Croydon: High Speed Access internet cafe near West Croydon station



Latitude: N51:22:43 (51.378522)
Longitude: W0:06:11 (-0.102941)

The High Speed Access Internet Cafe is just a couple of doors along at

170 North End,

when you turn left out of the main exit from the West Croydon railway station


The front of the shop sells music CDs etc. with a few secluded PCs well out of public view in the back, however with plenty of CCTV and web cameras.

A couple of doors south is the Maplin Electronics store and the Forbidden Planet sci-fi and comics store is across the main road from that.

Further north up the London Road, and especially south down the pedestrianised North End are several mobile phone unlocking / second hand mobile phone concessions counters / stalls within other shops (as well as multiple official mobile phone shops)

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