The following are projects that SEE is currently sponsoring in support of our mission for social and ecological justice.
You can learn more about the specific work of SEE’s projects by clicking links to their websites on the pictures below.
Arca de Noe
Based in Costa Rica, where there is no official animal control system in place, Arca de
Noe's mission is to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals in the community through rescue,
castration and adoption.
Artists for Elephants
Artists for Elephants works to rescue and protect domesticated Asian elephants, reducing the
number of elephants that are forced to live and work in violent, unhealthy conditions. We are
dedicated to establishing and supporting projects that deal with education of elephant owners
and tourists, habitat protection, and the rescue and care of at risk Asian elephants.

Friends of Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge
The Seal Beach NWR is the only wildlife refuge in the Los Angeles Basin. We are committed to
community stewardship of the refuge through preservation, restoration, and education. The
refuge itself is a 1,000+ acre salt marsh estuary, containing sloughs, ponds, and upland shrub

Galgo Podenco Support
Galgos and Podencos are two distinctive Spanish sighthounds that are bred to hunt in packs
for a brief recreational season, it is estimated that 60,000–80,000 of these dogs are abandoned
and/or slaughtered every year after their value is deemed worthless or redundant. GPS offers
assistance in the way of financial support, practical help and facilitation of adoptions to the

Monomoy Refuge Banding Station
Our mission is to contribute to the conservation of birds on Monomoy National Wildlife
Refuge and around the world by expanding our knowledge through science and collaboration.
Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative
OUREI's goal is to facilitate conservation education regarding the endangered orangutan and its
habitat so that it might be saved from extinction.
Saving Wild Tigers
The mission of Saving Wild Tigers is to sponsor on-site collaborative projects that promote
habitat and prey conservation to support efforts aimed in conservation of tigers in India.
Serpent Sanctuary
The mission of The Serpent Sanctuary is to provide a place for unwanted reptiles to live out
their lives at the sanctuary or with qualified adopters and to help stop the neglect of reptiles
through education.
Tree Walkers International
Our mission is to conserve wild neotropical amphibian populations while promoting
sustainable and ethical neotropical amphibian husbandry.  As a coalition of
conservationists, scientists, hobbyists, and breeders, we are an international community
dedicated to the preservation and study of these animals.