2. Edge City - page 8

2. Edge City - page 8

Some of this Chapter was published as the fourth of the Fragments of a Hologram Bill - entitled :

page 10

The "white Ford Taurus X" car driven by Sleight with Milgrim as a passenger, harks back to the Ford Taurus used by Brown and Milgrim in Seattle in Spook Country.


page 11

"Was that a twelve step program, where you were, in Basel?" asked Sleight.

"I don't think so," said Milgrim, assuming Sleight was referring to how many times his blood had been changed.

N.B. the blog fragment has an extra line:

More like fifteen.

Milgrim was also a major character in the previous novel Spook Country and Oliver Sleight was also mentioned as one of Hubertus Bigend's Blue Ant employees.

Leaving this line out rather changes the emphasis of the section, by not drawing attention to the fact that Milgrim is trying to keep some things secret from Sleight.

The detailed description of taking tracings, as well as photographs of the combat trousers

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