440 4320

Fax 020 7831 8129

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROBERTO JAGUARIBE GOMES DE MATTOS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 August 2010)

Mrs Cinara Maria Fonseca de Lima

Mr Marcus Camacho de Vincenzi m Consul General

Mr Marcos Vinicius Pinta Gama m Permanent Representative of Brazil to International Organisations Mr Eduardo Monteiro de Barros Roxo Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Consul General)

Mr Flavio Marega m Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Alexandre Guido Lopes Parola m Minister-Counsellor (Political & Multilateral Affairs)

Mr Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos m Minister-Counsellor Ms Rosimar da Silva Suzano Minister-Counsellor

Captain Jorge Antonio Vasconcellos dos Santos m Defence & Naval Attaché Colonel Francisco Djalma Cesse Da Silva m Army Attaché

Colonel Eduardo José Dittrich m Air Attaché

Mrs Helena Maria Gasparian m Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Davino Ribeiro de Sena m Counsellor (Science & Technology)

Mrs Cecília Kiku Ishitani m Counsellor (Head of Ambassador’s Office & Press Affairs)

Mr André Chermont de Lima m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Ancelmo César Lins de Góis Counsellor (Multilateral Affairs Section) Mr Evandro de Barros Araújo 1st Sectretary (Envioronment Affairs)

Mr Pablo Braga Costa Pereira 1st Secretary (Multilateral Affairs Section)

Mr Flavio Werneck Noce dos Santos 1st Secretary

Mr Igor Flávio de Aguiar Germano 1st Secretary (Energy & Climate Change)

Mr Luis Felipe Pereira de Carvalho 1st Secretary (Economic Affairs)

02 April 2012

Mr Augusto César Batista de Castro m 2nd Secretary (Economic & Financial Affairs) Ms Alethea Pennati Migita * 2nd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Daniel Souza Costa Fernandes m 2nd Secretary (Adminstration Affairs)

Mr Winston Alexander Silva m 2nd Secretary

Mr Ricardo Amaral Castro Ferreira Police Attaché Mr José Maria de Carvalho Coelho m Counsellor

Mr Paulo Henrique Barauna Duarte Medeiros 2nd Secretary Ms Sandra Myriam Amorim Dantas Vice Consul

Mrs Lucia Naomi Iwakiri Vice Consul

Mr Eduardo Monteiro Lopes Jr m Vice Consul

Captain Márivo Affonso Rêgo m Naval Adviser Commander José Luiz Rangel da Silva m Naval Adviser Commander Marcelo Gonçalves Maia m Naval Adviser

Commander Rogério Pinto Ferreira Rodrigues m Naval Adviser Commander Paulo Vecchi Ruiz Cardoso da Silva m Naval Adviser Wing Commander Ricardo Cesar Mangrich m Air Adviser

Wing Commander Adão Henrique Patines Pedroso m Air Adviser Wing Commander Domingos Sávio Rufino m Air Adviser

Wing Commander Roberto Fernandez Alves m Air Adviser Wing Commander Alexandre Santana Nogueira m Air Adviser Lt Colonel Paulo Henrique Scheicher m Air Adviser

Major Ronald Jose Pinto m Air Adviser

Frist Lieutenant Alessandra de Carvalho Malta m Air Adviser


Brunei Darussalam High Commission

19/20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521

Fax 020 7235 9717


Consular Section

20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521 (ext. 111)

Student Unit

35-43 Norfolk Square W2 1RX

020 7402 0045, 020 7402 0953

Fax 020 7262 8406, 020 7706 0558

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR MOHD AZIYAN ABDULLAH m High Commissioner (since 01 November 2010)

Mrs Nur Fadhina Abdullah

Pg Hajah Siti Jauyah Pg Othman m Minister-Counsellor Mr Pg Dato Yusof Sepiuddin OBE m Counsellor

Mr Hj Ahmad Tudin m Counsellor

Mr Hj Junai Hj Ismail m 1st Secretary

Mr Mohammad Dino Hj Ayup 2nd Secretary

Ms Rizayarni Hj Masri m 3rd Secretary (Administration)

Ms Dk Subianawati Pg Ibrahim 3rd Secretary (Finance)

Mr Pg Abd Rahman Pg Hj Damit m 3rd Secretary (In-Service Training) Mr Anuar Hj Mahmud m 3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Ak Hj Shahrin Pg Hj Bakar 3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Abu Hanafi Kasmat 3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Mohammad Alyassa Rosli 3rd Secretary (Consular)

02 April 2012

Mr Hj Junaide Hj Mohammed m 3rd Secretary (Finance)

Mr Hj Amdani Hj Ismail m Attaché (Communication)

Lt Col(U) Hj Abdur Rahim Hj Abdul Karim m Defence Adviser

Mr Hj Ardi Mohamed m Attaché (Defence)

Mrs Hajah Azizan Dato Paduka Hj Othman m Attaché (Education) Mr Khalid Hj Sulaiman m Attaché (Education)

Mr Hj Sammali Hj Adam m Attaché (Education)

Mrs Kamaliah Hj Abdul Rahman m Attaché (Education)

Mr Pg Md Wahab Pg Hj Abdullah m Attaché (Education)

Ms Hasna Haji Harry Attaché (Education)

Mr Al-Aseer Hj Md Yussof m Attaché (Education) Mr Nazrul Ajidi Razali m Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Hjh Sahlailawati Hj Mohd Noor m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Pg Hj Norakmal Pg Hj Kamarudin m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Mohd Azmi POKLS DSS Hj Abdul Rahman m Attaché (Finance) Ms Nabillah Az-Zahra Abdullah Tan Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Dk Noorul Hayati Pg Julaihi m Attaché (Finance) Ms Dk Amarni Kathrina Pg Hj Attaché (Finance)

Ms Rossthenee Nendaroh Attaché (Finance)

Ms Noorsurainah Tengah Attaché (Finance)

Mr Pg Onn Pg Hj Damit m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Pg Hj Muhammad Pg Hj Abd Rahman m Attaché (Finance) Mr Mohammad Hasry Hidup m Attaché (Finance)


Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

186-188 Queen’s Gate SW7 5HL

020 7584 9400, 020 7584 9433, 020 7581 3144

Ambassador’s Office 020 7591 0781

Fax 020 7584 4948




Consular Section

020 7589 3763 (Individual Inquiries on Submitted Applications 13.00-15.00)

Fax 020 7581 9073

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.30

Commercial Section

020 7581 4903 Fax 020 7589 4875

E-mail: trade@bulgarianembassy.org.uk Monday 10.00-16.00

020 7589 4875

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KONSTANTIN STEFANOV DIMITROV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 19 March 2012)

Mrs Nadya Ivanova Dimitrova

Dr Stoimen Velev Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Dimitri Pampoulov m Minister Plenipotentiary (Head of Consular Section) Lt Col Dimitar Atanasov m Counsellor (Military Attaché)

Mrs Rositsa Petrova m Counsellor (Justice & Home Affairs) Mr Malin Messalski m Counsellor (Consular Section)

02 April 2012

Mrs Dessislava Ivanova-Kozleva m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Todor Krastev * 1st Secretary (Social & Labour Affairs)

Mrs Valentina Alexandrova-Kirova m Attaché (Political, Press & Cultural Affairs) Mr Deyan Davidov m 2nd Secretary (Administrative Attaché)

Mrs Boryana Stoynova m Attaché (Consular Section)


Embassy of the Republic of Burkina Faso

16 Place Guy d'Arezzo Brussels B-1180

0032 2 3459912 Fax 0032 2 3450612

ambassade.burkina@skynet.be www.ambassadeduburkina.be Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KADRÉ DÉSIRÉ OUEDRAOGO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 November 2001)

Mrs Solange Ouedraogo

Mr Ibrahima Toure m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Robert Compaore m 2nd Counsellor

Mr Amadou Sagnon Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Emmanuel Lalsomde m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Ms Zoure neé Zagre Clarisse Marie Hortense Counsellor

Mrs Kabore neé Tiendrebeogo Odile m Attaché (Treasurer/Financial Affairs)

Mr Patrice Traore m Attaché

Ms Ouedragogo Berthe Jeanne S.W Attaché Mrs Abibata Toure m Attaché

Mr Hamado Tankoano m Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

19A Charles Street W1J 5DX

General Office 020 7499 4340

Ambassador's Office 020 7409 7035

Political, Trade, Press & Cultural Affairs Section 020 7493 7397

Consular Section 020 7499 4340

Fax 020 7409 7043



HIS EXCELLENCY KYAW MYO HTUT m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 Febraury 2011)

Mrs Kin Myint Kyi

Mrs Thida Aung m Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Sandar Tin * 1st Secretary Mrs Moe Thuzar * 1st Secretary

Mr Kyaw Soe Thein m 1st Secretary Ms Tin Tin Aye Attaché

Mrs Cho Cho Aung * Attaché Mr Aung Thura m Attaché Mrs San San Nwe m Attaché

02 April 2012


Embassy of the Republic of Burundi

Uganda House Second Floor 58-59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Bernard Ntahiraja Chargé d’Affaires a.i.


The Royal Embassy of Cambodia

64 Brondesbury Park Willesden Green NW6 7AT

020 8451 7850

Fax 0208 451 7594



Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR NAMBORA HOR m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 October 2004)

Mrs Khemtana Hor Mr Sunna Som m Counsellor

Mr Sengky Paul m Counsellor Ms Borom Ban Counsellor

Ms Yanna Kuy 1st Secretary

Mr Samphal Chor 3rd Secretary


High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon

84 Holland Park W11 3SB

020 7727 0771 Fax 020 7792 9353

Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00 info@cameroonhighcommission.co.uk www.cameroonhighcommission.co.uk

HIS EXCELLENCY MR NKWELLE EKANEY m High Commissioner (since 03 October 2008)

Mrs Janet Mejane Ekaney

Mr Denis Nyuydzewira m Minster-Counsellor

Mr Joel Herve Nguenkam Keumini m 2nd Secretary Col Joseph Ngwafor m Defence Adviser

Mr Pierre Sekene m 2nd Counsellor (Finance)

Mr Henri Steane Dina Imounga Mpollo m 1st Secretary (Communication)

Mr Peter Ngwaya Ekema m 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs) Major Abraham Onguene m Assistant Defence Adviser

Lt Com Marthe Tsogo Navy Attaché Lt Athanasius Kang m Attaché

Lt Alain Nagmou Pene m Attaché


Canadian High Commission

Macdonald House 1 Grosvenor Square W1K 4AB

02 April 2012

020 7258 6600 Fax 020 7258 6333

ldn@international.gc.ca www.UnitedKingdom.gc.ca

Immigration & Visa Section

38 Grosvenor Street W1K 4AA

020 7258 6699

Fax 020 7258 6506

Consular & Passport Services

38 Grosvenor Street W1K 4AA

020 7258 6600

Fax 020 7258 6333

Regional Service Centre (RSC)

3 Furzeground Way Stockley Park Uxbridge UB11 1EZ

London Quebec Government Office

1 Heddon Street W1B 4BD

020 7766 5900


HIS EXCELLENCY MR GORDON CAMPELL m High Commissioner (since 15 September 2011)

Mrs Nancy Campbell

Mr Claude Boucher m Deputy High Commissioner Ms Anne Arnott Minister (Immigration)

Mrs Nancee Cruickshank m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Mark Fletcher m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Brian Parrott m Minister-Counsellor (Commercial/Economic)

Mr Douglas Scott Proudfoot m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affiars/Public Diplomacy)

Mr Steve Nordstrum m Counsellor Ms Debra Spencer Counsellor

Mr Jeffrey Sundquist m Counsellor (Commercial - Alberta)

Mr Michael Stewart m Counsellor (Commerica - Ontario)

Mr Michael Theilman m Counsellor

Mr Greg Gallo m Counsellor (Finance)

Ms Jennifer Daubeny m Counsellor (Commercial/ Economic) Mr Randy Kondo Counsellor (Administration)

Mrs Sushama Gera m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Benoit Grenier Counsellor

Mrs Vera Alexander m Counsellor (Public Affairs)

Mr Rob Sinclair m Counsellor

Mr Donald Cochrane m Counsellor (Immigration)

Mr Rouben Khatchadourian m Counsellor

Ms Emily McLaughlin m Counsellor (Economic)

Ms Amanda Strohan m Counsellor

Dr Sylvain Bertrand m Attaché (Medical)

Dr Monique Louise LeBlanc m Attaché (Medical)

Mr Peter Bonser m 1st Secretary (Administration) Mr Robert Stevenson m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Kumar Gupta m 1st Secretary Mr Martin Contal m 1st Secretary

Mrs Sandra Rossiter m 1st Secretary

Ms Francine Galarneau 1st Secretary (Immigration) Ms Andrea Desmarteau m 1st Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Gabriel Fradette 1st Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Christian Raymond m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Michael Ryan m 1st Secretary

Ms Allison Corbett 1st Secretary (Immigration) Ms Gaynor Rent 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Daniel Morency 1st Secretary (Administration) Mr Craig Goldsby 1st Secretary (Immigration) Ms Mia Williamson 1st Secretary (Immgration)

Mr Patrick Cyr Attaché Ms Pascale Julien Attaché

Mrs Michelle Wilson m Attaché Mr John Simpson Attaché

Mr Ghislain Theriault Attaché

Mr Jeff Hansen m 2nd Secretary (Immigration) Mr Ian Van Haren 2nd Secretary (Immigration) Ms Wendy Wolbert 2nd Sercretary (Immigration)

Ms Anna Bretzlaff m 2nd Secretary WO David Ridley m Attaché

Mr Mohammed Derkaoui m Attaché

Commodore Kelly Williams m Commander & Defence Adviser

Captain (N) Harry Harsch m Naval Adviser Colonel Paul Keddy m Air Force Adviser Colonel Marv Makulowich m Army Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Janelle m Assistant Army Adviser Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Agnew m Assistant Air Force Adviser

Commander Alan James m Assistant Naval Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Lester LeBlanc m Attaché Major Robin Nickerson m Attaché

PO1 Troy Ricketts m Attaché Lieutenant Audrey Rivera Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde

Avenue Jeane 29 1050 Brussels

0032 2643 6270

Fax 0032 2646 3385

For visa enquiries, please contact the London Honorary Consulate (see page 125)

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Ms Maria de Jesus Mascarenhas Chargé d’Affaires a.i.


Embassy of the Central African Republic

30 Rue des Perchamps 75016 Paris

HIS EXCELLENCY MR JEAN WILLYBIRO SAKO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 July 2009)


Embassy of the Republic of Chad

Boulevard Lambermont 52 1030 Brussels

02 April 2012

0032 2215 1975 Fax 0032 2216 3526


HIS EXCELLENCY MR AHMAT AWAD SAKINE Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 April 2011)

Mrs Mariam Sakine

Mr Ahmat Issaka Diar Minister-Counsellor

Mr Detomal Nahogoum Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Bakhit Mahamat Saleh Brahim 1st Secretary Mr Hissein Abdoulaye Hartaka Attaché

Mr Mahamat Djourab Mallaye Attaché (Press)


Embassy of Chile

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361

Fax 020 7222 0861



Consulate General

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 3434

Commercial Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7233 2500

Fax 020 7233 2501



Defence & Naval Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7292 1500/02

Fax 020 7434 0793

Military Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7233 3851

Air Attaché’s Office

37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7930 0028

Fax 020 7930 0499

HIS EXCELLENCY MR TOMÁS E. MÜLLER SPROAT Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20 September 2010)

Mr Rodrigo Espinosa Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission

Captain Ronald McIntyre m Defence & Naval Attachè Colonel Claudio Cubillos m Military Attaché

Group Captain Rafael Carrere m Air Attaché

Captain Juan De La Maza m Assistant Naval Attaché

Mr Ignacio Llanos m Counsellor

Mr Manuel Rioseco m 1st Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Patricio Diaz m Consul

Captain Jorge Imhoff m Alternate Maritime Adviser

Captain Sergio Wall m Alternate Maritime Adviser


Embassy of the People's Republic of China

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4049

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30, 14.00-17.00


Press Office

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020-7299 4070

Maritime Section

31 Portland Place W1B 1QD

020 7299 8439

Consular Section

31 Portland Place W1B 1QD

020 7631 1430

Military Section

25 Lyndhurst Road NW3 5PA

020 7794 7595

Commercial Section

16 Lancastar Gate W2 3LH

020 7723 8923

Cultural Section

11 West Heath Road NW3 7UX

020 7431 8279

Education Section

50 Portland Place W1B 1NQ

020 7612 0260

Science & Technology Section

42 Maida Vale W9 1RP

020 7432 8373

HIS EXCELLENCY MR LIU XIAOMING * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 February 2010)

Mrs Hu Pinghua Mr Qin Gang m Minister

Mr Cong Peiwu m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Tian Xiaogang m Minister-Counsellor (Education Section)

Mr Chen Futao m Minister-Counsellor (Science &Technology Section) Mr Wu Xun m Minister-Counsellor (Culture Section)

Mr Zhou Xiaoming m Minister-Counsellor (Commerce Section)

Mr Xu Jingli m Counsellor

Mrs Lu Xu m Counsellor & Consul General (Consular Section) Major General Zhang Jianguo * Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

02 April 2012

Mr Li Feng m Counsellor (Commerce Section) Mr Li Guangling m Counsellor (Maritime Section) Mr Li Hui * Counsellor

Mr He Jun m Counsellor

Mrs Dai Qingli m Counsellor

Mrs Yang Hua * Counsellor

Mr Yang Jun Counsellor

Mr Ma Xin m Counsellor

Ms Ma Jia m Counsellor

Mr He Rulong m Counsellor Mr Zhao Yongren m Counsellor

Colonel Liu Fangjian m Military Attaché (Defence Section) Colonel He Furong m Navy Attaché (Defence Section)

Senior Colonel Wang Baolai * Deputy Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Lieutenant Colonel He Yijian Deputy Defence Attaché (Defence Section) Major Wang Hui * Assistant Attaché (Defence Section)

Major Yan Lei * Assistant Attaché (Defence Section)

Lieutenant Mu Gen Assistant to Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Mr Zhang Liuan m 1st Secretary

Mr Cheng Haoquan m 1st Secretary

Ms Zhang Bin * 1st Secretary Mr Zhou Zheng m 1st Secretary Ms Wu Ying * 1st Secretary

Ms Zhang Tong m 1st Secretary Mr Zhao Lei m 1st Secretary

Mr Zhang Guolong m 1st Secretary Mr Wu Xiaoqing * 1st Secretary

Ms Li Yan m 1st Secretary Ms Li Jie * 1st Secretary

Mr Qiao Fenghe m 1st Secretary (Education Section) Mr Li Hong m 1st Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Zhang Shaohua m 1st Secretary (Education Section) Mr Wang Huanxian m 1st Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Wang Zhongcheng m 1st Secretary (Science &Technology Section) Ms He Wei * 1st Secretary (Science &Technology Section)

Mr Wu Feng m 1st Secretary (Science &Technology Section) Mr Zhang Li m 1st Secretary (Culture Section)

Mr Jiang Xiaoguang m 1st Secretary (Culture Section) Ms Zhang Xiaoyan * 1st Secretary (Commerce Section) Mr Pan Jiansheng * 1st Secretary (Commerce Section) Mr He Yadong * 1st Secretary (Commerce Section)

Mr Guo Zhong * 1st Secretary (Commerce Section) Mr Liu Guoli * 1st Secretary (Commerce Section)

Mr Dai Tieshan m 2nd Secretary

Mr He Shiqing m 2nd Secretary Mr Hou Xukun m 2nd Secretary

Ms Li Chunzhao * 2nd Secretary

Ms Wang Luxin m 2nd Secretary Ms Han Mei m 2nd Secretary

Mr Zhang Huixiong m 2nd Secretary Ms Yang Xiaorong * 2nd Secretary Ms Li Chunzhao * 2nd Secretary

Mr Sun Dabin m 2nd Secretary (Maritime Section) Mr Sun Jun m 2nd Secretary (Maritime Section)

Ms He Qiaomei * 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Ms Kong Xianzhuo m 2nd Secretary (Education Section) Ms Wang Yan m 2nd Secretary (Culture Section)

02 April 2012

Ms Yang Chunyan m 2nd Secretary (Culture Section) Mr Yang Huijun m 2nd Secretary (Commerce Section) Mr Xiong Hua m 2nd Secretary (Commerce Section)

Mr Yu Xiang m 2nd Secretary (Commerce Section)

Mr Zhang Wenpeng m 3rd Secretary

Mr Deng Ming m 3rd Secretary Mr Wang Mang m 3rd Secretary

Mr Wang Qiang * 3rd Secretary Mr Zhang Peilan m 3rd Secretary

Mr Zhang Fuqiang m 3rd Secretary

Mr Li Wei * 3rd Secretary Mr Wang Tong 3rd Secretary

Ms Liu Wenjia m 3rd Secretary

Mr Lei Jianfeng m 3rd Secretary Mr Liu Hansheng m 3rd Secretary Ms Bai Lingyan m 3rd Secretary

Mr Yin Jun 3rd Secretary Ms Wang Wei 3rd Secretary

Mr Sun Min 3rd Secretary (Education Section) Ms Zhu Li * 3rd Secretary (Education Section) Ms Cai Hong * 3rd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Li Zhenxing * 3rd Secretary (Science &Technology Section) Mr Hu Zhiyu m 3rd Secretary (Science &Technology Section) Mr Ma Yuchi m 3rd Secretary (Commerce Section)

Mr Jiang Tao m 3rd Secretary (Commerce Section) Mr Pan Hao * 3rd Secretary (Commerce Section) Ms Zhang Li m 3rd Secretary (Commerce Section) Ms Jiang Lihua m 3rd Secretary (Culture Section)

Ms Gong Xiaodan Attaché Mr Shen Yifan Attaché

Mr Hong Jiangrong Attaché

Mr Zhou Yang m Attaché Mr Wang Ce Attaché

Mr Xing Dong m Attaché


Embassy of Colombia

3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LN

020 7589 9177/5037

Fax 020 7581 1829



Consulate General

3rd Floor 35 Portland Place W1B 1AE 020 7637 9893 or 020 7927 7121 Fax 020 7637 5604 clondres@cancilleria.gov.co www.colombianconsulate.co.uk

Commercial Office

6th Floor 2 Conduit Street W1S 2XB

020 7491 3535

Fax 020 7491 4295


02 April 2012

Military, Naval & Police Attaché’s Office

3rd Floor 83 Victoria Street SW1H 0HW

020 3170 6012/6013

HIS EXCELLENCY Mr MAURICIO RODRIGUEZ-MUNERA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 09 October 2009)

Mrs Sugey Pinzón-Alonso

Mr Juan Ramon Samper-Samper * Deputy Head of Mission Mr Juan Uribe-Robledo Minister-Counsellor

Ms Ximena Garrido-Restrepo Consul General Captain Victor Hurtado m Naval Attaché

Colonel Jorge Hernandez m Military & Air Attaché

Colonel Nelson Aceros-Rangel m Police Attaché Mr Juan Guillermo Pérez Commercial Attaché Miss Jane Soliman-Hurtado 1st Secretary

Mr Rodrigo Paris-Rojas 1st Secretary

Miss Laura Querubin-Borrero 2nd Secretary Mrs Nelsy Munar-Jaramillo m Deputy Consul Mrs Anyurivet Daza-Cuervo m Deputy Consul


Embassy of the Republic of Congo

37 bis Rue Paul Valéry 75116 Paris, France

0033 1 4500 6057 Fax 0033 1 4067 1733

London Honorary Consulate (see page 139)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR HENRI MARIE JOSEPH LOPES m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 July 1999)

Mrs Nirva Lopes

Mr Jean-Marie Mowelle m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Paul Adam Dibouilou m Counsellor (Economic & Commercial Affairs) Mr Daniel Ibarra m Counsellor (Cultural)

Mr René Oyandza 1st Secretary Mr Alfred Roland Taty 1st Secretary

General Jean-Jacques Morlende Ayaogningat m Defence Attaché Mr Alain Benoit Itoua m Finance Counsellor


Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

45-49 Great Portland Street W1W 7LT

020 7580 3931

Fax 020 7580 8713



HIS EXCELLENCY MR BARNABE KIKAYA BIN KARUBI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 24 August 2009)

Mrs Josette I.M Kikaya

Mrs Ndjeka Opombo Marie Marguerite 2nd Counsellor Ms Mwangu Ntumba Joséphine 2nd Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Muepu Kabango Phinees m Attaché

Mr Paul Mukolonga m Attaché

Mr Katanga Ka-Mukuba Didier m Attaché


Embassy of Costa Rica

14 Lancaster Gate W2 3LH

020 7706 8844

Fax 020 7706 8655



Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00

Consular Section

14 Lancaster Gate W2 3LH

020 7706 8844

Fax 020 7706 8655


Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

HER EXCELLENCY MS PILAR SABORIO DE ROCAFORT Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 09 January 2007)

Mr Rafael Sáenz Rodriguez Minister-Counsellor & Consul General

Miss Viviana Tinoco Monge Counsellor/Consul


Embassy of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire

2 Upper Belgrave Street SW1X 8BJ

020 7235 6991 Fax 0207 259 5320

TELEX 23906 Ivory Coast

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-15.30

Consular Section

2 Upper Belgrave Street SW1X 8BJ

Commercial & Economic Section (Commodities)

Morley House 3rd Floor 314-322 Regent Street W1B 3BE 020 7462 0086

Fax 020 7462 0087

HIS EXCELLENCY MR CLAUDE STANISLAUS BOUAH-KAMON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 August 2011)

Mrs Marie-Claire Bouah-Kamon Mr Yapi Dodo m 1st Counsellor

Mr Aly Toure m Counsellor (International Organisations Section Commodities)

Lieutenant Colonel Kone Mambi m Defence Attaché

Mr Ibrahima Toure m Counsellor (Economic) Mrs Toure Kone Maman m Counsellor (Political)

Mr Mimran David Jacques m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr N’Diaye Diagna Mamadou m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Rabe Gadji m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Vanie Bede Roselyne Salomé m Counsellor (International Organisations)

02 April 2012

Mr Kone Dramane m Financial Counsellor

Mr Diarrassounba Mory m Counsellor (Commercial)


Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

21 Conway Street W1T 6BN

020 7387 2022

Fax 020 7387 0310



Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

HIS EXCELLENCY DR IVICA TOMIŠ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 07 April 2009)

Mrs Jasna Tomic

Colonel Neven Cugelj m Defence Attaché

Mr Ivan Tojciš * Minister-Counsellor Ms Maja Erceg 1st Secretary (Political)

Ms Ivana Porges 1st Secretary (Political) Ms Maja Steoviš 1st Secretary (Consular)

Ms Ana-Marija Zuvan 2nd Secretary (Political & Press)

Ms Helena Majetiš 3rd Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

167 High Holborn WC1 6PA

020 7240 2488

Fax 020 7836 2602



Consular Section

15 Grape Street WC1 6PA

020 7240 2488

Fax 020 7379 4557

HER EXCELLENCY MRS ESTHER GLORIA ARMENTEROS CARDENAS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 October 2010)

Mr Angel Ramón Ramirez Fonseca

Mr Carlos Lorenzo Camps Garcia m Minister-Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission Mr Rafael Sardiña González m Counsellor (Administrative & General Affairs)

Mr Alexis Blanco Chacon m Attaché

Mr Carlos Enrique Alfaro Alfaro m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Rul Snchez Atencio m Counsellor (Head of Consular Affairs)

Mr Ivan Docampo Felipe m Counsellor Mrs Marlene Diaz Castillo m Attaché Mr Ricardo Lamas Camejo m Attaché


High Commission for the Republic of Cyprus

13 St James's Square SW1Y 4LB

020 7321 4100

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7321 4164/5 cyphclondon@btconnect.com Monday-Friday 09.00-16.30

High Commissioner’s Private Secretary

020 7321 4112

Consular Section

020 7321 4101/3/6

Fax 020 7321 4165

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00

Maritime Section

020 7321 4129


Cultural Section

020 7321 4111


Press Section

020 7321 4141

Fax 020 7321 4167


Welfare Section

020 7321 4153/4158


Commercial Section

020 7321 4148/4145

Fax: 020 7321 4169


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALEXANDROS N. ZENON m High Commissioner (since 16 August 2008)

Mrs Aliki Pascali

Mr Yiorgos Christofides m Deputy High Commissioner

Mrs Kypriani Stavrinaki m 1st Secretary Mrs Aliki Pascali m 2nd Secretary

Mr Georgios Georgiou m Consul General

Mr George Argyris Counsellor (Commerce)

Dr Christos Atalianis m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Mr Adonis Pavlides m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs) Mrs Maria Phanti m Press Counsellor

Mr Kypros Charalambous Counsellor (Cultural Affairs) Mr Emilios Melis Attaché (Accounts)

Ms Maria Aloupa Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Panayiota Ioannou m Attaché (Communications, Security & Labour Affairs) Mr Orestis Rossides Attaché (Information & Tourism)

Mr Savvas Pavlides m Attaché (Educational Affairs)


Embassy of the Czech Republic

26 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QY

020 7243 1115

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7727 9654 london@embassy.mzv.cz www.czechembassy.org.uk

HIS EXCELLENCY MR MICHAEL TANTOVSKY m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 October 2009)

Mrs Jana Zantovská

Mr Antonín Hradilek * Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission

Colonel Robert Vágner m Defence Attaché

Mr Ladislav Pflimpfl Counsellor (Director of the Czech Centre) Mr Josef Matejka m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr David Steinke 2nd Secretary

Mrs Markéta Meissnerová m 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Pavel Bobek m 2nd Secretary (Head of Economic & Commercial Affairs)

Mrs Klara Von Kriegsheim Kadlecová * 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Jana Prikrylová * 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs) Mr Jiri Fejgl m 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Pavel Becak m Assistant Defence Attaché Mr Milan Kinkal m Attaché (Administration) Mrs Olga Turková * Attaché (Visas Affairs)


Royal Danish Embassy

55 Sloane Street SW1X 9SR

020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0270



Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.30 & Friday 09.00-16.00

Consular Section

Monday-Friday: By appointment only

Passports 020 7333 0200

Visas 020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0266

Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7333 0228/0229

Fax 020 7333 0231

HER EXCELLENCY MS ANNE HEDENSTED STEFFENSEN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 August 2011)

Mr Lars Lundorf Nielsen

Mr Kasper Høeg-Jensen m Minister

Mr Christian Thorning Counsellor (European Policy & Financial Affairs) Miss Laura Thorborg Counsellor (Commercial Affairs)

