Afghan War Diary - is starting to show signs of maturity and responsibility ?

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Are starting to pay heed to the criticisms that there is actually information in some of their whistleblower leaked documents which may cause death or injury if published to the world immediately ?

The raw Afghan War Diary data has been given to The Guardian in the UK , The New York Times in the USA and Der Spiegel in Germany to analyse. and to publish at the same time.

Each of these mainstream media publications and themselves has published extracts and summaries of the data, including "value added" conversions of the data, glossaries of obscure military acronyms and jargon and conversion of the latitude and longitude data into formats easy to feed into mapping software such as Google Earth. have decided to actually publish this large amount of data on the actual website itself this time, unlike the separate Apache helicopter video website.

25th July 2010 5:00 PM EST WikiLeaks has released a document set called the Afghan War Diary, an extraordinary compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010.


We have delayed the release of some 15,000 reports from the total archive as part of a harm minimization process demanded by our source. After further review, these reports will be released, with occasional redactions, and eventually in full, as the security situation in Afghanistan permits.

The US Military will, of course, not be happy that they are not in control of any such redaction and review process.

However, for, this is a revolutionary change to their previous "information must be set free, for maximum hype and impact, regardless of the consequences to individual people" policy. also seem to have abandoned, for these Afghan War Diary pages at least, the BitTorrent and Magnet links, which they added to previous leaked document pages.

You can only download the compressed files directly over an unencrypted web connection (still no SSL/TLS or Tor Hidden Service fro reading and downloading from the website like they used to have).

There is still no way of discussing or analysing this whistleblower leak on the relevant Discussion page, which is still switched off. still have a lot to do to protect their readers and potential analysts from being snooped on and identified by governments and other investigators.


hello, to every one may read.
it is nice to read and compare, what we usually hear and read from the USA Militry information and the one putforward to world, i hope usa will understand he is not smart alone there are more people smart then the USA working around, and let me mention usa usually do use force and pressure, when sees what he does not like, this time he may understand what is the meaning of democarcy.

thank you,, for your information.

I don't care who you are or how intelligent you think you are, I think you are self centered, IDIOTS! who obviously don't have sons/daughters/husband/parents facing death every day so you "leak" what YOU think should be out there. Shame on you! What possible good do you think you are doing or/and have done? if you want to blab to our enemies all you know, WAIT UNTIL OUR LOVED ONES GET HOME SAFE! IDIOTS!!!

The countless victims of this terrible war deserve complete revelation of the reasons related to their deaths. Regardless if the US military would be exposed as an organisation of criminal mass murderers or something like that.
Fight for truth, because truth is the sin of life!
People who could be disappointed, or suddenly seem themselves confronted with harsh disrespect because of the decisions they've made in the past, should be brought to mind that they should take responsibility for their actions, whether if it's now or years ago! So don't give up wiki leak and try everything to let people recognize the brutal dimensions of pain of another senseless war.

I am glad this is coming out so quickly for the public . Many time the military and other local news will give out fake info to the public . We have family members that give their lives for a cost in this war . Why will the Government try to be secretive about things . If you want to fight , there should be new plans all the time for the enemies . Don't give us fake excuses that it will cuase harm to the troops . That is a black lie from hell . Let them publish what ever is on file for the public to see the war in details . I think many are afraid cause heads will go down when war crime is proven and thats what we need to know .

This whole thing is wrong. Most liberals like some of you who posted your comments in here don't understand that this sort of info is harmful to all troops out there. Don't you people understand how dangerous is to give sensitive information to the enemy? If you still believe on giving out such information might as well give Iran or North Korea all our knowledge on how to built atomic weapons or biological ones. That would be insane.
The truth is sometimes too difficult for the common people to comprehend. A lot of this info puts many civilians and military at risk, especially now that we're trying to get out of there. That part of the world isn't like the rest of the West, they do despise us sometimes with good reason but mostly due to their own ignorance. This can only be used as a recruiting tool for our enemies and possibly even to continue supporting terrorist acts against Westerners. War crimes are never right but war is war and sometimes a mistake or overreaction can be taken as such. For those of you who believe this is right, have the guts to serve in the military and see from the point of view of the foot soldier before passing judgment, till then you don't understand anything. Leaking these documents is basically treason...

