(Revised  08/05/2017)






Alphabetical list of the representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries in London with the names & designations of the persons returned as composing their Diplomatic Staff. Representatives of Foreign States & Commonwealth Countries & their Diplomatic Staff enjoy privileges & immunities under the Diplomatic Privileges Act, 1964. Except where shown, private addresses are not available.

m            Married


*               Married but not accompanied by wife or husband





Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


31 Princes Gate SW7 1QQ

0203 609 8021



Monday-Friday 09:30-15:00


Consular Department


0207 225 4748


Monday-Friday 09:30-15:00


Vacant  Ambassador

Mr Liaquet Ali Ameri  m Charge d’ Affaires a.i. and Counsellor

Mr Yasser Sadeq  m Counsellor


Mr Sayd Maseeh Atef  m 1st Secretary

Mr Babakhan Aslami  m 1st Secretary

Ms Aqila Rahmani  2nd Secretary


Mr Hamid Salimi  2nd Secretary

Mr Mohammad Asif Noorzai  3rd Secretary

Mr Haroon Naderi  m Military Attaché

Mr Nezamuddin Marzee  m Deputy Military Attaché

Mr Wahidullah Haidari  m Commercial Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Albania

33 St George’s Drive SW1V 4DG


020 7828 8897

Fax 020 7828 8869




Consular Section


020 7828 8897

Fax 020 7828 8869



Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7630 5429

Fax 020 7828 8869



HIS EXELLENCY MR QIRJAKO QIRKO * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 26 August 2016) Mrs Anxhela Qirko

Mr Lorenc Xhaferraj  m Counsellor (Political Affairs)


Mrs Migena Baholli  m 1st Secretary (Economic & Trade Affairs)

Mr Refik Golli  2nd  Secretary Consul (Consular Services)

Ms Pranvera Skana  2nd Secretary (Public Relations & Media)

Colonel Ardian Lulaj  m Defence Attaché





People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

1-3 Riding House Street W1W 7DR

020 7229 7077


Fax 020 7229 7076



Consular Section

6 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5EW

020 7589 6885

Fax 020 7589 7725



HIS EXELLENCY Mr Amar Abba m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 December 2010) Mrs Zehra Abba

Mr Noureddine Meriem  m Minister-Counsellor


Ms Kenza Benali  Consul

Colonel Abdelkader Rahmani  m Defence Attaché


Colonel Khirdine Benslim  m Maritime Attaché

Mr Mohammed Merouane  m Counsellor


Mr Sofiane Hamrouche  m Counsellor

Mr Belaid Raked  m 1st Secretary

Mr Kaddour Ayas  m 1st Secretary, Deputy Consul

Mr Abderrahmane Tamer  m 1st Secretary


Mr Selim Abbes Ghenouchi m Chancery Attaché, Deputy Consul Mr Said Sadouki m Chancery Attaché


Mrs Soumia Hamrouche  m Attaché

Mr  Bachir Mokhtari *  Attaché, Deputy Consul

Mr Mohamed Lamine Siari  m Attaché

Miss Sara Zekagh  Attaché

Mr Oussama Bouguettaya  m Attaché


Mr Ismail Benseghier  m Attaché


Miss Nadjla Talhi  Attaché

Miss Adra Nemouchi  Attaché

Mr Nassima Morsli  m Attaché

Mr Mourad Chilali  m Attaché

Mr Mohamed Zenati  m Attaché





The Principality of Andorra is not currently represented in London. For further information please contact:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Institutional Relations, C/ Prat de la Creu 62-64, AD500 Andorra la Vella Tel: +376 875 704

Fax: +376 869 559



Ms Cristina Mota Gouveia  Minister-Counsellor





Embassy of the Republic of Angola


22 Dorset Street W1U 6QY

020 7299 9850

Fax 020 7486 9397



Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 & 13.30-16.00


Visa Section Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 (Closed Wednesday)


Consulate General


46 Bedford Square WC1B 3DP

Monday-Friday 0900-1200 & 1300-1600

Visa Section 0930-1300 (Closed Wednesday)


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MIGUEL GASPAR FERNANDES NETO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 09 February 2012)


Mrs Emilia Moreno Fernandes Neto


Mr Vanda Maria Breganha de Lemos Paula Gomes m Minister Counsellor Mr Diogo José Paulo Cristiano m Counsellor


Mr Bernardino Adão João Pacheco  m Counsellor

Mr Ngongo Gomes Maiato  m 2nd Sectretary

Mr Samora Moreno Fernandes Neto *  3rd Sectretary


Mr João Domingos Pascoal  *  Protocol & Cerimonial Attaché


Ms Eunice Ferreira de Almeida Private Secretary to the Ambassador Lt Colonel Rui Nelson Gonçalves m Defence Attaché


Captain Savio Sebastião Napoleão de Lemos  Assitant Defence Attaché


Mr Rosa Benigno Sobrinho * Attaché & Alternative Representative to the IMO Mrs Vicência Ferreira M. de Brito * Consul General Mrs Maria Teresa Félix * Vice Consul

Mr André Manuel Cândido  * Vice Consul

Mr Sebastiao dos Santos Kiala  Vice Consul

Mrs Fernanda Manuel António  * Consular Officer

Ms Elianne Carvalho  Consular Officer





High Commission for Antigua and Barbuda


2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP

020 7258 0070

Fax 020 7258 7486





HER EXCELLENCY MS KAREN-MAE HILL  High Commissioner (since 10 January 2016)

Mrs Althea Allison Vanderpoole Banahene  Minister-Counsellor (Administration & Consular Affairs)




Embassy of the Argentine Republic


65 Brook Street W1K 4AH

020 7318 1300


Fax 020 7318 1301











Consulate General

27 Three Kings Yard W1K 4DF

020 7318 1340


Fax 020 7318 1349




Defence Attaché’s Office (Military, Naval & Air Attachés) 134-136 Buckingham Palace Road Second Floor SW1W 9TR 020 7730 4356


Fax 020 77824 8703



Representation to IMO


65 Brook Street

London W1K 4AH

Tel: + 44 20 7318 1300


Fax: +44 20 7318 1301


HIS EXCELLENCY MR CARLOS SERSALE DI CERISANO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 March 2016)


Mrs Linette de Jager

Mr Holger Martinsen  m Consul General


Mr Gustavo Bobrik  Minister & Deputy Head of Mission

Ms Alejandra Pecoraro  Minister


Mr Diego Desmoures  m Minister

Ms Valeria Maria Gonzalez Posse  Minister

Mr Nicolás Rebok  m Minister

Ms Ana Laura Cachaza  m Counsellor & Deputy Consul General

Mr Federico Alejandro Peña  Counsellor


Group Captain Fernando Luis Mengo  *  Defence Attaché


Mr Mario Ernesto Ortiz  m Assistant Defence Attaché

Mr Pedro López Godoy m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Maria de la Paz Garcia  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Ricardo Alejandro Morelli Rubio  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Facundo Santiago  m 3rd Secretary


Mr Adrián Vernis  m Administrative Attaché


Captain Hernan Jorge Montero m Technical Adviser of Permanent Representation to IMO Captain Italo D´Amico m Technical Adviser of Permanent Representation to IMO





Embassy of the Republic of Armenia


25A Cheniston Gardens W8 6TG

020 7938 5435

Fax 020 7938 2595






HIS EXCELLENCY DR ARMEN SARKISSIAN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 October 2013)


Mrs Nouneh Sarkissian

Mr Armen Liloyan  Minister


Mr Tigran Galstyan  m Counsellor

Ms Hayarpi Drmeyan  3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)





Australian High Commission


Australia House Strand WC2B 4LA

020 7379 4334

Fax 020 7240 5333



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ALEXANDER DOWNER High Commissioner (since 19 May 2014) Mrs Nicola Downer

Mr Matthew Anderson m Deputy High Commissioner

Mr David Lawrence m Minister-Counsellor (Management)


Mr Tony Pratt m Minister-Counsellor


Air Commodore Brian Edwards m Head Australian Defence Staff Mr Peter Nelson m Minister-Counsellor (Liaison)


Commander Linda Champion m Minister-Counsellor (Police Liaison)


Commander Abigail Bradshaw m Minister-Counsellor (Immigration)

Ms Samantha Reinhardt m Minister-Counsellor (Economic)


Mr David Watson m Minister-Counsellor (Commercial)

Ms Corinne McDonald m Counsellor

Mr Andrew Rose m Counsellor

Mr Damian McFarland m Counsellor

Mr Kyle Naish m Counsellor

Ms Marnie Wright m Counsellor


Ms Erika Thompson Counsellor

Colonel Richard Parker m Army Adviser

Group Captain Antony Martin Air Force Adviser

Captain Shane Craig m Naval Adviser

Mr Ky Blackman m Counsellor (Defence)


Mr Adam Czaikowski Counsellor (Liaison)


Mr Thomas Nicholls m Counsellor

Mr Matthew McGregor Counsellor (Transport)

Ms Meredith Byron Counsellor (Immigration)

Mr Robert Rushby * Counsellor (Australian Border Force)

Dr Yi Yue m Counsellor (Defence Science)


Mr Michael Garrety * Counsellor (Defence Materiel)

Mr Arthur Moerman m Counsellor (Police Liaison)

Mr Sean Lloyd 1st Secretary

Mr Mark Inglis m 1st Secretary

Mr Opas Thamsongsana 1st Secretary

Mr Sean O’Brien m 1st Secretary


Mr Gerard Woodward m 1st Secretary & Consul

Mr Marcus Brims m 1st Secretary


Mr James Went m 1st Secretary

Ms Katie Whitting 1st Secretary

Ms Claire Went m 1st Secretary & Consul

Lt Colonel Graham Price m Assistant Defence Adviser


Ms Gail McClure m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Ms Hannah Boothman 1st Secretary (Liaison)

Mr Ashley Wygoda m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Mr Scott Andrew Mellis m 1st Secretary (Police Liaison)

Ms Angela Louise Brooker m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Louise Baker m 2nd Secretary


Mr Breandán Skinner m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Suzanne Louise Appeldorff m 2nd Secretary

Mr Ian Potter 2nd Secretary (Liaison)

Mr Aydin Sipaloglu m 2nd Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Stuart Mackin  m 2nd Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Janette Niemann  Executive Assistant (Consular)





Embassy of Austria

18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU

020 7344 3250

Fax 020 7344 0292



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Cultural Section


28 Rutland Gate, SW7 1PQ

020 7225 7300


Fax 020 7225 0470




Defence Section


18 Belgrave Mews West, SW1X 8HU

020 7245 9185

Fax 020 7245 9185



Commercial Section


45 Prince’s Gate, SW7 2QA

020 7584 4411

Fax 020 7584 2565





HIS EXCELLENCY Dr MARTIN EICHTINGER m Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since 20 January 2015)


Mrs Kathrin Eichtinger


Mr Christoph Weidinger m Minister Plenipotentiary Deputy Head of Mission Mr Christoph Weingartner m Minister Plenipotentiary (Press Affairs)


Mrs Katharina Kastner  m Counsellor

Mrs Monika Zach m 1st  Secretary


Mr Markus Wolfsteiner m 3rd Secretary (Administrative Affairs) & Consul Mrs Michaela Steiger m Attaché (Administrative Affairs)


Ms Alexandra Macejin  Assistant Attaché


Mrs Andrea Ozer  m Assistant Attaché

Mrs Bettina Kadoch  Assistant Attaché

Ms Maria Kaefer  Assistant Attaché


Mrs Elisabeth Krauk-McGuinness m Assistant Attaché Ms Elisabeth Mayer Assistant Attaché


Brigadier General Guenter Eisl  Attaché (Defence)

Mr Thomas Heizinger m Assistant Defence Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Guenter Pamminger  m Assistant Attaché (Defence)

Mrs Katalin Tünde Huber m Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum


Ms Marjeta Jernej Assistant Attaché (Cultural) and Deputy Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Ms Elisabeth Freudensprung Assistant Attaché


Mr Christian Kesberg Commercial Counsellor & Trade Commissioner Ms Esther Maca Commercial Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan


4 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7938 3412

Fax 020 7937 1783




Consular Section Tel/Fax 020 7938 5482


HIS EXCELLENCY MR TAHIR TAGHIZADE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 21 September 2014)


Mrs Ulviyya Taghizade

Mr Rashad Vashabzada  m Counsellor


Lieutenant Colonel Vugar Ahmadov m Defence Attaché Mr Zeynal Jafarov m 1st Secretary Mr Aliyeva Manzar 3rd Secretary

Mr Polad Mammadov  m 1st Secretary

Mr Ayaz Mustafayev  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Vagif Musayev  m Financial Attaché

MrTural Ismayilov  Attaché

Mr Zaur Safarov  m Attaché





High Commission of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas 10 Chesterfield Street W1J 5JL

020 7408 4488


Fax 020 7499 9937




Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30

Visa: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00

Collection: Monday-Friday 14.00-17.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ELDRED EDISON BETHEL m High Commissioner (since 17 December 2012) Mrs Brenda Dawne Libby Bethel


Ms Allison Paulette Booker Deputy High Commissioner Mr Michael Guy 2nd Secretary & Vice Consul


Mr Wilfred Timothy Adderley II 2nd Secretary & Vice Consul Mr Marchea Alexander Mackey 3rd Secretary & Vice Consul Ms Aklia Melissa Ingraham 3rd Secretary & Vice Consul Miss Syann Thompson Press Attaché

Mr Anthony Arthur Stuart  Tourism Attaché

Ms Vernique Joseph  Finance Attaché





Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain


30 Belgrave Square SW1X 8QB

020 7201 9170


Fax 020 7201 9183



Monday-Friday 09.00 -16.00


Cultural Office


98 Gloucester Road SW7 4AU


020 7341 0770

Fax 020 7373 4210



HIS EXCELLENCY SHAIKH FAWAZ BIN MOHAMMED AL KHALIFA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1 September 2015)


Shaikha Buthaina Mohamed Alotaibi


Mr Hussain Mohammed Alam Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission Mr Subah Abdulrahman Alzayani Cultural Counsellor Mr Tariq Khalid Mohamed m Counsellor


Mr Fahad Albinali  1st Secretary

Mrs Maryam Adel Almannaei  m 1st Secretary

Shaikh Ali bin Ahmed Al Khalifa  3rd Secretary

Mr Tariq Almuraikhi Attaché





High Commission for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh 28 Queen’s Gate London SW7 5JA


