Croydon: Cyberzone Internet Cafe - now defunct ?

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This long established (since 1996) cyber café near to the East Croydon railways station appears to have recently closed, possibly following problems with their internet connectivity.

Cyberzone Internet Cafe
1 Dingwall Road

opposite the Warehouse Theatre

For some reason, perhaps connected with the building site opposite, Google Street View manages to avoid the part of Dingwall Road where Cyberzone is located.


Latitude: N51:22:29 (51.374860)
Longitude: W0:05:40 (-0.094515)


Yeah, it's pretty much defunct.

I used it last summer when it was still open, it was pretty much dead though, can't have been making any money.

Few weeks later, they cited "connection problems" and closed up. I doubt they're going to reopen, internet cafes are defunct.

If the owner is a freeholder or long term leaseholder, he'll just leave it to rot until the Ruskin Square development kicks off - and then sell it for a nice profit. But no one knows when that will be, Croydon has enough empty offices as is.

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