Policies for Bear Valley Ridge, Big Sky
Lodge and Sunset Vista Cabin
“Rental Agreement & Policies”

- The information regarding the code for the Key-less entry will be provided
upon receipt and clearance of all monies due and payable to the Owners.  Please call in advance to
request an early check-in prior to your arrival. Please note – our caretaker and cleaning staff are not
available for check-ins on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.

CHECK-OUT TIME IS 11:00 AM. - There are no exceptions, unless authorized in advance by the
Owners.  Please respect the departure time to allow adequate time to prepare the cabin for the next
arriving guests.  

RESERVATION REQUIREMENTS - Total Rental Fees in advance of the arrival date and acceptance of
the RENTAL AGREEMENT & POLICIES form confirms your reservation.  A confirmation letter is emailed
once the reservation is final.  We have a strict policy regarding occupancy of the Lodge.  
Occupancy is
 Absolutely no overnight visitors are allowed.  In the event this
occurs, all rental monies will be forfeited and you will be asked to vacate the premises plus accessed a
$20 per night charge for each unauthorized guest.  Children must be supervised at all times.   The cabin
is inspected before you arrive and immediately after you depart.   All damages are the responsibility of
the guest booking the reservation.  Each child counts as one guest.

The full rental amount must be paid in full, (30) thirty days prior to your arrival.  Any out of country
checks must be received at least (60) sixty days prior to the arrival date.  Checks are accepted for the
amount due only.  

Last minute rental will be considered, if available.  Owner will supply instructions pertaining to this
situation and handling of any funds.  All other items in this Agreement will apply.

CANCELLATION – All cancellations must be provided in writing via e-mail, fax or certified mail.
  • (30) or more days cancellation notice in writing is required prior to arrival date – ALL
    RENTAL MONEY Refunded less $25.00 cancellation fee.  
  • Less than (30) days, but at least 14 days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival
    date – ALL RENTAL MONEY, less ($100) will be refunded.
  • Less than (14) days, but at least (7) days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival
    date – ALL RENTAL MONEY, less $215.00 will be refunded.
  • Less than (7) days cancellation notice in writing prior to arrival date – ALL RENTAL
    MONEY (including Security Deposit) will be forfeited.   

NO SHOW POLICY – The total amount of the reservation will be forfeited.

RETURNED CHECKS – A $35.00 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks.

- The Central Air/Heat Unit operates year round. Please help us
conserve energy.
 Thermostats can be set as low as 73 for air conditioning and as high as 74 for heat.  
Repair cost do to the result of beyond normal use will be the responsibility of the Guest booking the

SATELLITE TELEVISION – Each cabin is equipped with satellite service; however, we do not guarantee
any specific channels, programs or events.  We are not responsible for any technical failure or
difficulties that may arise from this service, including and especially during bad weather.  PAY-PER-
VIEW channels are blocked.  Do not attempt to block additional channels or activate parental controls as
these have a pre-entered owners’ code.  No refunds will be given for this service.  In the event a pay
channel is ordered and charged to the Owner, the cost plus a $5 fee will be charged to the Guest
booking the reservation.  

WIRELESS DSL LINE – Each cabin is equipped with a Wireless DSL / Wi-Fi line; we are not responsible
for any technical failure or difficulties that may arise from this service.   DSL service is available via
Ethernet cable (not supplied) and by Wi-Fi throughout the cabin.  

PHONE CALLS – The Property is equipped with telephones on each level for local service; however,
long distance service is blocked. Outgoing local calls may be made and incoming calls may be received.  
All out-going long distance calls will require a calling card.  Cell phones may or may not work.  No refund
will be given for telephone service being down.  

FIREPLACE – The indoor fireplaces are operational from October through April only.  Do not leave the
Fireplace on when not necessary.  NEVER leave the Fireplace on when you are not in the cabin.  All gas
fireplaces are vent-less so the flus should remain closed.  Windows should not be open when running
the fireplaces.  The flue MUST be open when operating a wood burning fireplace.  Wood is not provided.

UTILITIES -   Our costs are increasing every year and we are making an attempt to conserve as much
as possible.  We want you to be comfortable.  Propane and electrical meters are measured before your
arrival. Thermometers can not exceed 74 degrees for heat or go lower then 73 degrees for air
However, excessive utility costs will be charged to the Guest.  

SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted inside any cabin.  Outside smoking is permitted as long as you
do not pitch or toss cigarettes on the premises or in the woods.  Failure to obey this rule will result in the
loss of your Security Deposit or additional charges to your credit card.


. – If you require special appliances or equipment, please
bring them with you.  Moving of any furniture or décor is not allowed.  Furniture, bedding, linens, towels,
utensils, or any other property belonging to the cabin owners will not be removed from the premises for
any reason.  Loss of these items, as well as damage to any property or furnishings in excess of normal
wear will be charged to you, the guest(s).  Certain areas in the cabins are locked for personal storage
and are not included in this rental.  

LINENS – A basic supply of linens are provided.  Please be considerate of wear and tear on linens,
blankets and furnishings.  Bed linens, towels and supplies are not changed or replenished during your
stay, unless you have rented for more than (7) seven days.  A washer and dryer, detergent and dryer
sheets are provided for your use.  (See the RATES section pertaining to weekly cleaning.)  A robe is
provided for the maximum number of guests allowed and (2) complete sets of towels per registered
Guest.  There is a $75 fee for each missing robes and a $15 fee for each missing towels.  An inventory
is taken after departure.  Other items will be charged at cost plus a $20 service fee.  