020 7584 0081

Fax 020 7581 7477




Monday-Friday 10.00-17.30


Consular Section Monday-Thursday 10.00-13.00 & delivery 15.00-16.30 Friday 10.30-12.45 & delivery 15.00-16.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MOHAMMED NAZMUL QUAUNINE m High Commissioner (since 28 October 2016) Mrs Syeda Mustari Rahman Quaunine


Mr. Khondker M Talha m Deputy High Commissioner Mr. T M Jobaer m Minister (Consular) Mr. Nadeem Qadir Minister (Press)

Mrs. Sharifa Khan  m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr. Md. Mamunur Reza Ibne Abedin  m Counsellor (Political)

Mr. Mohammad Monirul Islam Kabir  1st Secretary (Welfare)

Mr. Md. Shafiul Alam  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Ms. Shirin Akther  m 1st Secretary (Consular)

Mr.  Md. Mahbur Rahman  m 2nd Secretary (Head of Chancery)


Mr. Mohammad Mosaddek Hossen  m Attaché



Barbados High Commission


1 Great Russell Street WC1B 3ND

020 7299 7150

Fax 020 7323 6872


Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR GUY ARLINGTON HEWITT m High Commissioner (since 30 September 2014) Mrs Michelle Kirton-Hewitt

Ms Alphea Wiggins  Deputy High Commissioner


Mr Euclid Goodman  Minister-Counsellor

Ms Cheryl Allyson Carter  Attaché

Ms Phyllis Small  Attaché


Ms Francoise Lana-Mae Hendy m Attaché


Miss Norene Callender  Attaché

Mr Kyle Carlton Gittens  Attache

Ms Gweneth Joyann Griffith  1st Secretary

Mr Marc Anthony Kojo McCollin  Attaché

Mr Lennon Andrew Chandler  Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Belarus


6 Kensington Court W8 5DL

020 7937 3288

Fax 020 7938 5985




Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-18.00


Economic/Commercial Section


020 7938 5988


Consular Section

020 7938 3677

Monday-Friday except Wednesdays 09.00-12.30


HIS EXCELLENCY MR SERGEI ALEINIK m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 February 2013)


Mrs Ludmila Aleinik

Mr Aleg Yermalovich  m Minister-Counsellor


Mr Dmitry Sudas  m Senior Counsellor (Economic & Commercial, Cultural, Humanitarian Affairs)

Mr Aleksei Zenkov  m Counsellor (Economic & Commercial Affairs)


Mr Vitaly Lysyura m Counsellor (Administrative Affairs) Mr Kirill Zemtsov m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs) Mr Vyacheslav Groda m Attaché





Embassy of Belgium

17 Grosvenor Crescent, SW1X 7EE

020-7470 3700

Fax: 020-7470 37



http://countries.diplomatie.belgium.be/nl/verenigd_koninkrijk http://countries.diplomatie.belgium.be/fr/royaume_uni http://countries.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/united_kingdom


Office of the Flemish Community and Region:


Flanders House, 1A Cavendish Square, W1G OLD

Flemish Community:

020-7299 3590

Fax: 020-7299 3591

Flanders Trade & Investment:


020-7307 7710

Fax: 020-7307 7711


HIS EXCELLENCY GUY TROUVEROY m Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since 14 January 2014) Mrs. Nathalie Fontainas

Mr Jan Bayart  Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Bruno Marien  m Consul (Head of Consular and Administrative Affairs)


Mr Christiaan Sys  m Vice-Consul

Mr Luc Lefere  m Attaché (Consular Affairs)


Mr Nic Van Der Marliere Counsellor for the Flemish Community & the Flemish Region Mr Ben De Smit m Counsellor for the Flemish Region Mr Didier Denayer m Counsellor for the Walloon Region


Mr Mohamad-Mounif Kilani m Economic & Commercial Attaché for the Brussels Region Mr Nicolas-Gaspard Braham Trade & Investment Commissioner for the Walloon Region Mr Lukas Van Damme Attaché





Belize High Commission


3rd Floor 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP

020 7723 3603





HER EXCELLENCY MS PERLA MARIA PERDOMO High Commissioner (since 15 July 2012) Ms Carmen Scarleth Ayon Neda

Mrs Laura Frampton  m Minister Counsellor


Ms Jolene Kidd  m 1st Secretary

Ms Karen Dawn Simplis  1st Secretary

Mr Andrew Wigmore  m Trade, Commercial & Press Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Benin


87 Avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris

00 331 45 009882

Fax 00 331 45018202



London Honorary Consulate (see Honorary Consuls section below)


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JULES-ARMAND ANIAMBOSSOU m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 13 June 2014)


Mrs Fabienne Aniambossou

Mr Cosme Arouna  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Adamou Aba Bagnan  m Counsellor

Mr Giono Morel Gnamy m 1st Secretary

Mr Ismel Toffon  Attaché


Mr Jean Clément Deka James  m Attaché

Mrs Monique Attolou-Arouna  m Attaché

Mr Joël-Marie Lontchedji  m Attaché





Embassy of Bolivia


106 Eaton Square SW1W 9AD

020 7235 4248 Ext 100

Fax 020 7235 1286





Consular Section


020 7235 4248 Ext 1  - 2



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROBERTO CALZADILLA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20 January 2014)


Mr Mario Arturo Suarez Vargas  m Counsellor

Captain Franz Pablo Valdiviezo Oña  *  Naval Attaché

Captain Franz Valdivieso  *  Military Attaché


Mrs Paola Elena Asport Montaňo  m 2nd Secretary

Miss Lenny Vidal  * 2nd Secretary

Mr Franḉois Schollaert Paz  * Civil Attaché





Embassy of Bosnia & Herzegovina


5-7 Lexham Gardens W8 5JJ

020 7373 0867

020 7373 0915

Fax 020 7373 0871




Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Section: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR BRANKO T. NESKOVIC m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 13 August 2015)


Mrs Magdalena Neskovic

Mr Igor Bašić  m   Minister Councellor


Ms Meliha Bašić   Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Samra Koričić Mujkić  m    2nd Secretary





Botswana High Commission


6 Stratford Place W1C 1AY

020 7499 0031/020 7647 1000

Fax 020 7495 8595/020 7409 7382


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROY WARREN BLACKBEARD m High Commissioner (since 29 December 1998) Mrs Maxine Blackbeard


Ms Poppy Majingo Minister-Counsellor/Head of Chancery Brig. Gabriel Addanes m Defence Adviser Miss Tenda Kealeboga Education Attaché

Mr Omolemo Selato  1st Secretary


Mrs Lydia Rapelang Masole * 1st Secretary Administration Mr Bihela Sekere m 2nd Secretary


Mr Moemedi Mokgosi *  Commercial Attaché

Miss Gloria Ditau  Administrative Attaché





Embassy of Brazil


14/16 Cockspur Street SW1Y 5BL

020 7747 4500



Consular Section


3-4 Vere Street


020 76 59 1550


Fax 020 7659 1554


Office of the Naval Adviser


170 Upper Richmond Road


SW15 2SH

020 8246 4400


Fax 020 8246 4475


Office of the Air Adviser


16 Great James Street


020 7440 4320


Fax 020 7831 8129


HIS EXCELLENCY MR EDUARDO DOS SANTOS Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 3 September 2015)


Mr Hermano Telles Ribeiro m Permanent Representative to International Organizations in London Mr Sergio Luiz Canaes Consul General


Ms Ana Maria de Souza Bierrenbach  Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Alexander Reis Leite  m Captain  (Defence & Naval Attaché)

Mrs Ana Paula Simões Silva  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Sidney Leon Romeiro  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Mauro Bellintani  m Colonel (Air Attaché)


Mr Julio Cesar Palu Baltieri  m   Colonel  (Army Attaché)

Mr Roberto Cicilliatti Troncon Filho  m Police Attaché

Ms Liliam Beatris Chagas de Moura Minister-Counsellor  (Commercial Affairs)

Mr Fábio Abud Antibas  m Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Luis Guilherme Parga Cintra  m Counsellor (Press)


Mr Joaquim Pedro de Oliveira Penna Coelho da Silva m Counsellor (Multilateral Affairs) Mr Túlio Amaral Kafuri Counsellor


Mr Hayle Melim Gadelha  m 1st Secretary (Cultural Affairs)


Mr Gustavo Ludwig Ribeiro Rosas  m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Ms Maria Cecília Barcelos Cavalcante Vieira  2nd Secretary  (Education Affairs)

Mr Frederico Bauer  m 2nd Secretary  (Political Affairs)

Mr Francisco Nelson de Almeida Linhares Junior  2nd Secretary  (Financial Affairs)


Mr Túlio César Mourthé de Alvim Andrade  m 2nd Secretary  (Environment Affairs)

Mr Gerson Cruz Gimenes  m 2nd Secretary  (Corporate Services)

Mrs Marina de Almeida Prado  m 2nd Secretary  (Consular Affairs)

Mr Thiago Osti 2nd Secretary  (Human Rights Affairs)

Mr Márcio André Silveira Guimarães  m 2nd Secretary  (Consular Affairs)

Mr João Eduardo Martin  m 2nd Secretary  (Vice Consul )


Mrs Isabel Soares da Costa  m 2nd Secretary  (Multilateral Affairs)

Mr João Eduardo Gomide de Paula  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Eduardo Sfoglia  3rd Secretary  (Consular Affairs)

Mr Leonardo Bastos Azevedo  m 3rd Secretary (Multilateral Affairs)

Mr Fabiano Rubio Scarano  m Vice Consul

Mr Luiz Antonio Silva  Vice Consul


Mr Hariolo dos Santos Araújo  m Attaché


Mr Ricardo Teixeira de Castro  m Attaché

Mrs Marcela Malta Juca Pimentel  m Attaché

Ms Lidia dos Santos Pegas  Attaché

Mr Eduardo Monteiro Lopes Jr  m Vice Consul

Mr Mario Mauá Chaves Ferreira  Attaché


Mr Marcos Vinícius Gadelha Bessa  m Attaché

Ms Lucia Naomi Iwakiri  Vice Consul

Ms Camilla de Medeiros Pereira  Attaché

Mr Rodrigo Vidal  m Vice Consul

Mrs Isabela Alves de Oliveira  m Vice Consul


Ms Juliana Bizarria Silva  Vice Consul

Mr Hugo Meirelles Junior  m Attaché

Ms Alionka Ferreira Saraiva Cerqueira  Attaché

Ms Juliana Ciccarini Nunes  Vice Consul


Mrs Tatiana de Garcez  m Attaché

Ms Brasilina de Sousa Santos Mollard  m Vice Consul


Ms Larissa Paranhos Meireles  Attaché

Ms Carolina Maria e Barros Silva  Vice Consul


Mr Jucemir Ramos de Macêdo Szochalewicz m Captain (Naval Adviser-Head of the Brazilian Naval Commission, Europe)


Mr Marcelo Gameleira Corrêa  m Commander (Naval Adviser)


Mr Andre Luis Gomes Monteiro m Group Captain (Air Adviser-Head of the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission, Europe)


Mr Caio Lucio Monteiro Sales  m Colonel  (Air Adviser)

Mr Marcelo Reed Sardinha  m Wing Commander  (Air Adviser)





Brunei Darussalam High Commission


19/20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521

Fax 020 7235 9717




Consular Section


20 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PG

020 7581 0521 (ext. 111)


Student Unit


35-43 Norfolk Square W2 1RX


020 7402 0045, 020 7402 0953

Fax 020 7262 8406, 020 7706 0558

Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30




Mrs Datin Nurhayana Janis Abdullah Lim


Ms Pg Rooslina Weti Pg Kamaludin Deputy High Commissioner Mr Pg Dato Yusof Sepiuddin m Counsellor Mr Asmawee Muhammad m 1st Secretary


Mr Mohammad Dino Hj Ayup  1st Secretary

Mrs Hjh Siti Alfizah Shahnoel Binti Hj Mohammad Noeh  m 3rd Secretary (Admin)

Miss Dk Hjh Nor’aidah Pg Mohd Hassan  3rd  Secretary (Finance)


Mr Suhara Fadzali Haji Yusop  m 3rd Secretary (In-Service Training)

Mr Anuar Hj Mahmud  m 3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Mardani Dato HJ Mohammad  m 3rd Secretary (Consular)


Mrs Dedey Masrianah Johari  m 3rd Secretary (Protocol)


Mrs Surkarseh Siti Nur Alifah HJ Kamis  m 3rd Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Khairul Amri Hj Bolhassan  m 3rd Secretary (Assistant Finance)

Mr Mohamad Hillman Husain  Attaché (Communication)

Lt. Col Md Azmi Md Husain  m Defence Advisor

Mr Alihan Ahmad  m Defence Staff Assistant


Mr Ahmad Faisal Zainal Abidin  m Attaché (Education)

Mrs Irmawati Ahmad  m Attaché (Education)

Ms Jauyah Tuah  Attaché (Education)

Mrs Jihan Nabilah Dato A Rahman m 2nd Secretary(Political)

Mr Muskrisman Safari Mustapa  m Attaché (Education)


Ms Siti Huzaimah Jahri  Attaché (Education)

Mr Hj Mohd Shril Hj Matsawali  m Attaché (Education)

Mrs Azizah Md Tuah  m Attaché (Education)

Mrs Rozita Hj Ismail  m Attaché (Education)


Mrs Norhajidah Mustafa  m Attaché (Education)

Mr Md Fuad Hj Mahmud  Attaché (Finance)


Mr Khairul Sabrin Omar m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Md Ardhini Osman  m Attaché (Finance)

Ms Nur Khaliesah Othman  Attaché (Finance)

Mrs Siti Salizzayati Abd Kudus  m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Md Anwar Mohammad  Attaché (Finance)

Mr Muhammad Khairul-Mal Mahmus  m Attaché (Finance)


Mrs Dayangku Norhayati Pengiran Luba  m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Haji Abd Rashid Wahab  m Attaché (Finance)

Mr PG Haledi PG Aliuddin  m Attaché (Finance)

Mr Ratieno Eddy Erwan Zaidi  m Attaché (Finance)





Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria


186-188 Queen’s Gate SW7 5HL

020 7581 3144, 020 7584 9400, 020 7584 9433


Ambassador’s Office 020 7591 0781

Fax 020 7584 4948





Consular Section


Fax 020 7581 9073



Monday-Friday 09.30-13.30

Individual Inquiries on Submitted Applications 13.00-15.00


Commercial Section


020 7589 4875

Fax 020 7589 4875


Monday 10.00-16.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR KONSTANTIN STEFANOV DIMITROV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 19 March 2012)


Mrs Nadya Ivanova Dimitrova

Mrs Teofana Kraynina-Yordanova  m Counsellor  (Deputy Head of Mission)


