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William Gibson @ the Edinburgh Book Festival Monday 27th August 2007

[hat tip to Fashionpolice]:

According to this Edinburgh Book Festival brochure(.pdf):

Monday 27th August 2007

William Gibson


Scottish Power Theatre 7.00pm

The book fesitival location is in Charlotte Square Gardens, in the elegant Georgian development just north of the western end of Princes Street
- see this Street Map

For those of you using your Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation equipment (either for "locative art" or military targeting purposes):

Latitude: N55:57:08
Longitude: W3:12:29

A rare and significant visit from a groundbreaking North American master, bringing his brand new novel to Scotland. William Gibson invented the term 'cyberspace' and his work, ever since the international bestseller Neuromancncer, has been at the cutting edge of futuristic visions of society. His new work Spook Country, set in our more recognisable world, is a major event.

£8.00 £6.00

Special Book Festival Autumn Evening
In as association with Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature

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