CLEANING REQUIREMENTS – You as the guest(s) are required to leave the property in the same
generally clean condition it was in when you arrived.  All dishes, pots, pans, etc. shall be placed in
dishwasher with detergent provided and turned on for cleaning prior to your departure.  All bedding,
towels, etc. if used, will be removed and placed downstairs in laundry baskets provided.  (Note:  do not
place wet items on dry items, as they may bleed onto each other).  Laundry instructions are posted in
laundry area.  The refrigerator is to be left clean and free of any food.  All trash and garbage should be
bagged and placed in outside trash receptacles.  Because of abundant wildlife, make sure all lids are
secured on trash receptacles.  If additional cleaning is required beyond the normal, appropriate charges
will be deducted from your security deposit or charged to your credit card.  

Guest(s) are responsible for any damage, abuse, excessive cleanup requirements, or loss caused by
any member of the guest(s) party to the property or its contents during guest(s) occupancy.  The
caretaker will conduct a walk-through after your departure to check the property and ensure it is left in
good order and that no policy violations or theft have occurred.  Additional cleaning services of the
cabin and/or hot tub can be arranged, during your stay, at an additional charge to you.  

REPAIRS/SERVICE CALLS, ETC. – We make every attempt to provide a quality cabin.  However, repairs
do become necessary at times.  The Owners cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air
conditioning, hot tub, TVs, satellite receivers, DVD’s, VCR’s, gas tanks running out or any other problem
with appliances or equipment.  Please report any inoperative equipment to us.  We will make every
reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently.  We also provide a “REQUEST FOR
MAINTENANCE” form for non-emergency problems.  Should a repair-person make a call to the Cabin
and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to the guest(s) oversight or
neglect, the charge for the service will be the responsibility of the guest(s).  No refunds or rent
reductions will be made due to failure of appliances or equipment.  All maintenance requests must be
reported to the owner or caretaker before 9 P.M.   There will be no refund given for mechanical or
inoperative equipment.

ACTS OF GOD – The owners shall not be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with
guest(s) occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes,
war, inclement weather, noise, etc.  No rebate or refund will be offered in these circumstances.

HOUSE PARTIES – NOT ALLOWED – No Exceptions.  Occupancy in use of premises shall not be
such as to disturb or offend neighbors.  The use of firearms or fireworks is strictly prohibited.  Absolutely
no illegal drugs, illegal activities, under-age drinking of alcohol, No dirt bikes and no ATV’s will be
tolerated on our property.  Guest(s) certify that they have read carefully the limitations placed on the
number of persons permitted to occupy the premises, and agree to abide by such limitations; if not,
guest(s) will be asked to vacate the property which will result in loss of total rental and security deposits
with no refund.

CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES – The following items must be complied with before check-out or Guest(s)
shall forfeit his/her security deposit:
(a)   All dishes, pots, pans, silverware and utensils used must be placed in dishwasher, detergent added
and turned on; range top/oven shall be left in a clean condition.
(b)   Refrigerator should be left clean and free of food that will spoil.
(c)   Windows and doors must be closed and DEADBOLTS LOCKED on all outside doors.  The air-
conditioner must be returned to 80 in warmer/summer months; in winter months, set thermostat at 55˚.
(d)  All trash, garbage, cigarette butts, debris, etc. must be picked up, bagged and placed in outside
receptacles.  Receptacle lids must be secured.
(e)  Hot tub cover must be placed back on hot tub and secured.
(f)   BBQ grills must be cleaned and covers replaced.
(g)  Property must be left in neat, reasonably clean condition [same condition it was in when guest(s)

RIGHT OF ENTRY – Guest(s) agree that the owners and/or caretaker reserves the right to enter the
rental property anytime to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damages, to make such
repairs, alterations or improvements thereto as owners/caretaker may deem appropriate.

EXPEDITED EVICTION – A material breach of this agreement by guest(s), which, in the sole
determination of the owners and/or caretakers, results in damage to the property, personal injury to
guest(s) or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to others, or a violation of criminal law or local
code, shall be grounds for termination of guest(s) tenancy.  Violation of any of the rules contained
herein will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION and forfeiture of rent and security deposit.  If the tenancy
created hereunder is for 30 days or less, the expedited eviction procedures set forth in the cabins act
will apply.  Guest(s) may be evicted under such procedures if guest(s); (i) hold over in possession after
guest(s) tenancy has expired; (ii) commit a material breach of any provision of this agreement that
according to its terms would result in the termination of guest(s) tenancy; (iii) fail to pay rent as required
by this agreement, or (iv) have obtained possession of the premises by fraud or misrepresentation.  Any
reservation made under false pretense will result in forfeiture of advance payments and the party will not
be permitted to check-in.

INDEMNIFICATION AND HOLD HARMLESS – Guest(s) agree to indemnify and save harmless the
owners and caretaker for all or any liabilities, theft, damages, cost or expense whatsoever arising from
or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with guest(s) use and
occupancy of the rental property including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or
damage or theft of property which is made, incurred or sustained by guest(s).  The terms “owners” or
“caretakers” as used in this agreement shall include their heirs, successors in interest, assigns,
employees, agents, and representatives where the context requires or permits.  The terms “guest(s)”,
“you”, and “your” as used in this agreement shall include guest(s) heirs, successors, assigns, guests,
invitees, representatives and other persons on the rental property during guest(s) occupancy (without
regard to whether such persons have authority under this agreement to be upon the rental property),
where the context requires or permits.  

DISPUTES – This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the
State of Georgia, and shall be treated as though it were executed in the County of Fannin, State of
Georgia.  Any action relating to this Agreement shall be instituted and prosecuted only in the Fannin
County Superior Court, Georgia.  Guest(s) specifically consent to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial
service of process.
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