London bomb attacks -33 38 37 more than 50 dead !

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The BBC reports

updates from Sir Ian Blair's press conference 11am Friday 8th

At least33 38 37 more than 50 dead !

5 7 dead at Edgeware Road
21 dead at King's Cross/Russell Square - several bodies still to be recovered
7 dead at Liverpool Street / Aldgate East

Unknown number 3 2 13 dead from the bomb on the Bus in Tavistock Square

Other injuries: 300 approximately 700. Of those, 350 were taken to hospital by ambulance and the remainder presented themselves at hospital.

100 people held overnight in hospital, 69 of whom are still in hospital on Saturday.

22 15 people are still in a serious / critical condition on Saturday.

Latest official figures from the Metropolitan Police

Thanks for all the messages of support

Whoever is responsible has utterly failed to terrorise the British public.

They cannot kill us all, no matter how hard they try.

We will resist the blasphemous God forsaken tyranny that the terrorists seek to impose on us.

We will not let the terrorists provoke our Government into achieving the terrorsts aims by proxy, and destroying our fundamental freedoms and liberties in the name of "security".


I wanted to share my blog post, titled "We
are all Londoners," with the people of London.

"Today, we are all Londoners. Let the world know
that the hearts and minds of Americans are with the people of London... It is important for the surviving victims, their families and the people of London see that they are not alone in their grief."

To read the whole thing, at, visit:

how come that u brits are talking about a ?Terrorist atack? when al Qaida
are ?fighting? for ?freedom? in Afghanistan and Iraq
and if busses in israel are beeing blown up u call it guerilla actions by
pallestinians struggling 4 freedom but never will the bbc or sky talk about terror atacks in israel,?..
ps condolances 2 all fam.s of the fatalities

and a quick recovvering 4 the wounded


We are all Brits, today.

You are not alone in your shock, grief and sadness.

To the British People,

My thoughts and prayers are with you all today, especially the families of the victims. Stay strong and stay free!

Gene Letts
New Jersey, USA.

I'm so sorry to hear of your great country's loss in today's terrorist attack.

Some may blame our governments for instigating it with their involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, but attacks such as these have clearly been planned since the 1990s.

Prime Minister Blair obviously has America's full support in his response. And condolences from me and America in general.

Keep the Faith.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone calls the people who set off the bombs today murderers yet he constantly criticizes Israel and defends the Hamas "murderers." In fact the English press refers to Palestinian terrorists as militants. Maybe Mr. Livingstone and the BBC will have a better understanding of what Israel has been going through, or maybe they are simply antisemetic???

London Mayor Ken Livingstone calls the people who set off the bombs today murderers yet he constantly criticizes Israel and defends the Hamas "murderers." In fact the English press refers to Palestinian terrorists as militants. Maybe Mr. Livingstone and the BBC will have a better understanding of what Israel has been going through, or maybe they are simply antisemetic???

Given how cosmopolitan London is, it seems unlikely that there were no Jewish or Muslim people amongst the hundreds of people who were injured or killed.

No firm information has been released about who is actually responsible for the atrocity.

The scale and timing of the attacks is such that a lone madman rather than an evil international conspiracy cannot yet be ruled out.

The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has no role in the response or aftermath of any terrorist attack - he was in Singapore for his Olympics lobbying and the Emergency Services managed perfectly well without him being on the scene.

My point is not that what happened in London was anything but horrible (it was)or that the London services performed admirably (they did), but that Livingstone and certain groups in Britain have been quick to criticize Israel (and push for boycotts, etc.) for its response to dozens of terrorist bombings and to sympathize with those who are responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent Israelis. Even the language they use (calling the terrorists "militants" calling Palestinians that are third generation in the West Bank "refugees," etc.) is reprehensible.

Our prayers are with you all today . The innocent people shouldnt suffer because of the war of terrorism between the nations . This is an act of sham and cowardness . The people who died because of this incident have no role in this war on terrorism and these were the people who donated their time and money to people who were in distress in tsunami attack in indonesia which is a muslim majority country . Why wouldnt the terrorists have lateral thought abt this .This is an act of international conspiracy thats diverted towards terrorism . But still i wouldnt rule out the possibility of influence of religious fanatic groups .

I too am from London, and I have relatives who live close to Aldgate Tube Station, and for a few hours on Thursday 7th July 2005 I was sick with worry, luckily my family were all found to be safe and well, Thank God.

There are still people out there living in Hope that their Loved ones will also turn up and be safe and well, but with each day that passes their hope of this happening must be fading, and their spirits and hopes will be dashed as realisation sets in that their loved ones wont be coming home again, how awful that must feel, how utterly soul destroying this must be for the families who have lost their Loved ones , and are now left to face this horrendous ordeal.

Im sure some will have their faith tested, Im not a particularily Religious Person, I d like to think that maybe there is something all Knowing all Forgiving and all Loving, that will one day come down to Earth and wipe the tears from our eyes, its a nice dream, but it does get harder to imagine with each new attack made upon Man by Man , and all in the name of Religion, whats it all for,? what does it prove,? what does it achieve ,?

It is always the innocents who suffer.

Wars will not achieve anything, we cannot fight violence with more violence, and at times like this its hard to hold loving thoughts , especially towards the persons who carried out these cowardly acts of mindless violence.

Someone In London lost their Mother, Father, Brother , Sister, Lover, Wife, or Husband on Thursday 7th July 2005, someone who was just going about their daily routine minding their own business harming no one, someone who woke up that morning alive and well.
None knew they would never see their Loved ones again when they kissed them GoodBye that morning , at whatever time that was, someone who was probably sitting on the tube train or bus, without a care in the world, that is until they heard the explosion.
For some of those who died no doubt that would have been the last thing they heard, or even knew.
I hope they find eternal peace, and that their families find the strength to get through this.
God if you are there Please put your arms around those who need you and are in so much pain, do it now Please, help them Please.

Sending Deepest Sympathy and Prayers to all. ScorpioRising, Managers and Members

Maria . London UK

I would like to know why people are allowed to take backpacks and briefcases and laptop cases on subways and busses in your city. People can take a cab to move their stuff or borrow a car. There is no reason for the commuting public or the tourist public to be allowed to transport huge boxes bags and containers. Also, the public should be asked to wear only light form fitting clothing when riding public transportatin. Today they shot some bozo who was wearing a heavy overcoat in 70 degree weather. Good for your police. If we really want to deal with terror, removing unnecessary baggage from the public transportation system is the only sensable path forward. We can't check every bag, so we shouldn't have to. People can ship things to where they are going or take them their themselves. Invoncenient? Yes. Necessary? I think so.

Greg - is that what they do in the city where you live ?

What happens in the winter time when people are wearing heavy clothing ?

Greg - you want to outlaw backpacks, suitcases and laptops in the underground! In London the Tube is the very lifeblood of the city - there really is no other way to get around. Sure you can get a taxi if you don't mind the expense or the fact that in rush hour it will take 3 times as long. People use the Underground to link to trains, the airports, to go from businesses to businesses, shopping trips, Colleges etc. It hardly is practical to outlaw the wide range of bags they will use to transport all the items normally associated with these pursuits.

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