The Artist Showcase TV Show episode
"Curley The Squirrel"
::::::Curley The Squirrel:::::The Artist Showcase TV Show::: Episode "Curley The Squirrel"

Darrin Andrew La Morte

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La Morte painted 'Curley The Squirrel' in January 2004. Painted outside on a cold winter day while on a frozen pond, using oils. Painted on wood.

The painting represents
CURLEY a injuried squirrel I found and took care of for one week.

La Morte paints two profiles of Curley The Squirrel, while
taking care of Curley The Squirrel, La Morte got injuried and had to get stiches.
Not a result of taking care of the squirrel. La Morte used a palette knife and a few brushes.

Curley was feed first, sugar water, because he could not open his jaw.

La Morte found Curley, while driving home from Cablevision after picking up his tapes.

Driving over a hill: You see "Curley The Squirrel", was right there...

Someone had hit him and ran...

They did not stop...

After finding him, La Morte took Curley in and applied some First Aid to his head.

Curley was still alive...when he found him...he rested for a few days, only to drink sugar water.

Than he was happy eating: BANANAS.

Curley played, slept, ate, played, slept, and than ate again.

His jaw recovered, his head from where he was hit sort of healed

Darrin Andrew La Morte, nursed him back to health and was amazed at what a fun creature these animals really are.


Curley was let free; after a week of relaxing; eating; and recovering.

These are just a few pics taken from the filming of: "Curley The Squirrel"

Frame 1



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Frame 2


Frame 3


Frame 4

curley & me

Frame 5


Curley touching

Frame 6

darrin injuried

Frame 7

Darrin opening

Frame 8


Frame 9

Curley painting

Frame 10

Curley & Me

Frame 11


Frame 12

Clip Curley The Squirrel