THE SCOTTISH STUDIES FOUNDATION is a registered charitable organization dedicated to advancing the study of Scottish history and culture, including its many Canadian dimensions. We have endowed the landmark Scottish Studies Foundation Chair of Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph — a leading global centre for innovative research in the field. We also support students through scholarships at the University of Guelph, publish the annual scholarly journal International Review of Scottish Studies and sponsor conferences and cultural events. Please click here for information on how you can join our active community and support our cause.

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Professor Linda Bauld named Scot of the Year 2021

Since 1993, the Scottish Studies Society has been recognizing individuals who have achieved distinction through their contribution to Canadian society or the international community at large by presenting them with its Annual Scot of the Year Award and we were delighted when Professor Linda Bauld received the award at an online event on November 8. During the event, Professor Bauld gave a talk which she titled, "Why messaging matters: what I've learnt about science communication during the Covid-19 pandemic" and her PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

Having completed the funding of the Digital Archive Room at the University of Guelph, our focus now shifts to the funding of in-course scholarships specifically aimed at assisting students at the undergraduate level. More information here.

Thank you for your support

For more than a year of re-organization and the unusual circumstances of a global pandemic, we continue to be the privileged recipients of your generosity, vision, and partnership. For well over two decades, the Scottish Studies Foundation has been integral to the University of Guelph's robust graduate programs, intensive research and learning, and its coveted international reputation in the field of Scottish Studies at the Centre for Scottish Studies. You can read more about the Centre's recent activities in this year's Annual Endowment Report.

We are delighted that Dr. Kevin James has been appointed to the position of Scottish Studies Foundation Chair and Director of the Centre for Scottish Studies in the Department of History at the University of Guelph, effective June 1, 2020. The position was endowed by the Scottish Studies Foundation in 2004. More information here.

Back issues of our newsletter have been posted here.

The Sept/Oct 2011 issue of History Scotland featured an article about the Foundation co-authored by SSF Directors, John B. McMillan and David Hunter and includes many other items of particlar interest to Canadians. A transcript is available here.

After performing over 200 shows around the world about Canadian authors, Douglas Gibson and his tech savvy wife Jane have produced this new 65-minute online show featuring many of Anthony Jenkins' caricatures of the selected fiction writers Douglas brings to the screen. A recording of the talk has been posted here.

All books in the Guelph series in Scottish Studies are now available for purchase online. Details here.

In remembrance of our former board member, the late Duncan Campbell, we invite you to make a donation to the Scottish Studies Foundation to be used to provide scholarships to students to travel from Canada to Scotland to further their research, or to assist lecturers from Scotland in travelling to Canada. Details here.