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Images from the British Empire

Celtic Tales by Louey Chisholm

Art thou indeed Deirdre of whom I have dreamed? . . .in the young summer would they sail southwards. The Hedge of Spears
". . .as she touched Aed, Fiacra, and Conn, the three brothers were as the maid." They would swim far out into a dim grey wilderness of waters. It was Saint Kemoc.
Dermat Grania

South Africa by Ian D. Colvin

The Landing of Riebeck Barreto fights the Kafirs Van Riebeck entertains the Hottentots
A Large Lion sprang upon one of the men Simon Van der Stel and the Rhinoceros Huguenots Building their Homesteads
How Table Mountain got the Cloud The Coming of Shiek Joseph General Janssens at the Battle of Blaauwberg
1820 Settlers and their Boer Convoys The Women Loaded the Empty Guns The Voor-Trekkers

Canada: Peeps at History by Beatrice Home

Jacques Cartier's arrival in the St. Lawrence "Jacques Cartier (1491-1557), Discoverer of the St. Lawrence " Sir Humphrey Gilbert cutting the first sod in Newfoundland
"Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635), First Governor of French Canada " Iroquois attacking Father Jogues and converts The landing of the Marquis de Tracy at Quebec
Count Frontenac The surrender of Louisbourg The Marquis de Montcalm
General James Wolfe Wolfe landing at the foot of the Heights of Abraham Indians surprise the English garrison at Fort Machilimackinac
Louis Papineau The bugles at Chateauguay

India: Peeps at History by Beatrice Home

War elephants charge the gates of the fort at Arcot The army of Ala-ud-Deen on the march Alexander's battle with Porus on the Jhelum
Vasco da Gama landing at Kalicut To fight or not to fight. Clive's solitary reflections before the Battle of Plassey The sole survivor of an army Dr. Brydon reaches Jellalabad alone
Warren Hastings Tippoo Sahib Sir Arthur Wellesley
The 93rd Highlanders clearing the Secunder Bagh before Lucknow Hill tribesmen sniping a British force on the north-west frontier

Ireland: Peeps at History by Beatrice Home

Shane O'Neill and his clansmen interviewing Queen Elizabeth "Tara at Sunset: the statue of St. Patrick on left, and the Lia Fall, " "Saint Columbkille's Cross, Kells. "
Henry II. landing at Waterford "Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford " Oliver Cromwell
The Phoenix breaking the boom at the siege of Londonderry James II The flight of James II.: After the Battle of Boyne
Dean Swift "Henry Grattan, P.C " "Theobald Wolfe Tone, founder of the United Irishmen. "
Daniel O'Connell "Charles Stewart Parnell, Leader of the Home Rule Party "

Story of General Gordon by Jeanie Lang

He would lead the troops onward with the little cane he nearly always carried. The Corporal was Butted Downstairs The shell struck the ground five yards in front of him
"With his own hands, he dragged him from the ranks " "Gordon appeared with some towels, a brush, a sponge, and a fresh suit of clothes " "In the Soudan, buy two children for a basket full of dhoora "
There rode into their camp Gordon Pasha Looking for the help that never came

Story of Lord Clive by John Lang

"There he sat, perfectly happy and fearless " To Clive was given the command of the storming party Attacking the French guns at Kaveripak
An Irish deserter fired at Clive's head Water! water! the poor prisoners gasped "Clive on the roof, watching the battle of Plassey "
The Duke of Dorset fighting the Dutch fleet in the Hoogly One of the worst things Clive had to handle was a mutiny amongst the officers

Story of Captain Cook by John Lang

"Shouting their war-whoops, they dashed at him " Cook had taken great pains to make friends with the natives The Maoris at once attacked the nearest boat
Nearly a hundred icebergs were round the ship Walrus Hunting He staggered and fell

Our Empire Story by H. E. Marshall

No man was safe. No life was sure. Map of Canada These cruel men meant to turn Hudson adrift on the icy waters.
Alone across the trackless snow. "Slipping and stumbling, the men went on. " Map of British Territories in the New World
"Driving a cow before her, Laura Secord passed the American sentries. " Map of Australia Natives gathered round them.
All day long the sound of the pick and the rumble of the cradle were heard. The coach would be 'held-up' and all the passengers robbed. Map of New Zealand
Cook told the Maoris that he had come to set a mark upon their islands. "Shouting their war-cry, the British charged the breach. " Map of South Africa
"Where now the great city of Cape Town Stands, they set up their tents and huts. " The bullock-wagons wound slowly over the billowy plains. Beside them stood the women quietly loading guns.
Thus did a hundred men keep three thousand savages at bay. Map of India Sir Thomas stood before the Mogul.
Clive fired one of the guns himself. Tippoo Sultan's body was found buried beneath those of his followers. "Crushed by rolling stones, mown down by volleys of musket-shot. "
The boats stuck in the mud and were an easy mark. British soldiers were seen fighting their way through the streets.

Our Island Story by H. E. Marshall

They took a sad farewell of each other. Richard's shop soon became the fashion. "They have done for me at last, Hardy,' said Nelson. "
Not till after the battle did Blucher and Wellington meet. The ships were called the Terror and the Erebus Dinna ye here them! Dinna ye hear them!'
The Boer leaders were blindfolded and guarded by soldiers of the Black Watch.

English Literature by H. E. Marshall

"My maid (my prue), by good luck sent. To save that little, fates me gave or lent. " Milton sitting in his garden at the door of his house. During his imprisonment Bunyan wrote the 'Pilgrim's Progress.'
"'There is no arguing with Johnson,' said Goldsmith 'For when his pistol misses fire he knocks you down with the butt end of it.'" "Wee, modest, crimson-tipped flow'r, Thou's met me in an evil hour; " Scott would sit and talk with a poor man in his cottage.
Carlyle and Tennyson talked and smoked together.

Story of Nelson by Edmund F. Sellar

Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen His pony and he struggled on There was a heavy sea running
Nelson wounded at Calvi Berry helped Nelson into the main-chains of the San Josef The Battle of the Nile
Nelson leaving Portsmouth to join the Victory "They have done for me at last, Hardy.' "

Story of Lord Roberts by Edmund F. Sellar

Lord Roberts "Roberts on the Quay, leaving Home for India " The City of Delhi
Roberts saving the guns Roberts winning the Victoria Cross Tiger Hunting
Sikh orderly trying to protect General Roberts from bullets Surrender of Cronje after Paardeberg

India by Victor Surridge

"Storming of Geriah, 1756 " Map of India Sivaji openly defies the Great Moghul
The first sight that met his gaze was the bodies of his murdered countrymen. Clive himself sprang to a gun Duel between Warren Hastings and Philip Francis
Tipu himself stood firing coolly at his advancing foes Lieut. Pattinson recaptures the gun Through pathless forests and fever-laden jungles
"The retreat from Afghanistan, 1842 " The thatched roofs of the boats blazing furiously "See', he said, 'here is one of my monkeys.' "
Ashley Eden forced by the Bhutanese to sign a treaty

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