I was in the Viet Nam war and am happy that the political and economic motivations for that needless war came out due to diligent folks. However, if one person dies (Afghan or USA or other nationaly) as a result of your publication of the leaked documents, I hope you have at least some trouble sleeping. I am one who disagrees with the war, but the individuals on the ground still deserve to come home alive and as well as can be. Your move to release these documents may well serve to bring illegal actions to light and ultimately prosecution. But, there is time for that and that time is not while young folks are in danger. Lets stop the wars and bring them all home!!!

I still wonder if this is safe for the troups, the intelligent officers and assets.This is a war going on over there. and one don't share the view that the Afghan war is either senseless or useless.This doesn't mean that intentional harm or carelessness about cilians will be torelated or condoned.But to put such massive amount of otherwise secret data out is no more a leak, i call it open flood gate, and some call it a hermorhadge, you take your pick.In my humble opinion,this will most certainly engender hatred and put more oil into the raging inferno.I honestly still wonder what the goal is.Is this a kind of hobby where some people come off or is there a strategic and or constructive intention here.I want to know,everybody want to know.To some, this smells and test like a huge act of vandalism,a scorch earth or nuclear option of someone bent on vengeance. If its an American who did this,he certainly is no patriot.If its an allied officer, then he is far from being an ally.Suffice to say that whoever did this is no errand boy.He is one or at least close to one of the chatins of command and men that is the weakest link in the chain.Some school of thought 're of the opinion that there're many ways somebody with such a multiple thousand pounder of info could've affected change,short of beeing source of propergander and intelligence to Al quida/ Taliban.The only ray of,told you so, is about those who fight both ways.America knows the facts long before this flood gate is opened.

After further review, these reports will be released, with occasional redactions, and eventually in full, as the security situation in Afghanistan permits.

We can aford to wait can we????

to see
to read
to understand
to judge !?

Come on !?
Where is UR brain people!?

I think that if you jeopardize USA national security by leaking material to the public then you should be jailed or shot for espionage, plain and simple. You (Wikileak) just placed so many lives (US military, informant, and Afghan & Pakistani officials) in jeopardy. I don't think you realize the danger that you just put these people in. You owe the people that are out there day in and day out protecting your freedoms a huge apology if not your life. You should be ashamed for releasing those documents.

Thank You for putting my 18 year old son at risk. Though there are other MArines taking over for him soon, others are now in harms way. This war is not as black and white as for or against which is why we have been there for 10 years. I vividly remember the WTC coming down 9 years ago and this is the aftermath of that day. All you have done is drive a larger wedge between the Afghan people and the NATO forces. Earning their trust has been a difficult issue since the beginning of the war. You may have added countless years and lives, Afghan, American, British and all Nato forces to this war. I hope you can sleep at night know you will have blood on your hands. You will have to answer for what you have done on your judgement day.

Thank you for your very important work and please continue to do so, since the people of the world need to know the truth.

You are nothing but self-serving morons. What good do you think you are doing?? Getting more young boys killed and maimed and for what? It's s good sick0's like you live in AMERICA!!

Firstly a reminder to those of you who are too angry or too stupid (or both), to notice that this blog is entirely independent and is often very critical of the project.

One of our criticisms is that there has been no functioning "wiki" in "wikileaks" for over 7 months now i.e. you the public are now forbidden from publishing any comments or analyses about the whistleblower documents and the accompanying editorial articles on the website itself, as you used to be able to do.

