SEE seeks to sponsor social and ecological innovation, partnering with individuals and groups that aim to
facilitate projects that will bring about positive change.  In doing so, projects must be chosen based on several criteria
that ensure the relationship with SEE will be most effective.

SEE is currently accepting applications for new projects. Download the application

For your convenience we have outlined the process below to give you a better understanding of how you can move

The Process
  • Please begin by verifying that your proposed work is eligible to operate under SEE’s sponsorship.  
  • If your project fits all applicable criteria we invite you to complete an application and budget and mail all
    applications to our office.  No electronic submissions are accepted at this time.
  • If your project is a potential match for SEE, an interview will be scheduled to further discuss the proposed
    work and how SEE can support your endeavor.  Interviews are either conducted in person or over the
    telephone, depending on the location of the work.

Please note that we have no set schedule on the turn around of an application, as each project is unique and some
applications may require more detailed review.  

What is a Fiscal Sponsor
Review this section to ensure that your project has an understanding and need for sponsorship

This section explains what types of projects can be sponsored as a project of SEE

We ask that you submit an application and budget for your project to be considered by SEE