Miss Karen Melchior 1st Secretary

Mr Jannich Sloth m Consul/Attaché (Administrative & Consular Affairs)

Captain (RDN) Martin La Cour-Andersen m Defence Attaché

Mr Ole Blöndal Minister-Counsellor (European Financial Institutions) Pastor Else Hviid m Attaché (Social Affairs)

Representation of the Faroes

Tel. 020 7333 0227/0207

Fax 020 7333 6707

02 April 2012

info@tinganes.fo www.faroes.org.uk

Mr Jóannes Vitalis Hansen m Minister-Counsellor (Representative of the Government of the Faroes)


Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti

26 Rue Emile Ménier 75116 Paris

0033 1 4727 4922

Fax 0033 1 4553 5053



HIS EXCELLENCY MR RACHAD FARAH m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 March 2005)

Mrs Tazuko Hala Farah

Mr Mourad Houssein Mouti m Chargé d’Affaires a.i. & 1st Counsellor

Mr Aden Ali Mahamade m 2nd Counsellor (Economic & Commercial Affairs)

Mr Hassan Moussa Omar m Counsellor

Mrs Amina Djama Set m Counsellor (Protocol) Mr Amir Adaweh Robleh m Counsellor (Cultural)


Office of the High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Dominica

1 Collingham Gardens SW5 0HW

020 7370 5194 Fax 020 7373 8743

info@dominicahighcommission.co.uk www.dominicahighcommission.co.uk Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

Vacant High Commisisoner

Mrs Janet Charles m Acting High Commissioner

Ms Nakinda Daniel 3rd Secretary

Mr Omar Murtuzalieu m Trade Attaché


Embassy of the Dominican Republic

139 Inverness Terrace W2 6JF

020 7727 7091

Fax 020 7727 3693



Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00

Consular Section

020 7727 6285

Monday-Friday 10.00-14.00

HIS EXCELLENCY DR FEDERICO ALBERTO CUELLO CAMILO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 July 2011)

02 April 2012

Mrs Natalia Maria Federighi de Cuello

Mrs Alejandra Hernández m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affaris) Ms Carolina Castro Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Mrs Aralis Rodríguez m Counsellor (Consular Affairs) Ms Marlen Vásquez Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mrs Johanna Sánchez Mawkin m Counsellor (Commercial Affairs)

Mrs Ana Desiré Prince Romero Counsellor


Embassy of Ecuador

Flat 3B 3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LS

020 7584 136 7 / 020 7590 2501 / 020 7590 2507

Fax 020 7590 2509


Office of the Naval Assistant & Permanent Rep. to the IMO

6 Aspen Lodge, 61 Wimbledon Hill Road SW19 7QP

020 8715 3595 Fax 020 8715 3594


Consular Section

1st Floor Uganda House

58/59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX

020 7451 0040

Fax 020 7451 0049



Commercial Section

Flat 3b, 3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LS

Tel: 020 7590 2506


HER EXCELLENCY MS ANA ALBÁN MORA Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 08 March 2010)

Mrs Maria Cleotilde Garcia Merino m Minister & Deputy Head of Mission Mr Fidel Narváez Narváez m 1st Secretary (Consul)

Mr Juan Diego Stacey m 2nd Secretary (Trade Commissioner)

Mr Javier Mendoza Rodriguez m 2nd Secretary (Consul)

Mrs Alisva Coronel Vazquez m 2nd Secretary (Multilateral, Environmental & Press Affairs)

Mrs Diana Estefania Tello Reinoso m 3rd Secretary


Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

26 South Street W1K 1DW

020 7499 3304

Fax 020 7491 1542


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.30

Consulate General

2 Lowndes Street SW1X 9ET

02 April 2012

020 7235 9719 Fax 020 7235 5684


Defence Office

24 South Street W1K 1DN

020 7493 2649

Fax 020 7495 3573


Commercial Office

23 South Street W1K 2XD

020 7499 3002

Fax 020 7493 8110


Press & Information Office

299 Oxford Street W1C 2DZ

020 7409 2236

Fax 020 7493 7456


Cultural Office

4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG

020 7491 7720

Fax 020 7408 1335


Medical Office

47 Longridge Road SW5 9SD

020 7370 6944

Fax 020 7370 3641


HIS EXCELLENCY MR HATEM SEIF EL NASR m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 24 November 2008)

Mrs Nevine Seif El Nasr

Miss Nahla Elzawahry Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Chief of Mission Mr Amr Wafik Elhenawy Minister Plenipotentiary, Consul

Mr Khaled M.A.M. Azmi * Counsellor Mr Maher R.R. Aboukada m Counsellor Mrs Noha H.A. El-Gebaly m Counsellor Mr Khaled H.A. Hassan m Counsellor Mr Tarek I. A. Elorabi m Counsellor

Mr Hesham A.M.M. Abda m Counsellor Mr Khaled M.S. Saoud m Counsellor Mr Said M.M. Shahen m Counsellor

Mr Sohair Hussien Hussien Younis m Counsellor (Press & Information)

Mr Walid Adel A. El-Meligy m 1st Secretary Mr Sherif A.M Rifaat m 1st Secretary

Mr Khaled M.S. Shaalan * 2nd Secretary Mr Mahmoud M.A.Hamdy m 2nd Secretary Mr Amr Aly H.A. Shams m 2nd Secretary

Miss Yasmeen Abul Fadl Abdo Mahmoud Khattab 3rd Secretary Mr Sohail A.M. Elhouni m 3rd Secretary

Mr Amr M.M. Nouh Diplomatic Attaché

Mr Abdelsalam Mousa m Administrative & Financial Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Sherif A.H. Salem m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed A.O. Abdalla Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Hussein F.H. Adam m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Fathi I.M. Hamouda Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Saad M.A.Elabbadi m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Alaaeldin R.Y. Zekry m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Magdi Farouk E. Attia m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Ahmed M.K.M. Morsy m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed M.M. Elgendy m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Ashraf A.K. Elrasasi m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Hossam M.M. Osman m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Ahmed F.M. Ahmed m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed M.N. Morsy m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Abdalla S.A. Saad m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Abdelbaky A.A. Fahmy m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed I.E. Atteia m Administrative Attaché

General Gamal A. M.A. Abu Ismail m Defence Attaché

Brig. Gen. Dr Khaled M.M.Elshazly m Assistant Defence Attaché(Medical Affairs) Col. Hisham A.E Sultan m Assistant Defence Attaché

Lt Col. Ahmed H.S. Shokry m Assistant Defence Attaché

Lt Col. Mohamed E.M. Elsaidy m Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Amed M.M.Gaber m Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Hossam Abdelhamid Abdelfattah Abbas m Assistant Defence Attaché

Major Ahmad Mohammed Sobh m Assistant Defence Attaché Major Sameh M.A.M.Salem m Assistant Defence Attaché

Dr Samieh A. Amer m Medical Counsellor

Mr Mohamed A.A. Dawood m Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial) Mr Hassan M.I. Horaiz 3rd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Sherif A.E. Abdelmaksoud m 3rd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Meky Aly Mohamed Meky m Press & Information Attaché

Mr Hazem E.S. Aly m Administrative Attaché (Press & Information)

Dr. Nader S.A.S. Matter Cultural Counsellor

Dr Rasha A.A.W. El Kassas m Cultural Attaché Dr Ayman M.A. Nada m Cultural Attaché

Mr Khaled Abbas Ramy m Tourism & Information Counsellor


Embassy of El Salvador

8 Dorset Square 1st & 2nd Floors NW1 6PU

020 7224 9800 Fax 020 7224 9878

embajadalondres@rree.gob.sv elsalvador.embassy@gmail.com Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR WERNER MATÍAS ROMERO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 December 2009)

Mr Roger Atwood

Miss Gilda Velásquez Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Lucía Rosella Badía de Funes m Minister-Counsellor

Ms Beatriz Alfaro Counsellor & Consul General


02 April 2012

Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

13 Park Place St James' SW1A 1LP

020 7499 6867 Fax 020 7499 6782

embarege-londres@embarege-londres.org www.embarege-londres.org Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR AGUSTIN NZE NFUUMU Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 April 2005)

Mr Francisco Nve Osa Afang m 2nd Secretary

Mr Juda Ngam Obama Ayingono * Financial Attaché


Embassy of the State of Eritrea

96 White Lion Street N1 9PF

020 7713 0096

Fax 020 7713 0161



HIS EXCELLENCY MR TESFAMICAEL GERAHTU OGBAGHIORGHIS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 November 2007)

Dr Alem Teclu Hagos


Embassy of the Republic of Estonia

16 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5DG

020 7589 3428

Fax 020 7589 3430



Consular Section

Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 Tuesday & Thursday 13.00-16.00

020 7838 5388

HER EXCELLENCY MRS AINO LEPIK VON WIRÉN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 30 August 2010)

Mr Jorma Von Wirén

Ms Karmen Laus Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Signe Matteus Consul

Mrs Kadri-Mai Kaunissaare m Press & Public Affairs Officer Mrs Reet Remmel m Cultural Attaché

Colonel Vahur Väljamäe m Defence Attaché


Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

17 Princes Gate SW7 1PZ

020 7589 7212


02 April 2012

www.ethioembassy.org.uk Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00

Consular Section

020 7838 3895

Monday-Friday 9.00-16.00

Commercial Section

020 7838 3878

Press Section

020 7838 3884

HIS EXCELLENCY MR BERHANU KEBEDE * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 13 March 2006)

Mr Abdirashid Dulane Rafle * Deputy Head of Mission Mr Tewolde Mulugeta Ambaye Minister-Counsellor Mrs Hirut Zemene Kassa * Minister-Counsellor

Mr Demeke Antnafu Ambulo m Minister-Counsellor I

Mr Berhane Fisseha Woldeselassie m Minister-Counsellor Mr Shegaw Abate Yimer m 1st Secretary

Mr Alemseged Teklehaimanot Tesfay m 1st Secretary Mrs Netsanet Tseganeh m 2nd Secretary


High Commission of the Republic of the Fiji Islands

34 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5DN

020 7584 3661

Fax 020 7584 2838



Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

Consular Section

020 75843661 ext 5340/5347

HIS EXCELLENCY MR RATU NAIVAKARURUBALAVU SOLO MARA m High Commissioner (Since 25 September 2011)

Mrs Kerry Megan Mara

Mr Seniteli Wainiu m 2nd Secretary Mr Hansel Whippy m 2nd Secretary


The Embassy of Finland

38 Chesham Place SW1X 8HW

020 7838 6200

Fax 020 7235 3680

Consulate Fax 020 7838 9703



Monday-Friday 08.30-16.30

02 April 2012

Consular Section

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00

Finland Trade Centre

Lyric House 149 Hammersmith Road W14 0QL

020 7371 6005

Fax 020 74713581

HIS EXCELLENCY MR PEKKA HUHTANIEMI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 01 June 2010)

Mrs Liisa Huhtaniemi

Mrs Tanja Katrina Jääskeläinen m Minister

Mr Jouni Tapio Mölsä m Counsellor (Press Affairs)

Ms Päivi Anne Maria Nevala Counsellor Mr Sami Pirkkala m Counsellor

Mr Keijo Karjalainen 1st Secretary

Ms Tiina Nelin 2nd Secretary (Consular & Administrative Affairs) Colonel Essa Salminen m Defence Attaché

Mr Jukka Salo m Commercial Counsellor

Mr Pertti Salonen m Head of Trade Centre


Embassy of France

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020-7073 1004


Consular Section

21 Cromwell Road SW7 2EN

020 7073 1200

Fax 020 7073 1201

Visa Section

6A Cromwell Place SW7 2EW

020 7073 1250

Fax 020-7073 1246

Cultural Section

23 Cromwell Road SW7 2EL

020 7073 1300

Fax 020 7073 1326

Science & Technology Section

6 Cromwell Place SW7 2JN

020 7073 1380

Fax 020 7073 1390

Trade Commission – UBIFRANCE

28-29 Haymarket SW1 YSP

020 7024 3610

Fax 020 7024 3669

Maritime Section

Flat 4A, 2 Queen’s Gate SW7 5EH

  02 April 2012
020 7584 6149
Fax 020 7225 2676

Paymaster & Financial Comptroller Section

30 Queen’s Gate Terrace SW7 5PH

020 7589 4909

Fax 020 7581 1360

Taxation Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1196

Customs Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

Tel 020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1159

Economic Section

58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

020 7073 1189

HIS EXCELLENCY MR BERNARD EMIÉ Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 04 April 2011)

Mrs Isabelle Emié

Mr Xavier Sticker 2nd Counsellor

Ms Claire Raulin 2nd Counsellor, Press Counsellor

Mr Xavier Chatel m 1st Secretary

Mrs Delphine Hournau-Pouezat m 1st Secretary

Mr Thomas Liebault m 3rd Secretary
Mr Francois Courant m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Sabine Cuzin 1st Secretary (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Stéphane Levy m 1st Secretary Mr Patrick Godais m 1st Secretary

Mrs Madeleine Courant m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Anne Nguyen-Robion m 3rd Secretary (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Gérard Laboue m 3rd Secretary Mr Francis Sacco m Attaché

Mr Dominique Yeddou 3rd Secretary Mrs Valérie Leignel Attaché (Protocol)

Rear Admiral Charles-Edouard De Coriolis m Defence Attaché & Naval Attaché Colonel Laurent Kolodziej * Army Attaché

Captain Yves Le Corre m Naval Attaché

Senior Engineer for Armaments Mr Vincent Thomassier m Attaché (Defence Equipment) Colonel Nicolas Chambaz m Air Attaché

Major Thierry Sanchez m Deputy Defence Equipment Attaché

Ms Laurence Dubois Destrizais Minister-Counsellor (Economic & Financial Affairs)

Mr Harry Partouche Counsellor

Mr Bénédicte Genthon Counsellor (Econimic Affairs)

Ms Laure Meyssonnier Counsellor (Economic Affairs) Miss Soraya Oquab m Attaché (Economic Affairs) Mr Tristan Gueranger m Attaché (Economic Affairs) Miss Marion Chich m Attaché (Financial Affairs)

Mr Hervé Ochsenbein m Counsellor (Commercial Affairs) Mr Olivier Prothon m Attaché (Commercial Affairs)

Mr Christophe Desplanches m Attaché (Commercial Affairs) Mr Fabrice Etienvre m Commercial Attaché (Investment)

02 April 2012

Mr Florent Barrois m Taxation Attaché

Miss Corinne Chapuis Deputy Attaché (Taxation)

Mr Laurent Burin des Roziers m Cultural Counsellor Mr Michel-Louis Richard Cultural Counsellor

Mr Laurent Batut Cultural Attaché

Miss Caroline Ferreira Cultural Attaché (Art Department) Mr Philippe Lane m Attaché for Higher Education

Mr Pascal Haajaali m Cultural Attaché

Mr Odran Trumel Cultural Attaché (Administrative Affairs) Ms Hélène Fiamma m Cultural Attaché (Book Department)

Mr Edouard Braine m Minister-Counsellor & Consul General

Mr Gérard Marechal m Counsellor (Deputy Consul General)

Mrs Catherine Rabet Vice Consul

Ms Annabelle Averty Vice Consul

Mr Olivier Tulliez m Vice Consul

Mr Francis Lagoutte Counsellor (Paymaster & Financial Comptroller)

Mr Jean-Marc Fumat m Attaché (Paymaster & Assistant Financial Comptroller) Mr Olivier Deparis m Attaché (Judicial Affairs)

Mr Eric Battesti m Attaché (Police)

Mr Marc Payrar m Attaché (Police)

Dr Serge Plattard m Counsellor (Science & Technology)

Mrs Frédérique Simon Delavelle m Counsellor (Social Affairs) Mr Jean-Marc Capdevila m Nuclear Adviser

Mr Jean-Michel Manzoni m Counsellor (Customs)

Mr Eric Berder m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)


Embassy of the Gabonese Republic

27 Elvaston Place SW7 5NL

020 7823 9986

Fax 020-7584 0047


HIS EXCELLENCY MR OMER PIANKALI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 March 2009)

Mrs Veronique Piankali

Mr Médard Nzé-Ekome m 1st Counsellor

Mr Jean Ngye m Counsellor to the IMO

Mrs Adeline Ngye m 2nd Counsellor

Miss Emma Charlotte Akiremy Cultural Counsellor Mr Pierre Francis Moubikou m Economic Counsellor

Miss Antoinette Pitty Counsellor in Charge of the Head of Mission Secretary


The Gambia High Commission

92 Ledbury Road W11 2AH

020 7229 8066

Fax 020 7229 9225


Monday-Thursday 09.30-17.00, Friday 09.30-13.00

HER EXCELLENCY MRS ELIZABETH YA ELI HARDING High Commissioner (since 20 August 2007)

Mr Yusupha Bojang m Deputy Head of Mission

02 April 2012

Ms Ndeye Binta Jobe Counsellor Mr Gaston Sambou 1st Secretary

Mr Ebrima John m Finance Attaché

Mrs Georgina Gomez m Protocol/Welfare Officer


Embassy of Georgia

4 Russell Gardens W14 8EZ

020 7348 1941

Fax 020 7603 6682



Consular Section

020 7348 1942


HIS EXCELLENCY Mr GIORGI BADRIDZE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 07 April 2009)

Mrs Tamar Imedadze

Mr Gela Carkviani m Permanent Representative to IMO Mr Beka Dvali m Minister, Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Alexander Khvtisiashvili m Senior Counsellor Mr Irakli Koplatadze m Senior Counsellor

Mrs Irina Dakhundaridze m Counsellor Ms Thea Vasadze 1st Secretary

Brigadier General David Nairashvili m Defence Attaché


Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

23 Belgrave Square/Chesham Place SW1X 8PZ

020 7824 1300

Fax 020 7824 1435

Monday-Thursday 8.30-17.00 & Friday 8.30-15.30



Passport & Visa Section by appointment only

Visa Appointments online or 09065 540740

Passport Appointments online only

Fax 020 7824 1449

Visa Information Service 020 7824 1465

Passport Information Service 020 7824 1463

HIS EXCELLENCY GEORG BOOMGAARDEN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 03 July 2008)

Frau Christiane Boomgaarden Dr Rudolf Adam m Minister

Brigadier General Franz-Josef Nolte m Defence Attaché

Herr Hans-Josef Beth m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Herr Norman Walter m Minister

Herr Stefano Weinberger m Minister-Counsellor

02 April 2012

Frhr. Marschall von Bieberstein m Minister-Counsellor Captain Heinrich Liebig m Naval Attaché

Colonel Michael J. Haller m Military Attaché

Herr Lutz Mouton m 1st Counsellor (Defence Technology) Herr Joachim Düster m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Herr Gerald Wolf Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Herr Thomas F. Schneider m Counsellor (Legal & Consular Affairs)

Herr Andreas Schlüter Counsellor

Frau Sibylle Sorg m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Herr Peter Sauer m Counsellor (Scientific Affairs)

Herr Martin Vetter m Counsellor (Administration)

Herr Albert Dieter Meurer Counsellor (Federal Police Liaison Officer)

Lt. Col. Dirk-Peter Wiegmann m Assistant Air Attaché Dr Peter Gullo 1st Secretary

Herr Michael Schubert m 1st Secretary (Defence Research)

Herr Florian Seitz m 1st Secretary Frau Christina Kornblum 2nd Secretary Frau Ulrike Wolf 2nd Secretary

Herr Michael Stuffler m 2nd Secretary (Police Liaison Officer)

Herr Ralf Eden 2nd Secretary

Herr Jakob Orthacker 2nd Secretary (Cultural Affairs) Herr Peter Borscheid m 3rd Secretary (Cultural Affairs)

Herr André Rolshoven 3rd Secretary (Customs Liaison Officer) Herr Lars Muchow 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Frau Rosemarie Hille m 3rd Secretary Frau Ingrid Malcomess 3rd Secretary

Frau Melanie Jankovic 3rd Secretary (Administration)

Herr Uwe Koppel m 3rd Secretary Herr Hanno Hille m 3rd Secretary

Frau Nicolle Rühmann Attaché (Police Liaison Officer) Herr Jochen Pauck m Attaché (Consular Affairs) Frau Nina Walter m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Frau Claudia Hain Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Herr Theodor Vortkamp Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Herr Wolfgang Gebranzig m Assistant Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Frau Tina Ninnig-Rieger Assistant Attaché Frau Claudia Goehler Assistant Attaché

Frau Manuela Kirchberg-Welby m Assistant Attaché

Frau Ragna Beyé Assistant Attaché

Herr Maik Eisbrenner m Assistant Attaché (Administration)

Frau Birgit Queisler Assistant Attaché (Defence Research)

Herr Thomas Alsdorf m Assistant Attaché, Defence Attaché's Office Herr Jörg Rohde m Chief Petty Officer

Frau Amalie Harrison m Assistant Attaché

Frau Hannelore Albert Assistant Attaché (Economic Affairs)

Frau Melanie Elefante Assistant Attaché

Frau Birgit Palmer Morato * Assistant Attaché Frau Kerstin Malin m Assistant Attaché

Herr Peter Andresen m Assistant Attaché (Administration)

Frau Annette Hentschel Assistant Attaché


Office of the High Commissioner for Ghana

13 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PN

020 7201 5900

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7245 9552 ghmfa31@yahoo.com www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.30

Passports, Immigration, Recruitment, Education, Trade & Investment, Police Liaison, & International Maritime Organization

104 Highgate Hill N6 5HE

020 8342 7501 ghmfa31@yahoo.com www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00

HIS EXCELLENCY PROFESSOR KWAKU DANSO-BOAFO * High Commissioner (since 27 September 2009) Mrs Dorothy Danso-Boafo

Mrs Elizabeth Nicol * Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Alhaji Bawah Gilbert Ayembillah m Minister (Consular & Welfare)

Mr Ramses Joseph Cleland m Minister (Political & Economic)

Brig. Gen. Brimah Musah m Defence Adviser Mrs Jemilat Jawulaa Mahamah * Minister (IMO)

Mr Fred Kamasa-Quashie m Minister/Head of Chancery Mr Bennet Akantoa m Minister-Counsellor (Treasury)

Mrs Wilhelmina Asamoah m Minister-Counsellor (Education)

Mr George Fynn m Minister-Counsellor (Trade & Investment)

Mrs Beatrice Zakpaa Vib-Sanziri * Minister-Counsellor (Police Liaison- Deputy Commissioner of Police)

Capt. Gen. Michael Kwaku Addison m Deputy Defence Adviser

Mr Edward Cofie m Counsellor (Consular & Welfare) Mr Michael Hanson Counsellor (Finance)

Ms Zuwera Ibrahimah Mohammed m Counsellor (Information) Miss Delilah Afi Senanu Counsellor (Finance)

Mr Bernard Quantson * Counsellor (Passports & Immigration)

Ms Angela Davida Aryee * Counsellor

Mr Jojo Bruce-Quawsah * Counsellor

Mrs Ama Boateng * 1st Secretary (Passports & Immigration) Mr Andrews Kojo Owusu * 1st Secretary (Protocol)

Ms Neematu Ziblim Adam m 1st Secretary (Protocol) Ms Linda Pearl Essilfie m 1st Secretary (Protocol)

Mrs Abigail Mary Brown m 1st Secretary (Administration) Ms Muniratu Zakaria m 1st Secretary (Finance)

Mrs Matylda Bondzie * 1st Secretary (Consular & Welfare) Mr Emmanuel Anim m 2nd Secretary (Finance)

Mrs Faustina Odarley Acquah * 2nd Secretary (Passports & Immigration) Ms Abigail Dede Kosi Tamatey m 2nd Secretary (Administration)

Mr Abubakari Mohammed Movement Clerk (Defence)

Mr Joseph Nwiah Kwasie m Attaché Technical

Mr Stephen Panyin Danso m Attaché Technical

Mr John Darko m Attaché Technical

Mr Michael Amanor m Attaché Technical

Mr Lambert Ponedong m Attaché (Administration) Mr Tetteh Adico m Attaché (Finance)


Embassy of Greece

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7229 3850

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7229 7221 political@greekembassy.org.uk www.greekembassy.org.uk Monday-Friday 09.00-16.30

Consulate General

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7221 6467

0906 5540 744 (Visas only) Fax 020 7243 3202


Defence Attaché’s Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7727 3785

Fax 020 7221 2818


Economic & Commercial Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7727 8860

Fax 020 7727 9934


Maritime Affairs Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7727 0507

Fax 020 7727 0509


Press & Communications Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7727 3071

Fax 020 7727 8960


Educational Affairs Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7221 0093

Fax 020 7243 4212


Police Liaison Office

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7727 3588

Fax 020 7243 4212


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ARISTIDIS SANDIS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 January 2010)

Mrs Ekaterini Simopoulou

Mr Nicolaos Argyros m 1st Counsellor

Captain (Hellenic Navy) Anastasios Tserkezoglou * Defence Attaché

Dr Victoria Solomonidis m Minister-Counsellor (Cultural)

Mrs Ekaterini Simopoulou m 1st Counsellor

Mr Antonios Katepodis * 1st Counsellor (Economic & Commercial) Mr Spyridon Diamantis m 1st Counsellor (Press & Communications)

02 April 2012

Mrs Varvara Kampouridi m Counsellor (Education)

Captain (Coast Guard) Georgios Seferiadis m Maritime Counsellor Lt Col (Hellenic Army) Stylianos Kavalikas Army Attaché

Captain (Coast Guard) Michael Manoledakis m Deputy Maritime Attaché Lt Col (Hellenic Air Force) Georgios Tsiotsis m Assistant Air Attaché

Lt Col (Hellenic Air Force) Parthenios Dontsios m Assistant Air Attaché

Major (Hellenic Army) Ilias Chatzichamperis m Assistant Army Attaché Major Antonios Samouris Police Liaison Officer

Mrs Konstantia Koutsoukou m 1st Counsellor (Press & Communications)

Ms Georgia Soultanopoulou 1st Secretary (Political)

Mrs Despina Chasirzoglou m 2nd Secretary (Head of Consular Office) Mr Georgios Apostolakis 2nd Secretary (Press & Communications) Ms Eleni Makrypidi 3rd Secretary (Economic & Commercial)

Mr Evangelos Sakellariou Secretary (Press & Communications)

Mrs Maria Helen Andriotou m Attaché Mrs Maria Pini m Attaché

Mr Ioannis Papadopoulos m Attaché Mrs Dimitra Kouka m Attaché

Mrs Veronia Lo m Attaché

Mrs Calomira Perdicari m Attaché Mrs Maria Monoyoudi * Attaché Mr Georgios Boutlas m Attaché


High Commission for Grenada

The Chapel, Archel Road, West Kensington W14 9QH 020 7385 4415

Fax 020 7381 4807 office@grenada-highcommission.co.uk www.grenadahclon.co.uk Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

HER EXCELLENCY MS RUTH ELIZABETH ROUSE High Commissioner (since 29 October 2008) Ms Feona Sandy 1st Secretary (Political & Economic Affairs)

Ms Lornie Bartholomew Attaché (Administration)


Embassy of Guatemala

13A Fawcett St SW10 9HN

020 7351 3042

Fax 020 7376 5708



MR ACISCLO VALLADARES MOLINA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 06 January 2008)

Mrs Raquel Urruela de Valladares Mr Lionel Schmid Luna Minister-Counsellor

Henning Droege Perez Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Guinea

02 April 2012

258 Belsize Road NW6 4BT

020 7316 1861 Fax 020 7316 1861


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Dondo Sylla m Chargé d’Affaires a.i

Mrs Sangare Ramatoulaye Sy m Economic Counsllor

Mr Mamadou Alpha Diallo m 1st Secretary (Financial Affairs)

Mrs Ramata Tanko 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Fatoumata Diaraye Balde m Administrative Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau

94 Rue St. Lazare 75009 Paris

0033 1 48 74 36 39

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mrs Maria Filomena Embalo Araujo Vieira m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr José Filipe Fonseca m Counsellor

Mr Oscar Batica Ferreira m 1st Secretary


High Commission for Guyana

3 Palace Court, Bayswater Road W2 4LP

020 7229 7684 Fax 020 7727 9809

guyanahc1@btconnect.com www.guyanahc.com

HIS EXCELLENCY MR LALESHWAR K.N. SINGH m High Commissioner (since 16 July 1993) Mrs Latchmin Singh

Ms Marion Elizabeth Herbert Counsellor Miss Yolla Sharon Lewis Attaché (Finance)


The Embassy of the Republic of Haiti closed on 30 March 1987.