You are welcome to post your comments here, pseudonymously, but you will be reasonably polite and you will not threaten anyone with violence, or else you will be banned and reported to your Internet Service Provider and to the authorities if necessary.

all i know is jumbo jets leave wreckage when they crash so 9/11 was an inside job

Salam alikom to every on.
i didn't read all commetents.
am from Afghanistan and i am living here for long time.
by coming Nato to afghanistan people wore thinking that the will help us, to get rid of these problem, but now the know that the are supporters of this, helping pk and pk supporting Taliban for keeping war in afghanistan.
another important point was that USA political known that pk and ir supporting the taliban but the now also supporting pk. it means this war is just is continued just for benifits of US. and hundred innocent people are dying but no one is care about, the don't accepting that the kill, three day ago in Helmand US Air strick about 52 innocent people died. president office confirm that, national intelligence office confirm that but NATO didn't accept that.
for those people how are dying the pay just 500 up to 2500 dollars, is it justic.
for the benifits of other we pay big price

I am a divorced single woman. My boys are grown men living their own lives. This is my view on the wikileak Afghan war diary. I have since the beginning felt the United States had absolutely no business going into IRAQ. I still feel the same and consider that war a mistake that our ex President should be ashamed of getting us into. The war in Afghanistan on the other hand, was something we had no choice but to enter into after we were attacked. I feel the release of this information is unjustified if it puts even ONE American soldier in danger. The important facts could have been reported without the release of this diary. The person that released this information put the lives of others in additional jeapordy and should be ashamed of him or herself. You have NO RIGHT to push your beliefs and feelings above the safety of our people in the military. As a mother I feel much anger toward you. I can understand how the parents of our soldiers serving in Afghanistan can feel anger toward the person that decided he or she had the right to do this. You are wrong and immoral as far as I am concerned. This site is also wrong and immoral. I can only thank God that my children are not in the military for you to threaten with your warped ideas of truth and justice.

Bcz instead selfish - we are HERE speaking about humanity, freedom, respect to world and the humans being living on this earth.

German soldiers died on WWII, having in mind the "Pan-Germanis" (expansion of the german culture meaning and education).

US soldiers dying today had in mind the expansion of democraty and freeedom.
Is it true ? Are they really doing social bringing together ? Are they today dying for something big and true ?
Thats why we are on WL ... to be sure that they are not dying only for a few peoples interets.

You are a traitor and should be arrested for treason. our country and soldiers are put more at risk because of people like you.

Thanks alot for telling the world about Pakistan goverment hand with terror.
The U.S goverment knows that pakistan is a terrorist stat but they are ignoring this fact.
The Afghan people suffering because of Pakistan hand with terror. The center of all terror network is Pakistan. Pakistan should be stop before it is to late for the world.

Wow.... can anyone tell me in the history of warfare has intelligence of this degree or depth been leaked. EVER. What a coup. The entire Afghan war diary. We aren't 40 years down the road some of the people named here are still out there. A crystal clear view into the inner workings of not only our military strategy but our methods of intelligence collection. I feel for all of the indigionous people who were named as sources or collaborators. Undoubtedly some of them and their families will meet heinous ends.Or for all the special operators who put their lives on the line collecting intelligence. For if their names are in here, they and their families too are in danger. May god bless america and keep it safe from these so-called Americans.

@ amazed - can you give an example of where any

"indigionous people who were named as sources or collaborators"

have actually been named in what has been published so far ?

None of the mainstream media have done so and is claiming to have held back 15,000 or so diary entries for censorship.

Some local village or tribal leaders or politicians are mentioned, but presumably everyone in their district knows who they are already and it is unclear which side they are actually on.

If your'e saying you didn't want to send troops to the middle east, your are full of BS! Right after 9-11 everyone was angry and wanted to go to war.

This message is for Don Grasso. Don, soldiers are not put in the line of fire by this leak. Its the government who put soldiers in the line of fire. US government breed ed virus in Afghanistan during the cold war and now they are doing the same in Pakistan. If you play with fire, u tend to get burn. Everyone, including the hilly billies know that pakistan is not a friend, but 3 face enemy who shouldn't be fostered and should be nipped from the roots.

