Will Labour's loss of Bradford West to the demagogue George Galloway give hope to the BNP and other extremists ?

There was much gnashing of teeth and astonishment amongst the Guardianistas and Labour Twits following Thursday's by-election victory of the the notorious demagogue and self -publicist George Galloway in Bradford West - how could "their" supposedly "safe" constituency reject them ?

The collapse of the the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat votes in this inner city constituency is something which all of these parties should be worried about, but they are already spinning it as if Bradford West was somehow a "special case", not applicable elsewhere

Repellent as the eloquent, deceptive and pompous George Galloway (a former Labour MP) is to normal people, but he and his extremist supporters have exploited the justifiable protest vote against both the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government and the almost feudal Labour party machines, so historically vulnerable to patronage and corruption, which infect their inner city heartlands.

Galloway will probably be as useless and divisive an MP in Bradford, as he was in East London and Scotland, pretending to himself that he is at the forefront of some kind of political revolution, whilst praising and supporting various dictatorships around the world.

Today's Labour party is an even worse Official Opposition than the Conservatives were when Ed Miliband and his NuLabour cronies and spin doctors were basking under Tony Blair's huge majority in the House of Commons.

What exactly will the ineffective Ed Miliband do to prevent the next Labour held inner city by-election from falling to another extremist party like "Respect" / SWP or the extreme right wing BNP ?

Simply moaning about public sector budget cuts, caused by the mismanagement of the economy by the previous Labour governments, does not convince people that would be any better than the current Coalition government

Labour have not had the political guts to admit that their previous policies were failure.
Neither have they apologised for their "legislative onslaught" of thousands of often badly draughted laws and petty regulations, which have destroyed so many of our freedoms and civil liberties, which the Coalition government appears to be unable or unwilling to repeal immediately.

Is it any wonder that there are millions of disaffected voters who are sick and tired of the current Westminster political elites ?

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