Apostolic Nunciature

54 Parkside SW19 5NE

020 8944 7189

Fax 020 8947 2494

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY ARCHBISHOP ANTONIO MENNINI Apostolic Nuncio (since 21 February 2011) Rt Rev Monsignor Brian Udaigwe 1st Counsellor

02 April 2012


Embassy of Honduras

115 Gloucester Place W1U 6JT

020 7486 4880

Fax 020 7486 4550


Monday-Friday 10.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR IVAN ROMERO-MARTINEZ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 January 2008)

Mrs Mirian Nasser-de Romero

Mrs Jenny Kafati de Mayol m Minister-Counsellor

Miss Elisa de la Asunción Bennaton-Jimenez Minister-Counsellor Miss Andrea Maria Argueta-Scheib Minister-Counsellor


Embassy of Hungary

35 Eaton Place SW1X 8BY

020 7201 3440

Fax 020 7823 1348




Monday-Thursday 08.30-17.00 & Friday 08.30-14.00

Consular Department

35B Eaton Place SW1X 8BY

020 7235 5218

Fax 020 7235 8630


Monday-Friday 09.30-12.00

Economic, Investment & Trade Commission

46 Eaton Place SW1X 8AL

020 7235 8767

Fax 020 7235 4319


Hungarian Cultural Centre

10 Maiden Lane WC2E 7NA

020 7240 8448

Fax 020 7240 4847


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JÁNOS CSÁK m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 January 2011)

Mrs Júlia Márton

Dr Maria Vass-Salazar m Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Head of Mission)

Colonel József Gulyás m Defence Attaché

Mrs Eszter Mária Pataki * 1st Counsellor (Press & Culture)

Mr László Riskó-Nagy Counsellor (Head of Consular Department) Dr Csaba Demcsák m Counsellor (Political)

Mr Csaba Petykó m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Katalin Kapócsné Haás m 1st Secretary

Dr Róbert Fürjes m 2nd Secretary ( Political)

02 April 2012

Ms Ildikó Major 3rd Secretary (EU Affairs)

Mr László Weidlich m 1st Secretary (Chancellor)


Embassy of Iceland

2A Hans Street SW1X 0JE

020 7259 3999

Fax 020 7245 9649



Monday-Friday 09.00-16.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR BENEDIKT JÓNSSON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 07 October 2009)

Mrs Adalheidur Oskarsdóttir Mr Axel Nikulasson m Counsellor Ms Vigdis Palsdottir Attaché


Office of the High Commissioner for India

India House Aldwych WC2B 4NA 020 7836 8484

Fax 020 7836 4331 administration@hcilondon.in www.hcilondon.net


Mrs Rita Bhagwati

Mr Rajesh N.Prasad Acting High Commissioner

Mrs Sangeeta Bahadur m Minister (Culture)

Mr C. Rajasekhar m Minister (Political & Press)

Mr Amitabh Mathur m Minister (Consular)

Mr Sukhdev Singh Sidhu m Minister (Coordination)

Mr Amitabh Jain m Minister (Economic)

Mr Rajesh Singh m Minister (Audit)

Mrs Jasminder Kasturia Counsellor (IO)

Dr Srinivasa Rao m Counsellor (TAD)

Mr R. Naresh Counsellor (Audit)

Air Commodore Ashok Lal m Air Adviser

Brigadier Sandeepan Handa m Military Adviser

Commodore P.K.Banerjee m Naval Adviser

Mr Rahul Shrivastava m 1st Secretary (Head of Chancery)

Mr Tara Chand m 1st Secretary (Visa)

Ms Padmaja m 1st Secretary (P & I)

Mr Jitendra Kumar m 1st Secretary (Consular & Community Affairs)

Mr S.R. Chowdhury m 1st Secretary (Consular)

Mr M.K. Singh m 1st Secretary (Trade)

Ms Jayashree Kundu m 1st Secretary (Political & Press)

Mr Balvinder Humpal m 1st Secretary (Protocol)

Mr T V Vasudevan m 1st Secretary (Education & Political)

Mr George Raju m 2nd Secretary (Economic)

Mr Brajabashi Sarkar m 2nd Secretary (Political)

Mr Guru Sharan Singh m 2nd Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Avtar Singh m 2nd Secretary

Ms Meera Sisodia m 2nd Secretary (OCI & PIO) Mr V. Moni m 2nd Secretary (Visa)

Mr Manohar Kumar m 2nd Secretary Mr Roshan Lepcha m Attaché (Admin) Mrs Alka Sarkar m Attaché (P&M)

Mr D.C. Bhuyan m Attaché (Visa)

Mr Sanjay Kumar Bihani m Attaché (P&I)

Mr Prithvi Raj Singh m Attaché (Accounts)

Mr Prem Chand m Attaché (Economic)

Mr Anand Kumar m Attaché (Hindi & Culture)

Mr Ajay Kumar Ajmani m Attaché Ms Shashi Gakhar m Attaché

Mr Sunil Kumar Dhami m Attaché Mr N. Sivan m Attaché

Mr Vijayinder Suri m Attaché

Mr G. Srinivasan m Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

38 Grosvenor Square W1K 2HW

020 7499 7661

Fax 020 7491 4993



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Department & Visa Section

38A Adam’s Row W1K 2HW

Fax 020 7491 4993

Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 (submission of passports/visas), 14.30-16.00 (collection of passports/visas)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR TEUKU MOHAMMAD HAMZAH THAYEB m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 January 2012)

Mrs Lastry Thayeb

Mrs Masriati Lita Saadia Pratama m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Harry Richard James Kandou m Deputy Chief of Mission Mr Haris Nugroho m Counsellor

Mr Herry Sudradjat m Counsellor

Mr Dwi K.I. Miftach m Counsellor

Mr Vitto Rafael Tahar m 2nd Secretary Mrs Rossy Verona m 1st Secretary

Mr Wandi Adriano Syamsu 2nd Secretary
Mrs Febrian Irawati Mamesah m 3rd Secretary
Mr Billy Wibisono 3rd Secretary
Mr Silvia Malau 3rd Secretary
Mr Fajar Narfian m Attaché  
Ms Bitaria Citra Dewi Attaché

Mrs Maryati Merry m Trade Attaché

Prof. Tubagus Ahmad Fauzi Sihbudi Soelaiman m Attaché

Mr Sahattua Pardamean Simpatupang m Attaché


02 April 2012

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

16 Prince’s Gate SW7 1PT

020 7225 4208 Fax 020 7589 4440

consulate@iran-embassy.org.uk www.iran-embassy.org.uk

Consular Section

50 Kensington Court, W8 5DB

020 7937 5225

Fax 020 7938 1615

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

4 Elvaston Place SW7 5QH

020 7594 0180

Fax 020 7584 6787



Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Consular Section

3 Elvaston Place SW7 5QH

020 7590 9220

Fax 020 7590 9226

Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

Military Attaché Office

48 Gunnersbury Avenue W5 4HA

020 8752 1314

Fax 020 8896 0356


Commercial Attaché Office

Regent House 24-25 Nutford Place Marble Arch W1H 5YN

020 7725 7007


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Muhieddin Hussien Abdullah m Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Haidar Radi Nasir m Minister Plenipotentiary

Dr Abdulhamid M.H. Hamid m Counsellor

Brig. Gen. Abdulhussein Ebadi m Military Attaché

Dr Kamal Fridrick Field m Commercial Attaché

Mr Mr Najah Dheyab Al-Sabbagh m 1st Secretary

Mr Hassanain Hadi Fadhil m 2nd Secretary

Mr Wisam Al-Saraf 2nd Secretary

Miss Burooj Ahmad Essa Alhaidari 3rd Secretary

Mr Aiman Dhaif Abdulmajeed m 3rd Secretary

Mr Anmar Al-Emin m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Luma Muneer Buni m Attaché

Mr Ahmed Hashim Utaifa m Attaché

Mr Mahmoud Khalid Al-Atiyyah m Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Mohammad Akram Al-Hakim m Attaché Mr Osama Jameel Majeed Attaché

Dr Abdulrazzaq A. Jaleel Essa Alhajessa m Cultural Attaché


Embassy of Ireland

17 Grosvenor Place SW1X 7HR

020 7235 2171

Fax 020 7201 2515



Monday-Friday 09.30-17.00

Passport & Visa Office

114A Cromwell Road SW7 4ES Passport enquiries 020 7373 4339 Visa enquiries 090 6661 0197

Diplomatic visa appointments 020 7341 5424 Fax 020 7373 4589

Passport Office Monday-Friday 09.30-16.30

Visa Office Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 (Lodge applications), 14.30-16.00 (Collections)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR BOBBY MCDONAGH m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 06 April 2009)

Mrs Mary McDonagh

Mr Barbara Jones m Minister-Counsellor (British-Irish Relations & Northern Ireland) Mr John McCullagh m Counsellor (EU & Foreign Policy)

Mr Eugene Forde m Counsellor (Economic & Trade Affairs) Mr Liam Peakin m 1st Secretary (Customs & Revenue)

Mr Patrick (Tony) McCullagh m 1st Secretary (Consular & Administration)

Mr Ciarán Byrne m 1st Secretary (Cultural, British-Irish Relations & Northern Ireland) Mr Colm Ó’Súilleabháin m 1st Secretary (Agriculture, Fisheries & Food)

Ms Elizabeth Anne McCullough m 1st Secretary (Press Office)

Ms Jane Connolly 1st Secretary (Irish Community)

Mr Michael Keaveney m 3rd Secretary (Irish Community) Ms Deidre Lyster m 3rd Secretary (EU & Foreign Policy)

Mr Joe O’Flynn m Attaché

Mr Joe Keating Attaché (Visa Officer)

Mr Dermot Keehan Attaché (Economic & Trade Affairs) Ms Assumpta Griffin Attaché (Passport Officer)

Ms Jean McManus m Attaché (Consular & Administration)


Embassy of Israel

2 Palace Green Kensington W8 4QB

020 7957 9500

Fax 020 7957 9555


Monday-Thursday 08.30-17.30 & Friday 08.30-13.30

Defence Section

2a Palace Green Kensington W8 4QB

02 April 2012

020 7957 9548

Consular Section

15a Old Court Place Kensington W8 4QB

020 7957 9516

HIS EXCELLENCY MR DANIEL TAUB m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 September 2011)

Mrs Zehava Taub

Mr Alon Roth-Snir m Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Ran Gidor Minister-Counsellor

Mr Amir Shmuel Ofek Counsellor (Public Affairs) Mrs Iris Ambor m Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Michael Brodsky m 1st Secretary (Public Affairs) Mr Noah Shani m Minister (Commercial Affairs)

Mr Rephael Shalev m 1st Secretary (Tourism)

Mrs Judith Raby-Mermer * Minister (Administration) & Consul General Mrs Vivian Aisen m Minister-Counsellor (Administration)

Mr Rafael Yagodaiev m 2nd Secretary

Colonel Hadar Furman m Defence & Armed Forces Attaché


Embassy of Italy

14 Three Kings’ Yard Davies Street W1K 4EH

020 7312 2200

Fax 020 7312 2230



Consular Section

38 Eaton Place SW1X 8AN

020 7235 9371

Fax 020 7823 1609



Cultural Section

39 Belgrave Square SW1X 8NX

020 7235 1461

Fax 020 7235 4618



Defence Section (Military, Naval & Air Attaché’s Offices)

7-10 Hobart Place SW1W 0HH

020 7259 4500

Fax 020 7259 4511


Financial Section

39 King Street EC2V 8JJ

020 7606 4201

Fax: 020 7606 4065


    02 April 2012
Trade Commission    
14 Waterloo Place SW1Y 4AR  
020 7389 0300    
Fax: 020 7389 0301    
HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALAIN GIORGIO MARIA ECONOMIDES Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary
(since 08 April 2010)    
Mr Stefano Pontecorvo m Minister  

Rear Admiral Dario Giacomin m Defence & Naval Attaché

Mr Marco Mancini m 1st Counsellor (Economic/Agricultural Affairs)

Mr Gherardo Amaduzzi m 1st Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Gianluca Grandi 1st Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Nicola Todaro Marescotti 1st Counsellor (Press Affairs)

Mr Marco Silvi 1st Secretary (Social & Legal Affairs)

Mr Franco Giordani m Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Mrs Caterina Colapietro m Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Miss Laura Albanese Attaché (Economic Affairs)

Mr Roberto Vagni Attaché (Economic Affairs)

Prof Salvator Roberto Amendolia Attaché (Scientific Affairs)

Lt Col. Emilio Renzo Fiora m Attaché (Customs, Excise & Tax Affairs)

Col Antonio Agrusti m Air Attaché
Col Nicola Zanelli m Army Attaché

Mr Uberto Vanni d’Archirafi m 1st Counsellor (Consul General)

Mrs Sarah Eti Castellani m 1st Secretary (Consul)

Ms Marisa Liserre Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Giuseppina Bove m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Enrico Angeli Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Carlo Presenti m Attaché (Cultural Affairs)

Mrs Rossana Pittelli * Attaché (Arts Affairs)

Mrs Claudia Toffolo m Attaché (Cultural Affairs)

Mrs Anna Mondavio * Attaché (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Stefano Carcascio m (Financial Attaché)

Mr Giampietro Moscatelli Attaché (Police Affairs)

Mr Cesare Martellino m Attaché (Judicial Affairs)

Mr Fortunato Celi Zullo Attaché (Trade Commissioner)


Jamaican High Commission

1-2 Prince Consort Road SW7 2BZ

020 7823 9911

Fax 020 7589 5154



Monday-Thursday 09.00-17.00 & Friday 09.00-16.00

Passport & Visa Section

Monday-Friday 9.30-13.30

VACANT High Commissioner

Mrs Joan Thomas Edwards m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Lincoln Downer m Minister-Counsellor (Consular Affairs & Diaspora Development) Mr John Clarke Counsellor (Political & Economic Affairs)

Mr Wyndham Dennison 1st Secretary (Finance & Administration)

02 April 2012

Ms Carol Stewart 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Laurence Jones Attaché (Commercial Affairs) Ms Marcia Johnson Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Natalie McIntosh-Carroo m Attaché Miss Tamara Douglas Attaché


Embassy of Japan

101-104 Piccadilly W1J 7JT

020 7465 6500

Fax 020 7491 9348

Monday-Friday 09.30-18.00

Visa Section 020 7465 6565 Fax 020 7491 9328

Information Section 020 7465 6500 Fax 020 7491 9347


Mr Keiichi Hayashi m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 January 2011)

Mrs Hiroko Hayashi

Mr Hitoshi Noda m Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Yosuke Kawakami m Minister (Finance)

Mr Akira Imamura * Minister & Consul General Mr Naoki Ito m Minister (Economic)

Mr Shingo Yamagami * Minister (Political)

Mr Hiroshi Suzuki * Minister (Information)

Mr Masami Tamura m Counsellor (Administration) Mr Tetsuto Igarashi m Counsellor (Transport)

Mr Akira Sakai m Counsellor & Medical Attaché Mr Toshiaki Igarashi m Counsellor (Consular) Mr Keiji Makino * Counsellor (Administration) Mr Hitoshi Takahashi m Counsellor (Economic) Mr Teruo Iwasaki m Counsellor (Accounts)

Mr Satonobu Matsunaga * Counsellor (Information) Mr Fumiaki Tonoki m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Daiji Yamaguchi m Counsellor (Political)

Miss Mitsuko Hayashi Counsellor (Political)

Captain Atsushi Minami m Defence Attaché

Mr Hisatoshi Murano 1st Secretary (Telecommunications) Mr Shin Imai m 1st Secretary (Transport)

Mr Daisuke Otsuka m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Tetsuya Matsubara m 1st Secretary (Economic) Mr Takeshi Hayakawa m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Katsumi Funayama m 1st Secretary (Administration) Mr Daisuke Tsuchiya m 1st Secretary (Information)

Mr Katsuhiko Kita m 1st Secretary (Economic) Mr Fuminori Yokote m 1st Secretary (Political) Mr Koji Maruyama m 1st Secretary (Economic)

Mr Makoto Katayama m 1st Secretary (Political) Mr Shuntaro Netsu m 1st Secretary (Information)

Mr Yasuyuki Takato 1st Secretary (Telecommunications) Mr Takeshi Yoshida 1st Secretary (Finance)

Mr Masakuni Fujii m 1st Secretary (Political) Mr Atsushi Oku * 1st Secretary (Economic) Mr Tatsuya Ito m 1st Secretary (Economic)

Mr Kazunari Kotake m 1st Secretary (Consular) Mr Kazuo Terai m 1st Secretary & Medical Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Ken Osawa m 1st Secretary (Economic) Mrs Michiko Suzuki m 1st Secretary (Accounts) Mr Ikuo Shoji * 1st Secretary (Politcial)

Mr Hiromasa Kurokawa m 1st Secretary (Consular) Mr Takahiro Seki m 2nd Secretary (Political)

Mr Norihiko Katsumata m 2nd Secretary (Security) Mr Hisashi Shimizu m 2nd Secretary (Accounts)

Mr Haruhiro Tsunashima m 2nd Secretary (Telecommunications) Miss Chika Imaizumi 2nd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Tomonobu Sato 2nd Secretary (Economic)

Mr Daisuke Yamasaki m 2nd Secretary (Finance) Mr Shinichi Ishikawa m 2nd Secretary (Political)

Mr Nobuyuki Matsunaga m 2nd Secretary (Security)

Mr Yuichi Kaiteya 2nd Secretary

Mrs Yukina Gonda m 2nd Secretary (Information)

Mrs Maiko Tamura m 2nd Secretary

Miss Tomoko Hasuike 2nd Secretary (Information) Mr Tamaki Maeda m 3rd Secretary (Consular) Mrs Tomoe Ishido m 3rd Secretary (Consular) Miss Rika Fujisaki Attaché (Economic)

Miss Tomoko Koroki Attaché (Accounts)

Mr Makoto Hirayama Attaché (Administration)

Miss Risa Irikita Attaché (Telecommunications) Miss Shiori Okazaki Attaché (Information) Miss Yuki Hattori Attaché (Economic)


Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

6 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

020 7937 3685

Fax 020 7937 8795



Monday-Friday 09.00-15.00

Consular & Visa Section

6 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

020 7368 4801

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00

Defence Attaché's Office

16 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HB

020 7937 9611

Fax 020 7937 7505

Monday-Thursday 09.00-15.00, Friday 09.00-12.00

Press Office

6 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

020 7937 9499

Fax 020 7937 6741

Monday-Thursday 09.00-15.00, Friday 09.00-12.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR MAZEN KEMAL HOMOUD m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 June 2011)

Mrs Alia Armouti Homoud

02 April 2012

Mr Timoor G Daghistani m Minister-Counsellor Mr Khalid Al-Kadi m Counsellor

Miss Samara Rulan Mahmoud Ahmad m Counsellor HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein m 1st Secretary HRH Prince Rashid El Hassan m 3rd Secretary

Mr Mohammad Al Aqeel 3rd Secretary

Brigadier Gen.Yahya Ahmad Al-Qudah m Military, Naval & Air Attaché

HRH Prince Hamzah Al-Hussein m Military Adviser & Consultant

Colonel Walid Mohammad Al Jarad m Assistant Military, Naval & Air Attaché

Lt. Colonel Mogahed Mahmoud Abedalraheem Altrawineh m Finance Officer Lt. Colonel Jamal N Hammouri m Finance Officer

Lt. Colonel Khaled Abdallah Aljahamani m Procurement Officer Captain Ahmad Obaidallah Almashaqbeh m Medical Officer

Lt. Colonel Wajeeb Khlefat m Liaison Officer


Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

33 Thurloe Square SW7 2SD

020 7590 3490

Fax 020 7584 8481



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-18.00

Consular Section

020 7590 3485/84

Fax 020 7584 9905


Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 (except Wednesday)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KAIRAT ABUSSEITOV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 25 March 2008)

Mrs Rosa Aidarova

Mr Arkin Akhmetov m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Daulet Batrashev m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Talgat Bazarbekov m Counsellor

Mr Arman Narbayev m Counsellor

Lieutenant Colonel Abay Sadibekov m Defence Attaché Mr Seikzhan Medeuov m Consul

Mr Mikhail Aubakirov * 2nd Secretary Mr Yerbol Nurmakhan m 2nd Secretary

Mr Kair Tezekbayev m Assistant to the Defence Attaché

Mr Murat Rustemov 2nd Secretary Mrs Ainur Karbozova m 3rd Secretary Ms Moldr Amreyeva 3rd Secretary

Ms Meruyert Taizhanova 3rd Secretary Mr Bauyrzhan Nurbalin m Attaché

Mr Kuat Karbuzov Attaché

Mr Khaknazar Smailov Attaché


Kenya High Commission

45 Portland Place W1B 1AS

02 April 2012

020 7636 2371 Fax 020 7323 6717

kcomm45@aol.com www.kenyahighcommission.net Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

Visa Section: Monday-Friday 09.30-12.00 & 14.00-15.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR EPHRAIM W NGARE m High Commissioner (since 05 November 2009)

Mrs Jane Muthoni Waweru

Dr Joe Sang m Deputy High Commissioner

Miss Wanja Michuki Principal Counsellor (Trade & Economic Affairs)

Col. Patrick Nderitu m Defence Adviser

Mr Jeremy Laibutah m Prinicpal Counsellor

Mr Lazarus Muganda m 1st Secretary Mrs Jayne Toroitich m 1st Secretary

Mr Michael S. Mandu m Commercial Counsellor Mr Abraham Mwaura m Immigration Attaché

Mr Hilary Limo m Financial Attaché

Mr Nathaniel Taama m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Ruth Macharia m Administrative Attaché

Mrs Esther Mugita m Administrative Attaché

Mr Musee Marugu m Administrative Attaché

Ms Ruth Machaira m Administrative Attaché


High Commissioner c/o Office of the President P.O. Box 68 Bairiki Tarawa Kiribati

Mrs Makurita Baaro Acting High Commissioner


Embassy of the Republic of Korea

60 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6AJ

020 7227 5500/2 Fax 020 7227 5503

Website http://gbr.mofat.go.kr Monday-Friday 09.30-12.30 & 14.00-17.30

Visa Section

Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00

Press & information Office

020 7227 5500 (ext. 615)

Korean Cultural Centre

Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand WC2N 5BW

020 7004 2600

Fax 020 7004 2619


Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00 & Saturday 11.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR CHOO KYU HO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 19 February 2010)

Mrs Song Jung Won

02 April 2012

Mr Kwon Yong Kyu m Minister

Mr Shin Chong-Weon m Minister & Consul General

Mr Lee Beom-Chan m Minister

Mr Bae Byoung-Jun m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Kim Yong-Jin m Minister-Counsellor (Financial)

Mr Won Yong-Gi m Minister-Counsellor (Cultural)

Mr Park Young-Sun m Minister-Counsellor (Maritime) Mr Yang Keum-Suk m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Rhee Myong-Ho m Counsellor

Mr Kim Chang-Sik m Counsellor

Ms Hwang Myung-Hee Counsellor & Consul

Mr Kim Chang-Jin m Counsellor

Mr Ha Byoung-Kyoo m Counsellor (Head of Administration) Mr Oh Byoung Kwon m Counsellor (Administrative)

Mr Lee Ho-Hyeon m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Cho Seoung-Ho m 1st Secretary Mr Choi Byung-Chul m 1st Secretary Mr Lim Seung-Cheol m 1st Secretary

Mr Shin Jae-Shik m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology) Mr Song Yoon-Seog m 1st Secretary(Press & Information) Mr Kang Sung Min m 1st Secretary (Procurement)

Mr Kim Hyon Du m 1st Secretary

Mr Shin Seokhong m 1st Secretary

Mr Im, Byung-Ho m 1st Secretary (Police)

Mr Lee Jung-Hyun m 2nd Secretary

Mr Kim Woo-Kyeong m Education Director

Captain Choi Chong-Ho m Defence Attaché Lt. Col. Yi Kwang-Jo m Air Attaché


Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

73 Gunnersbury Avenue W5 4LP

020 8992 4965

Fax 020 8992 2053

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR HYON HAK BONG m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 January 2012)

Mrs Choe Jin Ok

Mr Youg Chol Ju m 1st Secretary

Mr In Ryong Kim m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Mr Kun Song Choe m Counsellor Mr Mun Myong Sin m 3rd Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo

100 Pall Mall St James SW1Y 5NQ

020 7659 6140/020 7664 8607

Fax 020 7659 6137


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

02 April 2012

Consular Section

020 7659 6138 consulate.london@ks-gov.net

HIS EXCELLENCY DR MUHAMET HAMITI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14September 2009)

Mrs Vjosa Hamiti

Mr Bejtullah Destani m Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Arion Krasniqi m 1st Secretary

Mr Faton Osmnai m Consul (Head of Consular Mission)

Mr Fran Sokoli m Consul


Embassy of the State of Kuwait

2 Albert Gate SW1X 7JU

020 7590 3400/3406/3407

Fax 020 7823 1712

Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Cultural Office

Hyde Park House 60A Knightsbridge SW1X 7JX

020 7761 8500

Fax 020 7761 8505


Military Office

Hyde Park House 60A Knightsbridge SW1X 7LF

020 7761 2800/2811

Fax 020 7761 2810/2820

Health Office

40 Devonshire Street W1G 7AX

020 7307 1700

Fax 020 7323 2042

Investment Office

Wren House 15 Carter Lane EC4V 5EY

020 7606 8080

Fax 020 7332 0755

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KHALED AL-DUWAISAN GCVO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 29 April 1993)

Mrs Dalal Al-Duwaisan

Mr Hasan Mohammad Zaman m Counsellor Mr Mohamad Alhajeri m 1st Secretary

Mr Mohammad Al-Sharji m 1st Secretary Mr Sami Al-Zamanan m 1st Secetary

Mr Nawaf Al-Ahmed m 1st Secretary Mr Talal Al-Shatti m 1st Secretary Mr Khaled Al-Azemi m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Mona Behbehani m 3rd Secretary Mr Abdullah Al-Hajeri m Attaché

Mr Waleid Al-Dafirie m Attaché Mr Ahmad Alsaqoby Attaché Mr Anbar Al-Mutairi * Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Meshaal Abuajel m Attaché Mr Abdullah Alkhalid Attaché

Dr Mohammad Alhajeri m Head of Cultural Office

Dr Nibal Bouresli m Cutural Attaché Mr Mushari Alsaddane m Attaché Mr Mushari Alqanaie m Attaché

Brigadier Fahad Albaz Chief Military Attaché

Lt Colonel Naser Alsubaie m Assistant Military Attaché

Lt Col AbdulRahman Khalil Dinar Mubarak m Assistant Military Attaché for Technical Affairs

Brigadier Majid Ameen Ahmad m Military Attaché Adviser

Major Ahmed Almejmed m Assistant Military Attaché for Training

Major Salah Alnoumas m Attaché

Major Mansour Alramyan Assistant Military Attaché for Administration

Dr Fawzia Al-Sayegh m Medical Adviser

Mrs Eqbal Jaber m Medical Attaché

Dr Yaqoub Al-Tammar * Health Counsellor Mr Yaseen Al-Yaseen * Health Attaché

Mr Osama Abdullah Alayoub jm Financial Attaché Mr Abdul Aziz Al-Bader m Financial Attaché Sheikh Khalid Al-Sabah Financial Attaché

Mr Jamal Al-Babtain m Financial Attaché

Mr Marwan Al-Saleh m Financial Attaché

Mr Moutez Bishara Financial Attaché

Mr Abdul Razak Al-Buaijan m Financial Attaché Mr Hesham Al-Quraini m Financial Attaché

Mr Nawaf Al-Rifai * Financial Attaché

Mr Abdulrahman Al-Rabaian m Financial Attaché Mr Khaled Al-Mogahwi Financial Attaché

Mr Ahmed Al-Shehab Financial Attaché

Mr Basel Assiri Financial Attaché

Mr Mohammed Al Kharafi Financial Attaché

Mr Omar al-Sallal m Financial Attaché Mr Fuad Al- Majed * Financial Attaché

Mr Abdulrahim Al-Awadi * Financial Attaché Mr Saud Al-Qemlas * Financial Attaché

Mr Kalid Hamadah Financial Attaché

Miss Sarah Al-Sane Financial Attaché

Mr Abdulah Al-Shamlan Financial Attaché


Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic

Ascot House 119 Crawford Street W1U 6BJ

020 7935 1462

Fax 020 7935 7449



HER EXCELLENCY DR BAKTYGUL KALAMBEKOVA Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiry (since 22 December 2010)

Mr Aibek Tilebaliev m Counsellor

Mr Taalay Bazarbaev 2nd Secretary (Consul)

Mrs Kanykey Otorbaeva Finance Attaché


02 April 2012

Embassy of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

74, Ave Raymond-Poincaré 75 116 Paris

0033 (0) 1 4553 0298

Fax 0033 (0) 1 4727 5789


HIS EXCELLENCY MR KHOUANTA PHALIVONG m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 October 2011 )

Mrs Bouakheua Phalivong

Mr Bounnheuang Songnanvong Minister-Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission Mr Houmpheng Khamphasith * Economic & Commercial Counsellor

Mr Bounnhalith Southichak * 1st Secretary (Cooperation, Francophonie & ASEAN) Mr Bounchanh Siphanthong 1st Secretary (Education & Culture)

Mr Phetsakhone Sysounthone * 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Ms Sisounthay Keophoxay 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Phetsamone Keovongvichith 3rd Secretary (Protocol)


Embassy of the Republic of Latvia

45 Nottingham Place W1U 5LY

020 7312 0040

Fax 020 7312 0042



Consular Section

020 7312 0040 extension 1 Fax 020 7312 0042 consulate.uk@mfa.gov.lv Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR EDUARDS STIPRAIS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 02 September 2009)

Mrs Zanda Grauze

Mr Martins Kreitus m Deputy Head of Mission

Mrs Sanda Silite-Galina m 2nd Secretary (Head of Consular Section) Mr Martins Pundors 2nd Secretary (Bilateral Issues & Security Policy)

Ms Solveiga Latkovska 2nd Secretary

Ms Olga Jerzjukova m 3rd Secretary (Administration & Finance)


Embassy of Lebanon

21 Palace Gardens Mews W8 4RB

020 7727 6696/7792 7856

Fax 020 7243 1699


Consular Section

15 Palace Gardens Mews W8 4RB

020 7229 7265

02 April 2012

HER EXCELLENCY MRS INAAM OSSEIRAN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 09 June 2008)

Mr Hassan Abbas 1st Secretary

Mr Mazen Kabbara m 1st Secretary Mr Marwan Francis * 1st Secretary


High Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho

7 Chesham Place Belgravia SW1X 8HN

020 7235 5686

Fax 020 7235 5023



Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

VACANT High Commissioner

Mr Teboho Mohapi m Counsellor & Acting High Commissioner

Mrs Maana Mapetja m 1st Secretary

Mrs Matiisetso Ramoholi m 3rd Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Liberia

23 Fitzroy Square W1T 6EW

020 7388 5489

Fax 020 7380 1593



Monday-Thursday 09.30-16.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR WESLEY M. JOHNSON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 April 2007)

Mrs Isabella Cassell Johnson

Mr Alexander H.N Wallace III m Minister Plenipotentiary & DCM Mr George Arku m Minister Plenipotentiary (Maritime Affairs)

Ms Genevieve A. Kennedy Minister-Counsellor

Mr Anthony Selmah m Minister-Counsellor (Press & Public Affairs)

Mr Chester Barh Sr. m Counsellor

Mr Napoleon Toquie II m 1st Secretary & Consul Mr Morris S. Barsee m 2nd Secretary & Vice Consul


Embassy of Libya

15 Knightsbridge SW1X 7LY

020 7201 8280

Fax 020 7245 0588

Telex 266767

Monday-Friday 09.30-15.30

Consular Section

61-62 Ennismore Gardens SW7 1NH

020 7589 6120

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7589 6087

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Mahmud Nacua m Chargé D’Affaires


Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania House 2 Bessborough Gardens SW1V 2JE

020 7592 2840

Fax 020 7592 2864



Commercial Attaché’s Office

020 7486 8912

Fax 020 7486 9368

Consular Section

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00, Monday-Thursday 15.00-16.00

Visa Section

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 14.00-15.00

HIS EXCELLENCY DR OSKARAS JUSYS Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 May 2009) Mr Sigitas Mitkus m Deputy Head of Mission & Minister-Counsellor (Political & Economic Affairs)

