Make a financial donation to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund

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Make a financial donation to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, either online via credit card (the web form does eventually protect your credit card details via SLL/TLS encrypted https:// webpage) or as detailed below:

"Dozens of people have died and more than 700 were injured in four explosions across London on Thursday 7 July. The Mayor of London has established the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, in association with the British Red Cross, to raise money for the victims and their families. The British Red Cross has already donated £50,000 to the Fund.

The money raised will be held in a Trust and used to assist the victims of the attack, their immediate families and partners in a variety of ways. For example, they may be used to relieve sickness and disability, physical or mental, caused by the attack or to relieve financial needs. The money may also be used to support other appropriate projects that the funds allow.

The funds will be distributed by the Trustees of the London Bombings Relief Trust, who will be appointed by the Greater London Authority.

Ways to give to the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund...

  • You can make a donation online using the form below
  • by telephone on 08705 125 125
  • by post to: London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund, c/o The Mayor of London, Freepost LON18968, Sheffield S98 1ZA

London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund is a charity."


FWIW, after the revelation that callers to the support line are being charged at premium rate, I've emailed Cable and Wireless in both the UK and US. What I've asked them to do is consider donating the outrageous profit to the victims fund - I know they have a business to run, but I think in this case they could make an exception. I hate to use cliches but "corporate responsibility" is a phrase that *doesn't* come to mind in this case. You probably won't be too surprised to hear that at the time of writing I haven't heard a dicky bird from either side of the Atlantic..

The use of 0870 numbers by Government departments is an ongoing scandal.

Someone suggested that people complain to the "Watchdog" consumer TV programme, but they also have such a premium rate number !

The Left fuels Islamic terror

After each terrorist attack, there inevitably from the Left comes a call or examing "root causes". Do they wish to establish an Islamic study group, to trace Islamic jurisprudence over the centuries to see how jihad has been redefined? Likely not. What they really mean is a Leftist style policy critique of the West, especially the US: globalization, unfair trade, 'support' for Israel, lack of UN authorization for Iraq ....

This misses the point entirely. Islamic terrorists have very different reasons. They are not anti-globalists per se, but rather, wish to foster their own form of globalization. They dislike support for Israel not because they wish peace to reign, but because Israel is simply their enemy. And so forth.

Thus we have the general principal of misinterpretation of Islamic terrorism in a Western Leftist framework.

But it goes further:

The Leftist media, the anti-American agitation, the marches and effagies -- all serve to inflame passions and villainize the US, not realizing that this, with the same stroke, villainizes the West in general.

So how much a role did the British Left play in this radicalism? Is there a de facto, quid pro quo alliance between the Left and Islam?: We won't ask hard questions, we will deny Islam any responsibility, and you will agree with us that it is all the fault of the US. This may account for the softball questions being asked of Muslim neighbors by overly apologetic British media.

The British Left is now desperately trying to tell us this is not about Islam, and has "nothing" to do with Islam. (Clearly a lie. It has everything to do with at least the bomber's form of Islam) But how much does this have to do with Leftist anti-Americanism? These Muslim youth grew up in a British environment with British media. And I would wager that if they bought a newspaper, it would not be the Times.

Wouldn't a young Muslim, already tempted by radicalism for religious reasons, be further influenced by the British Left's parallel view that the US is evil? Thus we have the coincidence of anti-global blackshirts and Islamic terrorists having the same goal on the same day: disrupting the G8.

British press' role in delegitimizing the US, of fueling passions against the US in every way, could easily have further encouraged the paranoia of "Islam under attack". The irony here is that the British and EU in general played up anti-Americanism, thinking it would make them safer by distancing them from the Scapegoat. But quite to the contrary, it has only fueled a reckless and indiscriminate anger - they will inevitably be seen as half of the 'Christian West'.

As the Bali bomber put it, he would have killed more Americans, but at the end of the day, the infidels are all the same anyway.

The Left fuels anti-Americanism at its peril. Britain and Europe are also the "Christian West" in the eyes of many Muslims. The more they call the US evil and oppose it, the more fuel they throw on the anti-Western fires.

Here we have a different "cycle of violence": Islamic terror is killing British and the British Left is encouraging it.

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