Mr Andrei Vlahov  m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Hristo Dinkov  m 1st Secretary (Home Affairs)

Mr Svetozar Dimitrov  3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Commodore Kosta Andreev  m Minister Plenipotentiary (Defence Attaché)


Mrs Maria Anguelieva-Koleva  m Minister Plenipotentiary (Head of Consular Section)

Mrs Nadia Krasteva  Counsellor  (Consular Section)

Mrs Tanya Valova-Kiryakova  m Counsellor (Commercial Section)

Mr Vasil Asenov  2nd Secretary  (Social & Labour Affairs)

Mr Lachezar Valchev  m 2nd Secretary  (Administrative Attaché)

Ms Svetla Dionisieva  Counsellor  (Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute)





Embassy of the Republic of Burkina Faso


16  Place Guy d'Arezzo Brussels B-1180 0032 2 3459912


Fax 0032 2 3450612 ambassade.burkina@skynet.be www.ambassadeduburkina.be Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.00


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Dieudonné Kere  Minister-Counsellor & Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Ibrahima Toure  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Robert Compaore  m 2nd Counsellor

Mr Amadou Sagnon  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)


Mr Emmanuel Lalsomde  m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Ms Zoure neé Zagre Clarisse Marie Hortense  Counsellor

Mrs Kabore neé Tiendrebeogo Odile  m Attaché (Treasurer/Financial Affairs)

Mr Patrice Traore  m Attaché


Ms Ouedragogo Berthe Jeanne S.W  Attaché

Mrs Abibata Toure  m Attaché


Mr Hamado Tankoano  m Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar


19A Charles Street W1J 5DX

General Office 020 7148 0740

Ambassador’s Office 020 7148 0749

Political, Trade, Press & Cultural Affairs Section 020 7148 0741

Consular Section 020 7148 0740


Fax 020 7409 7043





HIS EXCELLENCY KYAW ZWAR MINN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 October 2013)


Mrs Aye Minn Myat

Mr Kyaw Htin Lin  m Minister-Counsellor

Brig Gen Tin Maung Swe  m Defence Attaché


Mrs Thuzar Myint  *  Counsellor

Miss Shwe Ain Sie  1st Secretary

Ms Wai Wai Lin  1st Secretary

Ms Zin May Hnin  *  1st Secretary

Ms Su Myat Thu  2nd Secretary

Mr Than Tun Aung  m 3rd Secretary


Mr Kyaw Kyaw Thu  m Attaché


Mr Ne Soe Than  m Attaché

Ms Nu Nu Wai * Attaché

Mr Nyinyi Tun  m  Attaché

Mr Thein Naing Zaw  m Attaché

Mr Myo Kyaw Thu  m Attaché


Mr Sein Tun Myint  m Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Burundi


Uganda House Second Floor 58-59 Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DX

020 7930 4958

Fax 020 7930 4957




HIS EXCELLENCY MR ERNEST NDABASHINZE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 29 March 2017)


Mrs Gloriose Kankindi

Ms Clotilde Ntahitangira   Charge d’Affaires a.i.





Royal Embassy of Cambodia


64 Brondesbury Park Willesden Green NW6 7AT

020 8451 7997


Fax 020 8451 7594





Consular Section

020 8451 7850

Fax 020 8451 7594



Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Ratha Chey  Counsellor

Mr Kao Samnang  m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs & Administration)


Mr Pintheary Preap 1st Secretary (Press & Communications)



High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon


84 Holland Park W11 3SB

020 7727 0771

Fax 020 7792 9353

Monday-Friday 09.30 - 17.30




Vacant  High Commissioner


Mrs Anna Baninla Mbur Epse Tasha m Minister Counsellor Mr Joël Hervé Nguenkam Keumini m 2nd Secretary Col Gilbert Fondufe Banka m Defence Adviser


Mr Wilfred Nkong Makoge  m 2nd  Counsellor (Communication)


Pr Humphrey Ngala Ndi  m 2nd Counsellor (Cultural)

Mr Henri Steane Dina Imounga Mpollo  m 1st Secretary (Communication)

Mr Peter Ngwaya Ekema  m 2nd Secretary


Lt-Col. Guy-Roger Oyono * Assistant Defence Adviser Lt-Col. Marthe Tsogo Naval * Attaché Lt-Col. Gaskreo Reyang m Attaché


Major René Dieudonné Mezang Oyono  *  Attaché

Captain Alain Nagmou Pene  *  Attaché

Lt Casimir Augustin Menye Melingui  *  Attaché





High Commission of Canada


Canada House Trafalgar Square SW1Y 5BJ

0207 004 6000


Fax 0207 004 6050





HER EXCELLENCY MRS JANICE CHARETTE m High Commissioner (since 7 September 2016) Mr Reg Charette

Mr Alan Kessel  m Deputy High Commissioner


Ms Sharon Chomyn  m Minister (Immigration)

Mrs Sonya Thissen  * Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs/Public Diplomacy)

Ms Lisa Almond  m Minister-Counsellor & Consul General


Mr Gregory Houlahan  m Minister-Counsellor (Commercial/Economic)


Mr Derek Huzulak  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Stephen Wilhelm  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Aaron Rosland  Counsellor (Commercial-Ontario)

Mr Mark Richardson  m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Pascal Laurin  Counsellor (Immigration)


Mr Marc-Andre Jacques  Counsellor (Management)


Mr Eric Fournier Counsellor (Defence Research & Development) Ms Brigitte Duchesne-Boudreau m Counsellor (Public Affairs) Mr Matthew Mayer m Counsellor Ms Shellen Liao m Counsellor


Ms Claudie Senay  Counsellor

Mr Eric Slinn  m Counsellor

Mrs Janice Vogtle  m Counsellor (Economic)


Ms Sandra Dunn  *  Counsellor (Finance)

Dr Patrick Theriault  Attaché (Medical)

Mr Thom-Kostas Triantafillou  1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Nancy Fummerton  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)


Ms Kimberley O’Reilly m 1st Secretary (Management)

Mr Todd Stewart  1st Secretary (Management & Consul)

Mr Michael Padua  m 1st Secretary (Commercial-Alberta)

Ms Ebony Morris  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Alain Bernier  1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Lisa Catana  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)


Ms Sacha Taylor  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Marie-Helene Cormier  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Sgt Alexander Drew Kyle  m 1st Secretary

Ms Jodie McGrath  m 1st Secretary

Ms Melissa Tam  1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Mary Teresa Glynn  1st Secretary (Immigration)


Ms Japneet Bhandal  1st Secretary (Immigration)


Mr Samir Samaha  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Katrina Burgess  1st Secretary

Mrs Nicole Lunstead  m 1st Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Cristopher Gastaldo  m 1st Secretary

Mr Zal Karkaria  m 1st Secretary (Immigration)


Mr David Glenn MacDougall  m 1st Secretary

Ms Rena Patel  1st Secretary (Immigration)

Mr Frederic Cantin  Attaché

Mr John White  m Attaché

Mr Alain Lefebvre  m Attaché


Ms Leah Marchuk  2nd Secretary

Ms Isabelle Schmidt  2nd Secretary (Immigration)

Ms Tracey Sibbald  m Attaché

WO Arlene Bomback-Fortin  m Attaché


Mr Yassine Chemlal  m Attaché

Brigadier General Lowell Thomas  m Commander & Defence Adviser


Colonel Joseph Bigaouette  m Air Force Adviser

Colonel Rory Radford  m Army Adviser

Captain (N) Maurice Aucoin  m Naval Adviser

Commander Lawrence Trim  m Assistant Naval Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Tressa Home  Assistant Air Force Adviser

Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Rushen  m Assistant Army Adviser


Commander  Mitchell de Savoye  m Attaché

Major Timothy Button  m Attaché

Captain Yvan Shank  Attaché

PO1 John Taylor  m Attaché





Embassy of the Republic of Cabo Verde


Avenue Jeane 29 1050 Brussels

0032 2643 6270


Fax 0032 2646 3385



For visa enquiries, please contact the London Honorary Consulate (see Honorary Consuls section below)


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mr Octavio Bento Gomes  m Counsellor, Chargé d’Affaires a.i

Ms Dulce Helena Barbosa Vicente Silver Fernandes  Counsellor


Ms Sonia Maria Lizardo Andrade  1st  Secretary



Embassy of the Central African Republic


30 Rue des Perchamps 75016 Paris


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary





Embassy of the Republic of Chad


Boulevard Lambermont 52 1030 Brussels

0032 2215 1975


Fax 0032 2216 3526




HIS EXCELLENCY Mr OUSMANE MATAR BREME m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 06 January 2015)

Halime Mahamat Moukhtar

Mr Beadrone Nagarbaye Tombalaye  Chargé d’Affaires

Mr Ahmat Issaka Diar  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Detomal Nahogoum  Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Bakhit Mahamat Saleh Brahim  1st Secretary

Mr Hissein Abdoulaye Hartaka  Attaché


Mr Mahamat Djourab Mallaye  Attaché (Press)





Embassy of Chile


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361

Fax 020 7222 0861




Consulate General


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 3434



Commercial Office


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7233 2500

Fax 020 7233 2501




Defence & Naval Attaché’s Office


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7292 1500/02

Fax 020 7434 0793


Military Attaché’s Office


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA


020 7233 3851

Air Attaché’s Office


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7799 5442

Fax 020 7222 3607


Police Attaché’s Office


37-41 Old Queen Street SW1H 9JA

020 7222 2361


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ROLANDO DRAGO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 11 July 2014) Mrs Edith Gallardo


Mr Mathias Francke m Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission Mr Jaime Muñoz m Counsellor, Consul General

Mr Ignacio Fernandez  m Counsellor, Commercial Affairs


Captain Juan Pablo Zuñiga m Defence & Naval Attaché Colonel Christian Bolivar m Military Attaché


Group Captain Giugliano Vallebella m Air Attaché Captain Pedro Pablo Figueroa m Deputy Naval Attaché Captain Juan Gajardo m Alternate Representative to IMO Colonel Gonzalo Del Alcazar m Police Attaché


Lt. Commander Erick Andwanter m Assistant Alternate Representative to IMO Mrs Karina Jane Concha m 2nd Secretary


Mr Sebastián Lorenzini  m 3rd Secretary, Consul





Embassy of the People's Republic of China


49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4049

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30, 14.00-17.00



Political Section


49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4072


Policy Section

49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4074


Press and Public Affairs Section


49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4088


Administration Section


49-51 Portland Place W1B 1JL

020 7299 4021


Consular Section


31 Portland Place W1B 1QD

020 7631 1430


Defence Section


25 Lyndhurst Road NW3 5PA

020 7794 7595


Commercial Section


16 Lancastar Gate W2 3LH

020 7087 4949


Cultural Section


11 West Heath Road NW3 7UX

020 7431 8830


Education Section

50 Portland Place W1B 1NQ

020 7612 0260


Science & Technology Section


10 Greville Place NW6 5JN

020 7625 0079


Maritime Section


31 Portland Place W1B 1QD

020 7299 8439


HIS EXCELLENCY MR LIU XIAOMING m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 28 February 2010)


Mme Hu Pinghua

Mr Zhu Qin  m Minister, Deputy Head of Mission


Mr Zhang Yangwu  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Jin Xu  m Minister-Counsellor (Commercial Section)


Mr WANG Yongli  * Minister-Counsellor (Education Section)


Mr Xiang Xiaowei  m Minister-Counsellor (Culture Section)

Mr Jiang Sunan  m Minister-Counsellor (Science & Technology Section)

Major General Shu Guanghui  m Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Mr Fei Mingxing  m Counsellor (Consular Section)

Mr Yang Zan  m Counsellor (Maritime Section)


Mr Zhou Zheng  m Counsellor (Political Section)

Mr Guo Chentao  m Counsellor (Policy Analysis Section)

Ms Zeng Rong  m Counsellor (Press and Public Affairs Section)

Mr PAN Zhengmao  m Counsellor (Administration Office)

Mr Lu Haitian  * Counsellor (Consular Section)

Mr ZHAO Guohua  * Counsellor (Political Section)


Mr Yang Ruiguang  m Counsellor (Political Section)

Mr Shao Zheng  m Counsellor (Policy Section)

Mr Li Gang  m Counsellor (Policy Section)


Mr Xiao Nan  * Counsellor (Political Section)

Ms Su Liya  m Counsellor (Press and Public Affairs Section)


Mr Zhang Bin  m Counsellor (Commercial Section)

Mr Zhang Liping  * 1st Secretary (Political Section)

Ms Liu Junyi  * 1st Secretary (Political Section)

Ms Wang Xiaojing  * 2nd Secretary (Political Section)

Mr PAN Feiya  * 2nd Secretary (Political Section)

Mr Dang Xinkai  m 3rd Secretary (Political Section)


Mr Yan Moufeng  m 3rd Secretary (Political Section)

Mrs Li Cong  m 3rd Secretary (Political Section)

Mr Huang Li  Attaché (Political Section)

Ms Wang Miao  Attaché (Political Section)

Ms Li Yi  m 1st Secretary (Policy Section)

Ms Teng Xiaguang  * 1st Secretary (Policy Section)

Mr Zhang Liang  * 1st Secretary (Policy Section)

Mr Feng JiaLiang  m 1st Secretary (Policy Section)

Mr Zhou Pan  m 2nd Secretary (Policy Section)


Mr Gao Fengyi  * 2nd Secretary (Policy Section)

Mr LI Jiandong  * Attaché (Policy Section)

Mr Li Chijiang  m 1st Secretary (Press and Public Affairs Section)

Ms Wang Luxin  m 1st Secretary (Press and Public Affairs Section)

Ms Zhu Jing  m 1st Secretary (Press and Public Affairs Section)

Mr Wang Xiaojian  m 1st Secretary (Press and Public Affairs Section)


Ms Zheng Shouhui  m 2nd Secretary (Press and Public Affairs Section)

Mr Zhang Wei  m 1st Secretary (Maritime Section)

Mr Zhang Xiaodong  m 1st Secretary (Maritime Section)

Mr Yu Zujie  m 1st Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Chen Jianping  m 1st Secretary (Administration Office)

Ms Sun Xiaoping  * 1st Secretary (Administration Office)


Ms Chen Wen  * 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)


Ms Li Wenjun  m 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Zhao Guanghui  m 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Du Ming  m 3rd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Qiu Ersheng  m 3rd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Li Jiahang  3rd Secretary (Administration Office)


Mr Wang Yang  m 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Zhang Heguang  m 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Shan Lijun  m 2nd Secretary (Administration Office)

Mr Sun Pengchong  Attaché (Administration Office)

