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LongArm Centering Tape
New product now available on my website.  I was lucky enough to be
able to help in the development of this tape measure for long arm
machines.  I have been using mine on both of my machines and love
them!  They are wonderful for keeping your quilts centered and
square.  They are also useful in determining  spacing for freehand
patterns with hand guiding and for P2P patterns with Statler Stitcher
machines.  Two of them can be used by attaching one near the take-up
roller and the second, as shown at left, by the belly bar.  (Additional
heavy duty Velcro is needed for attaching the tape.)
quilting machine with longarm centering tape
long arm centering tape
placement of longarm centering tape 2
placement of longarm centering tape
Velcro added for
placement near belly bar.
Placement near take-up
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