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Other 2600 meetings in the UK and elsewhere

If you know of other active meetings, make sure that the "official" 2600 meetings page gets updated and tell us and we will list them here:

Meetings on 1st Friday of the month except where stated:

Active Meetings

  • Birmingham 2600 - 1st Saturday of the month, 7pm-7.30pm, Snow Hill Station, Colmore Row - then somewhere warm
  • Manchester 2600

    email: info@man2600.org.uk

    "Please note, we are no longer meeting in the Green Room. We now meet in the Bulls Head pub on London Road, meetings start around 7:30pm.. The Bulls Head is next to Piccadilly station, from the main station concourse, go down the escalators to the Taxi rank. From the Taxi rank you will see the Bulls Head on the corner opposite."
  • Exeter 2600 - meet at the Payphones, Bedford Square, Exeter, Devon
  • Norwich 2600 on the first Friday of every month, 7.30pm outside "The Learning Shop" of the Norwich Forum public libary, then on elsewhere. Email n2600@gonewenching[dot]org for more details
  • Glasgow 2600, first Friday of the month, 7pm, Central station, platform 1 payphones. Email admin@glasgow2600[dot]org[dot]uk or #2600glasgow on irc.2600.net, or http://www.glasgow2600.org.uk/cgi-bin/irc.cgi
  • Sheffield 2600, as an official Sheffield University Students Union society, they meet (around 7pm) every other Wednesday at a different location each time - due to the nature of booking a room at the university. Location and time are announced on the front page of their website.
  • Brighton 2600 - Meet at the phone boxes by the Sealife centre (across the road from the Palace Pier) at 19:00 to 19:15, then on to Buddies Cafe. Email Stack@io[dot]com for more details.
  • Newcastle 2600, first Friday of the month, 7pm, Newcastle Central Railway Station, by the payphones/connections board on the main concourse, between the ticket office and Burger King.
These meetings seem to be Deceased (unless you know better):-
  • hackHull? 7pm onwards, The Old Gray Mare Pub, opposite Hull University.
  • Oxford 2600 - 2nd Friday of the month, meet under the Carfax Tower betweeen 7pm and 8pm, then on elsewhere.
  • Reading 2600 first Friday of every month, starting at 6pm, outside the Afro Bar, Merchants Place, just off Friar Street, Reading. email rdg2600@intelynx[dot]net
  • Hampshire 2600 - 3rd Friday of the month, 6pm - 9pm Wymering community centre, Sevenoaks Road, Wymering, Portsmouth (nearest railway station is Cosham), with mains power, internet access and free tea. Email meets@hants2600[dot]org[dot]uk for more details.
  • hackLeeds? - 3rd Friday of the month - offshoot of the hackHull? meeting
  • Cardiff 2600 - Saturdays by arrangement, Band Stand in Queen St/Churchill Way, near The Capitol Centre.
  • Bristol 2600
  • Belfast 2600 - Outside City Hall, entrance of Temporary Ice Rink, 7pm ?
  • Leeds 2600 meet used to be 7pm John Menzies at Leeds main railway station (c.f. hackLeeds? above)
Areas planning to hold a meeting - email us and we will try to put you in contact with the one or two people who are trying to start/revive a meeting in these places: Aberdeen, Liverpool, Nottingham etc

Our friends in Europe

  • Ireland - Dublin 2600 http://dublin.2600.ie/ meetings take place on the first Friday of each month 7pm. Meet at the phone booths on Wicklow Street beside Tower Records and then on elsewhere.
  • France - Paris 2600 - only a Eurostar trip away
  • Germany
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam 2600, first Friday of the month, 7pm at The Soundgarden, Marnixstraat 164-166 Amsterdam. email: adam2600@hushmail[dot]com
  • Finland - Helsinki 2600 meet on the first Friday of each month starting around 17.00, Fenniakortteli food court (in the Kaisaniemi metro tunnel).
  • Belgium ?
  • Italy ?
  • Spain ?

Our friends in the USA

  • North Dakota - HackFargo 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.

Our friends in the Middle East

  • Port Said - Egypt - Egypt 2600 Every first Friday of the month at 6pm - 7pm local Egyptian Time (GMT +02:00), initially meeting at the foot of the Obelisk [El Missallah] marking the centre of Port Said, then on elsewhere. email egypt2600@hushmail[dot]com.

    N.B. given the human rights and political situation in Egypt, these people need our support for trying to adhere to the fundamentally decent principles and ethics of 2600 meetings - they already seem to be under Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt pressure from the Egyptian Government, even before the meetings have become established.

  • Tel Aviv - Israel 2600 meet in Tel Aviv, at the Dizengoff Center, at the bridge near pizzeria "Agvania", gathering at 19:00 , on the first Thursday of every month. email 2600il@phreaker[dot]net.

Feel free to email the "organisers" (there is no formal organisation of any of these meetings, they happen spontaneously) detailed on the websites above if you are unsure as to the location or date of the next meeting, or if anybody else is going to turn up (not a problem in the major cities)

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