This is very sad honestly. The complete lack of intelligence used, or possessed, by this so called "Wikileaks" organization is astounding. I would like to ask why? What purpose dose this serve to release classified documents which could easily harm the people in Afghanistan further. War is a terrible thing and there will always be atrocities associated with it. But to intentionally make it worse is beyond all comprehension. I pray that the fallout from this release does not prolong and make things worse in the region just so some self-centered individual can feel some sort of pride in himself. I realize this is only a blog since the discussion portion of "WL" has been shut down out of fear. However, I sincerely hope this and all other messages reach the ones who posted the War Diary. As for each and every human on this earth, you too will have to answer for your actions one day. Be that as it may, I sincerely hope you will wake up before it is too late.

Any info on this site [WIKILEAKS] that mentions Free World combat service personel and areas of operations are guilty of treason.If any combat soldier is killed within the dates of posting it is also murder.The only punishment is death by hanging.Please let me be a jurer.

I would like to congratulate you in publishing these AWD papers.It is an extremely courageous act on your part to stand up to a bully nation, which has caused so much human suffering in the name of democracy all around the world for a considerable number of years.
Truth should be told & we all have to face upto our nations demons.You have also shown Pakistani intelligence services as rogue operators,we have known this for a long time as Pakistanis, we have been denied nurturing of democratic institutions to ease the sufferings of common man .This is the fault of feudals & arm forces,who have denied basic human rights in our country,supported by some rogue western agents & their agencies.Denial of our rights is usually linked by the clergy & ISI, towards the western allies, leading to uncontrolled but cordinated(by ISI)rallies spewing hate & anger.This gets widely reported in the western media triggering paranoid fears about the nuclear installations & their safety.Thus more money is funlled to the army,rather then development projects, to prevent an Iran-like clergy-led revolution.Thus the rogue ISI agents have done their job of playing this double game which you have rightly alluded to.
I beg you to expose this network of intrigue and deciet, so that we are finally able put our house in order and can live in this world with dignity and with respect,Insha-Allah.God bless you,Ameen.

I saw Wiki fearless leaders viewing an American
combat action of soldiers on top of a mound returning fire.These fearless leaders have most probably never heard an angry shot as they stated that no sodier would do that.CRAP.I saw it many times over and did it myself in hyped up fear.Go sign the dotted line and go get on the front line,be a man and show your family you suport equality.Rich nations but what do you see.Thats right.MUD HUTS AND HOUSES.Its been like that for over 2500yrs and kept like that through terrorism.

@ Tripwire by name and nature - be careful what you wish for - your attitude would lead to US military personnel being extradited to face alleged war crimes charges in many foreign countries.

This is why the USA has refused to sign up to the International Criminal Court

They could also be forced to give evidence in the several "blue on blue" / "friendly fire" incidents where they have killed or injured allied troops from the UK or Canada etc.

The stupid US government refusal to allow this, is something which fuels anti-American feelings, even amongst the USA's strongest military allies, let alone when it is Afghan or Iraqi allied forces who are killed.

@ Tripwire be carefull what you wish for.
What i wish for, is you to open your eyes and see Taliban killing 100 fold of their own people.
Terrorism of ones own, is the best way to win people over especially if they are your own kin.
If a woman is not doing her lookout duty she dies,if a kid doesnt go stand where he is told so troops think its IED safe he dies.If a woman says no to a man she is having an affair and dies.Wiki - When are you going to tell the real story.A patrol is in the vicinity of known Taliban supporters,a gunship targets a group of men on the ground not far from the patrol.One is clearly seen with something mounted on his shoulder.Thats how it is.You dont mount a camera on your shoulder with a patrol or gunship in the area.You definately dont rush in with a van to help especially with children in the van.Stupid people doing stupid things on the wrong end of a barrel.No smoking gun there,just stupid people.Soldier get hit by friendly fire,a firefight lasts but minutes but seems hours,in those minutes a lot of lethal fire goes down.We are back to square one with why are civilians hanging about.Why was that friendly killed.It has been happening in every conflict known to man.