Mr Tomas Bliznikas Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs) Ms Gitana Kilinskaite m Counsellor (Diaspora)

Mr Uginus Labutis m Counsellor (Consular Affairs) Ms Tana Tarasevic 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Sigitas Cirtautas m 1st Secretary(Consular Affairs)

Mr martynas Juškus m 3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Ricardas Rickus m Chief Officer (Finance & Administration)

Ms Daiva Parulskiene m Cultural Attaché

Mr Andrius Nikitinas * Commercial Attaché


Embassy of Luxembourg

27 Wilton Crescent SW1X 8SD

020 7235 6961

Fax 020 7235 9734


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section

Visa Office Monday-Friday 10.00-11.45

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALPHONSE BERNS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 October 2011)

Mrs Christiane Poeker

Ms Béatrice Léonie E.A. Kirsch Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission Mr Miguel Marques Counsellor (Financial Affairs)

02 April 2012


Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia

Suites 2.1 & 2.2 Buckingham Court 75-83 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6PE

020 7976 0535

Consular Section 020 7976 0538

Fax 020 7976 0539



HER EXCELLENCY MRS MARIJA EFREMOVA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 03 March 2008)

Mr Dimitar Efremov Mr Mile Prangoski Counsellor

Colonel Dragi Gjoshevski m Defence Attaché Goran Siljanovski Third Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar

4, Avenue Raphael Paris XVIII FRANCE


Fax: 0033145035870



High Commission of the Republic of Malawi

36 John Street WC1N 2AT

020 7421 6010

Fax 020 7831 9273



Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

Vacant High Commissioner

Mr James Ali m Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Vupe Kunkwenzu m Counsellor (Development)

Mrs Mary Nangwale Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Mufwa Munthali m Counsellor (Trade)

Mr Ian Musyani m Counsellor (Tourism)

Colonel McChristie Lazarus Sikwese m Defence Attaché

Mrs Mirriam Mwapasa m 1st Secretary (Finance)

Mrs Nellia Mkandawire 1st Secretary (Consular)

Mrs Mercy Polly Tahuna m 2nd Secretary (Press)

Mrs Jean Machinjili 3rd Secretary (General Duties)


Malaysian High Commission

45 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QT

020 7235 8033

Fax 020 7235 5161


02 April 2012

Monday-Friday 09.00 -17.00

Visa/Consular Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00


020 7919 0254


020 7919 0253


020 7919 0210


020 7919 0230


020 7919 0274


020 7499 4644 (Trade)

020 7919 0616 (Investment)


020 7985 1252


020 7919 0249

HIS EXCELLENCY MR DATUK ZAKARIA SULONG m High Commissioner (since 26 May 2010) Mrs Datin Hazizah Zakaria

Mr Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah m Deputy High Commissioner

Brigadier General Othman Hj Jamal m Defence Adviser

Dr Rosman Abdullah m Minister-Counsellor (Education)

Miss Sarimah Akbar Counsellor (Political)
Mr Ibrahim Jaafar m Minister-Counsellor (Political)
Mr Nik Abd Aziz Nik Abd Razak m Counsellor (Police Liaison)

Mr Mohamed Zuhari Mohamed Nor m Counsellor (Investment)

Mr Raja Badrulnizam Raja Kamalzaman m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Mohd Amran Hasan m Counsellor (Education)

Miss Zalikha Moslim Counsellor (Immigration)

Dr Noorzalina Mohd Noor m Counsellor (Education)

Mr Mohd Shahfree Mohd Yusof m Counsellor (Education)

Mr Rdzween Abdul Razak m 1st Secretary

Mr Khairul Gadafi Kamaludin 1st Secretary (Political)

Mrs Engku Puteri Suraya Engku Mohd Afandi m 1st Secretary

Miss Nazlinda Zamani Education Attaché

Mr Nagalingam Murugayah m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Shahzul Jayawirawan Mohd Yunus m Vice Counsellor (Investment)

Mr Khairulazam Annuar m Education Attaché

Major Izwan Zainal Amran m Assistant Defence Adviser

Mr Amar Sique Mohd Amin m Education Attaché

Mr Mohd Syahidin Mohd Arifin m Education Attaché

Mr Shahrul Nizam Mahfudz m Education Attaché

Miss Wan Nooraribah Ishak Education Attaché

Mr Dzulkarnain Ismail m 3rd Secretary(Administration)
Mrs Emeliana Zainol m 2nd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Wan Mohd Azmi Wan Awang m 2nd Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Hussin Shaukat m 3rd Secretary


High Commission of the Republic of Maldives

22 Nottingham Place W1U 5NJ

020 7224 2135

Fax 020 7224 2157


Monday-Friday 09.30-17.00

(Vacant) High Commissioner

Mr Ahmed Shiaan m Acting High Commissioner

Mr Mohamed Nazeer m Minister (Trade Representative)

Mrs Aishath Fareena * Attaché (Administrative, Consular & European Affairs) Mr Ismail Niyaz Attaché (Finance & Protocol)


Embassy of the Republic of Mali

Avenue Molière 487 1050 Brussels BELGIUM

00 322 345 74-32

Fax 00 322 344 57 00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR IBRAHIM BOCAR BA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 23 September 2003)

Mrs Ba Fanta Barry

Mr Labasse Fofana m 1st Counsellor

Mr Mohamed Al Moustapha Cisse m 2nd Counsellor Mr Mohamed Dramane Askia m 3rd Counsellor

Mr Mousieur Kone m Secretary Mr Mamadou Diakite m Secretary


Malta High Commission

Malta House 36-38 Piccadilly W1J OLE

020 7292 4800

Fax 020 7734 1831



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 &14.00-17.00

High Commissioner's Private Secretary

020 7292 4827


020 7292 4811

EU/Trade Section

020 7292 4823

Consular/Information/Citizenship Section

020 7292 4822

02 April 2012

Visa Section

020 7292 4800

Passport Section

020 7292 4807


Medical Section

020 7292 4829


Pensions Section

020 7292 4821

HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOSEPH ZAMMIT TABONA m High Commissioner (since 25 April 2009)

Mrs Susan Zammit Tabona

Ms Anne Marie Sciberras m Counsellor, Maritime Attaché Ms Hanan El Khatib 1st Secretary (Consular)

Mr Clint Mario Borg 1st Secretary(Consular)


Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

5 Rue de Montevideo Paris 16 FRANCE

00 33 4504 8354

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary


Mauritius High Commission

32/33 Elvaston Place SW7 5NW

020 7581 0294/5

Fax 020 7823 8437 / 020 7584 9859


Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ABHIMANU KUNDASAMY m High Commissioner (since 05 December 2005)

Mrs Mahalutchmee Kundasamy

Mr Mohamed Iqbal Latona m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Rakesh Bhuckory m 1st Secretary Mr Keswar Dooraree m Attaché


Embassy of Mexico

16 St. George Street W1S 1FD

020 7499 8586



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 15.00-18.00

02 April 2012

Consular Section

16a St. George Street W1S 1FD consulmexuk@sre.gob.mx

Military & Air Section

8 Halkin Street SW1X 7DW

Tel & Fax 020 7235 7898

Naval Affairs Section

8 Halkin Street SW1X 7DW

020 7235 6211

Maritime Affairs Section

8 Halkin Street SW1X 7DW

020 7235 8475

Commercial Section

8 Halkin Street SW1X 7DW

020 7811 5041

HIS EXCELLENCY MR EDUARDO MEDINA-MORA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 07 December 2009)

Mrs Laura Perez de Medina-Mora

Mr Alejandro Estivill-Castro m Minister & Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Miguel Angel Vilchis-Salgado m Minister (Consular Affairs) Mr Miguel García-Zamudio m Counsellor

Mr Manuel Enrique Diaz-Cebrian Counsellor (Tourism, Promotion & Information) General Jose Luis Valdes Chavez m Military & Air Attaché

Lt. Col. Rodolfo Chiñas Rosales m Deputy Military & Air Attaché Captain Francisco Arenas-Jaramillo m Naval Attaché

Captain Ada Lorena Dimas-Rodriguez Maritime Attaché

Captain Fernando Enrique Vega-Maury m Naval Attaché

Mr Ariel Basilio Moutsatsos-Morales Counsellor (Press Attaché)

Mr Jose Neif Jury-Fabre m Counsellor (Commercial Affairs) Mr Mauro Morales-García m 1st Secretary (Logistics)

Mr Mario González Álvarez 1st Secretary (Investment Promotion & Commercial Affairs)

Ms Michael Ivonne Mendoza-Tirado 1st Secretary (Administartion of Investment Promotion & Commercial Affairs Agency)

Mrs Laura Elisa Garca-Querol m 2nd Secretary (Scientific, Technical Co-operation & Education Affairs)

Mr José Manuel Castañuela-Sánchez 2nd Secretary (Economic Affairs)

Ms Susana Garduño-Arana 3rd Secretary (Multilateral Affairs, Legal & Consular Assistant) Mr Jerónimo Mohar-Volkow Attaché (Political Affairs)

Sergeant Francisco Jose Aquino Lopez m Attaché (Military & Air)

Mrs. Maria Guadalupe Ayala de Holden m Assistant Counsellor (Tourism & Information)

Mrs Lila Martha Vazquez-Ruiz m Attaché (Consular Section)


Embassy of the Republic of Moldova

5 Dolphin Square Edensor Road W4 2ST

020 8995 6818

Fax 020 8995 6927



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

02 April 2012

Consular & Visa section

020 8996 0546 Fax 020 8995 6927


Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR IULIAN FRUNTASU Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 December 2011)

Mrs Mihaela Manoli m Counsellor Mr Petru Alexei m 1st Secretary


Embassy of the Principality of Monaco

7 Upper Grosvenor Street London W1K 2LX

0207 318 1081

Fax 0207 493 4563




Mrs Evelyne Genta Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 13 January 2010)


Embassy of Mongolia

7 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7937 0150/5238

Fax 020 7937 1117



HIS EXCELLENCY MR BULGAA ALTANGEREL m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 May 2008)

Mrs Erdenee Chuluuntsetseg

Mr Nemekh Bataa m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mr Angar Davaasuren m Counsellor (Financial & Economic Affairs) Mr Bat-Erdene Chinuukhei m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Bolor-Erdene Baasanjav m 3rd Secretary Mr Munkhjin Batsumber 3rd Secretary


Embassy of Montenegro

18 Callcott Street W8 7SU

020 7727 6007

Fax 020 7243 9358


HIS EXCELLENCY PROF LJUBIŠA STANKOVIŠ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 March 2011)

Mrs Snetana Stankoviš

Ms Marijana Tivkoviš m Counsellor

02 April 2012


Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

49 Queen’s Gate Gardens SW7 5NE

020 7581 5001/5004

Fax 020 7225 3862



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section

Diamond House 97/99 Praed Street Paddington W2

020 7724 0719/ 0624

Fax 020 7706 7407


HER EXCELLENCY HH PRINCESS LALLA JOUMALA ALAOUI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 February 2009)

Mr Mohamad Reza Nouri Esfandiari

Mr Othmane Bahnini Minister Plenipotentiary & Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Larbi R’Miki m Minister-Counsellor/Head of Press & Cultural Section Mr Larbi Bouattaf m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Mohammed Said Oualid m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Abdelghani Ambari Minister-Counsellor

Mr Ismail Oudghiri Idrissi m Counsellor Mrs Naima Senna * Counsellor

Mr Noureddine Halhoul m Counsellor Mrs Mouna Benomar m Counsellor

Mr Mohamed Reda Oudghiri Idrissi m 1st Secretary Miss Zeineb Bentahila 1st Secretary

Mr Abderrahman m 2nd Attaché (Consular Affairs) Mr Mustapha Aalou m Financial Attaché

Colonel Mustapha M. Erraji Military Naval & Air Attaché

Colonel Khalil Loudiyi Deputy Defence Attaché & Representative to the IMO

Mr Rachid Agassim m Consul General

Mrs Habiba Zemmouri Vice Consul (Consular Affairs)

Mr Zein Rachid m Vice Consul Mr Seddiq Bani m Attaché


High Commission for the Republic of Mozambique

21 Fitzroy Square W1T 6EL

020 7383 3800 Fax 020 7383 3801

www.mozambiquehighcommission.org.uk Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR CARLOS DOS SANTOS m High Commissioner (since 20 September 2011)

Mrs Isabel dos Santos

Mr Hiuane Abacar m Economic Counsellor

Mrs Ilda Raivoso * 2nd Secretary

Mr Filimao Langa m Financial & Administrative Attaché

Ms Hanifa Ibraimo Consular Attaché

02 April 2012



High Commission for the Republic of Namibia

6 Chandos Street W1G 9LU

020 7636 6244 Fax 020 7637 5694

Namibia-highcomm@btconnect.com Monday to Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR GEORGE MBANGA LISWANISO m High Commissioner (since 27 July 2006) Mrs Agnes M. Liswaniso

Mrs Morina Muuondjo m 1st Secretary (Commonwealth, Education & Culture) Mr Kanaki Tjejamba 1st Secretary (Trade, Investment, Tourism & Politics)

Mr Eldo K. Kaiyamo m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs, IMO & Protocol) Ms Talietha Thlabanello 2nd Secretary (Finance & Administration)

Mrs Anna Mupetami m 3rd Secretary



Embassy of Nepal

12a Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QU

020 7229 1594/6231/5352

Fax 020 7792 9861



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY DR SURESH CHANDRA CHALISE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 January 2010)

Dr Milan Adhikary

Mrs Ambika Devi Luintel m Minister-Counsellor Col. Bishawnath Ghimire m Military Attaché

Mr Ganesh Prasad Adhikari m Attaché (Accountant) Mr Khimanand Bhusal m Attaché (Consular)


Royal Netherlands Embassy

38 Hyde Park Gate, SW7 5DP

020 7590 3200 lon@minbuza.nl www.dutchembassyuk.org Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Passport & visa section: Please visit the Embassy’s website for information on the opening hours of the passport & visa section

Ambassador’s Office

020 7590 3299

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7590 3262

Political Department

020 7590 3294

Fax 020 7590 3262

Economic Department

020 7590 3259

Fax 020 7581 3450

Press & Cultural Department

020 7590 3269

Fax 020 7581 0053

Management Department

020 7590 3252

Fax 020 7225 0947

Consular Department

020 7590 3200

Fax 020 7581 3458

Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7590 3228

Fax 020 7581 9614

Army Attaché’s Office

020 7590 3244

Fax 020 7581 9614

Agricultural, Nature & Food Quality Department

020 7590 3279

Fax 020 7581 5276

Industrial Department

020 7590 3286

Fax 020 7584 3396

HIS EXCELLENCY MR PIM W. WALDECK m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 02 January 2007)

Mrs Cordula C.A. Waldeck-Quarles van Ufford Mr Laurens Westhoff m Minister Plenipotentiary

Mrs Carmen Gonsalves m Counsellor (Political Affairs) Mr Dimitri Vogelaar m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs) Mr Sander Van Schilt m Counsellor (Home Affairs)

Mr Ed C. Trommelen m 1st Secretary

Mrs Joanneke Balfoort m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Michiel Servaes m 1st Secretary (European & Economic Affairs) Mr Jan Van Weijen Counsellor (Press & Cultural Affairs)

Mr Louwrens Klijnsma m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Karel Marks m Vice Consul (Consuar Affairs)

Mr Rob Kouveld * Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Lisette Hurkmans-Berkers m 2nd Secretary (Management Affairs)

Captain Ragnar H. Campagne m Defence & Naval Attaché

Lt Colonel Jan P.E Van Tilburg m Military, Air & Defence Attaché Lt Colonel Peter L. M Snel m Defence Equipment Attaché

Mr Paul Vlaanderen m Counsellor (Finance)

02 April 2012


New Zealand High Commission

2nd Floor New Zealand House 80 Haymarket SW1Y 4TQ

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


020 7930 8422 Fax 020 7839 4580


Public Affairs: aboutnz@newzealandhc.org.uk Consular: consular@newzealandhc.org.uk

Defence Staff & Defence Purchasing Office

020 7930 8400

Fax 020 7930 8401

Immigration New Zealand

09069 100 100 (Premium Rate)

Fax 020 7973 0370

Passport Office

020 7968 2730

Fax 020 7968 2739

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

020 7973 0380

Fax 020 7973 0104

HIS EXCELLENCY MR DEREK LEASK High Commissioner (since 27 March 2008)

Mrs Belinda Brown m Deputy High Commissioner

Brigadier Anthony Hayward m Defence Adviser & Head New Zealand Defence Staff

Ms Jenny Tyne Counsellor (Management & Consular)

Mr Sam Lewis m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Gary Smith m Counsellor (Police)

Mr Ross Grigg m Counsellor (Chief Migration Officer)

Mr Mike Hickman Counsellor (Political)

Ms Karla Falloon Counsellor (Science & Technology) (Resident in Brussels)

Mr Jock Gilray m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Andrew Vincent m 1st Secretary

Mr Andy Badrick Counsellor (Customs) (Resident in Brussels)

Mr John Riley m 1st Secretary (Trade & Economic)

Mr Peter Ford m 1st Secretary (Technical)

Mr Steven Ainsworth Counsellor (Veterinary Services) (Resident in Brussels)

Commander James Routledge m Defence Adviser (Navy)

Wing Commander Nicholas Olney m Defence Adviser (Air)

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas Gillard m Defence Adviser (Army)

Lieutenant Commander Tony McCall Defence Adviser

Squadron Leader Susie Barns m Defence Adviser (Logistics)

Mr Edward Ablett-Hampson m 2nd Secretary (Multilateral)

Mr Robert Bell Attaché


02 April 2012

Embassy of Nicaragua

Suite 31 Vicarage House 58-60 Kensington Church Street W8 4DB 020 7938 2373

Fax 020 7937 0952 embaniclondon@btconnect.com www.cancilleria.gob.ni

Consular Section


Mr Carlos Arguello Gomez m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 May 2010)

Ms Guisell Morales Echaverry Minister-Counsellor Miss Karen Guerrero 1st Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Niger

154 Rue de Longchamp 75116 Paris FRANCE

(00) 331 45 04 80 60 Fax (00) 331 45 04 79 73

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ADAMOU SEYDOU m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 03 November 2003)

Mrs Fatoumata Seydou

Mr Bakary Yaou Sangare m 1st Counsellor Mrs Aminatou Batouré Gaoh m Counsellor Mr Eric Chamchoum m Counsellor

Mr Oudou Harouna m Head of Protocol

Colonel Oumarou Mallam Daouda m Defence Attaché Mr Lestenau Ibrahim m Attaché (Press)

Mr Mamane Sidi m Attaché (Financial)

Mrs Zeinabou Abdoulaye Garba Attaché (Social Affairs) Mrs Fatoumata Oumarou m Attaché (Education)


High Commission for the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigeria House 9 Northumberland Avenue WC2N 5BX 020 7839 1244

Fax 020 7839 8746 Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30 chancery@nigeriahc.org information@nigeriahc.org.uk www.nigeria.org.uk

Immigration Section

9 Northumberland Avenue WC2N 5BX

020 7839 1244

Fax 020 7925 0990



Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

Defence Section

9 Northumberland Avenue WC2N 5BX

02 April 2012

020 7839 1244 Fax 020 7925 1483

HIS EXCELLENCY DR DALHATU S. TAFIDA m High Commissioner (since 12 April 2008)

Mrs Salamatu Tafida

Ambassador Dozie C.B. Nwanna m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr S. A. K. Oyateru m Minister, Head of Political

Mr M.C.Anozie m Minister, Head of Trade & Economy Mr B.A Musa m Minister, Head of Chancery

Mr Ahmed Umar m Minister, Head of Trade & Economy

Mr A O Enikanolaiye m Minister, Special Assistant to High Commissioner Mr M.L.Isa m Minister, Head of Immigration

Mr Johnson .M. Adesida m Minister (Information)

Ms Lilian I. Onoh m Minister (Trade & Economy) Mr Adah Ogah m Minister (Information)

Mr T.O Aje m Minister, Chief of Protocol

Mr M.M.B Aliyu m Minister/Head Consular, Education &Welfare Mrs A A Musa m Minister (Administration)

Mrs M Abdul Raheem m Minister (Immigration) Mr Luka K. Kazah m Counsellor (Protocol)

Mr M.D. Galadima m 1st Secretary (Consular, Education &Welfare)

Mr Egwu M. Edache m Finance Attaché

Maj. Gen. Cecil Esekhaigbe m Defence Adviser (Navy)

Col. Nnamdi Isama m Deputy Defence Adviser (Finance) Captain I.O. Amao m Deputy Defence Adviser (Air)

Capt (NN) A. Eluwa m Deputy Defence Adviser (Navy)

Lt. Col. U.I. Magaji m Deputy Defence Adviser (Library) Mr Mustapha Amed m Immigration Attaché


Royal Norwegian Embassy

25 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QD

020 7591 5500

Fax 020 7245 6993



HIS EXCELLENCY MR KIM TRAAVIK m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 August 2010)

Mrs Astrid Bente Brodtkorb

Mr Olav Myklebust Minister-Counsellor

Ms Eva Vincent Minister-Counsellor (Press, Information & Cultural Affairs) Mrs Tove Sylstad Iversen m Counsellor (Administrative)

Mr Erling Heine Alvestad m Counsellor (Security & Defence Policy)

Mr Anders Vethe 1st Secretary

Mrs Kristin Marøy Stockman m 1st Secretary

Ms Terese Holm 1st Secretray (Political & Economic Affairs)

Ms Grethe Knudsen Consul Mr Åsmund Moe Attaché Ms Berit Lien Attaché

Colonel Knut Hamre m Defence Attaché

Commander Hanne Johnsløv Assistant Defence Attaché


02 April 2012

Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman

167 Queens Gate SW7 5HE

020 7225 0001 Fax 020 7589 2505

Monday-Friday 09.00-15.30

Information Attaché

020 7225 5233

Fax 020 7589 7751

Military Attaché

64 Ennismore Gardens SW7 1NH

020 7589 0202

Fax 020 7584 3653

Culture Attaché

64 Ennismore Gardens SW7 1NH

020 7589 0220

Fax 020 7584 6435/7589 3810

Health Attaché

64 Ennismore Gardens SW7 1NH

020 7589 0002

Fax 020 75812489

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ABDULAZIZ ABDULLAH ZAHIR AL HINAI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 November 2009)

Mrs Maryam Al Hinai

Shaikh Ghassan Shaker m Minister Plenipotentiary

Dr Omar Zawawi m Counsellor

Mr Yousef Ahmed Al-Jabri m Deputy Head of Mission Mr Humaid Ali Obiad Al-Mujaini m Counsellor

Mr Abdul Malik Mohamed Juma Al-Bulushi m Counsellor Mr Mohammed Al Kalbani m Counsellor

Mr Ahmed Ali Al-Rashdi m Counsellor/Head of Administration & Finance

Mrs Ghada Al-Zadjali m 1st Secretary Mrs Siba Ali Al-Moosa m 1st Secretary

Mr Sayyid Faisal Harib Al-Busaidi m 1st Secretary Mr Issa Saleh Abdullah Al-Sheibani m 1st Secretary

Mr Mohamed Saif Hamed Al-Humaidi m 1st Secretary Mr Asad Al-Harthy 1st Secretary

Brigadier Nasser Salim Al-Tamtami m Military Attaché

Commander Mubarak Mahfoodh Mohamed Al-Sinani m Assistant Military Attaché Sqaudron Leader Ali Hamed Saad Al-Jahwari m Administration & Finance Officer Dr Mohamed Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Bandari m Cultural Attaché

Mrs Aisha Hamad Mohammed Al-Hajri m Assistant Cultural Attaché Mr Ali Mansoor Nasser Al-Nasseri m Information Attaché

Mr Hilal Hamed Mohamed Al-Sarmi m Health Attaché


High Commission for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

35-36 Lowndes Square SW1X 9JN

020 7664 9200 Fax 020 7664 9224


02 April 2012

Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

Consular Division

34 Lowndes Square SW1X 9JN

Monday-Thursday 10.00-13.00 & Friday 10.00-12.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR WAJID SHAMSUL HASAN m High Commissioner (since 22 June 2008)

Mrs Zarina Hasan

Mr Mohammad Nafees Zakaria m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Khalid Majid m Counsellor (Political)

Mr Aftab Hasan Khan m Head of Chancery, 1st Secretary

Mr Shozab Abbas m 1st Secretary

Mr Awais Ahmed Khan m 3rd Secretary (Political) Mr Raheel Tariq m 3rd Secretary (Education)

Mr Taj Muhammad Khan m 3rd Secretary

Commodore Imran Saeed m Defence & Naval Adviser

Colonel Omer Ahmed Bokhari m Army & Air Adviser Colonel Osamah Majeed m PATLO

Major Faisal Arif m PATLO-I

Captain Syed Ahmed Salman m Adviser Defence Procurement Mr Muhammad Sarir m Technical Attaché

Mr Muhammad Ashraf Alam m ACMA Mr Mian Shabbir Anwer m Minister Press Mr Muneer Ahmed m Press Attaché

Mr Ihsan Ghani Khan m Minister (Coord)

Mr Liaquat Ali Waseem m Counsellor (Coord)

Mr Hafeez Ullah Khan m 2nd Secretary (Coord) Mr Ghulam Hussain m 1st Secretary (Coord)

Ms Saira Najeeb Ahmed * Commercial Counsellor

Mr Salas Raza Kiani m Minister (Community Welfare Wing) Mrs Shehnaz Mazhar m Community Welfare Counsellor Mr Shahid Ali Baig m Director (Audit & Accounts)

Mr syed Tauqir Abbas Rizvi m 3rd Secretary (Audit & Accounts) Mr Tariq Ahmad Lodhi m GM (NADRA) UK & Europe

Mr Fiaz Hussain m Dy Director (Immigration & Passports)


London Honorary Consulate (see page 133)


Embassy of Panama

40 Hertford Street W1J 7SH

020 7493 4646

Fax 020 7493 4333


Consulate General

40 Hertford Street W1 7SH

020 7409 2255

Fax 020 7493 4499


02 April 2012

HER EXCELLENCY MS ANA IRENE DELGADO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary, Consul General & Permanent Representative to the IMO (since 11 November 2011)

Mrs Diana Chávez Centeno Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Ramón Abadi Balid m Commercial Attaché Miss Laura Montenegro Attaché

Mr Jaime Gilinski Bacal m Political Affairs Attaché


Papua New Guinea High Commission

14 Waterloo Place SW1Y 4AR

020 7930 0922

Fax 020 7930 0828



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

HER EXCELLENCY MS WINNIE ANNA KIAP High Commissioner (since 24 August 2011)

Dr John Balavu m Minister


Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay

3rd Floor 344 Kensington High Street W14 8NS

020 7610 4180

Fax 020 7371 4297



Monday-Friday 09.30-17.00

Consular Section

020 7610 4180

Fax 020 7371 4297

Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00

HIS EXELLENCY MR MIGUEL ANGEL SOLANO LOPEZ CASCO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 December 2009)

Mrs Maria Mercedes Troxler-Correa

Ms Maria Angelica Vega Ketterer Minister (Consular Affairs)


Embassy of Peru

52 Sloane Street SW1X 9SP

020 7235 1917/8340/3802

Fax 020 7235 4463



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consulate General

52 Sloane Street SW1X 9SP

020 7838 9223/9224

Fax 020 7823 2789

02 April 2012

peruconsulate-uk@btconnect.com Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00

Naval Attaché’s Office

5 Fallstaff House 24 Bardolph Road Richmond TW9 2LH

020 8940 7773

Fax 020 8940 7735


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mrs Gloria Olivares de Garro m Minister-Counsellor, Chargé D’Affaires a.i.

Mr Julio Garro m Minister (Consul General)

Rear Admiral Pablo Monzón * Defence Attaché & Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO Captain Jorge Vargas m Deputy Defence Attaché & Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO Mr Manuel Carrasco m Counsellor (Political Affairs) & Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO Mr Alberto Hart m 1st Secretary (Trade, Investment & Co-operation Affairs)

Mr Guillermo Pardavé 2nd Secretary (Cultural, Tourism, Legal & Press Affairs) Miss Claudia Lapeyre 2nd Secretary (Vice Consul)


Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

6-8 Suffolk Street SW1Y 4HG

Tel: 020 7451 1780

Fax: 020 7930 9787



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00

Consular Section: 020 7451 1814/1815/1819

Political Section: 020 7451 1806

Multilateral Section: 020 7451 1810

Economic /Administration Section : 020 7451 1807

Cultural Section: 020 7451 1810

Trade Section

1a Cumberland House Kensington Court W8 5NX

020 7937 1898/7998 Fax 020 7937 2747

E-mail: info@ivestphilippines.org.uk

Office of the Defence & Armed Forces Attaché

8 Suffolk Street SW1Y 4HG

020 7451 1831

Fax 020 7839 5401


Labour Section

8 Suffolk Street SW1Y 4HH

020 7451 1832

Fax 020 7839 7345


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ENRIQUE MANALO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 04 October 2011)

Mrs Pamela Louise Manalo

02 April 2012

Mr Reynaldo A. Catapang m Deputy Chief of Mission & Deputy Permanent Representative to the IMO (Chargé d’Affaires a.i.)

