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Spy Blog has converted some Accessible text versions of the Draft ASB Bill

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Draft Anti-Social Behaviour Bill

On the 13th December 2012, the Home Office published a Draft Anti-Social Behaviour Bill

The Home Office have a Consultation open on one aspect of the ASB Bill, the Community Remedy


All of the Adobe (.pdf) files are fine and Accessible, except for the most important one, the actual text of the Bill itself.

http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/publications/about-us/consultations/community-remedy-consultation/draft-antisocial-behaviour-bill?view=Binary (1.2 Mb) (includes accessible Explanatory Notes & inaccessible Bill text)

The Explanatory Notes are searchable or accessible via the latest Adobe XI reader's Text to Speech capability, but the actual text of the Draft ASB Bill, within the same document is Password encrypted so that it cannot be copied and pasted legibly.

You cannot use Adobe Reader or Foxit etc. to search for keywords within this appalling complicated legislation, which runs to 95 pages. Search engines like Google or Bing or Yahoo are similarly hampered.

The Parliament Bills page and the Home Affairs Committee link to this version

http://www.official-documents.gov.uk/document/cm84/8495/8495.pdf (1.2 Mb) (includes accessible Explanatory Notes & inaccessible Bill text)

which suffers from exactly the same Accessibility problems - there is no HTML web page version of the Draft ASB Bill on either the Parliament or Home Office websites.

The Home Affairs Select Committee wants to produce its Report into the Draft ASB Bill before the Parliamentary recess, so their deadline for the submission of written evidence is only next week i.e. Wednesday 9th January 2013


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