Mr Shang Xiaofeng  m 1st Secretary (Consular Section)


Mr Xiaowei Wang  m 1st Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Xu Jingyuan  m 1st Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Zhang Ying  m 1st Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Qu Yan  * 1st Secretary (Consular Section)


Mr. Zhang Yijun  m 2nd Secretary (Consular Section)

Mr Yu Qing  m 2nd Secretary (Consular Section)


Ms Zhang Qiong  m 3rd Secretary (Consular Section)

Ms Lyu Chunju  m 3rd Secretary (Consular Section)

Mr Chen Zichen  m Attaché (Consular Section)

Ms Xu Wei  Attaché (Consular Section)

Senior Colonel Mr Chen Jun  m Army Attaché (Defence Section)

Senior Colonel He Furong  m Navy Attaché (Defence Section)


Colonel Dong Feng  m Deputy Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Lieutenant Colonel Liu Jun  m Deputy Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Colonel Sheng Xu  m Deputy Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Lieutenant Colonel Zhou Jinsong  m Assistant to the Defence Attaché (Defence Section)

Captain Qian Yu  m Assistant to the Defence Attaché (Defence Section)


Mr Zhang Bin,  m Counsellor (Commercial Section)


Ms Zhao Wanming  * 1st Secretary (Commercial Section)

Mr Peng Yuan  m 1st Secretary (Commercial Section)

Ms Gui Yun  * 1st Secretary (Commercial Section)

Mr Huang Hongyong  m 1st Secretary (Commercial Section)

Mr Li Qiang  m 2nd Secretary (Commercial Section)


Ms Zheng Rui  * 2nd Secretary (Commercial Section)

Ms Cong Lu  * 3rd Secretary (Commercial Section)

Mr Wang Lile  m 2nd Secretary (Commercial Section)

Mr Zhang Peng  * 3rd Secretary (Commercial Section)

Ms Chen Meichen  * Attaché (Commercial Section)

Mr Sun Chao  m 1st Secretary (Cultural Section)


Mr Chen Lekang  m 2nd Secretary (Cultural Section)

Ms Ma Lei  m 2nd Secretary (Cultural Section)


Mr Zhao Xu  m 2nd Secretary (Culture Section)

Ms Fang Xin  * 3rd Secretary (Culture Section)

Mr Li GuoQiang  m 1st Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Shi Lei  m 1st Secretary (Education Section)


Mr Kuang Jianjiang  m 1st Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Wang Zeyu  m 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Li Xiaopeng  m 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Hu Xiaopeng  m 2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Feng Zhi  2nd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Sun Hui  m 2nd Secretary Education Section


Mr Pan Baosong  m 3rd Secretary (Education Section)

Mr Peng Sizhen  m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Mr Ma Minggeng  m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Mr Tan Ge  m 1st Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Mr Yang Yaoyun  m 2nd Secretary (Science & Technology Section)

Ms Ma Huiqin  m 3rd Secretary (Science & Technology Section)





Embassy of Colombia:

3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LN

020 7589 9177 / 020 7589 5037

Fax 020 7581 1829




Consulate General:


3rd Floor, 35 Portland Place, London W1B 1AE

020 7637 9893 / 020 7927 7121

Fax 020 7637 5604





Commercial Office:



6th Floor, 2 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XB

020 7491 3535

Fax 020 7491 4295




Military, Naval & Police Attaché’s Office:


3rd Floor, 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW

020 3170 6012/6013


HIS EXCELLENCY MR NESTOR OSORIO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 February 2014)


Mrs Paola Napoli

Mr Germán Espejo-Barrios  m Deputy Head of Mission

Mr Jose Ricardo Puyana-Valdivieso  *  Minister Counsellor


Captain Carlos Alberto Serrano Guzman  m Permanent Representative to IMO

Colonel Alfonso Teran-Rolong  m Military & Air Attaché

Colonel Pedro Rodelo-Asfora  m Police Attaché

Captain Alex Fernando Ferrero-Ronquillo  m Naval Attaché

Colonel Erik Rodriguez-Aparcio  m Deputy Military & Air Attaché

Colonel Omar Rene Garzon-Forero  m Deputy Military & Air Attaché


Mr Rafael Merchán-Alvarez     Consul General

Mrs Ines Elvira Herrera-Ramirez m Deputy Consul


Miss Mercedes Osma-Peralta  1st Secretary (Press Attaché)

Mr Miguel Felipe Castiblanco-Monsalve  Vice Consul

Mr Felipe Angel-Campo m Commercial Attaché

Mrs Maria del Pilar Mira-Ponton  m 2nd Secretary (Cultural Attaché)


Ms Angela Maria de la Torre-Benitez  2nd Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Congo


37 bis Rue Paul Valéry 75116 Paris, France

0033 1 4500 6057

Fax 0033 1 4067 1733


London Honorary Consulate (see Honorary Consuls section below)


HIS EXCELLENCY MR HENRI MARIE JOSEPH LOPES m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 July 1999)


Mrs Nirva Lopes

Mr Jean-Marie Mowelle  m Minister-Counsellor


Mr Paul Adam Dibouilou  m Counsellor (Economic & Commercial Affairs)

Mr Daniel Ibarra  m Counsellor (Cultural)


Mr René Oyandza  1st Secretary

Mr Alfred Roland Taty 1st Secretary


General Jean-Jacques Morlende Ayaogningat m Defence Attaché Mr Alain Benoit Itoua m Finance Counsellor





Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


45-49 Great Portland Street W1W 7LD

020 7580 3931


Fax 020 7580 8713




Monday,Wednesday and Friday 09:30-12:00

Wednesay & Friday 12:00-13:00 Collections


Documentation & Cultural Resource Bureau(DCRB)

281 Gray’s Inn Road,

London WC1X 8QF

Tuesdays 9:30-17:30 except on public holidays.


Identification and Biometric Data Collection for Congolese Nationals:


Tuesday 10:00-17:00



HER EXCELLENCY MS MARIE NDJEKA OPOMBO Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20/02/2017)


Ms Marie-Louise Kafenge Nanga  2nd Counsellor and Chargé d’Affaires a.i.

Mr Djo Manianga  1st Secretary

Mr  Mavuba Robert Mbumba  m Cultural Attaché





Embassy of Costa Rica


14 Lancaster Gate W2 3LH

020 7706 8844

Fax 020 7706 8655



Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00


Consular Section


14 Lancaster Gate W2 3LH

020 7706 8844

Fax 020 7706 8655




His Excellency MR JOSE ENRIQUE CASTILLO BARRANTES m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 3 February 2015)


Mrs Olga Isabel Echererria Murray


Mr Jorge Arturo Zamora Montoya m Commercial Attaché & Director of Trade Mr Jorge Arturo Aguilar Castillo Minister Counsellor & Consul General Miss Karina Odio Hurtado Counsellor/Consul





Embassy of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire


2 Upper Belgrave Street SW1X 8BJ

020 7235 6991

Fax 0207 259 5320

TELEX 23906 Ivory Coast


Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


Consular Section


2 Upper Belgrave Street SW1X 8BJ


Commercial & Economic Section (Commodities)


Morley House 3rd Floor 314-322 Regent Street W1B 3BE

020 7462 0086

Fax 020 7462 0087


HIS EXCELLENCY MR GEORGES ABOUA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 23 October 2015)


Mrs Nee Seriba Christiane Aboua

Mrs Salome Vanie  m 1st Counsellor


Mr Ali Toure  m Counsellor (International Organisations Section Commodities)

Mr Diomande Gondo Serge Siaba  m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Euloge Innocent Atse  m Counsellor (International Organisations)


Mr David Jacques Mimran  m Counsellor (Economic)


Mr Diagne Mamadou N’Diaye  m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Gadji Rabe  m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Roselyne Salomé Vanié Nee Bede  m Counsellor

Mr Dramane Kone  m Financial Counsellor

Mr Mory Diarrassounba  m Counsellor (Commercial)


Mrs Chantal Chapeacou  m  1st Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Croatia


21 Conway Street W1T 6BN

020 7387 2022


Fax 020 7387 0310



Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Consular Section


21 Conway Street W1T 6BN

Fax 020 7387 0936



HIS EXCELLENCY DR IVAN GRDEŠIĆ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 October 2012)


Mrs Elena Grdešić

Colonel Anto Zelić  m Defence Attaché


Dr Nina Morana Ṧoljan  m Counsellor (Political)

Ms Iva Gudelj  1st Secretary (Consular)


Ms Kristina Juricic  2nd Secretary (Cultural)


Ms Davorka Zanic Drazic  m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Ms Rujana Vucicevic  1st Secretay (Political & Cultural)





Embassy of the Republic of Cuba


167 High Holborn WC1V 6PA

020 7240 2488

Fax 020 7836 2602





Consular Section


167 High Holborn WC1V 6PA

020 7240 2488


Fax 020 73794557


HE MRS. TERESITA DE JESÚS VICENTE SOTOLONGO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary Antonio Rogelio Rodríguez Valcarcel


Mr Antonio Rogelio Rodríguez Valcarcel m Minister-Counsellor Mr Jorge Luis García García m Counsellor (Political Affairs) Mrs Olena Estela Navas Pérez m Counsellor (Economic Affairs) Mr Joel Hernández González m Counsellor (Tourism Affairs)


Mrs Lidice Caridad Veguería López m Counsellor (Consular Affairs) Mr Guillermo Parera Lambert m Counsellor (Press and Cultural Affairs) Mr Roberto Ricardo de la Peña Pino m Attaché Mr Julian Alexis Avila Velazquez m Attaché





High Commission for the Republic of Cyprus


13 St. James’s Square SW1Y 4LB

020 7321 4100

Fax 020 7321 4164/5


Monday-Friday 09:00-16:30


High Commissioner’s Private Secretary


020 7321 4112


Fax 020 7321 4162



Political Section


020 7321 4121

Fax 020 7321 4165



Consular Section

For Consular issues


020 7321 4152

Fax 020 7321 4160


For Medical and Sponsored Patients issues


020 7321 4125

Fax 020 7321 4160




Maritime Section


020 7321 4129

Fax 020 7321 4171



Commercial Section


020 7321 4145

Fax 020 7321 4169



Cyprus Tourism Organisation


020 7321 4181

Fax 020 7321 4166




Cultural Section


020 7321 4145

Fax 020 7321 4165



Press Section


020 7321 4141

Fax 020 7321 4167



Cyprus Educational Mission


020 8881 6982


Fax 020 8365 8257




HIS EXCELLENCY MR EURIPIDES L EVRIVIADES m High Commissioner (since 4 November 2013) Mrs Anastasia Iacovidou-Evriviades

Mr Solon Savva  m Deputy High Commissioner


Mr Andreas Eliades  m Counsellor

Mr Ioannis Koukoularides  Consul General

Lt. Col Eleftherios Hadjistefanou m Defence Attache

Mr Nicolaos A. Charalambous  m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)


Mr Argyros Madella  *  Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)

Mr Orestis Rossides  Counsellor (Tourism)


Mrs Maria Panteli-Papalouca  m Counsellor (Educational Affairs)

Mr Demas Demosthenous  Counsellor (Finance)

Dr Achilleas Hadjikyriacou  m Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Ms Emelia-Stella Christodoulidou  Attaché (Communications, Security and Labour Affairs)





Embassy of the Czech Republic

26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens W8 4QY

020 7243 1115



Fax : 020 7243 7926



HIS EXCELLENCY MR LIBOR SECKA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 5 January 2016) Mr Jan Brunner m Minister-Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission


Colonel Jiri Svatos  m Defence Attaché

Ms Marketa Sterbova  * 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)

Ms Marketa Hajkova  * 3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Ales Opatrny m 3rd Secretary (Head of Economic & Commercial Affairs)


Ms Jana Cechlovska  * 3rd Secretary(Political Affairs)

Mrs Alice Navratilova  m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Simona Padourkova  m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Miss Tereza Porybna  * 2nd Secretary (Director of the Czech Centre)

Mr Jiri Fejgl  m 3rd Secretary (Head of Administration)


Mr Ondrej Hovadek  * 3rd Secretary

Mr Ales Adam  m Attaché (Administration)

Mr Tomas Dokulil  m Attaché





Royal Danish Embassy


55 Sloane Street SW1X 9SR

020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0270




Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.30 & Friday 09.00-16.00


Consular Section

Monday-Friday: By appointment only

Passports 020 7333 0200


Visas 020 7333 0200

Fax 020 7333 0266


Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7333 0228/0229

Fax 020 7333 0231


HIS EXCELLENCY MR CLAUS GRUBE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 25 September 2013)


Mrs Susanne Fournais Grube

Mr Ulrik Enemark Petersen  *  Minister-Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission


Mr Allan Stagaard Toft  Counsellor (European Policy and Financial Affairs)

Mrs Helle Margrethe Sejersen Myrthue  m Counsellor (Commercial Affairs)


Mr Peter Niebuhr  Consul/Attaché

Brigadier General Lars Christian Hedemark  m Defence Attaché

Pastor Mr Flemming Kloster Poulsen   m Attaché (Social Affairs)



Representation of the Faroes


Tel. 020 7333 0227/0207

Fax 020 7333 6707



Mr Áki Johansen  m Minister-Counsellor (Representative of the Government of the Faroes)





Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti


26 Rue Emile Ménier 75116 Paris


0033 1 4727 4922

Fax 0033 1 4553 5053




HIS EXCELLENCY MR AYEID MOUSSEID YAHYA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 January 2015)


Mrs Manuelle Calligny





Office of the High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Dominica


1 Collingham Gardens SW5 0HW


020 7370 5194

Fax 020 7373 8743




Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


Vacant  High Commissioner

Mrs Janet Charles  m Acting High Commissioner & 2nd Secretary


Ms Nakinda Daniel  3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Dominican Republic


8 Gloucester Square W2 2TJ

020 7262 6856



Monday-Friday 10.00-16.00

Consular Section




HIS EXCELLENCY DR FEDERICO ALBERTO CUELLO CAMILO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 14 July 2011)


Mrs Natalia Maria Federighi de Cuello

Mr José Tomás Pérez Gautreau  m Deputy Head of Mission (Cultural Affairs)


Mrs Marlen Vásquez  m Minister-Counsellor (Administrative, Cultural and Educational Affairs)


Mr Gustavo Adolfo Sosa Ricardo  Minister-Counsellor (Trade & Political Affairs)

Miss Nicole Jacobo  Counsellor (Trade & Political Affairs, Personal Assistant)