Mr Francisco Noel Fernandez m Minister & Alternate Permanent Representative to the IMO

Mrs Bernadette Therese Chiu-Fernandez m Minister & Consul Mr Marshall Louis Alferez m Minister & Consul

Mr Emmanuel Donato Guzman m 3rd Secretary & Vice Consul Mrs Joan Lourdes Lavilla m Attaché (Labour)

Colonel Inocencio Mayangao m Defence & Armed Forces Attaché

Mrs Perlita Tabisaura m 2nd Secretary Mrs Edith Mallillin m Attaché

Mr Gil Modesto m Attaché Mrs Vivian Pascua * Attaché Mr Rico Garcia * Attaché

Mr Federico Silao Jr m Attaché Mr Rosendo Rodriguez m Attaché Mrs Cecilia Santos m Attaché

Mrs Maria Luisa Ramos m Attaché Mrs Teresa Modesto m Attaché Mrs Emillet Palomique Attaché Mrs Marilyn Galanza m Attaché Mr Panteleon Lucas m Attaché

Mr Manuel Mamerto Mercado III * Welfare Officer


Embassy of the Republic of Poland

47 Portland Place W1B 1JH

020 7291 3520

Fax 020 7291 3576



Economic Department

47 Portland Place W1B 1JH

020 7291 3917

Fax 020 7291 3968


Trade & Investment Promotion Department

90 Gloucester Place W1U 6HS

020 7317 2702

Fax 020 7486 9840



Polish Cultural Institute

52-53 Poland Street W1F 7LX

020 3206 2004

Fax 020 7434 0139



Consular Section

73 New Cavendish Street W1W 6LS

020 7291 3914

Fax 020 7323 2320

02 April 2012

londyn.amb.wk@msz.gov.pl www.londynkg.polemb.net

HER EXCELLENCY MS BARBARA TUGE-ERECINSKA Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 03 November 2006)

Mr Dariusz Laska m Deputy Head of Mission, Minister-Counsellor Mr Boleslaw Gryzel m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Ireneusz Truszkowski m Minister-Counsellor, Head of Consular Section Navy Captain Stanislaw Król m Defence, Military, Naval & Air Attaché

Mr Jacek Gajewski 1st Counsellor, Head of Political Section

Mr Roland Chojnacki 1st Counsellor, Director of the Polish Cultural Institute

Mr Michal Mazurek 1st Counsellor

Mrs Iwona Woicka-Zulawska m Counsellor, Head of Economic Department

Lt Col Mariusz Komarnicki m Deputy Defence, Military, Naval & Air Attaché Lt Col Roman Szymaniuk * Deputy Defence Military, Naval & Air Attaché

Mr Andrzej Kossowski m Counsellor (IMO)

Ms Ewa Wisniewska Counsellor (Financial)

Mr Tomasz Awdankiewicz m Counsellor (Political) Mr Pawel Olczak m Counsellor

Mr Robert Szaniawski m Counsellor (Promotion, Media & Information)

Mr Henryk Kowal * Counsellor

Mr Mariusz Stus m Counsellor (Political)

Ms Justyna Stanczewska Counsellor (Consular Affairs) Ms Anna Godlewska Counsellor (Cutural Affairs)

Mr Boleslaw Wozniak m Counsellor (Science & Education)

Mr Czeslaw Bafeltowski m Counsellor Ms Justyna Szwed m 1st Secretary

Mrs Monika Panasiuk * 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Rafal Czarnecki m 1st Secretary (Administration)

Ms Jolanta Srebrakowska 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Aleksander Libera * 2nd Secretary (Trade & Investment ) Mr Marcin Tatarzynski * 2nd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Grzegorz Sala 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs) Ms Justyna Bielak 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Monika Sadkowska m 2nd Secretary Ms Matylda Madej 3rd Secretary

Mr Bartosz Tymkowski 3rd Secretary (Economic Affairs) Mr Sergiusz Wolski m 3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Tomasz Pazura m Attaché


Embassy of Portugal

11 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PP

020 7235 5331

Fax 020 7245 1287


Trade & Tourism

020 7201 6666

Fax 020 7201 6633



Consular Section

3 Portland Place W1B 1HR.

02 April 2012

020 7291 3770 Fax 020 7291 3799


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOÃO DE VALLERA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 19January 2011)

Mrs Maria Margarida Azevedo

Ms Maria Cristina Xavier Castanheta Minister-Counsellor

Mr José Eduardo Macedo Leão Ferreira da Silva m Consul General Ms Maria Leonor Jordão Penalva Esteves Counsellor

Mr Henrique João de Chaby Miranda Correia Azevedo m Deputy Consul General Mr Tiago Adão Alves Araújo m 1st Secretary

Mr Eduardo Jorge Castel-Branco souto de Moura Economic & Commercial Counsellor Mrs Maria Leite Pinto Monteiro m Press & Culture Attaché

Mr Filipe Christensen-Roed Gonçalves da Silva m Tourism Attaché


Embassy of the State of Qatar

1 South Audley Street W1K 1NB

020 7493 2200

Fax 020 7493 2661

Monday-Friday 09.30-16.00

Cultural Section

21 Hertford Street W1Y 7RY

020 7495 8677

Fax 020 7495 8660

Medical Section

30 Collingham Gardens SW5 0HN

020 7370 6871

Fax 020 7835 1469

Military Section

21 Hertford Street W1J 7RY

020 7409 2229

Fax 020 7629 0740

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KHALID RASHID AL-HAMOUDI AL-MANSOURI KCVO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 August 2005)

Mrs Mooza Saif Al-Mansoori

Mr Fahad Ibrahim A.A. Al-Mushairi m Counsellor

Mr Ali Ghanem A Al-Fouhaid Al-Hajri Counsellor

Sheikha Moza Nasser A. A. Al-Thani Counsellor Mr Sultan Ali M.Y. Al-Khater m 2nd Secretary

Mr Mohamed Hamad M.S. Al-Nuaimi m Defence Attaché

Mr Mohammed Rashid Al-Kuwari m Assistant Defence Attaché Mr Mohamed Abdulla Al-Kaabi m Cultural Attaché

Mr Abdulla Ali Al-Ansari m Medical Attaché Mrs Leila Fanous MVO Attaché (Press)


Embassy of Romania

02 April 2012

Arundel House 4 Palace Green W8 4QD 020 7937 9666

Fax 020 7937 8069 roemb@roemb.co.uk www.londra.mae.ro Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Commercial Section

Arundel House 4 Palace Green W8 4QD

020 7937 9668

Fax 020 7937 8069

Defence Attaché’s Office

Arundel House 4 Palace Green W8 4QD

020 7937 4379

Fax 020 7937 4379


Consular Section

M.E.I.C. House 344 Kensington High Street W14 8NS

020 7602 9777 / 020 7602 9662

Fax 020 7602 4229

Romanian Cultural Institute

1 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PH

020 7752 0134

Fax 020 7235 0383



HIS EXCELLENCY DR ION JINGA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 07 March 2008)

Mrs Daniela Doina Jinga

Mrs Carmen Podgorean * Minister (Deputy Head of Mission) Mr Radu Serban m Minister (Economic & Financial Affairs) Mr Florian Grozea m Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Dorian Branea m Minister-Counsellor (Cultural Institute Director) Mrs Mary-Eliana Teodorescu Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mrs Petronela Corina Iordanescu m Counsellor

Mrs Oana Gheorghiu * 1st Secretary (Head of Consular Section) Mr Mihai Delcea m Minister-Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mr Paul Hussar m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Colonel Constantin Iacobita m Defence, Military, Air & Naval Attaché

Cdr(N) Gabriel Corneliu Oncioiu m Deputy Defence, Military, Air & Naval Attaché

Mrs Cecilia Deaconescu * Economic Counsellor

Mrs Bianca Monica Mina m 1st Secretary (Cultural, Education & Political Affairs) Miss Simona Spinaru 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Ms Cristina Narcisa Nita 1st Secretary (Press & Political Affairs)

Mr Daniel Robert Marin m Home Affairs Attaché

Ms Ileana Stanica Labour & Social Affairs Attaché

Mr Dan Mina m Attaché


Embassy of the Russian Federation (Residence of the Ambassador)

13 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QX

020 7229 3620

020 7792 1408

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7229 5804

Embassy of the Russian Federation (Main Building)

6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QP

020 7229 3628

020 7229 6412

Fax 020 7727 8625



Consular Department

5 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QS

020 7792 8473

020 3051 1199

0845 868 1199

0905 889 0149 (visa information) www.rusemblon.org info@rusemblon.org

Defence Attaché’s Office

44 Millfield Lane N6 6JB

020 8341 7979

Fax 020 8341 7744

Office of the Trade Representative

33 Highgate West Hill N6 6NL

020 8340 1907

Fax 020 8348 0112

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALEXANDER V. YAKOVENKO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 January 2011)

Mrs Nana Yakovenko

Mr Alexander M. Kramarenko m Minister-Counsellor.

Mr Victor V. Spasskiy m Trade Representative

Colonel Mikhail P. Klimuk m Defence & Military Attaché

Mr Karen K. Malayan m Senior Counsellor Mr Vladimir A. Ananyev m Senior Counsellor Mr Valery V. Rodichkin m Senior Counsellor Mr Artem Kozhin m Counsellor

Mr Sergey F. Byvshev m Senior Counsellor

Mr Maxim Elovik m Military Attaché

Mr Artur R. Matikyan m Counsellor & Representative of Russian Federal Agency for CIS Mr Andrey K. Batmanov m Counsellor & Head of Consular Section

Mr Sergey N. Ganin m 1st Secretary

Mr Sergey K. Andriashin m 1st Secretary Mr Gennady G. Antonov m 1st Secretary Mr Sergey N .Kustov m 1st Secretary

Mr Konstantin V. Shlykov m 1st Secretary Mr Sergey N. Nalobin m 1st Secretary

Mr Denis M. Temnikov m 1st Secretary Mr Alexander B. Shoshnikov 1st Secretary Mr Vadim Y. Petrov m 1st Secretary

Mr Ilya A. Gleyzer m 1st Secretary Mr Ivan A. Volodin m 1st Secretary

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexey P. Vertakov m Assistant Military Attaché Commander Dmitry E. Bogachev m Assistant Naval Attaché Lieutenant-Colonel Alexey V. Chernysh m Assistant Air Attaché

02 April 2012

Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander S. Shevelev m Assistant Military Attaché Lieutenant-Colonel Pavel I. Kuznetsov m Assistant Military Attaché

Lieutenant-Colonel Igor Lyashenko m Assistant Defence & Military Attaché Assistant

Mr Anton V. Azarov m 2nd Secretary

Mr Alexey O. Sheklakov m 2nd Secretary Mr Roman A. Zizin m 2nd Secretary

Mr Viacheslav P. Petelin m 2nd Secretary Mr Andrey A. Ledenev m 2nd Secretary

Mr Yaroslav V. Kon’kov m 2nd Secretary

Mr Dmitry K. Lavrov m 2nd Secretary Mr Alexey I. Dobrinskiy m 2nd Secretary Mr Timofey N. Filonchik m 3rd Secretary Mr Dmitry I. Lebedev m 3rd Secretary Mr Andrey M. Pavlov m 3rd Secretary

Mr Andrey A. Makarenko m 3rd Secretary Mr Alexander S. Karavaytsev 3rd Secretary Mr Dmitry S. Rybakov m Attaché

Mr Igor Sergeev m Attaché

Mr Sergey V. Peshiy m Attaché

Mrs Larisa K. Linnik m Attaché

Mr Denis N. Ukhanov m Attaché

Mr Alexander N. Satyukov m Attaché Mr Sergey Y. Kanash m Attaché

Mr Igor G. Prolygin m Attaché

Mr Alexei G. Tikolkin m Attaché

Mr Sergey O. Anufriev m Attaché Mr Vasiliy I. Guliev m Attaché

Mr Eduard V. Orzhelskiy m Attaché Mr Igor V. Chamov Attaché

Mr Dmitry Y. Gorbunov m Attaché

Mr Dmitry V. Kalmykov m Attaché

Mr Andrey S. Chuprakov m Attaché Mr Alexander Tomilov m Attaché Mr Dmitry A. Kiselev m Attaché

Ms Anna Koshman Attaché

Mr Denis S. Klevtsov m Attaché Mr Oleg V. Shor m Attaché

Mr Vladimir Kudriashov m Attaché

Mr Andrey A. Kuznetsov m Attaché

Mrs Elizaveta V. Vokorina m Attaché Mr Alexander I. Kochergin Attaché Ms Anna S. Koshman Attaché


High Commission for the Republic of Rwanda

120-122 Seymour Place W1H 1NR

020 7224 9832 Fax 020 7724 8642

uk@ambarwanda.org.uk www.ambarwanda.org.uk

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ERNEST RWAMULYO m High Commissioner (since 06 March 2010)

Mrs Pauline Uwoyiremeye Mrs Linda Kalimba m 1st Counsellor

Brig. General Kanyambo Frank Rusagara m Defence Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr James Wizeye m 1st Secretary

Mr Patrick Gihana-Mulenga m Commercial Attaché


High Commission for Saint Christopher & Nevis

10 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7937 9718 Fax 020 937 9718 info@sknhc.co.uk

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KEVIN MONROE ISAAC m High Commissioner (since 12 January 2011)

Mrs Prangtip Isaac

Mrs Jacinth Henry-Martin * Deputy High Commissioner Miss Wanda Connor 1st Secretary

High Commission for Saint Lucia  
1 Collingham Gardens SW5 0HW  
020 7370 7123  
Fax 020 7370 1905  
HIS EXCELLENCY MR ELDRIDGE STEPHENS m High Commissioner (since 03 May 2008)

Mrs Peternise Stephens

Miss Linda Brice Minister-Counsellor

Miss Kim Emmanuel 1st Secretary

Ms Clerona Compton Consul

Mr Verne Augustin Vice Consul

Mrs Esther Robinson-Bello m Attaché/Administrative Secretary


High Commission for Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

10 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7460 1256

020 7565 2874 Fax 020 7937 6040

info@svghighcom.co.uk www.svghighcom.co.uk

www.facebook.com/pages/SVG-High-Commission/113786951801 www.twitter.com/svghighcom


High Commissioner’s Office

020 7565 2545


Political & Commercial Section

020 7565 2885


Consular Section

02 April 2012

020 7460 2588 info@svghighcom.co.uk

HIS EXCELLENCY MR CENIO E. LEWIS m High Commissioner (since 24 April 2001)

Mrs Ita Lewis

Mrs Doris Charles * Minister-Counsellor

Ms Carolin de Freitas-Sawh m Counsellor


Embassy of Samoa

Avenue de l’Oree 20 Bte 4 Brussels 1000 0032 2 660 8454

Fax 0032 2 675 0336 samoanembassy@skynet.be

Vacant High Commissioner

Ms Amorette Posini Danielson Acting High Commissioner

Ms Anastasia Amoa Counsellor

Mr Oliver Joseph Chan Ting m 1st Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of San Marino

All correspondence should be addressed to the Department of Foreign Affairs Palazzo Begni – Contrada Omerelli 47890 San Marino – Republic of San Marino +378 (0549) 882229

Fax +378 (0549) 992018 dipartimentoaffariesteri@pa.sm

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Vacant Deputy Head of Mission


Embassy of São Tomé & Principe

175 Avenue de Tervuren 1150 Brussels

00322 734 8966 Fax 00322 734 8815


Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Armindo de Brito m Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Horatio Fernando da Forseca m 2nd Secretary


Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

30 Charles Street Mayfair W1J 5DZ

020 7917 3000

Defence Attaché’s Office

26 Queens Gate SW7 5JE

02 April 2012

020 7581 7070

Diplomatic Office of the Cultural Bureau

630 Chiswick High Road W4 5RY

020 3249 7000

Medical Section

60 Queen Anne Street W1G 8HP

020 7935 9931

Consular Office

32 Charles Street Mayfair W1J 5DZ

020 7917 3000

Economic Section

30 Charles Street Mayfair W1J 5DZ

020 7917 3000

Commercial Section

15/16 Queens Street Mayfair W1J 5PQ

020 7917 3000

Islamic Affairs Section

2nd Floor, Park Lorne 111 Park Road NW8 7JL

020 7723 7817

Information Section

18 Seymour Street W1H 7HU

020 7486 8324

HIS EXCELLENCY HRH PRINCE MOHAMED BIN NAWAF BIN ABDULAZIZ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 01 December 2005)

HH Princess Fadwa bint Khalid bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Mr Abdulrahman A.A. Al-Suhaibani m Minister Plenipotentiary

Dr Saud Al Ammari m Minister Plenipotentiary

Mr Abdulrahman Al-Anezi m Counsellor Mr Abdulaziz Al-Faleh m Counsellor

Mr Abdullah Zayed Assiri m Counsellor

Mr Zainalabdeen Ali Ahmed Melebari m Counsellor Mr Saud bin Fahd M. Al-Suwailem m Counsellor Mr Abdulaziz Al-Najar m 1st Secretary

Mr Ahmed Ali A. Kattouah m 1st Secretary Mr Waleed Al-Hamoudi m 1st Secretary

Mr Musaid Sulaiman M. Al-Marwany m 1st Secretary Mr Fahad Nahar Al-Saqer m Counsellor

HH Prince Sultan Fahd Al-Saud m 1st Secretary Mr Ibrahim M. S. Al-Subhi m 1st Secretary

Mr Mazen Abdulaziz Al Shaikh m 1st Secretary Mr Osamah D. R. Al-Ahmadi m 1st Secretary Mr Rajeh Tami H. Al-Bugamy m 1st Secretary

Mr Khalid Mohamed O. Al-Saadoun m 1st Secretary Mr Khalid Abdullah A. Al-Rajhi m 1st Secretary

Mr Anas Abdulrahman Al-Wasedy m 1st Secretary Mr Ahmed Yahya A. Al-Dagreer m 2nd Secretary Miss Majeda Saleh B. Al-Otaibi 1st Secretary

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim M. Al-Shalfan m 2nd Secretary Mr Abdullah Abdulrahman A. Al-Fozan m 2nd Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Yousef Shazle m 3rd Secretary Mr Fouad Sebaih m 3rd Secretary

Mr Faisl Mohammed Al-Housaini m 3rd Secretary Mr Emad H. Zahim m 3rd Secretary

HRH Princess Madawil bint Mohamed Al-Saud 3rd Secretary Dr Abdulrahman bin Asad Hussain m 3rd Secretary

Dr Elham Danish m 3rd Secretary

Mr Faris Eidah A. Al-Thbiti m 3rd Secretary

Mr Ali bin Abdulrahman Ali Al-Othman m 2nd Secretary Mr Ibrahim Omar Al-Dayel m 3rd Secretary

Mr Abdullah S. Al-Sallal m Attaché

Mr Mohammed Salem Al-Zubaidi m Attaché

HRH Princess Mashael bint Mohamed Al-Saud Attaché Mr Abdullah Al-Shuraim m Attaché

Mr Saad Mohammed Al-Othman m Attaché Mr Ali Khalid Al-Humaidan Attaché

Miss Norah Abdulaziz H El Gibreen Attaché Ms Nouf Fahad Al-Khaldi Attaché

Mr Nasser Thnayan Al-Thnayan Attaché

Brig. Gen. Dawood Yousef Al-Sulaim m Defence Attaché

Brig. Gen. Ali Saleh A. Al-Gazlan m Assistant Defence Attaché (Air) Col. Abdullah Hamed M. Al-Ghoreibi m Assistant Attaché (Naval Affairs)

Col. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin I. Al-Hamlan m Assistant Attaché (Defence) Col. Sajer Rafeed M. Al-Enazi m Attaché (Defence)

Col. Omar I. Al-Seif m Assistant Attaché (Defence)

Lt. Col. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Asmari m Attaché (Defence)

Lt. Col. Nasser Al-Mutairi * Naval Attaché (Defence)
Major Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Zamel m Attaché (Defence)

Major Saleh I. Al-Bazi m Attaché (Defence)

Major Kaab Saeed M. Al-Amri m Attaché (Defence)

Major Fahad Abdullah Al-Ruwayti m Attaché (Defence)

Major Mohammad bin Omar Al-Masoud m Attaché (Defence)

Major Ahmed Abu Hadi m Attaché (Defence)

Capt.Saad Mohammed Al-Toaimy m Attaché (Defence)

Capt. Mohammed Abdullah A. Al-Arfaj m Attaché (Defence)

Capt. Yazeed Mansour Al-Khelaiwi m Attaché (Defence)

Capt. Mohamed Abdullah Al-Arfag m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Abdullah Al-Daowas m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Rodwan Taher Askar m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Hassan Abdullah Al-Azhari m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Mohammad Hamad bin Salem Al-Qahtany m Assistant Attaché (Defence)

Mr Faisal Al Otaibi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Ahmed Hamed H. Al-Mutairi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Abdullah Turki Al-Osaimi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Bander Owaid Al-Otaibi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Fahd bin Abdulrahman Al-Arfaj m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Ali bin Ibrahim F. Al-Onazy m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Saad Alduhaimi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Soliman M. S. Al-Malki m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Musleh Al-Garni m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Badr bin Abdullah Al-Anazi m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Mohammad Ali M. Al-Qahtani m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Ahmed Khalaf Al-Khalaf m Assistant Attaché (Defence)

Mr Mohammed Abdullah Al-Burih m Attaché (Defence)

Prof. Dr Ghazy Abdulwahid Makki Al-Makki m Cultural Attaché

Mr Saleh Abdullah S. Al-Monif m Attaché (Cultural)

Dr Aiman M. Momenah m Assistant Attaché (Cultural)

02 April 2012

Dr Ahmad S. A. Turkistani m Attaché (Cultural)

Dr Mohammad Omar Abdulaziz Al-Subael m Attaché (Cultural) Dr Abdulaziz bin Mahdi Abu Sulaiman m Attaché (Cultural)

Dr Mohammed Saeed Qasi Al-Ahmadi m Attaché (Cultural) Dr Abdulellah Haizan m Attaché (Cultural)

Dr Hesham Abdulrahman A Khadawardi m Attaché (Cultural)

Dr Abdulghani Abulhassan G. Al-Harbi m Attaché (Cultural) Dr Mustafa Abdulrahman Al-Bar * Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Abdulrahman A. A. Al-Angari m Assistant Attaché (Cultural) Mrs Wedad Abdolrhman Ali Al-Karni m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Nassir Fahad Al-Bishr m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Abdulrahman bin Mansour Al-Qadhi m Attaché (Cultural) Mr Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Jallal m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Khaled Al-Sarami m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Aba Al-Khail m Assistant Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Waleed K. Al-Jarwan Administrative Attaché (Cultural) Mr Badr bin Warkan m Assistant Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Sultan Faleh Al-Subai m Assistant Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Abdullah Abdulaziz M. Al-Nasser m Attaché (Cultural) Mr Ahmed Suleiman Al-Hinaki m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Sultan Hussain Al-Bogami m Attaché (Cultural) Mr Eyad Ibrahim A. Al-Fadel Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Hamad Moufrreh Awad Al-Nufaie m Attaché (Cultural) Mr Abdulmalik Mohamed Al-Kathiri Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Khalid Mohamed Al-Huseini m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Abdullah Mohammed Al-Zahrani m Attaché (Cultural)

Mr Abdulaziz Al-Hindi m Assistant Attaché (Information)

Mr Nabil Ibrahim Mohamed Murad m Attaché (Information)

Mr Munther Mohammad Al-Amrani m Administrative Officer (Information) Mr Hassan Khayat m Commercial Attaché

Mr Fawaz Saad Al-Ghamdi m Attaché (Commercial)

Mr Nasser Abdulaziz Al-Mugbil Attaché (Commercial) Dr Ali Hamed S. Al-Ghamdi * Health Attaché

Dr Ahmed Al-Dubayan m Attaché (Islamic Affairs)

Mr Mohamed Al-Sayyid m Assistant Attaché (Islamic Affairs) Mr Abdulaziz Al-Harbi m Attaché (Islamic Affairs)

Mr Mazen Al-Malik m Attaché

Mr Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Nasser m Attaché Mr Eddies Abdullah Al-Oteibi Attaché

Mr Fahd Abdu Ibrahim Shetaifi Attaché

Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Jabali m Attaché

Mr Abdulaziz Mohamed bin Qann m Attaché Mr Mohamed Al-Tuayan m Attaché

Mr Sultan bin Mohammed H. Al-Hulwah m Attaché Mr Saad bin Mohammed M. Al-Qahtani m Attaché Mr Abdullah Al-Shaibani m Attaché

Mr Sattam bin Menwer J. Al-Harbi m Attaché

Mr Nasser bin Salem Ayed Al-Baqami m Attaché Mr Maher Mabruk M. Al-Bulushi m Attaché

Mr Jarallah bin Hassan Al-Malki m Attaché Mr Ahmed bin Abdullah Muraished m Attaché Mr Abdulaziz Ali J. Al-Tamemi m Attaché

Mr Hossain Alqahtani m Attaché

Mr Mohsen Al-Salhi m Attaché

Mr Muqrin Abdullah M. Al-Malki m Attaché

Mr Mohsen Yousef Al-Baqami m Attaché Mr Daifallah Al-Harbi m Attaché

02 April 2012

Mr Abdullah bin Shallah Al-Matrafi m Attaché Mr Saeed bin Awad Al-Harbi m Attaché

Mr Bader bin Saad Al-Tilasi m Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Senegal

39 Marloes Road W8 6LA

020 7938 4048/020 7937 7237

Fax 020 7938 2546



EXCELLENCY MR ABDOU SOURANG m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 04 December 2007)

Mrs Marieme Mbengue

Mr Youssouph Diallo m 1st Counsellor Mr Sara Ndiaye m 1st Counsellor

Mr Aliou Ndiaye m 1st Secretary Mr Djibril Dia m 1st Secretary

Mrs Fatimatou Seck * 2nd Secretary


Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

28 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB

020 7235 9049

Fax 020 7235 7092



HIS EXCELLENCY DR DEJAN POPOVIŠ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 December 2008)

Mrs Zorica Popoviš

Mr Branimir Filipoviš m Minister-Counsellor

Captain (Naval) Nikola Luniš m Defence Attaché

Mr Saša Uzelac * 1st Counsellor (Economic Affairs) Mrs Ljiljana Zarubica m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Miss Marina Markoviš * Counsellor (Press & Cultural Affairs) Colonel Darko Perišiš m Assistant Defence Attaché

Mr Vladimir Dišoviš * 1st Secretary

Miss Miljana Stojanoviš * 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)


The High Commission of the Republic of Seychelles

1st Floor 18 Hanover Street W1S 1YN

020 7409 0032

Fax 020 7491 4972


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section

4th Floor 111 Baker Street W1U 6RR

02 April 2012

020 7935 7770 Fax 020 7486 3272

consulate@seychelles-gov.net www.seychelles-gov.net

Monday-Thursday 09.30-17.30, Friday 09.30-15.00

Commercial Section

4th Floor Room 407 Liberty House 222 Regent Street W1B 5TR

020 7297 2128



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR PATRICK PILLAY High Commissioner (since 14 January 2010)

Mrs Marie-Angele Thomas m 1st Secretary

Mr Bernard Silver m Consul (Head of Consular Section)

Mrs Lena Hoareau m Commercial Attaché (Public Relations & News Bureau) Miss Christine Vel Commercial Attaché

Sierra Leone High Commission  
41 Eagle Street WC1R 4TL  
020 7404 0140  
Fax 020 7430 9862  
Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00  
HIS EXCELLENCY MR EDWARD MOHAMED TURAY High Commissioner (since 09 January 2010)

Mr Tamba Mansa Ngegba m Deputy High Commissioner

Mrs Florence Nyawa Bangalie * Head of Chancery

Mr Sahr Prince Demba m Counsellor

Mrs Josephine Marah m Counsellor

Mr Obai Taylor-Kamara m Counsellor

Mr Jonathan Las-Lamin m 1st Secretary

Mrs Isatu L. Conteh m 2nd Secretary

Mr John Ellie m Financial Attaché

Mr Sorie Sudan Sesay m Information Attaché


High Commission for the Republic of Singapore

9 Wilton Crescent SW1X 8SP

020 7235 8315 Fax 020 7245 6583

singhc_lon@sgmfa.gov.sg http://mfa.gov.sg/london Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section

Basement 9 Wilton Crescent SW1X 8SP

020 7235 8315

Fax 020 7235 9850


Monday-Friday 09:30-12:30

02 April 2012

Liaison Office

2nd Floor 53 Monument Street EC3R 8BU

020 7283 4023

Fax 020 7283 4024

Commercial Section

Singapore Centre Grand Buildings1-3 The Strand WC2N 5HR

020 7484 2730

Fax 020 7839 6162


Maritime Affairs

Singapore Centre Grand Buildings 1-3 The Strand WC2N 5HR

020 7484 2738

Fax 020 7484 2739

HIS EXCELLENCY MR THAMBYNATHAN JASUDASEN High Commissioner (since 22 August 2011) Mrs Patricia Jasudasen

Mr Stephen Quick m Deputy High Commissioner

Ms Han Yin Lee m Counsellor

Mr Harbhajan Singh m 1st Secretary (Admin & Consular) Ms Sue Pang 2nd Secretary (Political)

Ms Charlene Chow 2nd Secretary (Political)

Ms Karolyn Poon m 1st Secretary (Overseas Singaporeans) Mr Ranjeet Singh 1st Secretary (Maritime)

Ms Lee Fee Chong 1st Secretary (Maritime) Ms Irene Yap 1st Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Bartholomew Goh m Attaché (Admin & Consular)


Embassy of the Slovak Republic

25 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QY

020 7313 6470

020 7313 6481



Monday-Thursday 08.30-16.45, Friday 08.30-15.30

Consular & Visa Section


Monday-Thursday 09.00-12.00 & 13.00-16.00, Friday 09.00-12.00

Commercial Department

020 7313 6493

020 7727 3009

Fax: 020 7727 3667



Defence Attaché's Office

Tel/Fax 020 7792 0215

HIS EXCELLENCY MR MIROSLAV WLACHOVSKÝ Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 March 2011)

02 April 2012

Mrs Jaroslava Wlachovská

Ms Slavomíra Masurová Deputy Head of Mission

Colonel Vladimír Samek m Defence Attaché

Ms Zuzana Chudá Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Alena Longauerová m 2nd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Dr Adriana Kolarikova m 1st Secretary

Ms Katarína Bakošová Attaché (Visa & Consular Affairs)


Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia

10 Little College Street SW1P 3SH

020 7222 5700

Fax 020 7222 5277



Consular Section (entrance from Cowley Street)

020 7227 9711 Fax 020 7222 5277

Monday 10.00-13.00, Wednesday 14.30-17.00, Thursday 10.00 -13.00 & 14.00-16.30

HIS EXCELLENCY MR IZTOK JARC m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 02 February 2009)

Mrs Helena Jarc

Mr Milko Dolinšek m Minister Plenipontentiary Ms Jana Erzetic 1st Counsellor

Mr Gorazd Rencelj 1st Secretary (Economics)

Mrs Mateja Štrumelj Piškur m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Miss Mateja Dolenc Administrative Attaché


High Commission for the Solomon Islands

Avenue Edouard Lacombe 17B 1040 Brussels Belgium 00 32 2 732 7085

Fax 00 32 2 732 6885

HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOSEPH MA’AHANUA High Commissioner (since 30 June 2006)

Mrs Noelyn Ma’ahanua


The Embassy of the Somali Democratic Republic closed in 1992


South African High Commission

South Africa House

Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DP

020 7451 7299

Fax 020 7839 5670

HIS EXCELLENCY DR ZOLA SIDNEY THEMBA SKWEYIYA m High Commissioner (since 24 September 2009)

