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Registration for Business

Registration for Business Attendance of Paintball Extravaganza International 2017.  Includes registration of business, and one owner or owner appointed representative.  

First registration for business owner or appointed representative must be completed before registering additional selections.

Early registration free incentive class selections must be completed at the same time of initial registration. Selections will not be available after completion of initial business registration. Free early registration incentive classes must be selected from noted classes or seminars. One free selection to be made from Tuesday offerings (Free Class 1) and one from Thursday offerings (Free Class 2). No free selections available on Wednesday and only one selection allowed per day. No credit for unused free selections.

The Early Business Registration Free Incentive Classes has ended.

  • Owner and employees just be registered under one business registration.
  • Registration address must match store or field address.
  • Names of all attendees must be as on government issued ID and will be verified at check in at event.
  • Team members do not meet criteria for attendance.
  • Store and field registrations must have verifiable web site address or provide additional documentation.
  • USA store and field registration must be accompanied with required documentation. (Examples - current state business license or copies of a minimum of (2) current supplier invoices).
  • Startup store or field must provide substantiating documents as necessary. (Examples - zoning application or approval; building permit; copy of lease; copy of property purchase documents; letter from attorney or accountant; or approvals from a minimum of (2) paintball manufacturers).
  • Attendance at prior Paintball Extravaganza events does not secure admittance without submission of required documents. Verify requirements with Paintball Events before event.
  • If documentation is not provided to Paintball Events prior to event, admittance may be denied at check in. Event registration is not refundable. Copy of documentation may be emailed to or provided at time of on-site check-in.

Include names of attendees with correct spelling for event badges. All attendees will be required to have current event badge for entry into any event activity. Badge must be worn at all times in exhibit hall and classrooms. Note: There may be a $10.00 charge for any corrections on event badges.

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