Mission Statement: Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs’ mission is to empower, encourage and catalyze individuals
to facilitate progressive change in areas of social justice and ecological restoration.

Purpose: SEE creates working relationships with activists and projects that are charitable in nature.  We incubate
projects that will eventually make a cultural impact by creating progressive change.  Our projects provide constructive
innovations at grassroots levels and also long-term cultural transformation to create a more socially just and
environmentally sustainable world.

How we accomplish this: SEE handles back office work so the project workers’ time is freed up to focus on the
fieldwork. SEE processes all donations for the individual projects, files appropriate paperwork with government
agencies, sees to paying all related bills of the project, issues tax-receipts to donors and maintains a professional office
for the projects.  In addition to the administrative and accounting duties, the SEE staff offers support in grant-seeking,
tabling events and general community outreach. The Board of Directors works with the staff by providing necessary
executive expertise in support of the approximately 100 projects that are currently under our auspices.

SEE’s Core Services

Current core services SEE offers to projects:

Fiscal Sponsorship ("What is a Fiscal Sponsor?")
    Federal and State exemption of project revenue
    Legal consultation
    Ability to accept tax deductible donations

Bookkeeping and Accounting
    Cash Receipts
    Accounts Payable
    General Ledger

Financial Compliance
    IRS Form 990 filing
    CA State Form 199 filing
    Issuance of 1099's/w2's
    Financial Audit

Human Resources
    Payroll Processing*
    Benefits* (Medical/Dental/Voluntary Payroll Deductions/403b)
    State Filings and Compliance

Grant Management
    Foundation Grant Administration    
    Government Grant Administration

    Record keeping of all financial transactions
    Issuance of Tax Receipts to Donors
    Liability Insurance*

*Some services may require an additional charge not included in the 6.5% fiscal fee.

The IRS form 990 is filed annually by public charities and lists the filing organization’s assets, receipts and
expenditures. Click to download as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

SEE 2009 Form 990
   SEE 2010 Form 990
   SEE 2011 Form 990
   SEE 2012 Form 990