02 April 2012

Mrs Thuthukile Edy Skweyiya

Ms Bongiwe Qwabe Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Johannes Munro m Minister (Corporate Services)

Mr Dumisani Theohelus Ntuli m Minister

Mr Yusuf Ismail Timol m Minister (Economic) Mrs Mandy Eileen Solomon m Counsellor Mr Schalk Willem Malan m Counsellor

Mr Johannes Petrus Cornet m Counsellor (ICT) Col Itumeleng Esther Kgole Counsellor

Mr Niall Francis William Wilkins m 1st Secretary Mr Wilhelm Heinrich Lotze m 1st Secretary

Ms Yamuna Irani Pillay 1st Secretary

Adv Edwina Cathleen Sunette Daames m 1st Secretary Ms Phindile Wilhemina Xaba m 1st Secretary

Mr Henry Sipho Nkosi 1st Secretary

Mr Gerhard Wheeler * 1st Secretary (Corporate Services)

Ms Selebaleng Maria Coerty Mongoegelwa 1st Secretary (Corporate Services) Ms Thandie Audrey Vilane 1st Secretary (ICT)

Mrs Wambambane Cathrine Moruke m 2nd Secretary Mr Franco Benjamin Blignaut m 2nd Secretary

Ms Noxolo Matimba 3rd Secretary Ms Bongekile Bangani Attaché

Mrs Maria Mamatlabe Makodi m Attaché

Mrs Naomi Carmen Cornet m Attaché

Brig-Gen Gerald Sandile Sizani Defence & Naval Adviser

Col Motshwening Tuduetso John Gareseitse m Defence Attaché

Mr Rapelang Moses Malekanyo m 2nd Secretary (Immigration & Civic Affairs) Mr Kgomotso Ngoma m 2nd Secretary(Immigration & Civic Affairs)

Ms Thobile Mable Lusibane 3rd Secretary (Immigration & Civic Affairs)


Embassy of Spain

39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

020 7235 5555

Fax 020 7259 5392




39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

020 7235 5555

Fax 020 7259 5392


Consular Section

20 Draycott Place SW3 2RZ

020 7589 8989

0906 550 8970 (Visa Information)

020 7594 4905 (Schengen Visa)

Fax 020 7581 7888



Cultural Section

39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

02 April 2012

020 7201 5522/5517/5524 Fax 020 7259 6487 cultural_office@btconnect.com

Defence Office

3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LN

020 7589 5731

Fax 020 7823 7926


Commercial Section

66 Chiltern Street W1U 4LS

020 7467 2330

Fax 020 7487 5586

Fax 020 7224 6409



Transport Office-Permanent Representation to International Maritime Organization

39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

020 7201 5539 / 020 7735 7611 Fax 020 7235 9303

Education Office

20 Peel Street W8 7PD

020 7727 2462

Fax 020 7229 4965



Labour & Immigration Affairs Office

20 Peel Street W8 7PD

020 7221 0098 / 020 7243 9897

Fax 020 7229 7270



Environment & Rural Marine Affairs Office

39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

020 7235 5005

Fax 020 7259 6897


Information & Press Office

39 Chesham Place SW1X 8SB

020 7235 7537

Fax 020 7235 2263


HIS EXCELLENCY MR CARLES CASAJUANA Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 August 2008)

Mrs Margarita Massanet

Mr Ramón Gandarias m Minister-Counsellor

Captain Pablo A. Lewick-Carazo m Defence & Naval Attaché

Mrs Mercedes Rico Carabias Minister (Consular Affairs)

Mr Fidel Lopez Alvarez m Minister (Cultural Affairs & Scientific)

Mr Luis Prados Counsellor

Mr Don Jóse Antonio Zamora m Economic & Commericial Consellor, Head of Commercial Officer

02 April 2012

Mr José Ignacio López-Chicheri m Counsellor

Mr Jesús Fernández m Counsellor (Education)

Ms María Luisa Delgado-Medina Counsellor (Labour & Immigration Affairs)

Ms Beatriz Garcés de Marcilla Counsellor (Envioromental & Rural & Marine Affairs) Mr Ignacio Moreno Gozalvez m Information & Press Counsellor

Mr Miguel Oliveros Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Ms Mon González-Ferran Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Ms Yolanda Varela Counsellor for Economic & Administrative Affairs Mr José Antonio Gonzalez-Bueno 1st Secretary (Political Affairs) Mrs Raquel Gomez- Cambronero m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Juan José García Counsellor

Mr Germán Calvillo m Economic & Commercial Counsellor Mr Rafael Jaén m Economic & Commercial Counsellor

Mr Juan Ignacio Vassallo m Counsellor for Commerce & Tourism

Wing Commander Antonio Sánchez m Deputy Defence & Air Attaché Mr Fernando Aguilera m Attaché

Ms Raquel Jorge Attaché

Mr Luis Leon m Attaché Mr Oscar Asensi m Attaché

Mrs Nuria Guzmán m Deputy Counsellor for Commerce & Tourism Mrs Carmen Sanz * Commercial Attaché

Mr Ruben Lopez-Pulido m Maritime Attaché Mrs Isabel Clara Lorda m Attaché

Mr Pedro Medina Attaché (Administrative Affairs)


High Commission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

13 Hyde Park Gardens W2 2LU

020 7262 1841

Fax 020 7262 7970



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Mr Matota Rallage Kulatilaka Lenegala Deputy Head of Mission

Mr M.K. Pathmanaathan m Minister-Counsellor (Public Affairs)

Mrs Sonali Nelum Ilangakkone Wijeratne m Minister-Counsellor (Commerce)

Major P.P. De Silva m Minister (Defence)

Mrs S.A.P.P. Saram m Minister-Counsellor (Information)

Mr G. Kodikara Appuhamilage Chaminda Kumara Kularatne m Minister-Counsellor (Consular) Mrs Hashini Kokila Waidyaratne m Minister

Mr Abeywarna Patabendige Jagath Kumara m 1st Secretary (Commerce)

Mr H.M.K. Herath m 1st Secretary (Administration)


Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BB

020 7554 8785



02 April 2012

Vacant Head of Mission

Mr Paul Molong Ading Akaro m Chargé D’Affaires a.i.

Mr Wol Mayar Ariec m Political & Community Affairs Officer

Miss Linda Kot Martin Information & Documentation Officer

Miss Adhieu Elizabeth Yaak Dut Desk Officer for Protocol & Public Relations


Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan

3 Cleveland Row St James’s SW1A 1DD

020 7839 8080

Fax 020 7839 7560



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ABDULLAHI HAMAD ALI ALAZREG Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 August 2010)

Mrs Sumaya Omer Husain Abdelrahman

Mr Mohammad Abdalla Ali Eltom m Deputy Head of Mission

Dr Mohamed Abdalla Abdelhameed Ahmed m Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Mohamed Osman Akasha El Hussain Mohamed m Counsellor

Ms Rwayda Izzeldin Hamid El Hassan 1st Secretary Mr Omer Hamid Abdalla Hamid m 2nd Secretary Mr Muawia Medani Ahmed Elameen m Counsellor Dr Khalid Al Mubarak m Press Counsellor

Mr Mahmoud Suliman Mohamed Easa m 1st Secretary Mr Ibrahim Elbadawi Mohamed Ali m Attaché

Mr Adil Abdelfadeel Alhaj Khamis * Attaché

Mr Mohamed Elbakheit Abdalla Khogli m Attaché

Mr Nadir Salah Abuelgaith Abdelmajed m Attaché

Mr Mohamed Abdelhamid Ibrahim Abdelkarim m Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Suriname

Alexander Gogelweg 2 2517 JH The Hague The Netherlands

(00) 31 703650844

Fax (00) 31 703617445


HIS EXCELLENCY MR HARVEY HAROLD NAARENDORP Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (18 February 2012)

Mr Howard Rudy Patrick Nooitmeer m Attaché


Kingdom of Swaziland High Commission

20 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6LB Tel: 020 7630 6611

Fax 020 7630 6564

Email: enquiries@swaziland.org.uk Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.30 & Friday 09.00-16.00

HER EXELLENCY MRS DUMSILE T. SUKATI * High Commissioner (since 28 July 2010)

02 April 2012

Mr Henry Zeeman m Counsellor

Mr Themba Simelane m 1st Secretary (Information)

HRH Princess Qethuka Dlamini * Education Attaché Mr Sandile C. Ndabandaba m 3rd Secretary

Ms Nqobile Diamini Trade Attaché

Ms Phindile Gamedze Administrative Attaché


Embassy of Sweden

11 Montagu Place W1H 2AL

Main Switchboard 020 7917 6400

Passports 020 7917 6410

Visas 020 7917 6413

Defence 020 7917 6426

Fax 020 7724 4174

Passports & Visas Fax 020 7917 6475



Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00

Swedish Trade Council

259-269 Old Marylebone Road NW1 5RA

020 7616 4070

Fax 020 7616 4099

HER EXCELLENCY MS NICOLA CLASE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 03 June 2010)

Dr Andrew Schenkel

Mr Andreas von Beckerath m Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Chief of Mission Ms Eva Fagerman Counsellor (Political & European Affairs)

Ms Leena Jaanson Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mr Carl Otto Werkelid Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Ms Helena Reitberger 1st Secretary (Foreign & Security Policy) Ms Sara Dahlsten 1st Secretary (Economic Affairs & Trade Policy) Ms Ewa Wiberg m 1st Secretary (EBRD)

Ms Margareta Wrang 3rd Secretary Ms Santa Nokrach 3rd Secretary

Colonel Lena Hallin m Defence Attaché Mr Magnus Krumlinde m Counsellor

Mr Fredrik Häggström m Commercial Counsellor & Trade Commissioner


Embassy of Switzerland

16/18 Montagu Place W1H 2BQ

020 7616 6000

Fax 020 7724 7001



Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ANTON THALMANN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 August 2010)

Mrs Dominique Andrée Thalmann

Mr Urs Schmid m Minister, Deputy Head of Mission

02 April 2012

Colonel Hans Eberhart m Defence, Military, Naval & Air Attaché

Mr Fabrice Filliez m Counsellor (Economic & Financial Affairs) Mr Werner Gruber m Financial Counsellor

Mrs Margrit Ledermann Prestofelippo m Counsellor, Consul General Mrs Franziska Heimgartner Trilling m Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Stephan Lauper m 1st Secretary (Legal & Politics)

Mr David Braun m 2nd Secretary (Economic Affairs, Commodities)

Ms Susanne Hemund 3rd Secretary

Mr Thomas Fischer m 3rd Secretary (Administration) Mr Hans-Rudolf Bolli m 3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Ms Martina Garamendi-Laim m 3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Matthias Kühni Attaché


Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic

8 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PH

020 7245 9012

Fax 020 7235 4621


Monday-Friday 09.30-15.30

Vacant Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Ghassan Dalla m Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Dr Hosam Hafez m Counsellor

Mr Jihad Makdissi m 1st Secretary

Mr Mohammad Samouri m 3rd Secretary

Mr Mhd. Hisham Istwani m Attaché

Mr Ardham Mardini Attaché

Mr Moudar Shadah Attaché

Mr Abdurrahman Munif m Functionaire

Mr Ghayth Najib Armanazi m Counsellor (Arab Affairs)


Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan

26-28 Hammersmith Grove W6 7BA

020 834 1003

Fax 020 834 1100



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ERKIN KASYMOV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 May 2008)

Mrs Eleonora Kasymova

Mr Jonibek Hikmatov m 1st Secretary Mrs Rukshona Rahmonova 2nd Secretary


High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania

3 Stratford Place W1C 1AS

020 7569 1470

Fax 020 7495 8817


02 April 2012


HIS EXCELLENCY MR PETER ALLAN KALLAGHE m High Commissioner (since 19 August 2010)

Mrs Joyce D. Kallaghe

Mr Chabaka Kilumanga Deputy High Commissioner

Mr Yusuf Kashangwa m Minister Plenipotentiary (Commerce)

Col. Pellegreen Jacob Mrope m Defence Adviser

Mr Idrissa Zahran m Minister-Counsellor (Information)

Mr Sylvester Ambokile m Counsellor

Mrs Caroline Kitana Chipeta m Head of Chancery

Mr Amos Daudi Msanjila m 1st Secretary(Political) Mr Allen Fanuel Kuzilwa m 2nd Secretary (Political) Mr Clement Paul Kiondo m Administrative Attaché

Mr David John Nginilla m Financial Attaché


Royal Thai Embassy

29-30 Queen’s Gate SW7 5JB

020 7589 2944

Fax 020 7823 9695



Monday-Friday 09.30-12.30 & 14.00-17.00

Consular Section

Basement 29-30 Queen’s Gate SW7 5JB

020 7589 2944 ext 5505 Fax 020 7823 7492 Monday-Friday 09.30-12.30

Office of the Defence & Naval Attaché

29-30 Queen's Gate SW7 5JB

020 7589 0492

Fax 020 7225 3782

Office of the Air Attaché

2 Victoria Road W8 5RD

020 7589 0369

Fax 020 7584 2618

Office of the Military Attaché

29-30 Queen's Gate SW7 5JB

020 7589 0492

Fax 020 7225 3782

Office of Financial Attaché

29-30 Queen's Gate SW7 5JB

020 7589 7266

Fax 020 7589 2624

Office of Commercial Attaché

11 Hertford Street W1Y 7DX

020 7493 5749

Fax 020 7493 7416

02 April 2012

Office of Educational Attaché

28 Prince's Gate SW7 1QF

020 7584 4538 Fax 020 7823 9896

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KITTI WASINONDH m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 March 2007)

Mrs Nutchanart Wasinondh

Mr Adisorndej Sukhasvasti m Minister

Captain Teerayuth Nobnom (RTN) m Defence & Naval Attaché

Group Captain Saritpong Wattanavrangkul m Air Attaché & Assistant Defence Attaché Colonel Apichat Chaiyadar m Military Attaché

Mr Ekniti Nitithanprapas m Financial Attaché/Minister (Financial)

Mr Cherdkiat Atthakor * Minister-Counsellor

Mr Thanut Suvarnananda m Minster-Counsellor

Captain Chittapan Sudaprasert (RTN) * Assistant Defence & Naval Attaché

Mr Jirakarn Bejrajati m Assistant Commercial Attaché/Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) Mr Chulit Stavorn m Commercial Attaché/Minister-Counsellor (Commercial

Mrs Viphawan Benniman m Counsellor

Miss Tarichaya Kamperayanon Assistant Commercial Attaché/Counsellor

Mr Sata Arayakul m 1st Secretary

Mr Kittipod Hongsombud 1st Secretary Miss Jitvipa Benjasil 1st Secretary

Mr Rutchabhoom Boonrawd m 1st Secretary Mr Natthapol Na Songkhla m 1st Secretary Mr Natthawut Malisuwan 2nd Secretary

Mrs Siriwan Luengvitchajaroen * Attaché (Administrative)


Embassy of the Republic of Togo

8 Rue Alfred Roll 75017 Paris

(00) 331 43 80 12 13

Fax (00) 331 43 80 06 05

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR CALIXTE MADJOULBA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 06 June 2011)

Madame Kossiwa Madjoulba

Mr Assiongbor K. Folivi m Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Biam Didinabe Hodjo Minister-Counsellor

Mr Koffi Adjeoda Maxime Assah m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Batossie Madjoulba m Minister-Counsellor (Consular Affairs) Mr Mustapha Allani Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Akela-Esso Tonaga m 1st Counsellor (Protocol) Mr Kokou Agboli m Cultural Attaché

Mr Koutolbema Batawila Tassou m Financial Attaché

Mrs Edoh Gadegbekou épouse Amabley Financial Attaché

Mrs Kambarenne Viviane épouse Kpabre-Sylli Kombath m Consular Attaché Mrs Afua Toviakou épouse Fiagbe m Administrative Attaché

Mr Bédouénou Atcho m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Issifa Zakariyao Kolobe m Attaché (Consular Affairs) Mr Komi Sapey m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Koudjo Edjamtoli m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr M. Yao Malou m Attaché

Mr Labatibè Douti Attaché (Consular Affairs)

02 April 2012


Tonga High Commission

36 Molyneux Street W1H 5BQ

020 7724 5828

Fax 020 7723 9074

Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

HIS EXCELLENCY DR SIONE NGONGO KIOA m High Commissioner (since 15 January 2006)

Mrs Victorina Kioa

Mr Sione Sonata Tupou 1st Secretary


High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

42 Belgrave Square SW1X 8NT

020 7245 9351

Fax 020 7823 1065


HIS EXCELLENCY MR GARVIN EDWARD TIMOTHY NICHOLAS m High Commissioner (since 05 December 2010)

Mrs Nicola Alcala

Ms Roanna Gopaul Counsellor (Acting)

Mrs Reshma Bissoon-Deokie m 2nd Secretary Ms Nickesha Smith 2nd Secretary

Ms Dionne Ligoure Commercial Attaché

Captain Jeewah Ramoutar m Defence Attaché

Mr Narinesingh Lal m Immigration Attaché

Mr Marlon Choo Ying Immigration Attaché Mrs Wendy Austin * Financial Attaché Ms Beverly Allen Administrative Attaché

Embassy of Tunisia  
29 Prince’s Gate SW7 1QG  
020 7584 8117    
Fax 020 7584 3205  
HIS EXCELLENCY MR HATEM ATALLAH m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20
September 2010)    
Mrs Faika Atallah  
Mr Riadh Dridi m Counsellor  
Mr Wahid Ben Younes m Counsellor  
Ms Aida Toumi * 1st Secretary  
Mr Imed Ben Amor m 1st Secretary  
Mr Khemis Zouaghi m 1st Secretary  
Miss Zahra Rebii Administrator  
Mr Sami Jaziri * Attaché  
Mr Nasereddine Neji m Attaché  
Mr Ezzine Chehidi Attaché  

02 April 2012


Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

43 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PA

020 7393 0202

Fax 020 7393 0066



Office of the Ambassador

020 7393 0222 Fax 0207393 9213

Military Attaché’s Office

020 7235 1959

Office of the Counsellor for Security

020 7235 7085

Press Counsellor’s Office

020 7235 6968

Commercial Counsellor’s Office

020 7235 4991

Economic Counsellor’s Office

020 7235 2743

Financial & Customs Counsellor’s Office

020 7245 6318

Cultural & Information Counsellor’s Office

020 7839 7778

Educational Counsellor’s Office

020 7724 1511

Religious Affairs Counsellor’s Office

20 7823 1632

Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey

Rutland Lodge, Rutland Gardens, Knightsbridge SW7 1BW

020 7591 6900

Fax 020 7591 6922



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ÜNAL ÇEVIKÖZ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 July 2010)

Mrs Emel Çeviköz

Mr Kerem Ahmet Kiratli Minister-Counsellor

Capt. (N) Erdal Ergün m Defence & Naval Attaché

Lt. Col. Erdinç Kocayanak m Army Attaché

Lt. Col. Zafer Kurtulus Çelik m Air Attaché

Dr Recep Gültekin m Counsellor for Security Affairs

Prof. Dr Seyfettin Ersahin m Counsellor for Religious Affairs Mr Yavuz Mollasalihoglu m Chief Commercial Counsellor Mr Yüksel Akça m Chief Commercial Counsellor

Ms Meltem Büyükkarakas 1st Counsellor (Political Officer)

Mr Tolga Yusuf Tuyluoglu m Counsellor for Cultural & Information Affairs Mr Ahmet Gülhan Gücel m Expert Counsellor Maritime Affairs

Mrs Selma Gürbüzer Economic Counsellor Mr Can Öztas * Counsellor (Political Officer)

Mr Ahmet Sadik Dogan m Counsellor (Political Officer) Mr Hami Aksoy m Counsellor (Political Officer)

02 April 2012

Mr Anil Bora Inan m Counsellor (Political Officer) Miss Fikriye Asli Guven Counsellor (Political Officer) Mr Nihat Akbulut m Attaché for Educational Affairs

Mrs Isinsu Topcuoglu m 1st Secretary (Consular & Technical Officer) Mrs Zeynep Arslan m Deputy Commercial Counsellor

Mr Yavuz Topates m 2nd Secretary (Political Officer) Mr Murat Ugurluoglu 2nd Secretary (Political Officer) Miss Zeynep Ersahin 2nd Secretary (Political Officer)

Ms Zülal Bekbulat 2nd Secretary (Consular & Technical Officer) Mr Besir Murat m 2nd Secretary (Consular & Technical Officer) Mrs Hülya Çetin m 2nd Secretary (Consular & Technical Officer) Mr Serkan Kiramanlioglu 3rd Secretary (Political Officer)

Mr Atakan Güner m 3rd Secretary (Political Officer)

Miss Aysegül Gürgezoglu Deputy Attaché for Cultural & Information Affairs Mr Kenan Yasar m Military Administrative Attaché

Mr Fatih Alper Attaché

Mr Murat Akyol m Attaché

Mr Orhan Agtas m Attaché

Mr Mustafa Kaya m Attaché

Mr Ahmet Güler m Attaché


Embassy of Turkmenistan

2nd Floor South St George’s House 14/17 Wells Street W1T 3PD

020 7255 1071 Fax 020 7323 9184

Monday-Friday 09.30-18.00

Consular Section Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-16.00 (Closed Wednesday) tkm-embassy-uk@btconnect.org.uk


HIS EXCELLENCY MR YAZMURAD N. SERYAEV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 02 July 2003)

Mrs Djennetgozel Seryaeva Mr Atabayev Dovlet m Counsellor

Mrs Oguljahan Atabayeva m 1st Secretary

Mr Aganyyazov Bayram m 1st Secretary/Consul


London Honorary Consulate (see page 140)


Uganda High Commission

Uganda House 58-59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX

020 7839 5783

Fax 020 7839 8925



HER EXCELLENCY MRS JOAN RWABYOMERE High Commissioner (since 17 March 2006) Mr Isaac Biruma Sebulime Deputy High Commissioner

02 April 2012

Mr Bernard Nangumya * 2nd Secretary Mr Fred Moses Mukhooli 2nd Secretary Mr Innocent Opio * 2nd Secretary

Ms Judith Asiimwe m 2nd Secretary Mr Sam Muhwezi 2nd Secretary


Embassy of Ukraine

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7727 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

Ambassador’s Office

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7727 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708


Economic Section

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7227 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708


Consular & Visa Section

78 Kensington Park Road W11 2PL

020 7243 8923 Fax 020 7727 3567


Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00

Reception Hours Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 (Last admission 12.30)

Military Section

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7727 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708


Cultural Section

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7727 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708


Press Section

60 Holland Park W11 3SJ

020 7727 6312

Fax 020 7792 1708


HIS EXCELLENCY MR VOLODYMYR KHANDOGIY m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (since 31 August 2010)

02 April 2012

Mrs Nataliia Shevchenko

Mr Andrii Kuzmenko Minister-Counsellor

Colonel Pavlo Tertystskyi m Defence & Air Attaché Colonel Andrii Tsarik m Military Attaché

Mr Kostiantyn Billiar m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Mr Volodymyr Soshnikov m Counsellor (Security Affairs) Mr Anatolii Solovei m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Valeriy Shemeta m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Denys Semenovych m 1st Secretary (Trade & Economic Affairs) Mr Rostyslav Ogryzko m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Ms Kateryna Bila 1st Secretary (Press Attaché)

Mr Oleksandr Rak m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology) Ms Marianna Kuliushyna 2nd Secretary (Media & Information)

Mrs Orysia Gunder m 2nd Secretary (Cultural & Educational Affairs) Mr Andrii Kuslii m 2nd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Volodymyr Mialkovskyi m 2nd Secretary (Political Affairs) Mr Pavlo Kartashov m 2nd Secretary (Legal Attaché)

Mr Yurii Makukha 2nd Secretary (Trade & Economic Affairs) Mrs Ilona Ruban m 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Serhii Krasnoschok m 3rd Secretary (Information)

Mr Maksym Yemelianov m 3rd Secretary (Protocol Affairs)


Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

30 Prince’s Gate SW7 1PT

020 7581 1281

Fax 020 7581 9616


Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Consular Section

48 Prince’s Gate SW7 2QA

020 7581 1281

Fax 020 7584 0989

Military Attaché’s Office

6 Queen’s Gate Terrace SW7 5PF

020 7581 4113

Fax 020 7225 3088

Cultural Attaché’s Office

48 Prince’s Gate SW7 2QA

020 7581 1281

Fax 020 7823 8153

Medical Attaché’s Office

71 Harley Street W1G 8DE

020 7486 6281

Fax 020 7224 3575

Police Liasion Office

48 Prince’s Gate SW7 2QA

020 7584 3999

Fax 020 7823 7716

02 April 2012

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ABDULRAHMAN GHANEM A. ALMUTAIWEE * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 April 2009)

Mr Saeed Abdulla Saif Joula AlQamzi m 1st Secretary

Shaikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin R. Almaktoum 1st Secretary Mrs Heba Hamoud Nafea Aljenaibi * 2nd Secretary

Mr Ali Abdulla Juma Abdulla Alhaj 3rd Secretary

Mr Yousof Naser Abdulla Mubarak Albuainain m Administrative Attaché Mr Saleh Mohammed Omar Alaidarous m Military Attaché

Mr Jamal Mohamed Karama Mohamed Alameri m Vice Military Attaché Mr Eissa Ramadhan Shareef Eissa m Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Ahmed Yaqoub Abdulla Aljesmi m Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Rashed Mohamed Rashed Saif A. Alshehhi * Assistant Military Attaché Mr Abdulla Ali Saleh Almehrezi m Assistant Military Attaché

Engineer Fayad Rasheed Abdu Aldhaheri m Assistant Military Attaché Mr Mohamed Mubarak Bashir Al Ali * Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Aaref Abdul Rahman Mohamed Al Ali m Assistant Military Attaché Mr Hasan Ali H. Ebrahim Alshehhi Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Majid Omair Husain Abdulla Alharthi m Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Abdulla Salem Saeed Juma Alalawi * Assistant Military Attaché Mr Abdulla Juma Hassan Abdulla m Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Ahmed Obaid Mohamed Khamis Alnaqbi Assistant Military Attaché

Mr Jasem Hasan Mohammed Alyammahi m Assistant Military Attaché Mr Abdulrahim Ahmed Mohamed Almarri m Cultural Attaché

Mr Jamal Abdulaziz Nasser Alowais m Medical Attaché

Mr Mohamed Aslam Rahma Albulooshi m Administrative Attaché (Medical)

Mr Saif Saeed Mohammed A. Balbadi Aldhaheri m Assistant Administrative Attaché (Medical)

Mr Mohamed Ahmed M.N. Albreiki m Police Liasion Officer

Mr Mohammed Ibrahim A. Alshaibani m Administrative Attaché

Mr Abdulla Saeed bin Nasser Almansoori m Administrative Attaché Mr Sultan Ali Sultan Hilal Alsuboosi * Attaché

Mr Yousuf Bakhit Mohammad Abdulla Administrative Attaché Mr Yaser Abdulrahman Ahmed Zayed m Administrative Attaché H.H. Sheikh Sultan Hamdan Zayed Alnehayan * 1st Secretary Sheikh Mohammed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan Attaché

Shaikh Hazza bin Tahnoon bin Moh’d Al Nehayan Administrative Attaché

Shaikh Theyab bin Tahnoon bin Moh’d Alnahayan m Attaché

Shaikh Khalifa bin Tahnoon bin Moh’d Alnehayan Attaché

Mr Khaled Zayed Sultan 3rd Secretary (Information)

Mr Ahmed M Obaidly m Adviser

Mr Abdul Aziz Merza Mohamed Amin m Counsellor


American Embassy

24 Grosvenor Square W1A 1AE

020 7499 9000

Monday-Friday 08.30-17.30

Diplomatic Visas

5 Upper Grosvenor Street W1

020 7499 9000 Ext 3050

United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service

020 7894 0464

02 April 2012

United States Commercial Service

020 7408 8019

United States Public Affairs

020 7499 9000

United States Information Service

55-56 Upper Brook Street W1A 2LH

020 7499 9000

HIS EXCELLENCY THE HONOURABLE LOUIS SUSMAN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 18 August 2009)

Mrs Marjorie Susman

Ms Barbara Stephenson m Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr Thomas Tiernan m Minister-Counsellor for Management Affairs Mr David Stewart m Minister-Counsellor for Consular Affairs

Mr Thomas Leary m Minister-Counsellor for Public Affairs

Mr John Breidenstine m Minister-Counsellor for Commercial Affairs Ms Julie Nutter Minister-Counsellor for Economic Affairs

Ms Robin Quinville m Minister-Counsellor for Political Affairs Mr Philip Reilly m Minister-Counsellor for Coordination Affairs Mr Ernest Davis m Counsellor for Medical Affairs

Ms Gretchen Welch m Counsellor for Olympic Coordination

Mr Mark Hipp m Counsellor Ms Kristina Kvien m Counsellor

Mr Thomas Bergeson m Defence Attaché Mr Jeffrey Saunders m Army Attaché

Mr William Dooris m Naval Attaché

Mr Sonny Blinkinsop m Air Attaché Mr Donald Thieme m Marine Attaché Mr John Raucci m Attaché

Mr Charles Bartoldus m Attaché Mr Paul Dunay Attaché

Mr Bruce Hardcastle m Attaché Mr William Crumm m Attaché Mr Robert Reed m 1st Secretary

Mr Timothy Buch m 1st Secretary Mr Paul Graver m Attaché

Ms Naomi Lyew m 1st Secretary

Mr William Center 1st Secretary

Ms Eden Brown m 1st Secretary

Mr Ronald Larsen m Attaché Ms Donna Maizel Attaché

Ms Dorothy Ames Jeffress m Attaché Mr Jose Trias m Attaché

Mr Deron Roberts m Deputy Attaché Mr Craig Lynes m Attaché

Mr Roberto Gonzalez m Attaché

Mr Richard Galbraith m Attaché Mr Eliott Cook m Attaché

Ms Shannon Hodges Attaché

Mr William Fallin m Attaché

Mr Charles Hamblett m Attaché Ms Julie Snyder 1st Secretary Mr Larry Roberts m Attaché Ms Kelli Winegardner Attaché

Mr Thomas Shreve m 1st Secretary

02 April 2012

Mr Kelly Scott Cecil m 1st Secretary Mr William Laidlaw m 1st Secretary Mr Samuel Kotis m 1st Secretary Ms Karen Ackley 1st Secretary

