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J. E. Fraser, Chair of Scottish Studies & Director of the Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies

Mariah Hudec, University of Guelph
Lisa Baer, University of Guelph

Katie Comper, University of Guelph
Persephone Seale, University of Guelph

Michael Brown, University of Aberdeen
Gerrard Carruthers, University of Glasgow
Leith Davis, Simon Fraser University
Elizabeth Ewan, University of Guelph
Daniel Fischlin, University of Guelph
James Fraser, University of Guelph
Kevin James, University of Guelph
Linda Mahood, University of Guelph
Angela McCarthy, University of Otago
Micheal Penman, University of Stirling
Richard Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology

The International Review of Scottish Studies is published by the Scottish Studies Foundation under the auspices of the Centre for Scottish Studies at the University of Guelph and is available free of charge to members.

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Since at least 1969, the University of Guelph's Department of History, in conjunction with the Canadian Association for Scottish Studies and more recently the Scottish Studies Foundation, has published essays and reviews related to Scottish history and culture in the journal which, until until 2001, was known as Scottish Tradition. In the early years, contributors to this journal included leading scholars in the field such as Ian Cowan, Marcus Merriman, Maurice Lee Jr., and Edward J. Cowan. More recently, the journal has started to implement changes to once again attract scholars of a high caliber.

Editors and faculty members within the Scottish Studies Programme at Guelph are dedicated to continuing to develop the journal in order to reach a greater academic audience while maintaining enough its traditional focus in order to provide readings that meet the interest of our primary subscribers, the members of the Scottish Studies Foundation.

In order to do this, all articles submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed. Having established a large enough network of leading scholars in a variety of fields within Scottish Studies, the Programme feels confident that we can ensure the quality of the Journal through this process.

Furthermore, in 2002 the journal's name was changed to the The International Review of Scottish Studies in order to make clear our standing within the academic community as the leading center of Scottish studies outside of Scotland.

For further information on publishing in the International Review of Scottish Studies please contact the University of Guelph Scottish Studies editorial staff at