Embassy of Ecuador


Flat 3b 3 Hans Crescent SW1X 0LS

020 7584 1367 / 020 7590 2501 / 020 7590 2507



website: http://www.reinounido.embajada.gob.ec


Consular Section


1st Floor 144-146 Kings Cross Road WC1X 9DU

020 7451 0040 / 0207 278 2923

Fax 020 3503 0991




website: http://www.londres.consulado.gob.ec


Defence Attaché‘s Office and Permanent Representative to the IMO 6 Aspen Lodge 61 Wimbledon Hill Road SW19 7QP

020 8715 3595


Fax 020 8715 3594



Commercial Section

Institue for Export and Investment


20B Wells Mews, London W1T 3HQ

020 3078 8040/8042



HIS EXCELLENCY MR CARLOS ANTONIO ABAD ORTIZ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 6 July 2015)


Mrs Gloria Patricia Cornejo Rojas

Mrs Cuty Garcia Merino  m Minister


Captain Byron Gabriel Paredes-Escobar m Defence Attaché & Alternate Representative to the IMO Mr Francisco Mena m Counsellor (Trade Commissioner)


Mr Jorge Vantroi Moreno Fierro  Counsellor

Mrs Maria Eugenia Avilés  m 1st Secretary


Mr Fidel Narváez  m 1st Secretary

Mrs Estefania Tello Reinoso  m 2nd Secretary (Multilateral, Bilateral & Educational Affairs)

Miss Maria Cristina Muňos  2nd Secretary (Political, Cultural & Press Affairs)

Mrs Gabriela Paliz Jerez  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Pedro Edison Silva Tapia  2nd Secretary


Mr Miňo Andrade Rommel Vicente  m 2nd Secretary


Mr Juan Gabriel Teran Jurado  2nd Secretary (Trade Executive)

Mr Juan Carlos Yépez 2nd Secretary (Trade Executive)

Mr Mauricio Dalgo  m 3rd Secretary (Vice Consul)

Mr Armando Puwainchir Pitiur  m 3rd Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Pablo Andres Roldan Ribadeneira  m 3rd Secretary


Mr Alfonso Emilio Silva Arroba  3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

26 South Street, W1K 1DW

020 7499 3304/2401


Fax: 020 7491 1542



Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00




2 Lowndes Street, SW1X 9ET

020 7235 9719

Fax: 020 7235 5684

E-mail: info@egyptianconsulate.co.uk


Defence Office:


24 South Street, W1K 1DN

020 7493 2649

Fax: 020 7495 3573

E-mail: mgm339@hotmail.com


Commercial Office:


23 South Street, W1K 2XD

020 7499 3002

Fax: 020 7493 8110

E-mail: london@ecs.gov.eg


Medical Office:


47 Longridge Road, SW5 9SD

020 7370 6944

Fax: 020 7370 36


E-mail: tarekelfar@egmedoffice.org


Press & Information Office         :


299 Oxford Street, W1C 2DZ


020 7409 2236

Fax: 020 7493 7456


E-mail: info@egpressoffice.com


Cultural Office:


4 Chesterfield Gardens, W1J 5BG

020 7491 7720

Fax: 020 7408 1335




HIS EXCELLENCY MR NASSER AHMED KAMEL Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Since 29th September 2014


Mrs. Dalia Elbatal


Mrs Nermine M.E.E. ElZawahry Minister Plenipotentiary Deputy Chief of Mission Mr Khaled M.H.Eid m Counsellor


Mr Walid Farouk M. Hassan  m Councellor

Mr Mohamed Kamal S.Mohamed  m Counsellor


Mr Yasser M.Z. Dandash  *  Counsellor

Dr Hany A. Khedr Mohamed  1st Secretary


Mr Mohamed O.A. Elfiky m 1st Secretary

Mr Abdelmoneim M.A. Elshazly  m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Maha R.A.Baraka  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Sherif H.M. Rabie  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Mohamed E.A. Elgindy  3rd Secretary

Mrs Manal A R Elshabrawy m Press & Information Counsellor


Mr Hatem A.N. Yacoub  m Administrative & Financial Attaché


Mr Abdelmaksoud H.F.Elsayed m Administratiove & Financial Attache’ Mr Mohamed H.M.A. Elokl m Administrative & Financial Attaché

Mr Mohamed A.E.M. Hafez m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed A.A. Elgabri m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Ahmed A.M. Alsyed m Administrative & Financial Attache’ Mr Heshmat S.A. Sayed * Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Mohamed H.D. Ahmed * Administrative & Financial Attaché


Mr Gamal H.H. Mahmoud m Administrative & Financial Attaché Mr Hossam S.M. Bayomy m Administrative & Financial Attache’ Mr Alaaeldin M.H. Youssef m Consul General Mr Ahmed A. Hamadnalla Ibrahim m Consul


Mr Mohamed E. A. Elbaz  *  Consul

Mr Sherif M S M S Abdelrahman  m Consul

Mrs Reem Mahmoud Abdelaziz Eldahshan  * Vice Consul

Mr Mohamed M.M.E. Ghanem  m Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mrs Doaa H.A.I. Moharam  m Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)

Mr Tarek A.A. Mohamed  m Administrative & Financial Attaché  (Consulate)


Mr Sherif M. A. Youssef  m Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate)


Mr Essam A.O. Elhamzawy m Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate) Mrs Amal S.E.M. Ramadan * Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate) Mr Mahmoud S.A. Elfayoumy m Administrative & Financial Attaché (Consulate) Brig. General Mahmoud M.M. Hassanin m Defence Attaché


Commander. Ahmed Adel A. E Elashwal m Assistant Defence Attache’ Lt.Col. Mohamed Ashraf A. Elshiekh m Assistant Defence Attaché Col. Dr. Hazem A.S. Fadl m Assistant Defence Attache’


Lt.Col. Ahmed Eissawy Abdelrahim Hammad m Assistant Defence Attaché Lt Col. Wael I. A. Sharada m Assistant Defence Attaché Major Mahmoud A.M.A. Elraie m Assistant Defence Attaché Major Sherif M.S. Darwish m Assistant Defence Attaché Major Mohamed H. A, Farag m Assistant Defence Attache’


Mr Mohamed M. Shawky A. Azmy  m Minister Plenipotentiary (Commercial)

Mr Hany E. M. Abdelfattah  m 1st Secretary (Commercial)


Mr Kareem Abdallah  m 2nd Secretary (Commercial)

Mr Reda S.A. Khatab  m   Administrative & Financial Attaché (Commercial)


Prof. Dr. Reem M.R.B. Abdelmotaal  Cultural Counsellor

Mrs Maha F. I. Sedki m Administrative & Financial Attache


Mr Wael M. Abbas Mohamed m Administrative & Financial Attaché Dr.Mohamed T.A.E.M.Maged * Counsellor (Medical)


Mr Ezzelarab Abdelhameed  m Administrative Attaché (Press & Information)

Mrs Rasha M. A.I. Elazaizy  m Counsellor (Tourism & Information)


Mr Mohamed A. Elnaggar   m Tourism Attaché





Embassy of El Salvador


8 Dorset Square 1st & 2nd Floors NW1 6PU

020 7224 9800



Monday-Friday 09.30-17.30


HER EXCELLENCY MRS LIDIA ELISABETH HAYEK-WEINMANN m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 20 June 2016)


Mr Wolfgang Weinmann

Ms Gilda Velásquez  Minister-Counsellor

Mrs Adriana María Mira de Pereira  m Minister-Counsellor



Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea


13 Park Place St James' SW1A 1LP

020 7499 6867



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.00-16.00


HER EXCELLENCY MRS MARI-CRUZ EVUNA ANDEME Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 01 July 2012)


Mr Amadou Bah

Mr Pedro Oscar Mba Edjang Ngoho  * Financial Attaché


Mr Pio Estéfano Mba Ndong Nvomo  m 2nd Secretary





Embassy of the State of Eritrea


96 White Lion Street N1 9PF

020 7713 0096


Fax 020 7713 0161




HIS EXCELLENCY MR ESTIFANOS HABTEMARIAM GHEBREYESUS * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 23 September 2014)


Mr Salih Abdalla Saad  * 1st Secretary





Embassy of Estonia


44 Queen’s Gate Terrace, London, SW7 5PJ

020 7589 3428

Fax 020 7589 3430



HIS EXCELLENCY MR LAURI BAMBUS  m Ambassador (since 5 August 2014)


Mrs Merli Bambus

Ms Ann Hänni m Deputy Head of Mission


Mr Sven Tölp m Counsellor (Consular Affairs)

Ms Triinu Rajasalu Press and Public Affairs


Ms Mare Tropp Economic Affairs


Ms Kersti Kirs Counsellor (Cultural)

Colonel Tarmo Ränisoo m Defence Attaché





Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


17 Princes Gate SW7 1PZ

020 7589 7212

Fax 020 7584 7054




Monday - Friday 9.00 – 13.00 -17.00

Consular Department


020 7838 3895

Monday - Friday 9.00-13.00 & 14.00 – 16.00


Trade and Investment Department


020 7838 3870


Press Office

020 7838 3883


HIS EXCELLENCY DR HAILEMICHAEL ABERRA AFEWORK m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 15 April 2016)


Mrs Abebech Zeleke Aweke

Mr Lulseged Belayneh Teka    Minister-Counsellor (Political and Economic Co-operation Affairs)

Mr Misiya Wordoffa Balcha  m Counsellor (Finance & Administration Section)


Mr Fekadu Beyene Ayana  *  Minister-Counsellor (Diaspora Affairs)


Mr Ababi Demissie Sidelil  m Minister (Public Diplomacy and & Communications)

Mr Abdullahi Yusuf Shereef  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr Terefe Dida Meriyane  m Minister-Counsellor (Trade, Investment & Tourism)

Mr Amare Shikuru  m Counsellor (Diaspora Affairs)

Mr Asmelash Bekele Weldemariam  Counsellor (Public Diplomacy &Communications)


Mr Gizachew Bogale Kebede  m 1st Secretary (Trade, Investment & Tourism)

Mr Yikdem Shibeshi Dula  m 1st Secretary  (IT)


Mr Alemseged Teklehaimanot Tesfay m 1st Secretary (Consular Section) Mrs Netsanet Tseganeh Mekonnen m 2nd Secretary (Consular Section) Mr Teshome Sahile Sega Attaché





High Commission of the Republic of Fiji

34 Hyde Park Gate SW7 5DN

020 7584 3661

Fax 020 7584 2838



Monday-Friday 09.30-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


Consular Section


020 75843661 ext 5340/5347




Mrs Luisa Molidrau Tikolevu

Ms Lavenia Gonenicava Rokovucago  1st Secretary


Ms Florieann Rose Cecelia Wilson     2nd Secretary





Embassy of Finland


38 Chesham Place SW1X 8HW

020 7838 6200

Fax 020 7235 3680




Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Finland Trade Centre


1st Floor, 239 Kensington High Street W8 6SA

020 7316 3000




HER EXCELLENCY MS PÄIVI LUOSTARINEN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 1st September 2015), Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)


Mr Jukka Luostarinen

Mrs Leena Gardemeister  *  Minister


Ms Marjo Mäki-Leppilampi Counsellor,Technical Officer to IMO Ms Päivi Pihlajamäki m Counsellor Mrs Eveliina Saarinen m 1st Secretary


Mr Tero Jokilehto Counsellor (Transport),Alternate Permanent Representative to IMO Mr Pekka Isosomppi m Counsellor (Press Affairs)

Mrs Riitta Kukkonen  * 2nd Secretary (Consular & Administrative Affairs)

Colonel Janne Ilomäki  m Defence Attaché





Embassy of France


58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020-7073 1004



Consular Section


21 Cromwell Road SW7 2EN

020 7073 1200

Fax 020 7073 1201


Visa Section


6A Cromwell Place SW7 2EW

020 7073 1250

Fax 020-7073 1246


Cultural Section

23 Cromwell Road SW7 2EL

020 7073 1300

Fax 020 7073 1326


Science & Technology Section

6 Cromwell Place SW7 2JN

020 7073 1380


Fax 020 7073 1390


Trade Commission – Business France


28-29 Haymarket  SW1 YSP

020 7024 3610


Fax 020 7024 3669


Taxation Section


58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1196


Customs Section


58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

Tel 020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1159


Economic Section


58 Knightsbridge SW1X 7JT

Tel 020 7073 1000

Fax 020 7073 1189


HER EXCELLENCY MRS SYLVIE BERMANN Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 August 2014)


Mr Jonathan Lacôte  Minister-Counsellor

Mr Olivier Lacroix  1st Counsellor

Mrs Claire Legras  *  1st Counsellor

Mrs Aurélie Bonal  m Press Counsellor

Mr Teymouraz Gorjestani  Counsellor (Political)


Mrs Paola Debril-Loiseau  Counsellor (Political)


Mr Tristan Fabiani Pradeilles m 1st Secretary (Political) Mr Paul Salvaire Deputy Press Counsellor,Protocol Ms Marie-Christine Bourguignon Secretary General Mr Nicolas Wuest-Famose 1st Secretary Mr Wilfrid Billot m 1st Secretary


Mrs Claire Moncouyoux  2nd Secretary


Mrs Catherine Mossard Paymaster (Administrative Affairs) Mrs Dominique Lafitte * 3rd Secretary (Administrative Affairs) Mr Yannick Rosset m Property Manager Mr Bruno Barbier m 3rd Secretary


Mr Ahmed Driassa  m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Pascale Gerno-Bouazza  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Manuel Manzano  m Head of Security

Mr Gérald Lalanne  m Attaché


Mr Jérôme Mutelet  m Attaché

Mrs Françoise Bondarenko  m Attaché (Protocol)


Admiral Patrick Chevallereau  m Defence Attaché

Colonel Antoine De Loustal  m Army Attaché

Captain François Moucheboeuf  m Naval Attaché

Mr Gael Diaz de Tuesta  m Attaché (Defence Equipment)

Colonel Patrice Morand  m Air Attaché

Major Thierry Sanchez  m Deputy Defence Equipment Attaché


Mr Alain de Cointet  m Minister-Counsellor (Economic & Financial Affairs)

Mr Philippe Guyonnet-Duperat  m Counsellor (Financial Affairs)

Mr Christian Fatras  m Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Benoit Ronez  Attaché (Economic Affairs)

Mr Guillaume De Conihout  Attaché (Financial Affairs)


Mr Leroy Clement  Attaché (Financial Affairs)


Mr Eric Giry m Counsellor (Agriculture)

Mr Patrick Manon  m Managing Director (Business France)

Mr Olivier Prothon  m Attaché (Business France)

Mr Michael Yates  m Attaché (Business France)

Mr Sebastien Carbon  Deputy Managing Director (Business France)