Mr Dale Wurmlinger 1st Secretary Ms Melissa Welch 1st Secretary

Ms Katherine Van De Vate m 1st Secretary Mr Joel Seltzer 1st Secretary

Ms Chris Delmastro 1st Secretary

Ms Maura Hennessy-Shaw m 1st Secretary Ms Lynne Platt m 1st Secretary

Ms Kellie Kenney m 1st Secretary Mr Stephen Goldrup m 1st Secretary Ms Rachel Meyers m 1st Secretary Ms Joanne Joria 1st Secretary

Ms Sumera Ashruf 1st Secretary

Ms Amy Wilson 1st Secretary

Ms Stacy Barrios 1st Secretary Ms Alison Roberts m Attaché Ms Larilyn Reffett 1st Secretary Mr Patrick Sheehan m Attaché

Mr Norman S. Einhorn m Attaché Mr Michael Veasy m 1st Secretary Mr Mark Leitch m Attaché

Ms Kathy Bentley 1st Secretary

Ms Christine Kagarise 1st Secretary Mrs Alexa Clifford m 1st Secretary

Ms Mary O’Brien m 1st Secretary

Mr Phillip Allen m 1st Secretary

Mr Dan Boll m 1st Secretary

Mr Howard Betts m 1st Secretary Ms Marisa Plowden m 1st Secretary Mr Michael Ranger m Attaché

Mr Jeffery Crone m Attaché

Ms Michele Crone m Attaché

Mr Jeffrey Furgal m 1st Secretary Mr Tobin Bradley m 1st Secretary Mr William Tuttle m 1st Secretary Mr Joshua Morris 1st Secretary Mr Eric Geelan m 1st Secretary

Mr Timothy Funke m 2nd Secretary

Ms Jiyoung Elizabeth Kim m 1st Secretary Ms Sandra Tomlinson 1st Secretary

Ms Monique Quesada 1st Secretary Dr Wayne Julian m 1st Secretary Ms Lisa Miller m 2nd Secretary

Ms Lisbeth Sandoy m 2nd Secretary

Ms Yaryna Ferencevych m 2nd Secretary Mr Craig Belcher Attaché

Mr Joshua Bauer m Attaché Ms Anjana Modi 2nd Secretary Mr Eric Easley m 2nd Secretary Mr Andrew Sisk 2nd Secretary

Ms Lisa Liao m 2nd Secretary

Ms Cheryl Anderson 2nd Secretary

Ms Tracy Hill 2nd Secretary

Mr Michael Schneider 2nd Secretary

02 April 2012

Ms Gabrielle Collins 2nd Secretary Mr Andrew Reams m Attaché

Ms Shannon Eskow 2nd Secretary

Mr Patrick Brennan m 2nd Secretary
Ms Katherine Kelley 2nd Secretary
Ms Mary Thompson m 2nd Secretary
Ms Ariel Vaagen m 2nd Secretary
Mr Adam VanDervort m 2nd Secretary

Ms Esther Pan Sloane m 2nd Secretary

Ms Sarah Stewart m 2nd Secretary

Mr Sean Hanifen m 2nd Secretary

Mr Jonathan Mitchell m 2nd Secretary

Mr Thomas DeBor m 2nd Secretary

Ms Patricia Moffett 2nd Secretary

Mr Gerasimina Toumazatos m 2nd Secretary

Mr Robert Pickell 2nd Secretary

Mr Alex Reponen m 2nd Secretary

Mr Kenneth Doll II 2nd Secretary

Mr Anthony Vitale m 2nd Secretary

Ms Anita Holcombe 2nd Secretary

Ms Catherine McSherry m 2nd Secretary

Mr Nathan Simmons m 2nd Secretary

Mr Rufus Johnson m 2nd Secretary

Mr Michael Quigley m 2nd Secretary

Mr Philip Drewry m 2nd Secretary

Ms Tonya Canady 2nd Secretary

Ms Sara Marti 2nd Secretary

Mr John Kent m 2nd Secretary

Ms Erin O’Connor 2nd Secretary

Mr John Young-Anglim m 2nd Secretary

Mr John Shriver m Assistant Naval Attaché

Mr Latheef Ahmed m Assistant Air Attaché

Mr John Wallace m Assistant Attaché

Mr Bruce Helman m Assistant Attaché

Mr Jason Kidd m Assistant Attaché

Ms Kathleen Diskin Assistant Legal Attaché

Mr John Machin m Assistant Attaché

Mr Eric Sporre m Assistant Attaché

Mr Mark Kodur Assistant Attaché

Mr William Stern m Assistant Attaché

Ms Lynn Marsland m Assistant Attaché

Ms Stephanie Okimoto m Attaché

Ms Joan Buckley Assistant Attaché

Mr Gregory Mandoli m Assistant Attaché

Mr Kevin O’Malley m Assistant Attaché

Mr Scott Bryson m Assistant Attaché

Mr Eric Jackson m Assistant Attaché

Ms Heather O’Malley m Assistant Attaché

Mr James Cain III m Assistant Attaché

Mr Shawn Harwood m Assistant Attaché

Mr John Patina m Assistant Attaché

Mr Michael McGonigle m Assistant Attaché

Mr Adrian Lanspeary m 3rd Secretary

Ms Erin Molnar 3rd Secretary

Mr Dominic So 3rd Secretary

Ms Antonia Haber 3rd Secretary

Ms Sharlina Hussain-Morgan m 3rd Secretary

02 April 2012

Ms Caitlin Finley 3rd Secretary


Embassy of Uruguay

125 Kensington High Street W8 5SF

020 7937 4170

Fax 020 7376 0502


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JULIO MOREIRA MORÁN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 16 September 2009)

Mrs Ana Medina-Novoa de Moreira-Morán

Dr Patricia Benitez Lima m Counsellor & Head of Consular Affairs

Captain Carlos Butteri m Defence Attaché

Mr Enrique Facelli Attaché for Cultural Affaires, Press & Tourism


Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

41 Holland Park W11 3RP

020 7229 7679

Fax 020 7229 7029



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-18.30

Ambassador’s Office

020 7229 7679 (ext.7)

Political Affairs

020 7229 7679 (ext.2)

Trade & Investment

020 7229 7679 (ext.3)

Culture & Education

020 7229 7679 (ext.7)

Consular Section

020 7229 7679 (ext.1)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00-13.00

Administrative Section

020 7229 7679 (ext.4)

Financial Section

020 7229 7679 (ext.5)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR OTABEK AKBAROV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 October 2007)

Mrs Khayrinisa Akbarova

Dr Jamshed Safarov m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Djakhongir Irgashev m 1st Secretary (Economic Affairs) Mr Rustam Ismailov m 2nd Secretary (Consular Section)

02 April 2012

Mr Akmal Saidov * 3rd Secretary (Culture)

Mr Fahriddin Nabiev m Attaché (Press & Education)


Embassy of Vanuatu

Avenue de Tervueren 380 Chemin de Ronde 1150 Brussels BELGIUM Tel/Fax: 0032 2 771 74 94


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROY MICKEY JOY m High Commissioner (since 11 April 2011)


Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

1 Cromwell Road SW7 2HW

020 7584 4206 or 020 7581 2776 Fax 020 7589 8887 info@venezlon.co.uk www.embavenez-uk.org

Consular Section

56 Grafton Way W1T 5DL

020 7387 6727

Fax 020 7387 2979

Defence Attaché’s Office

54 Grafton Way W1T 5DL

020 7387 0695

Fax 020 7916 1155

Cultural Section

52 & 58 Grafton Way W1T 5DJ

020 7388 5788

Fax 020 7383 4857

HIS EXCELLENCY MR SAMUEL MONCADA * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 09 November 2007)

Mr Alvaro Sánchez m Counsellor Mr William Suárez 1st Secretary Mr Henry Suárez m 1st Secretary

Mr Yaruma Rodríguez m 2nd Secretary Mr Roberto Bayley m 2nd Secretary

Mr Jhon Rafael Guerra Sansonetti 2nd Secretary Ms Angela Emilia Chourio 2nd Secretary

Mrs Virna Yohana Chávez Medina m Legal Attaché

Vice Admiral Juan Carlos Torres Flores m Defence Attaché

Rear Admiral Andrés Gómez Rojas m Permanent Representative to the IMO Captain Luis Alejandro Ojeda m Deputy Permanent Representative to the IMO


Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

12-14 Victoria Road W8 5RD

02 April 2012

020 7937 1912 Fax 020-7565 3853

vanphong@vietnamembassy.org.uk www.vietnamembassy.org.uk

Commercial Section

108 Campden Hill Road, London W8 7AR

020 3560 1524


HIS EXCELLENCY MR VU QUANG MINH m Ambassador (Since 13 April 2011)

Mrs Nguyen Minh Hanh

Mrs Tao Thi Thanh Huong * Minister-Counsellor

Mr Tran Thi Huong Lien Counsellor (Consular)

Mr Nguyen Dac Thanh m Counsellor (Economy)

Mr Bui duc Minh Counsellor (Press)

Mr Nguyen Nhu Hieu m 1st Secretary(Political, Cultural, Press)

Mr Nguyen Tuan Viet m 1st Secretary (Economy)

Mrs Nguyen Thi Thu Huong 1st Secretary (Education)

Mrs Nguyen Ngoc Diep 3rd Secretary (Administrative & Protocol)

Mr An The Dung m Commercial Counsellor

Mrs Nguyen Hong Hanh Commercial Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Yemen

57 Cromwell Road SW7 2ED

020 7584 6607

Fax 020 7589 3350


Monday-Friday 09.30-16.00

HIS EXCELLENCY MR ABDULLA ALI AL-RADHI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 September 2010)

Mrs Bilqis Ali Ali Al-Hadheri

Mr Abdulmalik Hassan A. Al-Eryani m Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Ali Abdullah A. Zabara m Counsellor

Mr Mohamed Ali Al-Afif m Head of Consular Section

Mr Mohamed Ali S. Al-Najar m Counsellor

Mr Mohamed A. Abdullah Lahsoon m 1st Secretary Mr Abdulkareem Saleh T. Al-Naqeeb m 2nd Secretary

Mr Ali Mohamed Abdulla Al-Thaur m Deputy Head of Consular Section Mr Waleed Hussain Saleh Al-Rwaishan m 3rd Secretary

Miss Liza Khaled Abdullah Al-Kasadi 3rd Secretary




High Commission for the Republic of Zambia

Zambia House

02 April 2012

2 Palace Gate W8 5NG

020 7589 6655 Fax 020 7581 1353

zhcl@btconnect.com www.zhcl.org.uk

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00

Immigration Office

Fax 020 7581 0546


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROYSON MUKWENA m High Commissioner (since 29 September 2009)

Mrs Ruth K Mukwena

Mr Kimbala Lothy Meleka m Deputy High Commissioner

Brigadier General Robertson A. Mumba m Defence Adviser

Mr Friday Nyambe m Counsellor (Political)

Mrs Ikayi Gertrude Sambondu Mushinge m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Stanley Kangwa Nkumbula m 1st Secretary (Protocol/Admin) Mrs Beatrice Chilomo 1st Secretary (Finance)

Miss Ruth Nyeji Chilembo 1st Secretary (Economics) Mrs Chilala M Habasimbi m 1st Secretary (Tourism) Mr Anthony Mumba m 1st Secretary (Trade)

Mr Shabwa Mwiinga m 1st Secretary (Immigration) Mr Rejoice Lukumba m 2nd Secretary (Press)

Ms Ines K.C. Manjimela * 2nd Secretary (Personal Secretary)


Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe House 429 Strand WC2R 0JR

020 7836 7755

Fax 020 7379 1167

Telexes 262014/262115


HIS EXCELLENCY MR GABRIEL MHARADZE MACHINGA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 31 October 2005)

Mrs Esteri Machinga

Mr Cecil Chinenere m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Win Busaya Mlambo m Minister-Counsellor

Goup Captain Alinos Nhamoinesu m Defence Attaché Mr Edmore Mudada m Counsellor

Mrs Mietani Chauke-Khumalo m Counsellor Mr Clever Bangwayo m Counsellor

Mr Donald Charumbira m Counsellor Mrs Patricia Mangwanda m 1st Secretary Mrs Chiedza Mugari m 3rd Secretary Mrs Esther Kaisi m 3rd Secretary

02 April 2012

  in Order of their Precedence in each Class
m Married
* Married but not accompanied by wife or husband
+ Unmarried
(R) Realms

This list is updated monthly on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office web-site: www.fco.gov.uk


Kuwait m H.E. Mr Khaled Al Duwaisan GCVO (Ambassador & Dean of the
    Diplomatic Corps)
Guyana m H.E. Laleshwar K.N. Singh (Senior High Commissioner)
Botswana m H.E. Mr Roy Warren Blackbeard (High Commissioner)
Congo, Republic of m H.E. Mr Henri Marie Joseph Lopes (Ambassador, Resident in
St Vincent & m H.E. Mr Cenio Lewis (High Commissioner)
The Grenadines (R)    
Burkina Faso m H.E. Mr Kadré Désiré Ouedraogo (Ambassador)
Turkmenistan m H.E. Mr Yazmurad N. Seryaev (Ambassador)
Mali m H.E. Mr Ibrahim Bocar Ba (Ambassador, Resident in Brussels)
Niger m H.E. Mr Adamou Seydou (Ambassador, Resident in Paris)
Antigua & Barbuda (R) m H.E. Dr Carl Roberts CMG (High Commissioner)
Cambodia m H.E. Mr Hor Nambora (Ambassador)
Syria m H.E. Mr Sami M. Khiyami (Ambassador)
Djibouti m H.E. Mr Rachad Farah (Ambassador, Resident in Paris)
Equatorial Guinea m H.E. Mr Agustin Nze Nfumu (Ambassador)
Qatar m H.E. Mr Khalid bin Rashid bin Salim Al-Hamoudi Al-Mansouri
Zimbabwe m H.E. Mr Gabriel Mharadze Machinga (Ambassador)
Saudi Arabia m H.E. HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz
    Al-Saud (Ambassador)
Mauritius m H.E. Mr Abhimanu Mahendra Kundasamy (High Commissioner)
Tonga m H.E. Dr Sione Ngongo Kioa (High Commissioner)
Ethiopia m H.E. Mr Ato Berhanu Kebede (Ambassador)
Uganda + H.E. Mrs Joan Kakima Nyakatuura Rwabyomere (High Commissioner)
Solomon Islands (R) m H.E. Mr Joseph Ma’ahanua (High Commissioner)
Namibia m H.E. Mr George Mbanga Liswaniso (High Commsioner)
Poland * H.E. Ms Barbara Tuge-Erecinska (Ambassador)
Belarus m H.E. Mr Aleksandr Mikhnevich (Ambassador)
Netherlands m H.E. Mr Pieter Willem Waldeck (Ambassador)
Costa Rica m H.E. Mrs Pilar Saborío Rocafort (Ambassador)
Thailand m H.E. Mr Kitti Wasinondh (Ambassador)
Liberia m H.E. Mr Wesley Momo Johnson (Ambassador)
The Gambia + H.E. Mrs Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding (High Commissioner)
Cape Verde * H.E. Mr Fernando Jorge Wahnon Ferreira (Ambassador,
    Resident in Brussels)
Azerbaijan m H.E. Mr Fakhraddin Gurbanov (Ambassador)
Uzbekistan m H.E. Mr Otabek Akbarov (Ambassador)
Venezuela m H.E. Mr Samuel Moncada (Ambassador)
Eritrea m H.E. Mr Tesfamicael Gerahtu Ogbaghiorghis (Ambassador)
Senegal m H.E. Mr Abdou Sourang (Ambassador)
    02 April 2012
Honduras m H.E. Mr Ivan Romero-Martinez (Ambassador)
Bahamas (R) m H.E. Mr Paul H. Farquharson (High Commissioner)
Macedonia m H.E. Mrs Marija Efremova (Ambassador)
Romania m H.E. Dr Ion Jinga (Ambassador)
Kazakhstan m H.E. Mr Kairat Abusseitov (Ambassador)
New Zealand (R) + H.E. Mr Derek William Leask (High Commissioner)
Nigeria m H.E. Dr Dalhaltu S. Tafida (High Commissioner)
St Lucia (R) m H.E. Mr Eldridge Stephens (High Commissioner)
Tajikistan m H.E. Mr Erkin Kasymov (Ambassador)
Mongolia m H.E. Mr Bulgaa Altangerel (Ambassador)
Lebanon + H.E. Mrs Inaam Osseiran (Ambassador)
Pakistan m H.E. Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan (High Commissioner)
Germany m H.E. Mr Georg Boomgaarden (Ambassador)
Cyprus m H.E. Mr Alexandros N. Zenon (High Commissioner)
Spain m H.E. Mr Carles Casajuana I. Palet (Ambasssador)
Barbados (R) + H.E. Mr Hugh Anthony Arthur (High Commissioner)
Australia (R) + H.E. Mr John Dauth LVO (High Commissioner)
Cameroon m H.E. Mr Nkwelle Ekaney (High Commissioner)
Grenada (R) + H.E. Ms Ruth Elizabeth Rouse (High Commissioner)
Belize (R) + H.E. Ms Kamela Palma (High Commissioner)
Egypt m H.E. Mr Hatem Seif el Nasr (Ambassador)
Serbia m H.E. Mr Dejan Popovic (Ambassador)
Bosnia Herzegovina + H.E. Ms Jadranka Negodic (Ambassador)
Slovenia m H.E. Mr Iztok Jarc (Ambassador)
Morocco m H.E. HH Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui (Ambassador)
Gabon m H.E. Mr Omer Piankali (Ambassador)
Ireland m H.E. Mr Bobby McDonagh (Ambassador)
Georgia m H.E. Mr Giorgi Badridze (Ambassador)
Croatia m H.E. Dr Ivica Tomiš (Ambassador)
UAE * H.E. Mr Abdul Rahman Ghanim Al Mutaiwee (Ambassador)
Malta m H.E. Mr Joseph Zammit Tabona (High Commissioner)
Lithuania + H.E. Mr Oskaras Jusys (Ambassador)
Benin m H.E. Mr Albert Agossou (Ambassador)
Bangladesh m H.E. Mr Mohammad Sayeedur Rahman Khan (High Commissioner)
Central African Republic * H.E. Mr Jean Willybiro Sako (Ambassador)
USA m H.E. Mr Louis B Susman (Ambassador)
Congo, Dem Republic m H.E. Dr Barnabe Kikaya Bin Karubi (Ambassador)
Latvia m H.E. Mr Eduards Stiprais (Ambassador)
Kosovo m H.E. Mr Muhamet Hamiti (Ambassador)
Uruguay m H.E. Mr Julio Moreira Morán (Ambassador)
South Africa m H.E. Dr Zola Sidney Themba Skweyiya (High Commissioner)
Ghana m H.E. Professor Kwaku Danso-Boafo (High Commissioner)
Czech Republic m H.E. Mr Michael Tantovsky (Ambassador)
Iceland m H.E. Mr Benedikt Jonsson (Ambassador)
Colombia m H.E. Dr José Mauricio Rodríguez Múnera (Ambassador)
Kenya m H.E. Mr Ephraim W Ngare (High Commisioner)
Oman m H.E. Mr Abdul Aziz Al Hinai (Ambassador)
Mexico m H.E.Mr Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza (Ambassador)
Paraguay m H.E.Mr Miguel Angel Solano Lopez Casco (Ambassador)
El Salvador   H.E. Mr Werner Matias Romero (Ambassador)
Guatemala m H.E. Mr Acisclo Valladares Molina (Ambassador)
Sierra Leone m H.E. Mr Edward Mohamed Turay (High Commission)
Monaco m H.E. Mrs Evelyne Genta(Ambassador)
Seychelles + H.E. Mr Patrick Georges Pillay (High Commissioner)
Belgium m H.E. Mr Johan Verbeke (Ambassador)
Greece m H.E. Mr Aristidis C. Sandis (Ambassador)
Nepal m H.E. Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise (Ambassador)
    02 April 2012
Korea, Republic of m H.E. Mr Choo Kyu Ho (Ambassador)
China m H.E. Mr Liu Xiaoming (Ambassador)
Rwanda m H.E. Mr Ernest Rwamucyo (High Commissioner)
Ecuador + H.E. Mrs Ana Albán Mora (Ambassador)
Austria m H.E. Dr Emil Brix (Ambasaador)
Italy m H.E. Mr Alain Giorgio Maria Economides (Ambassador)
Nicaragua m H.E. Dr Carlos J. Argüello-Gómez (Ambassador)
Malaysia m H.E. Datuk Zakaria bin Sulong (High Commissioner)
Finland m H.E. Mr Pekka Huhtaniemi (Ambassador)
Sweden m H.E. Ms Nicola Clase (Ambassador)
Turkey m Mr Ahmet Ünal Çeviköz (Ambassador)
Swaziland * H.E. Mrs Dumsile Thandi Sukati (High Commissioner)
Switzerland m H.E. Mr Anton Thalmann (Ambassador)
Sudan m H.E. Mr Abdullahi Hamad Ali AlAzreg (Ambassador)
Brazil m H.E. Mr Roberto Jaguaribe (Ambassador)
Tanzania m H.E. Mr Peter Kallaghe (High Commissioner)
Norway m H.E. Mr Kim Traavik (Ambassador)
Estonia m H.E. Mrs Aino Lepik von Wirén (Ambassador)
Ukraine m H.E. Mr Volodymyr Khandogiy (Ambassador)
Chile + H.E. Mr Tomas Eduardo Müller Sproat (Ambassador)
Tunisia m H.E. Mr Hatem Atallah (Ambassador)
Yemen m H.E. Mr Abdulla Ali Mohamed Al-Radhi (Ambassador)
Cuba m H.E. Mrs Esther Gloria Armenteros Cárdenas (Ambassador)
Brunei m H.E. Mr Mohd Aziyan bin Abdullah (High Commissioner)
Trinidad & Tobago m H.E. Mr Garvin Edward Timothy Nicholas (High Commissioner)
Algeria m H.E. Mr Amar Abba (Ambassador)
Kyrgyz Republic + H.E. Mrs Baktygul Kalambekova (Ambassador)
St Christopher & Nevis m H.E. Mr Kevin Isaac (High Commissioner)
Portugal m H.E. Mr Joao de Vallera (Ambassador)
Japan m H.E. Mr Keiichi Hayashi (Ambassador)
Russia m H.E. Mr Alexander Yakovenko (Ambassador)
Hungary m H.E. Mr János Zoltán Csák (Ambassador)
Holy See + H.E. Archbishop Antonio Mennini (Apostolic Nuncio)
Montenegro m H.E. Prof. Dr. Ljubiša Stankoviš (Ambassador)
Slovak Republic m H.E. Mr Miroslav Wlachovský (Ambassador)
France m H.E. Mr Bernard Emié (Ambassador)
Vanuatu m H.E. Mr Roy Mickey Joy (High Commissioner, Resident in Brussels)
Burma (Myanmar) m H.E. Mr U Kyaw Myo Htut (Ambassador)
Vietnam m H.E. Mr Vu Quang Minh (Ambassador)
Chad + H.E. Mr Ahmat Awad Sakine (Ambassador, Resident in Brussels)
Togo m H.E. Mr Calixte Madjoulba (Ambassador, Resident in Paris)
Jordan m H.E. Mr Mazen Kemal al-Homoud (Ambassador)
Dominican Republic m H.E. Dr Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo (Ambassador)
Côte d’Ivoire m H.E. Mr Claude Stanislaus Bouah-Kamon (Ambassador)
Singapore m H.E. Mr Thambynathan Jasudasen (High Commissioner)
Papua New Guinea (R) + H.E. Ms Winnie Anna Kiap (High Commissioner)
Denmark m H.E. Ms Anne Hedensted Steffensen (Ambassador)
Sri Lanka + H.E. Dr Chris Nonis (High Commissioner)
Israel m H.E. Mr Daniel Taub (Ambassador)
Armenia + H.E. Mrs Karine Kazinian (Ambassador)
Canada (R) m H.E. Mr Gordon Campbell (High Commissioner)
Bahrain + H.E. Ms Alice Samaan (Ambassador)
Mozambique m H.E. Mr Carlos dos Santos (High Commissioner)
Fiji m H.E. Mr Solo Mara (High Commissioner)
Philippines m H.E. Mr Enrique A. Manalo (Ambassador)
Laos m H.E. Mr Khoutanta Phalivong (Ambassador, Resident in Paris)
Luxembourg m H.E. Mr Alphonse Berns (Ambassador)
      02 April 2012
Panama     H.E. Ms Ana Irene Delgado (Ambssador)
Moldova   m H.E. Mr Iulian Fruntasu (Ambassador)
Zambia   m H.E. Lt-Col Bizwayo Nkunika (High Commissioner)
Korea, DPR   m H.E. Mr Hyon Hak Bong (Ambassador)
Indonesia     H.E. Mr Teuku Mhoammad Hamzah Thayeb (Ambassador)
Angola   m H.E. Mr Miguel Neto (Ambassador)
Suriname     H.E. Harvey Harold Naarendorp (Ambassador)
India     H.E. Dr Jaimini Bhagwati (High Commissioner)
Argentina     H.E. Ms Alicia Amalia Castro (Ambassador)
Bulgaria   m H.E. Mr Konstantin Stefanov Dimitrov (Ambassador)
São Tomé & Principe m Mr Armindo de Brito Fernandes
      (Embassy, Resident in Brussels)
Kiribati   + Mrs Makurita Baaro (High Commission)
Andorra     Mrs Eva Descarrega Garcia (Embassy)
Dominica, Commonwealth of Mrs Janet Charles (High Commission)
Cape Verde     Ms Maria de Jesus Macarenhas (Embassy)
Guinea, Republic of m Mr Dondo Sylla (Embassy)
Afghanistan     Dr Hameed Haami (Embassy)
Malawi     Mr James Ali (High Commission)
South Sudan     Mr Paul Molong Akaro (Embassy)
Libya   m Mr Mahmud Nacua (Embassy)
Iraq     Dr Muhieddin Hussein Abdullah Al-Taaie (Embassy)
Bolivia     Mr Eduardo Daza (Embassy)
Peru     Ms Gloria Olivares (Embassy)
Lesotho     Mr Teboho Mohapi (High Commission)
Samoa (Ind State of)   Ms Amorette Posini (High Commission)
Maldives     Mr Naushad Waheed (High Commission)
Burundi     Mr Bernard Ntahiraja (Embassy)
Albania     Mr Mal Berisha (Embassy)
Jamaica     Mrs Joan Thomas Edwards (High Commission)
Syria     Mr Ghassan Dalla (Embassy)
Iran     Vacant
Guinea-Bissau     Vacant
Nauru     Vacant
Tuvalu (R)     Vacant
Mauritania     Vacant
San Marino     Vacant
Madagascar     Vacant
Date Country   Title
January1 Cuba   Day of Liberations
1 Haiti   National Day
1 Sudan   Independence Day
4 Burma (Myanmar) Independence Day
26 India   Republic Day
26 Australia   Australia Day
31 Nauru   Independence Day

02 April 2012

February 4 Sri Lanka Independence Day
  6 New Zealand Waitangi Day
  7 Grenada Independence Day
  11 Iran Islamic Revolution Day
  16 Lithuania Independence Day
  17 Kosovo Independence Day
  18 The Gambia Independence Day
  23 Brunei National Day
  23 Guyana Republic Day
  24 Estonia Independence Day
  25 Kuwait National Day
  27 Dominican Republic Independence Day
March 1 Bosnia & Herzegovina Independence Day
  3 Bulgaria National Day
  6 Ghana National Day
  12 Mauritius Republic Day
  15 Hungary National Day
  17 Ireland St Patrick’s Day
  20 Tunisia Independence Day
  21 Namibia National Day
  23 Pakistan National Day
  25 Greece Independence Day
  26 Bangladesh Independence Day
April 3 Guinea National Day
  4 Senegal National Day
  16 Denmark Royal Birthday
  17 Syria National Day
  18 Zimbabwe National Day
  19 Swaziland Royal Birthday
  19 Holy See Inauguration Day
  26 Israel National Day
  26 Tanzania Union Day
  27 Sierra Leone National Day
  27 South Africa Freedom Day
  27 Togo National Day
  30 Netherlands Official Birthday
May 3 Poland National Day
  5 Netherlands Liberation Day
  15 Paraguay Independence Day
  17 Norway Constitution Day
  20 Cameroon National Day
  22 Yemen National Day
  24 Eritrea National Day
  25 Jordan Independence Day
  25 Argentina National Day
  26 Guyana Independence Day
  26 Georgia Independence Day
  28 Azerbaijan National Day
  28 Ethiopia National Day
  29 Nepal Republic Day
June 1 Samoa Independence Day
  2 Italy National Day
  5 Denmark Constitution Day

02 April 2012

  6 Sweden National Day
  10 Portugal National Day
  12 Russia National Day
  12 Philippines National Day
  17 Iceland National Day
  18 Seychelles National Day
  23 Luxembourg National Day
  25 Mozambique National Day
  25 Croatia National Day
  25 Mozambique National Day
  25 Slovenia National Day
  26 Madagascar Independence Day
  27 Djibouti National Day
  30 Democratic Republic of Congo National Day
July 1 Burundi National Day
  1 Somalia National Day
  1 Canada National Day
  1 Rwanda National Day
  1 British Virgin Islands Territory Day
  3 Belarus National Day
  4 Tonga Royal Birthday
  4 United States Independence Day
  5 Cape Verde National Day
  5 Venezuela Independence Day
  6 Malawi National Day
  7 Nepal Royal Birthday
  10 Bahamas National Day
  11 Mongolia National Day
  12 São Tome & Principe National Day
  12 Kiribati Independence Day
  14 France National Day
  15 Brunei Royal Birthday
  17 Lesotho Royal Birthday
  20 Colombia Independence Day
  21 Belgium National Day
  23 Egypt National Day
  26 Maldives National Day
  26 Liberia Independence Day
  28 Peru National Day
  30 Vanuatu Independence Day
  30 Morocco Date of Accession
August 1 Benin National Day
  1 Switzerland National Day
  2 Macedonia National Day
  6 Bolivia Independence Day
  6 Jamaica Independence Day
  7 Côte d’Ivoire National Day
  9 Singapore National Day
  10 Ecuador Independence Day
  11 Chad Independence Day
  15 Republic of Congo National Day
  15 Korea National Day
  15 Liechtenstein National Day
  17 Gabon National Day
  17 Indonesia National Day