The USA has refused to sign up to the International Criminal WIKI

I dont see Bin Ladens or any Terrorist leaders names either.I think Tripwire is right.They are puting fear into there own people,hundred are killed every week with bombings.Brian

This takes courage to expose the government. Freedom of speech is essential to freedom. A democracy is based on an informed public, all the information should be available, not withheld or redacted or media driven, sensational propaganda which is half truths and misleading. If they asked us directly for funds for this war, they wouldn't get enough. The war machine is big $ for mostly private companies paid for by YOUR taxes. They're using 'terrorism' as an excuse to control every aspect of our lives for more taxes to ultimately benefit a handful of elite tyrants.
What about the terror that children, innocent civilians AND animals in Afghanistan, Iraq (and the rest), go through every day because of years of heavy military bombardment, etc. Aghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries on earth and they knew that prior to sending in troops. Even Princess Diana was trying to raise awareness about mineclearance before she died. Landmines in Aghanistan were laid by Russians in previous wars.

Manzar, you just don't get it. We have freed nations from the day we freed our own from Britain over 200 years ago. We know what freedom is and we give and continue to give blood and treasure for it. The Middle East has no idea what freedom is because of the terrorism that goes on, day after day - year after year.

Americans do not think: Who do I go kill today, what kid do I wire with explosives outside the Green Zone or anywhere else?

We see injustice, we try to right it. We build roads, only to get them blown up. We attempt to restore water and electricity and those efforts are sabbotaged. Give me one good reason?

There is none.

America has lost the war in Afghanistan....and the zionist who control America want to give multiple reasons for the American tax payers consumptions ..Afghan Diary is well timed disclosures of old informations for public consumption..I don't give any credit to wikileak.. because the CIA wanted that.

Amerikans are so caught up in the lies of their government that they fail to recognize that they are now the problem. The Amerikan empire is crumbling and a dying empire lashes out at ghosts trying to blame everyone but themselves for their trouble, war in Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Iran would have come regardless of the events of 911. The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about needs an enemy.

All the things that have been going on in our governments; have been going on forever. This does not surprise me for sure. Our governments all governments are now and have been two faced, and are upset because their doings have been put out so the whole world knows what kind of people we are putting into offices. As everyone knows all lawyers, lawyers are trained in lying, and manipulation of all situations. I hear those who say putting this out is putting our troops at risk. Well to that I say, THEY ARE IN A WAR,how much more at risk can they be? People are dying in a war mostly of ego's, and or money. Here we are talking more then just our troops lives, we are talking the whole world being lead into wars,that are no more then a cover up for ways for our leaders to make millions of dollars. I believe that our biggest problem is we have government leaders that intend to get paid no matter who gets killed. take the attention off the wrong doers, and put it on the whistle blowers. this is truly a case where we have a chance to see the truths about how our government leaders, and how they don't give a damn about us. I say open your eyes America, see our governments for what they are. I love my country, and I love everyone in it, and I wish no harm to anyone here or anywhere else. the truth must come out about these wrong doers. So we can kick their sorry asses out of office. Or would you rather go into yet a new war in the north. Keep up the good, no great work uncovering these money grubbing a-holes.

I'd rather our troops, die due to this information,yes sons & fathers and loved ones, if it means those hundreds of innocent children, mothers and familys dont have to die, be raped and brutally scarred. think about it. we're the bad guys, staunching around with guns pointed. imangine being that family. its none of our business... oh yeh, don't they provide the world with at least 70% of its oil? if you havn't noticed prices have scored since the war. its time for change. each to their own. we need to let them be!

Thank you for what you are doing, at lease we have where to go for the true news without lies like those who are paid by big corporation and corrupt gouvernments, but why we are unable to read all info from diplomatics cable about african gouvernment ?

Terrorism. 'the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.'
who's the terrorist now?

America has lost the war in Afghanistan....and the zionist who control America want to give multiple reasons for the American tax payers consumptions ..Afghan Diary is well timed disclosures of old informations for public consumption..I don't give any credit to wikileak.. because the CIA wanted that.

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