Mrs Stephanie Prudent m Taxation Attaché

Mr Marc Cesari  m Deputy Attaché (Taxation)

Ms Lorène Lemor  Cultural Attaché

Mrs Raphaelle Rodocanachi  m Cultural Attaché

Mr Philippe Boudoux  *  Cultural Attaché (Audiovisual)

Ms Catherine Robert  Attaché for Higher Education


Mr Sylvain Thollon  Cultural attaché

Mr Jean-Philippe Gabilloux  m Cultural Attaché (Administrative Affairs)


Mrs Cécile Dominique  Cultural Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Ms Lucie Campos  Cultural Attaché (Book Department)

Mr Hugues Brin  m Paymaster

Mr Jean Arlat  m Counsellor (Science & Technology)


Ms Marie Keirle  m Counsellor (Social Affairs)

Mr Cyril Pinel  m Counsellor (Nuclear)

Mr Jean-Jacques Richard  m Counsellor (Customs)

Mrs Sylvaine Carta-Le Vert  m Minister-Counsellor & Consul General

Mr Charles Denier  Counsellor (Deputy Consul General)

Mrs Leila Driassa  m Vice Consul


Mrs Caroline Pasquier  m Vice Consul

Mr Rodolphe M A Soulard  Honorary Consul

Mr Eric Herrouin  Vice Consul

Mrs Elisabeth Pelsez  m Counsellor (Judicial Affairs)

Mr Pierre-Henri Digeon  m Counsellor (Police)

Mr Etienne Peltier  m Attaché (Police) l


Mrs Malika Ghanem-Cipria  Attaché, (Police Liaison Officer)


Mrs Saadia Berrached  m Attaché, (Police Liaison Officer)

Mr Pascal Lefebvre  Attaché (Police Liaison Officer)





Embassy of the Gabonese Republic


27 Elvaston Place SW7 5NL

020 7823 9986

Fax 020-7584 0047





HER EXCELLENCY MRS AICHATOU SANNI AOUDOU Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 22 September 2015)

Mr Andre Gabriel Djomboue  *  Counsellor(Economic& Commercial Affairs)

Miss Wendy Marcelle Bilong  Counsellor (Chancery)

Mr Lie Patrick Mouvogny  m Counsellor (Communications)

Mr Hugues Lemambot Mbele  Counsellor (Protocol & Public Relations)

Mrs Ruth Mouvogny m 2nd Secretary





Embassy of The Gambia


92 Ledbury Road W11 2AH

020 7229 8066

Fax 020 7229 9225



Monday-Thursday 09.30-17.00, Friday 09.30-13.00


HER EXCELLENCY MRS ELIZABETH YA ELI HARDING High Commissioner (20 August 2007 to 3 October 2013), Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 3 October 2013)


Mr Baboucar Sompo-Ceesay m Deputy Head of Mission Mr Alieu Njie Counsellor


Ms Binta Charty Finance Attaché





Embassy of Georgia


4 Russell Gardens W14 8EZ

020 7348 1941

Fax 020 7603 6682





Consular Section


020 7348 1942




HER EXCELLENCY MRS TAMAR BERUCHASHVILI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (Since 2 April 2016)


Mr Rema Gvamichava


Mr Kakhi Kenkadze m Minister, Deputy Head of Mission Mrs Ekaterine Kokaia m Senior Counsellor Ms Nino Kharadze Counsellor


Ms Neli Shiolashvilli  Counsellor

Ms Ketevan Kerashvilli  1st Secretary


Mrs Mariam Tsereteli  m Consul





Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


23 Belgrave Square/Chesham Place SW1X 8PZ

020 7824 1300

Fax 020 7824 1449


Monday-Thursday 8.30-17.00 & Friday 8.30-15.30




Passport & Visa Section by appointment only

Visa Appointments online or 0871 3762101


Passport Appointments online only

Fax 020 7824 1449

Visa Information Service 020 7824 1466

Passport Information Service 020 7824 1426


HIS EXCELLENCY DR PETER AMMON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 6 May 2014) Mrs Marliese Heimann-Ammon

Mrs Tania Freiin von Uslar-Gleichen  Minister (Deputy Head of Mission)


Brig. Gen. Martin Hein  m Defence Attaché

Dr Norman Walter  m Minister (Economic Affairs)

Mrs Nicole Jansen  Minister (Scientific Affairs)


Mr Bernd Heinze  m Minister-Counsellor (Political)

Mr Tilman Hochmueller  m Minister Counsellor

Dr Werner Kerkloh  *  Minister

Mr Jean Bernard Lacroix  *    Minister

Colonel Joerg Ruetten  m Military Attaché

Mr  Hermann Josef Hanke  m Air Attaché


Dr Werner Haefner  m 1st Counsellor (Defence Technolgy)

Mr Herbert Ludwig Düll  m Counsellor (Social Affairs)

Mrs Simone Maassen-Krupke  m 1st Counsellor (Press Affairs)

Mrs Charlotte Schwarzer  m Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Frank Neumann  Counsellor (Economic Affairs)

Mr Heinz Decker  m 1st Secretary (Transport Affairs)


Mr Erwin Wendland  m Counsellor (Management)


Dr Andreas Martin Bergfelder  m 1st Secretary

Mr Benjamin Baltzer  *  1st Secretary (Political)

Commander Steffen Handrick  m Naval Attaché)

Mrs Christina Förster  m 1st Secretary (Political Affairs)


Mr Thomas Peter Port  m 2nd Secretary (Police Liaison Officer)

Mr Joerg Rainer Rousselli  m 2nd Secretary (Custom Liaison Officer)

Mrs Evita Isabell Diasilua  m 2nd Secretary

Ms Gita Renner  m 2nd Secretary

Ms Olga Wittchen  2nd Secretary

Mrs Bettina Ferrand  m 2nd Secretary


Ms Claudia Gräter-Nejad  m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Patricia Nikolaus  3rd Secretary

Mr Gerrit Mörking  m 3rd Secretary

Mrs Karin Schroeder  m 3rd Secretary(Press)

Mr Holger Ferdinand Wibe m 3rd Secretary(Political Affairs)

Ms Simone Steimle  3rd Secretary(Administration)


Mr Holger Primas  m Attaché (Police Liaison Officer)


Mr Peter Mohring Attaché (Security Advisor Administration) Ms Angela Großmann Attaché (Consular Department) Warrant Officer II Joachim Auth m Chief Petty Officer Flight Sergeant Andrea Ihde m Flight Sergeant Warrant Officer Dirk Weber m Warrant Officer 2


Mr Kennat Hingst  m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Ms Juliane Dagmar Busch  m Attaché

Mr Hubert Renner  m Attaché

Mr Uwe Schulz-Kopanski  * Attaché

Mr Harald Moreth  m Attaché


Ms Franziska Klein  Attaché

Mr Jan Florian Fraunholz  Attaché

Mr Helmut Schmitt  m Attaché (Administration Affairs)

Ms Sarah Bonau  Assistant Attaché (Political Affairs)


Mr Thorsten Harnys  * Assistant Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Matthias Berbig  m Assistant Attaché (Political)


Mr Frank Schönfelder  Attaché (Administration)

Mr Friedrich Paul Constantin Gothe  Assistant Attaché

Ms Christiane Hargreaves  Assistant Attaché (Administration)

Ms Katrin Siegl  Assistant Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Nora Weber  m Assistant Attaché (Administration Affairs)

Mr Maximilian Broedel  m Clerk (Military Affairs)


Mr Rick Ratajczak  Assistant Attaché (Administration)

Mr Sven-Sigurd Bahr  *  Assistant Attaché (Security Affairs)


Ms Carmen Maria Charlotte Wigger  Assistant Attaché (Security Affairs)


Mr Cord Jäger  *  Assistant Attaché (Security Affairs)

Mrs Claudia Wagner  *  Assistant Attaché (Security Affairs)


Ms Katja Sauerteig  m Assistant Attaché


Mr Hendrik Martin Kim-Wolf  m Assistant Attaché

Mrs Susann Wittek  Assistant Attaché (Cultural)

Mrs Natalia Fatschel  m Assistant Attaché (Press)

Mrs Antje Waegenbaur  * Assistant Attaché

Mrs Astrid Rathgeber  m Assistant Attaché (Political)


Mrs Susanne Weyrich-Müller  Assistant Attaché

Mrs Eva Amos  m Assistant Attaché

Ms Afra Klinge  Assistant Attaché

Mrs Sonja Cirrotti  m Assistant Attaché

Mrs Susanne Neisius-Jost  m Assistant Attaché (Economic Affairs)

Mrs Caecilie Breyer  m Assistant Attaché


Ms Gabriele Wöhrle  Assistant Attaché

Mr Sasche Kaminski  m Assistant Attaché



High Commission of the Republic of Ghana


13 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PN

020 7201 5900

Fax: 020 7245 9552

Email:  gh.donlon@gmail.com; ghmfa31@ghc-uk.org

Website:  www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com


Monday-Friday: 09:30-13:00 and 14:00-17:30

Monday-Friday: 09:30-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 (Winter)


Passports, Immigration, Education, Trade & Investment, IMO Affairs and Police Liaison Office


104 Highgate Hill, N6 5HE

020 8342 7501


Email:  gh.donlon@gmail.com

Website:  www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com

Monday-Friday: 09:30-13:00


Vacant High Commissioner


Mr George Blankson * Minister (Consular and Welfare) Mr Damptey B. Asare * Minister (Head of Chancery) Brigadier General Isaac Mensah Tetteh * Defence Adviser Mr Alex Owiredu Adu * Minister (Passport & Immigration)


Group Captain (GP) Eric Agyen-Frempong  m Deputy (Defence Adviser)

Mrs Azara Al-Hassan Prempeh  m Minister (IMO Affairs)

Mr William Addo Mahama Osafo  m Minister (Education)

Mr Peter K. Taylor  m Minister-Counsellor (Political & Economic)


Ms Zuwera Ibrahimah Mohammed  *  Minister-Counsellor (Head of Information)


Mr Thomas Mbun  m Minister-Counsellor (Treasury)

Mr Kofi Addo  m Minister-Counsellor (Trade & Investment)


Ms Elizabeth Apollonia Dassah, ACP, * Minister-Counsellor/Police Liaison Mr David Quaye m Minister-Counsellor (Deputy Head of Information)


Mrs Joyce Asamoah-Korantiene *  Minister-Counsellor (Political & Economic)

Mr Bennet Gyau-Yeboah  m Counsellor/Consular & Welfare

Mrs Anita Osei Poku  *  Counsellor (Education)

Mrs Georgina Ankora  *  Counsellor (Finance)


Ms Reina Baah Sackey *  1st Secretary (Protocol & Administration)

Ms Elsie Awuku  * 1st Secretary (Passport & Immigration)

Mr Emmanuel Bebaako-Mensah  *  1st Secretary (Passport & Immigration)

Mrs Vera Kwei  *  1st Secretary (Administration)

Mrs Celestine Kafui Quaye  *  1st Secretary (Consular & Welfare)


Mr Richard Opata Sackitey *  1st Secretary (Finance)


Mr Godwin Yaw Tsidi  *  1st Secretary (Finance)

Mr Godfred Azure  m 2nd  Secretary (Protocol)

Mr Felix Adotey Pappoe  *  2nd  Secretary (Protocol)

Mrs Patricia Afua Asamoah  *  2nd Secretary (Administration)

Mr Joshua Mawunyo Adukpo  m 2nd Secretary (Treasury





Embassy of Greece

1A Holland Park W11 3TP

020 7229 3850

Fax 020 7229 7221





Economic & Commercial Office


020 7727 8860

Fax 020 7727 9934



Defence Attaché’s Office

020 7727 3785

Fax 020 7221 2818



Consular Section


020 7313 5600 – 5609

Fax 020 7243 3202




Police Liaison Office


020 7313 8951

Fax 020 7229 7221



Maritime Affairs Office


020 7727 0507 Fax 020 7727 0509



Press & Communications Office


020 7727 3071

Fax 020 7727 8960




National Tourism Organisation Office

Great Portland House (5th floor)

4 Great Portland street W1W 8QJ

020 7495 9300

Fax 020 7580 3149




HIS EXCELLENCY MR DIMITRIOS CARAMITSOS-TZIRAS m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 12 October 2016)


Mrs Margarita Mavromichalis

Mr Nikolaos Papageorgiou  1st Counsellor (Deputy Head of Mission)


Captain Charalampos Zisimopoulos  m Defence Attaché

Mrs Paraskevi Tzeveleki  m 1st Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Dimitrios Dochtsis  2nd Counsellor (Political Affairs)

Mr Sotirios Demestichas  1st Secretary (Consul)


Mr Antonios Katepodis m 1st Counsellor (Economic & Commercial) Mr Dimitrios Thomopoulos m 2nd Secretary (Economic & Commercial) Major Nikolaos Petropoulos Police Liaison Officer


Ms Christina Kalogera Adviser (Information & Tourism) Mr Georgios Kosyvas m Counsellor (Education) Captain Georgios Skandalis m Maritime Attaché

Mr Alexios Georgiades  m Counsellor (Press & Communication)

Mrs Lambrini-Marina Koltsida  m Secretary for Press

Mrs Dimitra Panagiotopoulou  m Secretary for Press


Ms Eirini Kioulafi  Secretary for Press

Mrs Maria Monoyoudi  m Attaché





High Commission for Grenada


The Chapel, Archel Road, West Kensington W14 9QH

020 7385 4415

Fax 020 7381 4807




Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Consular Hours : Monday-Friday : 10.00-14.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR IGNATIUS JOACHIM KARL HOOD  *  High Commissioner (since 08 January 2016)

Mr Samuel Sandy  (Consular Officer)


Ms Xiaowei Chen  Diplomatic Attaché





Embassy of Guatemala

1st Floor & Suite1, 2nd Floor

105a Westbourne Grove W2 4UW

020 7221 1525



Consular Section

Suite 2, 2nd Floor

105a Westbourne Grove W2 4UW


020 7221 7448



HIS EXCELLENCY MR ACISCLO VALLADARES MOLINA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 January 2010)


Mrs Raquel Urruela de Valladares

Ms Olga Maria Perez Tuna  Minister-Counsellor

Mr José Manuel Azurdia Longo  m 1st Secretary


Mrs Celia Santamarina de Orive  m Cultural Attaché

Ms Demet Maya Basaran Bethancourt  3rd Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Guinea


42 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 5PW

020 3752 6624/26





HIS EXCELLENCY MR PAUL GOA ZOUMANIGUI * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 08 November 2013)


