What benefit to Londoners is the visit of Hugo Chavez to Ken Livingstone ?

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How will there be any benefit yo Londoners, from the "private visit" to of the controversial Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías", the former failed military coup leader and now increasingly autocratic President of Venezuala, to meet Mayor of London Ken Livingstone ?

The fact that Chavez is refusing to meet the British Government seems rather peculiar.

Is he trying to buy some sort of influence with the windfall profits from high oil prices, which are high, ironically, partly because of the policies of the USA, which Chavez is in political conflict with ?

What has social reform in Venezuala or the international oil market got to do with the office of Mayor of London ?

What right has the Mayor of London to pretend that he speaks for us Londoners on matters of international foreign relations ?

Will Ken Livingstone demand that Hugo Chavez pays the London Congestion Charge during his visit ?


Well Chavez is giving money and free oil to Castro in Cuba and funding Ortega's campaign in Nicaragua, so one might imagine that Ken had his eye on a supply of cheap heating oil for Livingstone Towers and a bunch of dosh for the 2008 tie. But that would be unthinkable, and a gross injustice to our Great Leader.

Why did Livingstone even take the time to meet with this full idiot anyway? What does Chavez know of international politics anyway? Blair wouldn't have given this dimwit the time of day anyway. How come Livingstone did not pipe in when Chavez made the 'silly' remark about how much energy the twin towers consumed when they were still standing? Anyone wonder why this terrorist himself even decided to make such a comment? He is in that elite class of idiots that we have to put up with for the momment, he ought to be lumped with the likes of Iran's president, Castro, Kim from North Korea and lets not forget the bumbling son who is the leader of Syria and all band to a small pacific island and they can rant and rave at eachother.
Lybia got there act together, it is time these small speacks of fly DU DU do the same. Livingstone I hope you get voted right out of office the next go around and then you can join these sick idiots...

Ken Livingstone is, of course, as always, only interested in Ken Livingstone. I surmise that he knows that he is the head of the administration for a population of some 6 (ish) million people. If they lived in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then he would have the title First Minister.

It is after all the intent of the EU to break up nation states like the UK into little regional entities, an agenda that the present UK government is pursuing at high speed. Our Ken is merely jockeying himself to the head of the queue for the prestige and influence that he craves.

As a Venezuelan citizen and a member of a middle class that has been almost wiped out by Hugo Chavez's fascist regime, I am indignant at the ignorance or worse, dishonesty, shown by London Mayor Ken Livingstone in his shameless celebration of Hugo Chavez.For the information of Londoners, Hugo Chavez is not a democrat. He has received close to $180 billion from oil sales in the last six years and poverty in Venezuela has actually increased. He is using this money to try to buy fanatical allies all over the world (Mr. Livingstone, I presume?), for his hate- inspired socialistic revolution and his all out fight againt the United States. He has been elected, yes, but he has gone on to violate the Constitution and laws of the country, eliminate institutional checks and balances, persecute opponents, pilfer the national treasury, give up our sovereignty in favor of Fidel Castro and the Cubans, who now control Venezuelan security and documentation of citizens and get $1,3 billion per year in subsidies from our money. Corruption is totally out of control in Venezuela. More than 200,000 abandoned children roam the streets of Venezuelan cities. Chavez is aligned with the Colombian guerrilla-terrorists, with the butcher Mugabe, with the mass-murderer Hussein, with Iran's madman, with North Korea semi-God. In venezuela we say: "Show me the suitcase and I will tell you what kind of person the traveler is". Livingstone's suitcase is now full of fascist manure!

For the information of Londoners, Hugo Chavez is not a democrat.

Um, other than the six (internationally approved) elections and referenda he's now won, obviously.

I love the Venezuelan opposition to Chavez: they're absolutely deranged. You suspect you can judge Chavez's administration by the quality of its opponents: they must be doing something right to get these people so wound up - and, come to think of it, that's why he keeps winning those elections... still, better luck with the next coup, eh?

@ Meaders - have you any actual evidence that the claims of the Venezualan opposition are not true ?

You only need one other country to recognise your regime, for your rigged elections to be technically "internationally" recognised".

What exactly did Hugo Chavez' visit do for us Londoners ?

Read with interest the conflicting comments on Chavez by Gustavo and Meaders... I am English and grew up in Merida, Venezuela. I have known Venezuela since 1977. I have just returned from Venezuela where I just spent the last 7 years. Like many Venezuelans, I had placed high hopes in Chavez; only to become gradually disillusioned with Chavez- the corruption is far worse than ever, high levels of crimes (please see the Venezuelan "Secuestro Express" film; currently showing in London's cinemas), Chavez's own narcisisim, etc. I am also disappointed with the Opposition, too for they have not been able to challenge seriously Chavez and have used fascist methods and is mostly backed by the filthy rich and CIA... One can only hope for a real miracle to appear on Venezuela's scene... Any comments?

It is me again... Just wanted to say that Chavez's visit to London is just for his own benefit- the real purpose is to polish up his own international image and an attempt to increase his already deteriorating popularity back home. It seems Chavez is pissed off as his candidate in Peru lost in the recent presidential election; a sign that people in Latin America is not impressed with the Left's performance in Latin America; especially beginning with Chavez. I suggest Meaders to go to Caracas and see with her/his own eyes the appalling misery on the streets of Caracas.

Epale, Gustavo! Por si acaso, mi correo es lmrandallesq@yahoo.co.uk

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