Camden Town


Camden Town has several locations mentioned by William Gibson in his novel Pattern Recognition/em> (2003)

See Gil Williamson's F:F:F Pattern Recognition Gallery for photos of the area and of the "Childrens' Crusade" of young goths and punks etc. which happens at weekends, together with UK Ordnance Survey map locations.

Camden Town Tube station is close to most of these Pattern Recognition locations.

N.B. William Gibson's text names a street market "Aberdeen Street", instead of the real "Inverness Street" .- both are towns in Scotland.

The Inverness Street market is currently in a street war by technological proxy, involving CCTV cameras versus hoodie wearing drug dealers (mostly with links to Somalia) and the vested commercial interests of the market traders.

At a guess, the drug dealers and hooded youths are a problem which has not been cured, but simply displaced, to just out of sight of the spy cameras.


GPS grid coordinates:
Latitide: (WGS84) N51:32:23 ( 51.539646 )
Longitude: (WGS84) W0:08:37 ( -0.143634 )

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