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* This institution does not discriminate in hiring or any other decision on the basis of race, color, sex, citizenship, national origins,
ancestry, Vietnam era veteran status, or on the basis of age or physical or mental disability unrelated to the ability to perform the
work required.  No question in this application is intended to secure information to be used for such discrimination.
* I voluntarily give this institution the right to make a thorough investigation of my past employment and activities, agree to
cooperate in such investigation and release from all liability or responsibility all persons, companies, or corporations supplying
such information.  I consent to take the physical examination, and such future physical examinations as may be required by this
institution at such times and places as the institution shall designate.  I understand that an offer of employment may be
contingent on passing the physical examination which is related to the essential duties I would be required to perform.
* I understand that my employment is at will, and that either party is free to terminate the employment relationship at any time
without cause.  I also understand that my employment may be terminated for any misstatement or omission of fact appearing on
this application form.
* If employed, I will be required to complete an Employment Verification Form (I-9), and within three days show satisfactory
evidence of identity and eligibility for employment.
* I understand that Abbott Home Care makes every attempt they are able to ensure that this information remains confidential.  I
realize that submitting information online carries certain risks.  I agree that Abbott Home Care and any parties related to Abbott in
the development and use of this online form shall not be held accountable if the information is obtained by outside sources in
any way through legal or illegal means (I.e. - hacking of the website).  I realize that I may obtain a copy of the application at one of
the offices if I choose not to take this risk.
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