Andrew Beath, President
Andrew Beath is the founder of SEE, EarthWays Foundation and other non-profit social justice and environmental
organizations. He completed a graduate degree in International Finance from Wharton University, and then began
working as a corporate-based real estate developer in Southern California before turning his attention to more
philosophical pursuits at age 30 and social justice and environmental restoration work about 25 years ago. Andrew has
recently started several centers for conscious activism to teach environmental education and techniques that facilitate
social change. He is the author of the book,
Consciousness in Action.

Atossa Soltani, Vice President
Atossa Soltani is the founder and Executive Director of Amazon Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to
defending the environment, territories and the rights of the region’s indigenous peoples in that area. For the past 19
years, Atossa has been working on the protection of the Amazon regions of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil
and Venezuela.

John F. Feldsted, Treasurer
John F. Feldsted practices corporate and transactional law and concentrates in the areas of nonprofit law, commercial
transactions, tax controversies and real estate property transactions.  John received his law degree from Loyola Law
School at Los Angeles in 1981 and a Master of Laws in taxation from New York University in 1982. He received a
Masters of Science in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1978 and a Bachelor of Science
in Physics from Cornell University in 1977.

Sarah Vaill, Secretary
Sarah Vaill has worked continuously for women’s organizations in the fields of international women’s rights and
philanthropy for twelve years. She is a full-time writer and consultant, part-time filmmaker, and longtime activist.  
Sarah assisted in the developmental stages of establishing SEE as a fiscal sponsor. Sarah holds a B.A. from Duke
University in Gender and Hispanic Cultures.  She currently runs her own project with SEE – Women with Altitude.

Max Gail
Max Gail is a teacher, actor, musician and director and has a degree in Economics from Williams College and an MBA
from the University of Michigan.  Max has been involved in social and environmental activism for the last 35 years.  
He also founded Local Access Places (LAP), which was SEE's first project.


Jennifer Hoffman, Executive Director

Heidi Kaminsky, Human Resource & Program Management Associate

Marvin Colon, Finance Associate

Johana Cruz, Office Coordinator

Denna Taherzadeh, Adminstrative Coordinator