Unfortunately, during the course of the year (2021) we experienced a disruption to mail sent to our PO Box and this resulted in some mail being returned to members. Back in 2020, Canada Post decided to discontinue our PO Box at 2482 Yonge Street, M4P 3E3 in Toronto. In order to avoid changing our mailing address (which we have had since 1992), we opted have Canada Post re-direct mail to our treasurer's home address. This seemed to work well until recently when the service became unreliable. Despite assurances from Canada Post that problem had been fixed, our test mailings suggest otherwise. Because of this, our short-term solution is for all mail to be sent directly to our treasurer as follows:

David Thompson
Scottish Studies Foundation
30 Exeter Road, Apt 3052
Ajax, ON
L1S 2J6

We will let you know once a long-term solution is in place but please contact me if you have any questions.

David Hunter
Scottish Studies Foundation