02 April 2012

  19 Afghanistan National Day
  20 Hungary National Day
  24 Ukraine Independence Day
  25 Uruguay Independence Day
  27 Moldova National Day
  31 Trinidad & Tobago Independence Day
  31 Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
  31 Malaysia National Day
  1 Slovak Republic Constitution Day
  1 Uzbekistan Independence Day
  1 Libya National Day
  2 Vietnam National Day
  3 San Marino National Day
  6 Swaziland National Day
  7 Brazil Independence Day
  8 Andorra National Day
  8 Macedonia Independence Day
  9 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea National Day
  9 Tajikistan Independence Day
  15 Guatemala Independence Day
  15 Costa Rica Independence Day
  15 El Salvador Independence Day
  15 Honduras Independence Day
  15 Nicaragua Independence Day
  16 Mexico Independence Day
  16 Papua New Guinea National Day
  16 St Christopher & Nevis National Heroes Day
  18 Chile National Day
  19 St Christopher & Nevis Independence Day
  21 Malta National Day
  21 Armenia National Day
  21 Belize National Day
  22 Mali National Day
  23 Saudi Arabia National Day
  24 Guinea-Bissau National Day
  30 Botswana Botswana Day
October 1 Nigeria National Day
  1 China National Day
  1 Cyprus Independence Day
  1 Palau Independence Day
  2 Guinea National Day
  3 Germany National Day
  4 Lesotho Independence Day
  9 Uganda Independence Day
  10 Fiji National Day
  12 Spain National Day
  12 Equatorial Guinea National Day
  23 Hungary National Day
  24 Zambia Independence Day
  24 United Nations Day  
  26 Austria National Day
  27 Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Independence Day
  27 Turkmenistan Independence Day
  28 Czech Republic National Day

02 April 2012

29 Turkey National Day
1 Antigua & Barbuda National Day
1 Algeria National Day
3 Panama Independence Day
3 Commonwealth of Dominica Independence Day
4 Tonga National Day
9 Cambodia National Day
11 Angola Independence Day
18 Latvia National Day
18 Oman National DAy
19 Monaco National Day
22 Lebanon National Day
25 Suriname National Day
28 Mauritania Independence Day
28 Albania National Day
30 Barbados National Day
1 Romania National Day
1 Central Africa Republic National Day
2 United Arab Emirates National Day
2 Laos National Day
5 Thailand Royal Birthday
6 Finland National Day
11 Burkina Faso National Day
12 Kenya Independence Day
12 Turkmenistan Day of Turkmenistan Neutrality
16 Bahrain National Day
16 Kazakhstan Independence Day
18 Niger National Day
18 Qatar National Day
23 Japan Emperor’s Birthdy

02 April 2012



International Organisations & their staff do not enjoy privileges & immunities under the Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964 but under separate legislation, to which reference is made in each entry in this Directory.

m. Married
* Married but not accompanied by wife or husband


(International Organisations Acts 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1982/1071)

Wallingford Oxon OX10 8DE

01491 832111

Fax 01491 833508



Dr Trevor Nicholls * Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ian Barry m Chief Financial Officer

Ms Caroline McNamara m Executive Director, Commercial

Mrs Andrea Powell m Executive Director, Publishing

Dr Joan Kelley m Executive Director, Global Operations

Mr Neil MacIntosh m Executive Director, Human Resources

Mr Dennis Rangi m Executive Director, International Development


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1983/143)

West Wing Marlborough House Pall Mall SW1Y 5HY

020 7930 3783

FAX 020 7839 8157




(Commonwealth Secretariat Act, 1966)

Marlborough House Pall Mall SW1Y 5HX

020 7747 6500

FAX 020 7930 0827

Quadrant House 55-58 Pall Mall SW1Y 5JH

020 7839 3411


HIS EXCELLENCY MR KAMALESH SHARMA m Commonwealth Secretary-General Mrs Babli Sharma

Mr Ransford Smith Deputy Secretary-General

Mrs Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba m Deputy Secretary-General

Mr Stephen Cutts m Assistant Secretary-General

Mr Amitav Banerji m Director, Political Affairs Division

Mr Jose Maurel Director, Special Advisory Services Division

Mr Simon Gimson m Director & Head, Secretary-General’s Office Dr Cyrus Rustomjee m Director, Economic Affairs Division

Mr Akbar Khan m Director, Legal & Constitutional Affairs Division

02 April 2012

Ms Sylvia Anie m Director, Social Transformation Programmes Division

Mr Nabeel Goheer m Director, Strategic Planning & Evaluation Division

Mr Max Everest-Phillips m Director, Governance & Institutional Development Division Mrs Monica Oyas m Head of Human Resources

Mr Daniel Dumas m Adviser & Head, Economic & Legal Section, Special Advisory Services Division Mr Ayodele Oke m Adviser & Head of Africa Section, Political Affairs Division

Mr Arindam Roy m Adviser & Head, Debt Management Section, Special Advisory Services Division Ms Shennia Spillane Adviser & Head, Caribbean/Pacific Section, Political Affairs Division

Mrs Nishana Jayawickrama m Adviser & Head of Asia/Europe Section, Political Affairs Division

Mr Edwin Laurent m Adviser & Head of International Trade & Regional Co-operation Section, Economic Affairs Division

Mr Manoah Esipisu m Deputy Director, Communications & Public Affairs Division Mr Mark Stevens m Adviser & Head of Democracy Section, Political Affairs Division

Mr Victor Kitange m Adviser (Economic), Economic & Legal Section, Special Advisory Services Division

Mrs Shirani Goonatilleke de Fontgalland Adviser & Head of Criminal Law Section, Legal & Constitutional Affairs Division

Ms Rebecca Bassey m Head of Regional Programmes Group, Governance & Institutional Development Division Mr Nilkanthsing Jagarnath m Head of Office, Deputy Secretary-General’s Office (MM)

Mrs Esther Eghobamien m Head of Gender Equality, Social Transformation Programmes Division Mr Yogesh Bhatt m Adviser & Head of Evaluation Section, Strategic Planning & Evaluation Division

Mr Timothy Newman m Head of Technical Cooperation & Strategic Response Group, Governance & Institutional Development Division

Ms Nita Yawanarajah Adviser & Head, Good Offices Section, Political Affairs Division

Ms Janet Strachan m Adviser & Head of Small States, Environment & Economic Management Section, Economic Affairs Division

Mr Joshua Brien m Legal Adviser (Natural Resources), Economic & Legal Section, Special Advisory Services Divison

Dr Pauline Greaves m Head of Education Section, Social Transformation Programmes Division Mr Jarvis Matiya m Adviser & Head of Justice Section, Legal & Constitutional Affairs Division

Mr Ibibia Worika m Legal Adviser, Economic & Legal Section, Special Advisory Services Division Ms Norma MacIssac m Adviser & Head, Planning Section, Strategic Planning & Evaluation Division

Mr Julian Roberts m Adviser (Ocean Governance), Economic & Legal Section, Special Advisory Services Division

Ms Samantha Attridge Adviser & Head, International Finance & Capital Markets Section, Economic Affairs Division

Mrs Joan Mwasike m Head of Thematic Programmes Group, Governance & Institutional Development Division


(International Organisations Acts 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1983/144)

64-66 Glenthorne Road W6 OLR

0870 7777697

Fax: 0870 0345626



Professor Tim Unwin m Chief Executive Officer

Mr Bashir Patel m Chief Operating Officer

Mr Rakesh Luchmun Senior Manager, Finance & HR

Mr Lasantha De Alwis Senior Manager, Programmes & Corporate Secretary

Mr Marcel Belingue Senior Manager, Programmes


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1991/757)

1 Exchange Square EC2A 2JN

020 7338 6000

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7338 6100 www.ebrd.com

Dr Thomas Mirow * President

Mr Varel Freeman m 1st Vice-President, Banking

Mr Manfred Schepers m Vice-President, Finance

Mr Jan Fischer m Vice-President, Operations Policies


(European Communities Act, 1972, Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) Floor 18 Tower 42 25 Old Broad Street EC2N 1HQ

020 7382 1770 Fax 020 7382 1771


Mr Andrea Enria Chairperson

Mr Adam Farkas Executive Director

Ms Isabelle Vaillant Director (Regulation)

Mr Piers Haben Director (Oversight)

Mr Peter Mihalik Director (Operations)


(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1975/158) Shinfield Park Reading Berkshire RG2 9AX

0118 949 9000 Fax 0118 986 9450 www.ecmwf.int

Professor Alan Thorpe   m Director-General
Mr Walter Zwieflhofer m Director of Operations Department & Deputy Director-General
Professor Erland Källén m Director of Research Department

Mr Arne Velling m Director of Administration Department (Acting)

Dr Jean-Noël Thépaut m Head of Data Division

Mrs Isabella Weger m Head of Computer Division

Dr Erik Andersson m Head of Meteorological Division

Dr Peter Bauer Head of Model Division

Dr Roberto Buizza m Head of Predictability Division

Mr Stefan Eberle Financial Controller

Mr Mayan Shan m Head of Finance & Supplies Section

Mr Philipp Drescher m Head of Personnel Section


(European Communities Act, 1972-Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) Representation in the UK: Europe House 32 Smith Square SW1P 3EU

020 7973 1992 Fax 020 7973 1900


Mr Jonathan Scheele m Head of Representation

Ms Christine Dalby m DeputyHead of Representataion/Head of Political Section

Mr Mark English m Head of Media

Ms Antonia Mochan Head of Networks

Mr Dominic Brett Senior Political Officer

Mrs Maria-Madeleine Knanellopulou m Political Officer

02 April 2012

Mr Tim McNamara m Politicial Reporter Mr John Evans Multilingualism Officer

Ms Angelique Petrits m Multilingualism Officer Ms Maria Kelly Head of Administration

Mr Vassili Lelakis m Director in Charge of Relations with EBRD/Member of the Board representing the European Community

Mr Marten Koopmans m Accredited Representative of the European Commission to the International Maritime Organisation

Regional Offices:  
Mr Maurice Maxwell Head of Office, Belfast
  Tel 028 9024 0708
Mr Andy Klom Head of Office, Cardiff
  Tel 029 2089 5020
Mr Neil Mitchison Head of Office, Edinburgh
  Tel 0131 225 2058


(European Communities Act, 1972-Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) 3rd Floor Royal Exchange Buildings EC3V 3LF

020 7375 9660 Fax 020 7375 9699 www.eib.org

Mr Daniel Ottolenghi * Head of London Office


(European Communities Act, 1972-Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) 7 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf E14 4HB

020 7418 8400 Fax 020 7418 8660


Mr Guido Rasi Executive Director

Mr Andreas Pott Head of Unit (Administration)

Mr Noel Wathion Head of Unit (Patient Health Protection)

Mr Patrick Le Courtois Head of Unit (Human Medicines Development & Evaluation) Mr Hans-Georg Wagner Head of Unit (Information & Communications Technology) Mr David Mackay Head of Unit (Veterinary Medicines & Product Data Management) Mr Michael Lenihan Head of Sector (Finance & Budget)

Ms Sara Mendosa Head of Sector (Infrastructure Services) Ms Frances Nuttall Head of Sector (Human Resources) Ms Kornelia Grein Head of Sector (Veterinary Medicines) Ms Alexis Nolte Head of Sector (Quality of Medicines)

Ms Sylvie Bénéfice Head of Sector (Meeting & Conferences Manager)

Mr Anthony Humphreys Head of Sector (Regulatory, Procedural & Committee Support) Ms Agnès Saint Raymond Head of Sector (Human Medicine Special Areas)

Mr Timothy Buxton Head of Sector (ICT Development)

Mr David Drakeford Head of Sector (ICT Infrastructure) Ms Isabelle Moulon Head of Sector (Medical Information)

Mr Xavier Luria Oller Head of Sector (Safety & Efficacy of Medicines)

Mr Martin Harvey Allchurch Head of Sector (Office of the Executive Director) Mr Vincenzo Salvatore Head of Sector (Legal Service)

Mr Peter Arlett Head of Sector (Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management) Mr Fergus Sweeney Head of Sector (Compliance & Inspection)

02 April 2012

Mr Riccardo Ettore Head of Sector (ICT User & Application Support) Ms Edit Weidlich Head of Sector (Internal Audit)



(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1994-1890)

Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Hinxton Cambridge CB10 1SD

01223 494444

Fax 01223 494468

Professor Iain Mattaj m Director-General of EMBL, Non-Resident

Professor Janet Thornton m Director of Outstation

Mr Graham Cameron m Associate Director of Outstation

Mr Mark Green m Head of Outstation Administration


(European Communities Act, 1972-Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) 32 Smith Square SW1P 3EU

020 7227 4300 Fax 020 7227 4302

www.europarl.org.uk eplondon@europarl.europa.eu

Bjorn Kjellstrom m Head of Office

Mrs Paula Buonadonna m Press Officer

Mr Gergely Polner m Outreach Officer


(European Communities Act, 1972-Protocol on the Privileges & Immunities of the European Communities, 1965) The Tun 4 Jackson's Entry Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8PJ

0131 557 7866 Fax 0131 557 4977

www.europarl.org.uk epedinburgh@europarl.eu.int

Mr James Temple Smithson m Head of Office


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I.2004/3334)

Bramshill House Hook Hampshire RG27 0JW

01256 602668

Fax 01256 602996



Mr Ferenc Bánfi m Director
Mr Detlef Schroder * Deputy Director
Katherine Armitage m Head of Corporate Services Department


(European Communities Act, 1972-S.I. 1990/237)

Culham Abingdon Oxon OX14 3DZ

02 April 2012

01235 522621 Fax 01235 554609

esculham@eursc.org www.esculham.net

Mr Simon Sharron m Head

Mr Thomas Hackmann m Deputy Head (Secondary)

Miss Joan Boyle Deputy Head (Nursery/Primary)

Mr R J Holcombe m Bursar


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I.1978/1105)

ESA Harwell Centre ATLAS Building

Harwell Oxford Didcot OX11 OQX

01235 567 9000



Mr Martin Ditter m Head of ESA Harwell Centre

Mr Ian Bayliss m Administration Manager

Mr Pascal Lecomte m Head of ESA Climate Office


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I.1997/1334)

6 Grafton Street

London W1S 4EQ

020 7499 9821

Fax 020 7495 5033

Mrs Agnes Allcock m Director-General

Mr Siu Hong Lam m Deputy Director-General

Mr Chung Cham Ching m Deputy Director-General

Mr Chung Sing Lau m Assistant Director-General


(see under WORLD BANK GROUP)


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I.1975/411)

Commonwealth House 1-19 New Oxford Street WC1A 1NU

020 7400 5050

Fax 020 7421 5500



Dr Jean-Marc Abo Anga m Executive Director

Mr Laurent Pipitone m Director a.i.of the Economics & Statistics Division


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1969/733)

22 Berners Street W1T 3DD

020 7612 0600

02 April 2012

Fax 020 7612 0630 info@ico.org www.ico.org

Mr Robério Oliveira Silva Executive Director

Mr José D Sette m Head of Operations

Mr David P Moorhouse m Head of Finance & Administration


(see under WORLD BANK GROUP)


(see under WORLD BANK GROUP)


(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1968/1863)

1 Canada Square Canary Wharf E14 5AE

020 7513 1122

Fax 020 7513 0630



Mr E Kitahara m Executive Director

Mr J Tjaardstra m Assistant Executive Director

Mr Y Makarov m Senior Economist

Ms A Reynolds Senior Economist

Mr D Cooper Senior Economist


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 2002/1826)

4 Albert Embankment SE1 7SR

020 7735 7611

Fax 020 7587 3210


Mr K Sekimizu m Secretary General (from 1 January 2012)

Mrs Chiho Sekimizu

Mr A Winbow Assistant Secretary-General/Director, Administrative Division (A.D.).

Mrs R Balkin m Assistant Secretary-General/Director, Legal Affairs & External Relations Division (L.E.D.) Mrs O O’Neil m Director, Conference Division (C.D.)

Mr Zhu Jianxin m Director, Technical Co-operation Division (T.C.D.) Mr J O Espinoza Ferrey Director, Marine Environment Division (M.E.D.)

Mr Du Dachang m Special Adviser on Environmental Protection Standards/Senior Deputy Director, Sub-Division for Pollution Prevention, M.E.D.

Mr H Hesse m Senior Deputy Director, Sub-Division for Operational Safety & Human Element, M.S.D. Mr V Job m Deputy Director/Head, Information Technology & Information Systems Section, A.D.

Mr L Barchue, Sr. m Senior Deputy Director, Member State Audit & Internal Oversight Services, Office of the Secretary-General

Mrs P Tansey m Senior Deputy Director, T.C.D.

Mr G Librando m Senior Deputy Director, Sub-Division for Legal Affairs, L.E.D.

Mr Min Kyung-Rae m Deputy Director, Sub-Division for Implementation & Co-ordination, M.S.D. Mr S Micallef Director, Marine Enviroment Division.

Mr S-J Kim m Deputy Director/Head, Management Accounting Services, A.D.

02 April 2012

Mrs T Martins de Oliveira m Senior Deputy Director, Sub-Division for External Relations, L.E.D.

Mr C Young m Deputy Director/Head, International Maritime Law & Technical Co-operation Section, Sub- Division for Legal Affairs, L.E.D.

Mr C Trelawny Deputy Director, Sub-Division for Maritime Security & Facilitation, M.S.D.

Mr G Singhota m Deputy Director/Head, Operational Safety Section, Sub-Division for Operational Safety &Human Element, M.S.D.

Mr J Westwood-Booth m Senior Deputy Director, Sub-Division for MarineTechnology & Cargoes, M.S.D. Mr J Shiundu m Deputy Director/Head, Programme Management, T.C.D.

Mr A Mahapatra m Deputy Director/Head, Maritime Training & Human Element Section, Sub-Division for Operational Safety & Human Element, M.S.D.

Mr A Botsford m Deputy Director/Chief, Office of General Services, A.D.

Ms A Gireud m Deputy Director/Head, French Translation Section, Translation Services, C.D. Mrs J Thompson m Deputy Director/Head of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General

Mr E Vågslid Deputy Director/Head, Air Pollution & Climate Change Section, Sub-Division for Pollution Prevention, M.E.D.




170 Upper Richmond Road

Putney SW15 2SH

020 8246 4431/88/86

Fax 020 8246 4495


Admiral Aurelio Ribeiro Da Silva Filho m Head of the Representation & Permanent Representative

Captain Anselmo Luis Correa Fernandes m Alternate Permanent Representative

Captain José Narciso Accioly Carneiro Junior m Deputy Alternate Permanent Representative

Commander Fernando Augusto Teixeira Pinho m Assistant to the Alternate Permanent Representative

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

73 Gunnersbury Avenue W5 4LP

020 8992 8221

Fax 020 8992 2053

His Excellency Mr Hyon Hak Bong m Permanent Representative

Mr Ryong Sop Kim m Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr In Ryong Kim m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)


6 Cromwell Place London SW7 2JN

Tel : 020 7073 1380

Fax : 020 7073 1390


Ms Odile Roussel Head of the Representation & Permanent Representative

Mr Eric Berder m Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr Charles-Henri de Barsac Alternate Permanent Representative

02 April 2012

Republic of Liberia

Dean Bradley House 52 Horseferry Road SW1P 2AF 020 7976 0725

Fax 020 7976 0726 info@liberianpm.org.uk

Mr George M. Arku m Permanent Representative

Russian Federation

37 Harrington Gardens SW7 4JU

020 7370 6768/64

Fax 020 7370 0225


Mr Alexander I. Frolov m Permanent Representative

Mr Vladamir Ananiev m Deputy Permanent Representative


(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1999/1125)

99 City Road EC1Y 1AX

020 7728 1249

Fax 020 7728 1172



Mr Esteban Pacha Vincente m Director-General

Mrs. Pilar Dominguez

Mr Andre Clement Fuller m Deputy Director-General

Ms Jennifer Jayne Ray m Head of Administration, Finance & Conferences

Mr C O Istanbullu m Technical Officer

Mr H Keskin IT Technical Officer


(International Organisations Acts, 1968 & 1981 - S.I. 1979/912 & S.I. 1996/1295) Portland House Bressenden Place SW1E 5PN

020 7592 7100 Fax 020 7592 7111 info@iopcfund.org www.iopcfund.org

Mr J M Maura m Director

Mr R S P Pillai m Head, Finance & Administration Department

Mrs A Yoshida m Legal Counsel

Vacant Head, Claims Department

Mr T Liebert m Head, External Relations & Conference Department

Mr M Sommerville m Technical Adviser / Claims Manager


Mission in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

(International Organisations Act 1968 - S.I. 2008/3124)

11 Begrave Road London SW1V 1RB

020 7811 6011

Fax: 020 7811 6043


02 April 2012

Mrs Clarissa Azkoul m Chief of Mission


(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1969/734)

1 Canada Square Canary Wharf Docklands E14 5AA

020 7513 1144

Fax: 020 7513 1146


Dr Peter Baron m Executive Director

Mr Khalid Sookia m Head, Finance & Adminstration

Mr Sergey C Gudoshnikov m Senior Economist

Mr Lindsay O Jolly m Senior Economist

Dr Leonardo Bichara Rocha Senior Economist


(International Organisations Act, 1968 & 1981-S.I. 1979/911)

ITSO - 3400 International Drive NW Washington DC 20008-3096 USA (00)1 202 243 5096


Mr José Toscano Director General & Chief Executive Officer


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1975/1210)

The Red House 135 Station Road Impington Cambridge CB24 9NP 01223 233971

Fax 01223 232876 www.iwcoffice.org secretariat@iwcoffice org

Dr Simon Brockington m Secretary to the Commission


(European Communities Act, 1972-S.1. 1985/1973)

11 Rutland Square Edinburgh EH1 2AS

013 1228 2551

Dr Malcolm Windsor OBE m Secretary

Dr Peter Hutchinson m Assistant Secretary


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1999/278)

22 Berners Street W1T 3DY

020 7631 0016

Fax 020 7636 9225



Mr Stefan Asmundsson m Secretary

02 April 2012


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1979/914)

New Court 48 Carey Street WC2A 2JQ

020 7430 5200

Fax 020 7430 5225


Prof D Johnson m Executive Secretary

Ms L Rodriguez m Deputy Secretary

Ms E Corcoran Deputy Secretary

Mr Gert Verrett m Deputy Secretary

Mr John Mouat Deputy Secretary


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1974/1261) Strand Bridge House 138-142 Strand WC2R 1HH 020 7759 8090

Fax 020 7759 8119 www.unhcr.ch gbrlo@unhcr.ch

Mr Roland Schilling m Representative

Mr Måans Nyberg m Senior External Relations Officer

Ms Alexandra McDowall m Legal Officer


(International Organisations Act, 1968-S.I. 1974/1261)

Office: Residence Palace Bloc C2. Rue de la Loi 155/1040 Brussels 0032 (0) 2 788 8484

Fax 0032 (0) 2 788 8485 Info@unric.org

Mrs Afsane Bassir-Pour m Director



(International Organisations Act, 1968 - S.I. 1974/1261)

219 Huntingdon Road Cambridge CB3 0DL

01223 277314

Fax 01223 277136


Dr Jonathan M Hutton m Director

Ms Monika MacDevette Deputy Director


(International Organisations Act, 1968 - S.I. 1974/1261)

First Floor Strand Bridge House 138-142 Strand WC2R 1HH

020 7240 9001

Fax 020 7240 6662


02 April 2012

Mrs Caroline Hurford m Senior Public Affairs Officer


12th Floor Millbank Tower 21-24 Millbank SW1P 4QP


INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT (Overseas Development & Co-operation Act 1980-S.I. 1946/36 S.I. 1976/221) (Overseas Development & Co-operation Act 1980-S.I. 1960/1383 S.I. 1976/221) 020 7592 8400

Fax: 020 7592 8420 www.worldbank.org

Mr Andrew J Felton Senior Counsellor for UK & Ireland


(Overseas Development & Co-operation Act 1980-S.I. 1955/1954 S.I. 1976/211) 020 7592 8400

Fax 020 7592 8432 www.ifc.org

Ms Imoni Akpofure m Special Representative in Europe

02 April 2012


Alphabetical list of Honorary Consular representatives of Foreign States &

Commonwealth Countries not represented by a Diplomatic Mission in London.

The persons listed have certain Privileges & Immunities under the

Consular Relations Act 1968.


Millenium House Humber Road NW2 6DW

020 8830 8612

Fax 020 7435 0665

TELEX 8830 8925

Mr Lawrence L. Landau m Honorary Consul for the Republic of Benin


2 Windacres Warren Road Guildford GU1 2HG

01483 538 189


Mr Michael R. Rutland Honorary Consul for Bhutan


Lilacs Stane Street Ockley Surrey RH5 5LU

01306 627 225/0777 1984 680

Mr Colin Seelig m Honorary Consul for the Republic for Burkina Faso


7A The Grove N6 6JU

07876 232 305


Mr Jonathan S. Lux m Honorary Consul for Cape Verde


The Arena 24 Southwark Bridge Road SE1 9HF

020 7922 0695

Fax 020 7401 2566/2545

Mr Louis Muzzu m Honorary Consul for the Republic of Congo


The Great House Llanddewi Rydderch Monmouthshire NP7 9UY

01873 840 375/01873 840 152

Fax 01873 840 375


Mr Michael Ravell Walsh m Honorary Consul for the Republic of Kiribati

02 April 2012


Romshed Courtyard Underriver Nr Sevenoaks Kent TN15 0SD 01732 746 061

Fax 01732 746062 nauru@weald.co.uk

Mr Martin W.L. Weston Honorary Consul for the Republic of Nauru


Bankfoot Square, Bankfoot Street, Batley WF17 5LH

01924 470 786

Fax 01924 474 747


Mr. Q. Mohammed m Honorary Consul for the Republic of Palau


Flat 8 Marsham Court 58 Victoria Drive Southfields SW19 6BB

020 8788 6139

Miss Natalie Galland-Burkl Honorary Consul for the Democratic Republic of São & Tomé & Principe in London


Church Cottage Pedlinge Nr Hythe Kent CT12 5JL

01303 260 541

Fax 01303 238 058

Mrs Prunella Scarlett LVO Honorary Consul for Samoa


89 Pier House 31 Cheyne Walk SW3 5HN

020 3 0847 143

07768 196 326

Fax: 0207 3490663

Dr Amwedhkar Jethu m Honorary Consul for the Republic of Suriname


Tuvalu House 230 Worple Road SW20 8RH

020 8879 0985

Fax 020 8879 0985

Dr Iftikhar A. Ayaz Honorary Consul for Tuvalu

02 April 2012


Alphabetical list of Career Consular representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries notified under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The persons listed have certain Privileges or Immunities under the Consular Relations Act, 1968.


Consulate General of San Marino

Flat 51 162 Sloane Street SW1

Tel & Fax 020 7823 4768

Mr Teodorani Fabbri Consul General


Agent-General for South Australia

Australia Centre Strand WC2B 4LG 020 7887 5124

Mr Bill Muirhead * Agent-General for South Australia

Agent-General for Queensland

Queensland House 392 Strand WC2R 0LZ 020 7836 1333

Mr Kenneth Smith m Agent-General for Queensland

Agent-General for Victoria

Australia Centre Strand WC2B 4LG 020 7836 2656

Ms Sally Anne Capp m Agent-General for Victoria

Agent-General for Western Australia

Australia Centre Strand WC2B 4LG 020 7240 2881

Mr Kevin Skipworth m Agent-General for Western Australia

02 April 2012


This list is provided for information only. Some of the persons listed below may have an entitlement to certain Privileges & Immunities.


Government of Anguilla London Office

Suite 206-207 71-75 Shelton Street WC2H 9JQ

020 7470 8801


Ms Dorothea Hodge UK Representative


Government of Bermuda London Office

6 Arlington Street London SW1A 1RE

020 7518 9900

Fax: 020 7518 9901


Ms Kimberley Durrant UK Representative


Government of the British Virgin Islands London Office

BVI House 15 Upper Grosvenor Street W1K 7PJ

020 7355 9570

Fax 020 7355 9575



Mr Kendrick Malone UK Representative


Cayman Islands Government Office

6 Arlington Street SW1A 1RE

020 7491 7772

Fax 020 7491 7944



The Rt Hon the Lord Blencathra UK Representative


Falkland Islands Government Office

Falkland House 14 Broadway SW1H 0BH

020 7222 2542

Fax 020 7222 2375



Ms Sukey Cameron MBE m UK Representative

02 April 2012


Government of Gibraltar

178-179 Strand London WC2R 1 EL

020 7836 0777

Fax 020 7240 6612



Mr Albert A. Poggio OBE UK Representative


Government of Montserrat

180-186 Kings Cross Road WC1X 9DE

020 7520 2622

Fax 020 7520 2624


Mrs Janice Panton MBE m UK Representative


Government of St Helena

16 Old Queen St SW1H 9HP

020 7031 0314

Fax 020 7031 0315


Mrs Kedell Worboys MBE m UK Representative


No representation

02 April 2012




This list is provided for information only. Some of the persons listed may have certain privileges & immunities.


106 Gloucester Place London W1U 6HU

Tel: 020 7317 0393

Fax: 020 7486 7586


Mr Adel A Babesail m Head of Office

Mrs Sohad Almohamadi

Mrs Mayssa Sleiman m Counsellor (Arab League Affairs)

Mr Sohail Elhuni m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Salma Al-Feky m 2nd Secretary


I.I.C.D Block 1 Knockview Building Stormont Estate Belfast BT4 3SL 028 904 88600

Fax 028 904 88601

General John de Chastelain * Chairman

Mr Andrew D Sens * Commissioner

Brigadier-General Tauno Nieminen * Commissioner

Mr Aaro Suonio m Chef de Cabinet

Ms Ricki Schoen * Office Manager

Mrs Taina Suonio m Administrative Assistant


5 Galena Road Hammersmith W6 0LT

020-8563 0008

Fax 020 8563 0058



Prof. Manuel S. Hassassian m The Palestinian General Delegate

Mrs Samira Hassassian

Mr Naim Samara m Deputy Head of Mission

Miss Meisoon El-Shorafa Political Affairs Counsellor

Mrs Rana Abu Ayyash m Information & Press Counsellor

Mr Ibrahim Beshtawi Economic & Commercial Counsellor


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