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Maps of the British Empire

Victorian Britain   Ireland   British America   Australia   British India   British Africa   European Battles   Colonial Battles  

Victorian Britain

Great Britain—Outline Map Industrial Map, 1900 Population Density, 1911


Ireland—Outline Map Ireland, Tudor Conquest Ireland, 18th & 19th century

British America

American Colonies—Outline Map American Colonies, 1755 American Colonies, 1783

British India

Indian Subcontinent—Outline Map British India, 1804 British India, 1857

British Empire

World—Outline Map British Empire
Colonial Africa South Africa

British Colonies

Printable Geography Terms

British America
Canada:—Acquired in 1759 following the French-Indian Wars.
Bahamas:—Became a crown colony in 1718.
Bermudas:—Settled by the British Virginia Company in 1612
Jamaica:—Acquired in 1655 as during the Anglo-Spanish Wars.
British Guiana:—Dutch colony ceded to the British in 1814.
Trinadad:—Acquired from Spain in 1797.
Barbados:—Acquired from Spain in 1625 for sugar crop.
British Honduras:—Acquired from Spain in 1862, present day Belize.
Falkland Islands:—Acquired in 1765, lost, then re-acquired in 1833.

British Mediterranean
Gibraltar:—Acquired in 1704 during the War of Spanish Succession.
Malta:—Acquired in 1814 following Napoleonic Wars.
Cyprus:—Acquired in 1878 from the Ottoman Empire

British Asia
Australia:—Claimed for Britain in 1770 by James Cook.
New Zealand:—Claimed for Britain in 1770 by James Cook.
India:—Conquered Bengal in 1757, Battled of Plassey
Burma:—Conquered in 1824 in first British-Burma War.
Singapore:—British trading post established in 1819.
Hong Kong:—Acquired by Britain in 1843, in First Opium War.
North Borneo:—British protectorate established in 1882.
Ceylon:—Acquired in 1796 following French Revolution Wars.

British Africa
Cape Colony:—Dutch colony acquired by Britain during Napoleonic Wars.
Transvaal Republics:—Boer Republic conquered by Britain during Boer Wars.
Northern Rhodesia:—Protectorate formed in 1911, modern Zambia.
Southern Rhodesia:—Protectorate formed in 1895, modern Zimbabwe.
Bechuanaland:—Protectorate established in 1885, modern Botswana.
British East Africa:—Protectorate established in 1880, modern Kenya.
Nigeria:—Protectorate established in 1901.
British Gold Coast:—British trading colony since 1820, modern Ghana.
Sierra Leone:—Freetown made a crown colony in 1808.
Egypt:—Protectorate established in 1914 at start of WWI.
Sudan:—Protectorate established in 1899 after Battle of Omdurman.

Maps of Victorian Britain

British Empire at the turn of the 20th century
United Kingdom parliamentary representation before 1832
Industries of Victorian Britain
Agricultural districts of Britain
North Section of England and Wales
South Section of England and Wales
Orographical Central England
England after the Industrial Revolution :— 1911

Maps of Ireland

Ireland before the English Invasion
Ireland in the Middle Ages
Ireland before the Tudor Conquest
Ireland during the Tudor Reconquest
Ireland since the Reformation
Ireland during the Williamite War:— 1690
Western Ireland, 1691
Eighteenth and Nineteenth century Ireland
Ireland:— Northern Section
Ireland:— Southern Section

Maps of British America

The Colonization of North America
North America:— 1750 to 1783
War of Independence and the Seven Years War
North American Colonies, French, British, Spanish
North American Colonies, British, Spanish
North America:— United States, British, Spanish
Growth of British American and the United States

Maps of Australia

The British Settlement of Australia
Exploration and Colonization of Australia and New Zealand

Maps of British India

India at the beginning of the 17th century
India in the time of Clive and Hastings
India after the Carnatic Wars
India at the turn of the 19th century
India in 1805, after the Mysore and Mahratta wars
India at the time of the great Mutiny
Indian the year after the Indian Mutiny, 1858

Maps of British Africa

Capetown colony before the Great Trek
Colonial Africa
Natal and Zululand before the Boer and Zulu wars
South Africa showing the growth of British power
French and British colonies of West Africa
European possession in Africa in the early 20th century

Battle Maps of European Wars

Battle of Quiberon Bay,1759
Battle of the Nile, 1798
Battle of the Nile, 1798
Battle of Copenhagen, 1801
Battle of Copenhagen, 1801
Battle of Waterloo, 1814
Battle of Waterloo, 1814
Battle of Waterloo, 1814
Battle of Waterloo, 1814
Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
The North Atlantic:— showing Nelson's Track, 1800

Battle Maps of Colonial Wars

Siege of Quebec, 1759
Battle of Saratoga, 1777
Battle of Seringapatam, 1792
Battle of Assaye,
Battle of Meanee, 1843
Battle of Sobraon, 1846
Battle of Ariwal, 1848
Indian Mutiny, showing distribution of troops, 1857

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