Mrs Ramatoulaye Sy Sangare  * Counsellor

Mr Jean Emile Curtis  m 1st Secretary


Mrs Habibatou Cherif  m Administrative Attaché



Embassy of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau


94 Rue St. Lazare 75009 Paris

0033 1 48 74 36 39


Vacant  Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary

Mrs Maria Filomena Embalo Araujo Vieira  m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr José Filipe Fonseca  m Counsellor


Mr Oscar Batica Ferreira  m 1st Secretary





High Commission for Guyana


3 Palace Court Bayswater Road W2 4LP


Tel: 020 7229 7684

Fax 020 7727 9809




HIS EXCELLENCY MR FREDERICK HAMLEY CASE High Commissioner (since 13 April 2016) Mrs Pegy McLennan Counsellor


Miss Keishanna Sullivan  1st Secretary





Embassy of the Republic of Haiti


21 Bloomsbury Way


London WC1A 2TH

0203 771 1427


Email: info@haitianembassy.org.uk; amb.royaumeuni@diplomatie.ht; pa@haitianembassy.org.uk

Office Hours: 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


Mr Bocchit Edmond  * Chargé d’Affaires

Mr Laurent Pierre Prosper  *  Minister – Counsellor





Apostolic Nunciature


54 Parkside SW19 5NE


020 8944 7189

Fax 020 8947 2494


Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Vacant  Ambassador

Monsignor Matteo De Mori  First Counsellor





Embassy of Honduras

4th Floor 136 Baker Street W1U 6UD

020 7486 4880

Fax 020 7486 4550

hondurasembassyuk@gmail.com / hondurasuk@lineone.net Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 & 14.00-17.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR IVAN ROMERO-MARTINEZ m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 22 January 2008)


Mrs. Mirian Nasser de Romero

Miss Jocelin G. Garcia Guerra  1st Secretary





Embassy of Hungary


35 Eaton Place SW1X 8BY

020 7201 3440

Fax 020 7823 1348





Monday-Thursday 08.30-17.00 & Friday 08.30-14.00


Consular Department

35B Eaton Place SW1X 8BY

020 7235 5218

Fax 020 7235 8630


Monday-Friday 09.30-12.00


Economic, Investment & Trade Commission


46 Eaton Place SW1X 8AL

020 7235 8767



Hungarian Cultural Centre


10 Maiden Lane WC2E 7NA

020 7240 8448



Hungarian National Tourist Office

46 Eaton Place SW1X 8AL

020 7823 0412

Fax 020 7823 1459





HIS EXCELLENCY MR KRISTÓF SZALAY-BOBROVNICZKY * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 18 June 2016)


Dr Beáta Margitay-Becht Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Head of Mission) Mr Tibor Csaba Szendrei m Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary/Consular Affairs Col. Jozsef Bela Gulyás m Defence, Military & Air Attaché


Mrs Eszter Mária Pataki  * 1st Counsellor (Hungarian Cultural Centre)

Mr György Balogh  m 1st Counsellor

Mr Zoltán Varga  m Counsellor

Ms Diána Fehér  Counsellor (Political)

Ms Edina Cserjés  1st Secretary, Head of Consular Section

Ms Anikó Dobi-Rózsa  1st Secretary (Scientific & Technology Affairs)


Dr Anikó Zsebik  1st Secretary (Press)

Ms Katalin Vizi  1st Secretary


Mr Máté Pesti  2nd Secretary

Mr Csaba György Ábel  2nd Secretary

Mr János Bakó  3rd Secretary

Mr Richárd László Tamási  m 2nd Secretary (Chancellor)





Embassy of Iceland

2A Hans Street SW1X 0JE

020 7259 3999

Fax 020 7245 9649



Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR THÓRDUR AEGIR ÓSKARSSON m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 08 September 2014)


Mrs Sigurborg Oddsdóttir

Mr Atli Már Sigurdsson   m    Deputy Head of Mission


Mrs Anna Sigridur Alfredsdóttir  m Attaché





Office of the High Commissioner for India

India House Aldwych WC2B 4NA

020 7836 8484

Fax 020 7836 4331




HIS EXCELLENCY MR YASHVARDHAN KUMAR SINHA High Commissioner (since 05 December 2016) Mrs Girija Sinha


Mr Dinesh Kumar Patnaik m Deputy High Commissioner Mr Srinivas Gotru m Minister (Press Information & Culture) Mr Ramesh Shanmugasundaram m Minister (Consular) Mr Serma Rajan Ayyasamy m Minister (Coordination) Mr Saikat Sen Sharma m Counsellor (Economic)


Mr Gyan Singh  m Counsellor (Passport)

Mrs Gautam vidhyanidhi  m Counsellor (HC’s office)


Mr Dinesh Pratap Singh m Counsellor (Public Diplomacy) Air Commodore Anil Sabharwal m Air Adviser Brigadier Rajesh Kumar Jha m Military Adviser Commodore Sameer Saxena m Naval Adviser


Mr Amit Sharma  m Counsellor (Technical Adviser)

Mr Pravindra Yadav  m Minister (Audit)

Mr Vishwanath Singh Jadon  m Director (Audit)

Mr Mohinder Pratap Singh  m 1st Secretary (Projects & Maintenance and Protocol)

Mrs Madhu Sethi m 1st Secretary (Education & International Organisation)


Mrs T.Ajungla Jamir  m 1st Secretary (Coordination)

Mr Sunil Kumar  m 1st Secretary (Head of Chancery)

Mr Ramaswamy Balaji  m 1st Secretary (Consular)

Mr Vizay Babu Vasanta  m 1st Secretary (Income Tax Overseas Unit)

Mrs Soumya Nair  m   2nd Secretary (Political)

Dr Aseem Vohra  m 2nd Secretary (Public Diplomacy)


Mrs Kiran Khatri m 2nd Secretary (Special Assistant to High Commissioner)

Mr Naresh Kumar  m 2nd Secretary


Mrs Reena Jain  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Hari Krishan  *  2nd Secretary

Mr Krishnendu Banerjee  m 2nd Secretary (Political 2)

Mr Soumendra Mahapatra  m 2nd Secretary (Visa)


Mr Ashok Kumar Chadha  m 2nd Secretary

Mrs Vibha Mehdiretta  m Deputy Director (The Nehru Centre)

Mr Pradyumna Kumar Sahu  m Attaché (Commerce)

Mr Deepak Bellani  m Attaché (Protocol)

Mr Vijay Pal Singh  m Attaché (Political)

Mr Madan Lal  m Attaché (Projects & Maintenance)


Mrs Madhu Kalra  m Attaché

Mr Arvind Malhotra  m Attaché(Visa)

Mr Surjeet Kaur Sethi  m Attaché

Mr Premjeet Nireshwalia Ravindra  m Attaché(Visa)

Mrs Arun Bala Arora  m Attaché

Mrs Davinder Luthra  m Attaché


Mr Nilratan Mridha  m Attaché(Accounts)


Mr Tarun Kumar  m Attaché(Hindi)

Mr Raj Kumar Ganger  m Attaché

Mrs Gloria Dung Dung  * Attaché

Mr Sriram  m Attaché

Mr Sandeep Kumar  m Attaché


Mr Sankaranarayanan Ramamurthy  m Attaché

Mr Rajesh Gudemaranahalli Satyanarayana  m Attaché(Audit)





Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia


38 Grosvenor Square W1K 2HW

020 7499 7661


Fax 020 7491 4993




Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00


Consular Department & Visa Section


38A Adam’s Row W1K 2HW

Fax 020 7491 4993


Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 (submission of passports/visas), 14.30-16.00 (collection of passports/visas)


HIS EXCELLENCY DR RIZAL SUKMA m Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since 13 February 2016)


Mrs Hana Afija Satrijo

Mrs Anita Lidya Luhulima  * Deputy Head of Mission


Mrs Masriati Lita Saadia Pratama  m Minister-Counsellor (Economic)

Col Rui Fernando Guedes Palmeira Duarte  m Defence Attaché

Mr Nur Rakhman Setyoko  m Trade Attaché

Mr Gulfan Afero m Minister Counsellor

Mr Mohammad Iqbal Third Secretary (Political Affairs)


Mr Resha Maulana m Third Secretary (Protocol & Consular Affairs)

Mr Endang Aminudin Aziz  m Attaché

Mr Thomas Ardian Siregar  m Counsellor

Mrs Andalusia T. T. Dewi  m Counsellor

Mr Simson Sinaga  * Transportation Attaché

Mr Bonifacius Riwi Wijayanto  m 1st Secretary (Economic)


Mr Fadjar Tjahjanto  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Arifianto Sofianto  m 1st Secretary (Political)


Mrs Gita Loka Murti  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Atu Yudhistira Indarto  m 3rd Secretary (Economic)

Miss Dethi Silvidah Gani  3rd Secretary (Information and Socio-Cultural)

Mr Muhammad Ilham Effendy m 3rd Secretary (Protocol and Consular)


Mr Win Harnoko  m Attaché (Communication)

Miss Intan Kartikasari  Attaché (Communication)





Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran


16 Prince’s Gate SW7 1PT


20    7225 4208-9 Fax: 020 7589 4440 iranemb.lon@mfa.gov.ir www.london.mfa.ir


Consular Section


50 Kensington Court W8 5DB

020 72253000

Fax: 020 7938 1615



HIS EXCELLENCY MR HAMID BAEIDINEJAD * Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 4 September 2016)


Mrs Soroor Baeidinejad

Mr Mohsen Omidzamani  m 1st Counsellor (Legal & International Affairs) & Liaison Officer to the IMO)


Mr Saeid Zinati  m 1st Counsellor (Consul)

Mr Ramin Zare Banadkooki m 2nd Counsellor (Political)

Mr Reza Nademi  m 2nd Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Naser Mohammad Zade  m 2nd Counsellor (Consul Affairs)


Mr Aliakbar Ahmadi  m 2nd Counsellor (Financial & Administrative Affairs)

Mr Hossein Reza Entezar Yazdi  m 1st Secretary (Political)


Mr Akbar Zare m 2nd Secretary(Administrative)





Embassy of the Republic of Iraq


21 Queens Gate SW7 5JE

020 7590 7650

Fax 020 7590 7679




Monday-Thursday 09.00-16.00


Friday 09.00–15.00


Consular Section


3 Elvaston Place SW7 5QH

020 7590 9220


Fax 020 7590 9226


Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00


Military Attaché Office

48 Gunnersbury Avenue W5 4HA

020 8752 1314

Fax 020 8896 0356



Cultural Attaché’s Office


4 Elvaston Place SW7 5QH

020 7370 2940

Fax 020 7370 2941



Commercial Attaché Office

20 Queens Gate, London SW7 5JE

020 7584 6849



Health Attaché Office


Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

21 Queens Gate SW7 5JE


020 7590 7650




HIS EXCELLENCY DR SALIH HUSAIN ALI m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 July 2015) Mrs Khawlah Abbas Muttair

Mr Nazar Mirjan Mohammed  m Minister Plenipotentiary


Dr Abdulhamid M.H. Hamid  m Minister Plenipotentiary

Mr Ahmed Al-Nakash  m Counsellor

Mr Wael Al-Robaaie  m 1st Secretary

Mr Ahmad Al-Saffar  m 1st Secretary

Mr Mushtaq Flayeh Hassan Sultani  m 1st Secretary


Mr Majid AlHemyari  * 1st Secretary

Mr Abduljabbar Abd  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Hashem Bahr Alolom  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Mostafa Al-Hassani  m 2nd Secretary


Mr Omar Saad Shakir  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Ammar Farhan  m 3rd Secretary


Mr Saifaldin Al-Darraji  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Ali Abdel Hussein Shandel Al-Alian  m Attaché

Mr Ali Al-Tamimi m Attaché

Major General Ali Al-Najati  m Military Attaché

Dr Hassan Hadi Ali Al-Alak  * Cultural Attaché





Embassy of Ireland

17 Grosvenor Place SW1X 7HR

020 7235 2171


Fax 020 7201 2515



Monday-Friday 09.30 - 12.30 – 14.30 -16.30


Passport & Visa Office


114A Cromwell Road SW7 4ES

Passport enquiries 020 7373 4339

Visa enquiries 090 6661 0197

Diplomatic visa appointments 020 7341 5434

Fax 020 7373 4589


Passport Office Monday-Friday 09.30-16.30

Visa Office Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 (Lodge applications), 14.30-16.00 (Collections)

HIS EXCELLENCY MR DANIEL MULHALL m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 05 September 2013)


Mrs Greta Mulhall


Ms Barbara Cullinane m Counsellor (Anglo Irish and Political Affairs), Deputy Head of Mission Mr Don Sexton m Counsellor (EU and External Relations)


Mr Declan Morrin  m Counsellor (Economic and Trade Affairs)

Ms Marina Donohue  m Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Terry O'Sullivan  m 1st Secretary (Customs and Revenue)

Ms Noeleen Curran  m 1st Secretary (Consular and Corporate Services)


Ms Mary McCarthy  1st Secretary (Agriculture)

Ms Clare Brosnan  1st Secretary (Press and Information)

Mrs Dowling Ruaidhri  m 1st Secretary (Irish Community and Culture)

Ms Seadhna MacHugh  3rd Secretary (Political Affairs)

Mr Peter Foley  Attaché

Mr Dónal O’Connell  m Attaché (Passport Services)


Ms Caroline Savage  Attaché (Economic and Trade Affairs)


Ms Anne Archuidean  m Attaché (Visa Services)

Ms Máire Durkin  m Attaché (Consular and Corporate Services)





Embassy of Israel


2 Palace Green Kensington W8 4QB

020 7957 9500

Fax 020 7957 9555



Monday-Thursday 08.30-18.00 & Friday 08.45-14.15


Defence Section


2a Palace Green Kensington W8 4QB

020 7957 9548


Consular Section


15a Old Court Place Kensington W8 4QB

020 7957 9516


HIS EXCELLENCY MR MARK REGEV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 4 April 2016) Mrs Vered Regev


Mrs Sharon Bar Li m Minister-Deputy Head of Mission Mrs Rachel Shabi Shani m Consul General


Mr Dan Golan  m Minister-Counsellor (Cultural Affairs)

Mr Eyal Azoulay  m Minister-Counsellor


Mrs Rony Yedidia  m Counsellor (Public Affairs)


Mr Yiftah Curiel  m Counsellor (Public Affairs)

Mr Marcos Christian Cantor  m Counsellor


Mr Nathan Tsror m Minister-Counsellor for Commercial Affairs Mr Ran Chana m Attaché (Defence)

Ms Ortal Ben Nun  m Attaché (Defence)

