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What is it with the NuLabour political zombies ? No sooner has the collective fury of the public against the appointment of Tony Blair as the unelected "President of Europe" started to be felt, then a couple of stories are planted in the media, citing anonymous sources, e.g. The Times: David Miliband touted for EU foreign post as Blair's chances wane and The Guardian: David Miliband tipped as EU foreign minister

Technically the job title iis "High Representative for Foreign Affairs".

Is this some sort of plan B, bearing in mind that it is inconceivable that both position would be filled by candidates from the same EU country at the same time.

David Miliband is an awful NuLabour apparatchik, who has crept smoothly from University to Think Tank to political commissar, to Minister
Whilst Minister for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)., Miliband was responsible for the scandals and fiascos at the Rural Payments Agency, which involved incompetent,out of control civil servants and managers. This agency, for which Miliband was responsible for, manged somehow, due to its bureaucratic red tape and IT disasters, to utterly fail in its only mission, to properly distribute European Union Farm subsidy payments, its only function. It did this so utterly incompetently, that the European Commission ended up fining the UK government as a result, after causing unnecessary financial hardship to the United Kingdom's farmers.

Whilst in charge of DEFRA, Miliband also came out withy an incredible control freak plan for a tradable Personal Carbon Credit Card, which would also track the smallest details of people's daily lives, e.g. buying food, or fuel or travel etc.This wold have instantly have created a black market for spivs, and speculators, and would have been abused by private sector and state snoopers, intent on prying into people's private lives. No doubt there would also have been some Soviet GOSPLAN style rationing attempts to fly in the face of economic forces of supply and demand, This would not have saved the planet from global warming, but it is indicative of the NuLabour bureaucratic control freak mindset, untainted by practicality, open to abuse and corruption, which they are willing to force on to the rest of us.

That alone should disqualify Miliband from representing the European Union as a whole, but there is more evidence of his incompetence and liability as an international diplomat.

Promoted to Foreign Secretary, to prevent him from challenging the incompetent Gordon Brown for the unelected leadership of the Labour Party, David Miliband has been a disaster in that role.

Incredibly, he managed to personally insult the President of India, and their Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, after the Mumbai terrorist attacks - see, for example The IndependentMiliband's trip to India 'a disaster', after Kashmir gaffe

The relations diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have fallen back to Cold War era levels, for which Miliband must take some of the blame personally.

His recent fawning on President Barack Obama at the United Nations Security Council session was also embarrassing to watch.

Just because he grins and smirks a lot, does not make him personally charming, and he is an utter public relations disaster, as shown by his posing for photographs holding a banana., for no good reason except self promotion.


MELANIE PHILLIPS: Arrogant, ignorant and out of his depth, is Banana Boy Miliband our worst Foreign Secretary ever

How can this qualify him to represent the European Union in talks or negotiations with major powers like Russia or India ?

None of this makes him in any way suitable for the "European Union Foreign Minister" role.

The European Union faces many big problems in the future, but Tony Blair and David Miliband are is part of those problems, not an answer to them.

What can you do to Stop David Miliband ?

1) Lobby your elected politicians

Write to your Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament, via the, expressing your opposition to the idea of the appointment of David Miliband as European Union Foreign Minister.

2) Display some web buttons on your blog etc..

Feel free to use these smaller logos on your own blog pages etc.

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