Labour Government Special Advisors i.e. political commissar apparatchiki - July 2009

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The names of the 74 Labour party political commissar apparatchiki who are paid from public funds to corrupt the supposed political impartiality of the Civil Service.

Takecareful note of these names to see how many of them end up in private sector lobbying companies and think tanks, peddling their contacts and influence in Whitehall for money or for ideology.

HC Deb, 16 July 2009, c73WS

Special Advisers

Prime Minister

Written answers and statements, 16 July 2009

Listed below are the names of special advisers in post at 16 July 2009,
, the special advisers' pay ranges for 2009-10, the number of special advisers in each pay band by Department and the total pay bill cost of special advisers for 2008-09.

All special advisers are appointed under terms and conditions set out in the Model Contract and Code of Conduct for Special Advisers to provide assistance on the full range of their appointing Minister's departmental responsibilities.

Table converted to colon and comma delimited list:

Appointing Minister: Special Adviser in post

The Prime Minister: Greg Beales, Theo Bertram, Nicola Burdett, Nick Butler, Konrad Caulkett (p-t), Matt Cavanagh, Brendan Cox, Dan Corry, Colin Currie (p-t), Patrick Diamond, Michael Dugher, Justin Forsyth, Stuart Hudson, Michael Jacobs, Gavin Kelly, Richard Lloyd, Kirsty McNeill, David Muir, Sue Nye (p-t), Nick Pearce, Lisa Perrin, Wilf Stevenson, Anthony Vigor, Stewart Wood, John Woodcock

Minister for Cabinet Office and the Olympics and Paymaster General: Robert Philpot

Chief Whip (Commons) and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury: Gary Follis, Luke Sullivan

Chief Whip (Lords): Ben Coffman, Sue Jackson

First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council: Geoffrey Norris, Patrick Loughran

Minister of State (Business): Matt Cooke

Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families: Francine Bates, Alex Belardinelli

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government: Ann Rossiter, Jake Sumner

Minister of State (Housing): Ian Parker

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport: Philip French, Lenny Shallcross

Secretary of State for Defence: Alaina Macdonald, Andrew Bagnall

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change: Polly Billington, Tom Restrick

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Wesley Ball, Beatrice Stern

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Madlin Sadler/Sarah Schaefer (job share)

Secretary of State for Health: Katie Myler

Secretary of State for the Home Department: Clare Montagu, Mario Dunn

Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal and Minister for Women and Equality: Ayesha Hazarika, Anna Healy

Leader of the House of Lords, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Philip Bassett, Jonathan Pearse

Secretary of State for International Development: Richard Darlington, Stephen Doughty

Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice: Mark Davies, Declan McHugh

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: Oonagh Blackman

Secretary of State for Scotland: John McTeman, Tom Greatrex

Secretary of State for Transport: Claire MacAleese, David Learn

Chancellor of the Exchequer1: Sam White, Catherine McCleod

Chief Secretary: Tony Danker, David Mills, Graham Dale

Secretary of State for Wales: Andrew Bold, Dan Lodge

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: Will McDonald, Eleanor Wilcox

(1) In addition, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has appointed Torsten Henricson-Bell and Geoffrey Spence to the Council of Economic Advisers.

Pay bands for 2009-10

The pay bands and pay ranges for special advisers for 2009-10 are as follows:
Scheme Ceiling £142,668
Pay Band 4 £88,966-£106,864
Pay Band 3 and Premium £66,512 -£103,263
Pay Band 2 £52,215-£69,266
Pay Band 1 £40,352-£54,121

Advisers by Pay Band

At 16 July 2009, there were 74 Special Advisers in post. The number of special advisers in each pay band by department is as follows:
Pay band (1)
Department 1 2 3 4
No. 10 (2) 4 5 14
Cabinet Office 1
Chief Whips' Offices (Commons and Lords) 2 2
Business, Innovation and Skills 1 1 1
Children, Schools and Families 2
Communities and Local Government 1 1
Culture, Media and Sport 1
Defence 2
Energy and Climate Change 2
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1 1
Foreign and Commonwealth Office(3) 1
Health 1
Home Office 2
Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal and Minister for Women and Equality 1 1
Leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1 1
International Development 1 1
Justice (Lord Chancellor) 1
Northern Ireland Office 1
Scotland Office 1 1
Transport 1 1
HM Treasury(4) 1 3 3
Wales Office 1
Work and Pensions 1 1
Total 12 26 30 1

Paybill costs

The paybill for special advisers in 2008-2009 was £5.9m(5).

(1)Plus three special advisers whose pay bands have yet to be agreed.

(2)Plus two special advisers who are paid beyond Pay Band 4 but within the scheme ceiling.

(3)Job share

(4)Includes the two members of the Council of Economic Advisers who are employed on special adviser terms.

(5)This figure includes salary, severance pay and estimate of pension costs.

A few of these Special Advisors email addresses and telephone numbers are published by Dod's Online:

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Hi, can you please supply the Email address for David Muir, Labour election strategist.
Thank you.
Dan Plunkett.

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