Mr Ofer Grinboim-Liron  m 1st Secretary

Mr Sivian Holder  m 1st Secretary

Mr Michael Freemen  m 1st Secretary

Mr Lior Ben-Dov m Attaché

Mr David Gaash  m Attaché

Mr Eyal Rashi  m Attaché (Embassy Secretary)


Mr Tom Winberg  Attaché

Mr Dekel Yaloz  Attaché


Mr Victor Lokshin  Attaché



Embassy of Italy


14 Three Kings’ Yard Davies Street W1K 4EH

020 7312 2200

Fax 020 7312 2230





Consular Section


Harp House, 83-86 Farringdon Street, EC4A 4BL

020 7936 5900

Fax 020 7583 9425






Cultural Section


39 Belgrave Square SW1X 8NX

020 7235 1461


Fax 020 7235 4618




Defence Section (Military, Naval & Air Attaché’s Offices)


7-10 Hobart Place SW1W 0HH

020 7259 4500

Fax 020 7259 4511



Financial Section


2 Royal Exchange EC3V 3DG

020 7606 4201

Fax: 020 7929 0434



Trade Commission


Sackville House

40 Piccadilly W1J 0DR

020 7389 0300

Fax: 020 7389 0301





HIS EXCELLENCY PASQUALE Q. TERRACCIANO m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 01 May 2013)


Mrs Karen Terracciano Lawrence

Mr Vincenzo Celeste  m Minister, Deputy Head of Mission


Rear Admiral Gianluigi Reversi  * Defence & Naval Attaché

Mrs Silvia Limoncini  m 1st Counsellor (Political, Social & Legal Affairs)

Mr Massimiliano Mazzanti  m 1st Counsellor (Consul General)

Mr Dante Brandi  1st Counsellor (Economic/Agricultural Affairs)

Mr Federico Bianchi  m 1st Secretary

Mr Salvatore Marinò  m 1st Secretary


Ms Giulia Romani  1st Secretary (Consul)

Colonel Giampaolo Schiavo  m Air Attaché


Colonel Giovanni Gagliano  m Army Attaché

Colonel Claudio Petrozziello  m Attaché (Customs, Excise & Tax Affairs)

Prof. Roberto Di Lauro  m Attaché (Scientific Affairs)

Prof. Anna Chimenti  * Attaché


Mr Domenico Maria De Giorgio  m Attaché

Mr Marco Delogu  Attaché (Cultural Affairs - Director)

Ms Lidia Polmonari  Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Luigi Raimondo Maligno  Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Ms Filomena Maria Gatto  m Attaché (Administrative Affairs)

Mr Guglielmo Caggiano  m Attaché (Economic Affairs)


Mr Lorenzo Arcari  m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mrs Daniela Avitabile m Attaché(Consular Affairs)

Mrs Simonetta Tronu  m Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Ms Antonietta Ruggiero  Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Ms Linda Mezzullo  Attaché (Consular Affairs)

Mr Stefano Faggioli  Attaché (Cultural Affairs)


Mr Nicola Locatelli  Attaché (Cultural Affairs)


Mr Luca Golzi  Attaché (Police Affairs)

Mr Fortunato Celi Zullo  m Attaché (Trade Commissioner)

Ms Anna Marra  Attaché (Financial Affairs)





Jamaican High Commission


1-2 Prince Consort Road




020 7823 9911

Fax 020 7589 5154




Monday-Thursday 09.00-17.00 & Friday 09.00-16.00


Passport & Visa Section


Monday-Friday 9.30-13.30


HIS EXCELLENCY SETH GEORGE RAMOCAN m High Commissioner (since 22 December 2016) Dr Lola Ramocan

Mrs Angella Rose-Howell  m Deputy High Commissioner

Miss Leonie Livingstone  Minister-Counsellor (Diaspora & Consular Affairs)

Miss Carol Lee-Lea  Counsellor

Mr Trevor Pinnock  1st Secretary (Finance & Administration)

Miss Deyneka Beckford  Attaché (Finance & Administration)

Mrs Juliet Dennison  m Attaché (Administration)


Mr Laurence Jones  m Attaché (Commercial)

Mrs Marcia Evadney Chung-Ying  *  Attaché





Embassy of Japan


101-104 Piccadilly W1J 7JT

020 7465 6500

Fax 020 7491 9348

Monday-Friday 09.30-18.00


Visa Section 020 7465 6565 Fax 020 7491 9328 Information Section 020 7465 6500 Fax 020 7491 9347 www.uk.emb-japan.go.jp

HIS EXCELLENCY MR KOJI TSURUOKA m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 7 June 2016) Mrs Yoko Tsuruoka


Mr Motohiko Kato * Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary Mr Hiroshi Matsuura m Minister (Economics) Mr Hideki Uyama m Minister & Consul General


Mr Jotaro Horiuchi  *  Minister (Transport)

Mr Yusaku Shimizu  *  Minister (Finance)

Mr Yo Osumi  m Minister (Political)


Mr Shinichi Iida  *  Minister (Information)

Mr Yosuke Ishigami  m Counsellor (Economic)

Mr Masahiro Yoshida  m Counsellor (Administration)

Mr Go Yamaguchi  m Counsellor (Political)

Mr Kaoru Nishiyama  m Counsellor (Accounts)

Mr Seiji Takeuchi *  Counsellor (Consular)


Mr Hisatoshi Murano  Counsellor (Telecommunications)


Mr Teppei Kanda  m Counsellor (Political)

Mr Takashi Hiranaka  * Counsellor (Economic)

Ms Tomoko Yoshihiro  Counsellor (Information)

Dr Kazuto Kanetake  m Counsellor & Medical Attaché

Captain Toshihide Noma  m Defence Attaché


Mr Hideo Yamazaki  * 1st Secretary (Administration)

Mr Yoichi Nakashima  *  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Toshio Maruyama  *  1st Secretary (Telecommunications)

Mr Hiroshi Itakura  m 1st Secretary (Information)

Mr Kosuke Wada  m 1st Secretary (Economic)


Ms Hiroyo Tomioka  * 1st Secretary (Economic)

Mr Fumihiko Sakamoto  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Norio Nakada  m 1st Secretary (Administration)

Mr Akira Fukaishi *  1st Secretary (Economic)


Ms Kanae Kariyasu  *  1st Secretary (Economic)

Mr Makito Saito  m 1st Secretary (Economic)


Mr Yoshifumi Ohhori  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Mikihisa Nagai  *  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Takehide Kunugi  *  1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Hiroyuki Tsuruno  m 1st Secretary (Finance)

Mr Kazuhiko Shiratori  m 1st Secretary (Consular)

Ms Akiko Fujimoto  * 1st Secretary (Information)


Mr Hiroyuki Hamai  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Kenji Arima  m 1st Secretary (Political)

Mr Kunihiko Kawabata  m 1st Secretary (Accounts)

Ms Katsue Chikama  1st Secretary (Consular)

Ms Yumi Shimmyo  m 1st Secretary (Information)


Ms Ayako Shimizu  1st Secretary (Economic)


Ms Yuriko Akiyama  1st Secretary (Information)

Ms Yuki Yamamoto  2nd Secretary (Security)

Major Tatsuya Moritake  m Assistant Defence Attaché

Mr Shinju Karasawa  2nd Secretary (Information)

Mr Akiyoshi Shimamura  m 2nd Secretary (Political)


Ms Ikumi Moriguchi  m 2nd Secretary (Economic)

Ms Saori Kamachi  2nd Secretary (Consular)

Ms Eriko Inomata 2nd Secretary (Accounts)

Mr Kazuki Masaki  m 2nd Secretary

Mr Akira Yamada  m 2nd Secretary (Information)

Mr Yoshiaki Moriya  2nd Secretary (Economic)


Mr Ryo Miyazaki  2nd Secretary (Finance)

Ms Hikari Nishimoto  m 2nd Secretary (Protocol)


Ms Reiko Kurihara  *  2nd Secretary (Political)

Ms Kaoru Saiki  2nd Secretary (Information)

Mr Kiyotaka Sato  3rd Secretary

Mr Shohei Teramoto  3rd Secretary (Administration)


Mr Toru Kume  m 3rd Secretary (Telecommunications)

Ms Sachiyo Tsutsuguchi  Attaché (Administration & Economic)

Ms Hiromi Watanabe  Attaché

Ms Akiho Yoshida  Attaché





Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


6 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

020 7937 3685

Fax 020 7937 8795





Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00


Consular & Visa Section

6 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

Monday-Friday 10.00-13.00 & 14.30-16.00


Defence Attaché's Office


16 Upper Phillimore Gardens W8 7HA

020 7937 9611


Fax 020 7937 7505

Monday-Thursday 09.00-15.00, Friday 09.00-12.00



HIS EXCELLENCY MR MAZEN HOMOUD m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 17 June 2011) Mrs Alia Armouti Homoud

Mr Daifallah Ali Daifallah Alfayez  m Minister Plenipotentiary (Deputy Head of Mission)

Mr Mohammed Elayan Salman Qatarneh  m 1st Secretary (Consular Affairs)

Mr Mohammed Ahmad Sataan Alradaidah  2nd Secretary

Mr Yousef Ahmad Abdul Kareem Alkloub  2nd Secretary

Miss Razan Mohammad Abdulhameed Alsaket  2nd Secretary

Mr Zakaria Naser Fawaz Khasawneh  3rd Secretary


Brig.Gen. Ahmad Abdallah S. Aiasrah  m Military Attaché

Col. Daher Y A Talafha  m Assistant Military Attaché

Col. Mohammad Yousef A.Khasawneh  m Liaison Officer


Lt. Col. Shadi Daoud Yousef Jaghamin * Procurement Officer Lt. Col. Sultan Musallam Alajwaleen m Finance Officer


Lt. Col. Khaled Radi Mohammad Aletoun  * Finance Officer


Captain Amjad Mohammad Alkasasbeh  m Medical Officer

Captain Issam Nazal Aldroubi  Training & Education Officer





Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan


125 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5EA

Tel: 020 792 51757

Fax 020 7930 8990

London@kazembassy.org.uk; London@mfa.kz



Monday-Friday 09.00-13.00 & 14.30-18.00

Consular Section

Tel: 020 7925 7522 (only between 12:00 & 13:00)


Emergency Tel: +44(0)7778865999

Fax: 020 7389 0600

Consulate@kazembassy.org.uk; Consulate@mfa.kz

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 (except Wednesday)


HIS EXCELLENCY MR ERLAN IDRISSOV m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 27 February 2017)


Mrs Nurilla Idrissova

Mr Erlan Begezhanov  m Minister-Counsellor (Economic Affairs)


Mr Alibek Razakov  m Counsellor

Mr Talgat Bazarbekov  m Counsellor


Colonel Zhenis Nurgaliyev m Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché Mr Gani Bekenov m Counsellor


Mrs Ainur Karbozova  m Counsellor (Trade & Investment)


Mr Dauren Doszhanov  m Counsellor

Mr Askhat Shabarov  Counsellor

Mr Arman Jarmukhambetov  m 1st Secretary

Mr Askar Zhiymbayev  m 1st Secretary (Press Secretary)


Mr Artur Lastayev Special Representative of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan in European countries (Resident in Geneva)


Mr Maxat Ibrayev  m Counsellor

Mr Zharas Ormantay m 2nd Secretary

Mr Anuar Adilbekov  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Darkhan Abzhanov  m 3rd Secretary


Mr Yerlan Utegenov  m 3rd Secretary (Consul)

Mr Yerzhan Joshibayev  m Attaché (Vice Consul)

Ms Zhuldyz Missalimova  Attaché, Head of Chancery

Mr Marat Bissaliyev  m Attaché


Mr Yernar Abdikarimov  m Attaché





Kenya High Commission


45 Portland Place

London W1B 1AS

Tel: 0207 636 2371


Fax: 0207 323 1932



HIS EXCELLENCY MR LAZARUS OMBAI AMAYO m High Commissioner (since 17 November, 2014) Mrs Nelly Amayo

Col. Peter Muteti  m Defence Adviser


Mrs Grace Cerere  m Minister-Counsellor

Mr George N. Kabuti  2nd Counsellor

Mrs Anne Kamau  * 2nd Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Benson Wakhule  m Immigration Attaché

Mrs Dorothy Mukiri Kamwilu  m Education Attaché


Mr Fredrick Kidali  m 1st Secretary

Mr Aden Mohamed  m 1st Secretary

Mr Ibrahim Mwanjumwa  m Asst. Immigration Attaché

Mr Kennedy Bosire  m Financial Attaché





High Commissioner c/o Office of the President P.O. Box 68 Bairiki Tarawa Kiribati

Vacant High Commissioner

Mrs Makurita Baaro  Acting High Commissioner





Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

73 Gunnersbury Avenue W5 4LP

Tel 020 8992 4965

Fax 020 8992 2053

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.30 & 14.00-17.00



HIS EXCELLENCY MR IL CHOE m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 10 November 2016) Mrs Yong Ae Kim

Mr Song Gi Kim  m Counsellor


Mr Kyong Jun Ryu  m 3rd Secretary

Mr Kwang Min Kim  m Counsellor (Deputy Permanent Representative to IMO)

Mr Jun Hyok Im  m Counsellor (Maritime Affairs)





Embassy of the Republic of Korea

60 Buckingham Gate SW1E 6AJ

020 7227 5500/2

Fax 020 7227 5503

Website http://gbr.mofa.go.kr

Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00 and 13:30-17.30


Press & information Office


020 7227 5500 (ext. 615)


Consular Section


5th Floor

83 Victoria Street




020 7227 5500

Monday – Friday 9.00-12.00 and 14:00-16.00

Visa Section


Address: same as Consular Section

Monday-Friday 10.00-12.00


Korean Cultural Centre


Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand WC2N 5BW

020 7004 2600

Fax 020 7004 2619



Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00 & Saturday 11.00-17.00


HIS EXCELLENCY MR JOONKOOK HWANG m Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary (since 04 March 2016)


Mrs Shil Rhee

Mr Deuk Hwan Kim  m Minister (Deputy Head of Mission)


Mr Jang Won Hong  m Minister


Mr Jaehoon Kim  m Minister-Counsellor (Financial)

Mr Ho Seong Yong  m Minister-Counsellor (Cultural)

Mr Jun Young Park  m Minister-Counsellor (Maritime)

Ms Kyung-Ah Lee  Counsellor (Political)


Mr Hyungdo Song  m Counsellor (Financial)

Ms Eunju Ahn  Counsellor (Political)

Mr Inkwon Cho  m Counsellor (Interior)

Mr Ho Cheol Kim  *  Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Yeonho Pang  m Counsellor (Science & ICT)