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Maps of England and British Isles

British Isles

British Isles—Outline Map British Isles—Physical Map Norman Conquest, 1070 A. D.


England—Outline Map Roman England, 200 A.D. Saxon England, 626 A.D.
Mediaeval England, 1100 Tudor England, 1500 English Civil War, 1650

Plantagenet Empire

Plantagenet Empire—Outline Map Angevin Empire 1100 A.D. England and France, 1260 A.D.


Scotland—Outline Map Scotland, border region Scotland, Physical map

Geographic Terms

Printable Geographic Terms, includes the following terms

British Isles
Regions:—England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
Islands:—Great Britain, Ireland, Isle of Write, Isle of Mann, Anglesey
Water Bodies:—English Channel, Strait of Dover, Irish Sea, Bristol Channel, St. Georges Channel, The Wash
Rivers:—Thames, Tyne, Trent, Ouse, Great Ouse, Severn, Avon, Clyde, Tweed
Roman Terms:—Brittania, Hibernia, Caledonia, Scotia

Saxon Kingdoms:—Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Middlesex
Cities:—London, Winchester, Exeter, Lincoln, York, Oxford, Canterbury, Gloucester, Worcester, Nottingham, Hastings, Reading, Norwich, Bristol, Chester
Monasteries, Abbeys:—Jarrow, Lindesfarne, Crowland, Canterbury, Westminster
Forests, Marshes:—New Forest, Sherwood Forest, Forest of Arden, The Fens

Plantagent Empire
Provinces of France:—Normandy, Anjou, Maine, Flanders, Aquitaine, Gascony
French Rivers:— Loire, Seine
Hundred Years' War:—Sluys, Crecy, Calais, Poitiers, Agincourt, Orleans
French Cities:—Bayeux, Rouen, Paris

Cities:—Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scone, Inverness, Perth, Scone, St. Andrews, Melrose
Regions:—Highlands, Lowlands, Great Glen
Mountains:—Grampian Mountains, Cheviot Hills
Monasteries:—Iona, Lindesfarne
Islands:—The Hebrides, Orkney, Islay, Iona
Battles:—Stirling, Falkirk, Bannockburn, Neville's Cross, Dunbar, Culloden
Water Bodies:—Firth of Forth, Firth of Clyde, Moray Firth, Solway Firth
Lakes:—Loch Ness, Loch Lomand

Maps of Early Britain

Roman Britain   Anglo-Saxon Migration   Saxon, Dane, Norman Kingdoms   Plantagenet England   Tudor/Stuart England   Scotland   Norman/Plantagenet Battles   Tudor/Stuart Battles  

Maps of Roman Britain

Physical Map of the British Isles
Britannia (200 A.D.)
Roman Britain (300 A.D.)
Roman Britain (400 A.D.)
Roman Britain about 410

Maps of Anglo-Saxon Migration to Britain

England in 550: Anglo-Saxon invasion, phase 1
England in 584: Anglo-Saxon invasion, phase 2
The British Isles at the time of the Saxon Invasion, 600
First Home of the English: Saxon, Jutes, Angles, 600
Britain about 600
The Anglo-Saxon Conquest of Britain, 700
England and her Invaders in the 11th century
Dane-Viking Invasions : Kingdom of Canute, 1040

Maps of Saxon, Dane, Norman Kingdoms

England in 626: Kingdoms under the influence of Northumbria
England in the eighth century
Anglo-Saxon Britain: the Heptarchy, 800
Saxon England in the Eighth Century
England in the ninth century
England after the Treaty of Wedmore, 878
England at the Treaty of Wedmore, 878
Dominions of Cnute, 1014
England on the eve of the Norman Conquest, 1066
England 1087-1154
Empire of William I: England and Norman France, 1087
Norman England : Possessions of William I, 1088

Maps of Pantagenet England

The Angevin Empire of Henry II, 1150
Angevin Dominions of Henry Plantagenet, 1150
Empire of Henry II: England, Normandy, Aquitaine, 1185
Mediaeval England and Wales, 1200
Empire of Henry III: England, Gascony, 1259
Wales & the Marches in the 13th century
England during the reign of Edward III, 1327

Maps of Tudor/Stuart England

Ecclesiastical England during the reign of Henry VIII, 1530
England during the Civil War : 1643
England during the Civil War : 1645
England before the Industrial Revolution: 1701

Maps of Scotland

Scotland in the 11th century
Scotland before Wallace and Bruce
The Scottish Borders
Scotland in the 17th century showing clans
Scotland during the English Civil Wars
Scotland after the English Civil War
Orographical Central Scotland
Scotland : Northern Section
Scotland : Southern Section

Battle Maps of Norman and Plantagenet England

Battle of Senlac (Hastings), 1066
Battle of Senlac (Hastings), 1066
Battle of Bannockburn, 1314
Battle of Crecy, 1346
Battle of Crecy, 1346
Battle of Poictiers, 1356
Battle of Poictiers, 1356
Battle of Agincourt, 1415
Battle of Agincourt, 1415

Battle Maps of Tudor and Stuart England

The Invincible Armada, 1588
Battle of Edge Hill, 1642
Battles and Sieges of the Civil War, 1642
Battle of Edge Hill, 1642
Battle of Marston Moor, 1644
Battle of Marston Moor, 1644
Battle of Nasebey, 1645
Battle of Nasebey, 1645
Battle of Dunbar, 1650
Battle of Dunbar, 1650
Battle of Steinkirk, 1692
Battle of Neerwinden, 1693
Battle of Blenheim, 1704
Battle of Ramilles, 1706
Battle of Blenheim, 1704
The Narrow Seas: British Naval Wars, 1700

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