No conspiracy theories please re London explosions Thursday 21st July -

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There has been no official confirmation that the explosions today were caused by actual bombs which misfired or failed to explode properly, or if they were dummy devices, little more than a firework, which were never intended to cause real damage.

Therefore, there is lots of speculation and a lot of false conclusions are being drawn.

People running away from the scene of a supected bomb incident are not necessarily guilty, they may just have been terrified, especially after the attacks of two weeks ago.

Even if someone apparently has "wires" in/on their clothing or person, what does that signify in this world of mobile phones and personal music players etc ?

On past experience, the blogosphere and the mainstream media are likely to be spreading rumours and conspiracy theories and media spin aor deliberate disinformation:

We do not want to read:

  1. that Israeli or United States diplomats or government officials, were allegedly "warned" before the the explosions.

  2. that anti-terrorist training seminars being conducted by security consultancies at the same time as the incidents.

  3. that Tony Blair and NuLabour staged these incidents in order to justify even more repressive anti-terrorism laws.

  4. that the people carrying the bombs were unaware of what they were carrying, perhaps thinking that they were acting as mules for smuggled drugs etc.

  5. that MI5 or MI6 or the Metropolitan Police etc. staged these incidents in order to get more money out of the Treasury

  6. that right wing groups staged the incidents to stir up hatred against Muslims.

  7. that an MI5 mole has inflitrated an Al Quaeda cell, but has succeeded in sabotaging the construction of the bombs.

  8. that it was anarchist artists who staged a mock "art terror" attack.

  9. that the two people arrested at gunpoint in Whitehall had anything to with the explosions.

  10. that the Prime Minister Tony Blair had any more clue about what was going on than anyone else, or that he has somehow provided firm leadership in a time of crisis.

  11. that the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone had any more clue about what was going on than anyone else, or that he has somehow provided firm leadership in a time of crisis.

  12. that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Ian Blair had any more clue about what was going on than anyone else, or that he has somehow provided firm leadership in a time of crisis.

  13. that even more CCTV cameras could somehow have prevented these attacks.

  14. that the NuLabour compulsory biometic ID database and ID card scheme could somehow have prevented these attacks.

  15. that several similar attacks have already been foiled in the past, but in secret.

  16. that other cities around the world are increasing their visible security measures on their public transport systems as a result of today's incidents

  17. that foreign intelligence agencies or reporters in foreign news and media organisations have more detailed knowledge about the incidents than UK based ones

  18. that some obscure extremist website has a an unsubstantiated statement claiming responsibility for todays incidents.

  19. that the mobile phone system failed to cope with the extra load

  20. that the landline telephone system or the internet failed under the load

  21. that traffic "chaos" reigned in the streets of London as a result of these incidents - there traffic jams every day in London, they just do not make the headline news - there is no "gridlock".

  22. that somehow "chaos" reigned in the streets of London as a result of these incidents - there is no breakdown of law and order, no looting etc.

Have we missed any of the obvious conspiracy theories or media spin and disinformation themes ?

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After today's apparent attempted repeat of the 7th July attacks, we still need to ask the same unanswered questions as before e.g. Insecure Beneath the Lidless Eye of Sauron ? - it is now time to license CCTV surveillance camera... Read More


These attacks were staged by 'The people that run the country' so that the debate on African debt is ignored. ID cards can be put through easily. Congestion charge increase is ignored. More money can be spent on defence. New contriversion laws are backed by parliment .... .and many more reasons.

African debt and the Congestion Charge increase ? How could we have missed those conspiracy theories ?

Let alone those pesky contriversion laws.


How about the fact that the US Congress was about to vote to make the new US Anti-Terrorism laws (which have been used for about every purpose you can think of except to fight terror) permanent.

Were these attacks to have taken place within the US, it would have conclusively demonstrated that these laws do not work. The UK attacks ensured enough support for a passing vote :-(

How is that for a theory? The US has led the UK around on a leash for this whole "war" (if you can even call it that). You need to get a leader with some balls who will tell the US to piss off.

So have you basically decided that every opinion/interpretation should be outlawed except your own? What if some of the above are true? It is not a new thing for a govt to try to hide things it should be held accountable for.

So you are saying you are afraid of the truth?

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