Services We Provide

This page will provide you with a better understanding of what we do. Precision Assemblies is a company who provides services
to OEM's. For a company that does not have the equipment, personnel, or time we will fill the void. For instance if a inventor
designs a product that he cannot produce, we can build it for him. No matter what product you have in mind chances are Precision
Assemblies can produce it for you. The size of the project does not matter. We have dedicated people for our small projects.       
This is a shortened list of the services we provide:
Surface Mount                                                           Printed Circuit Design
Electronics Design                                                     Electronics Consigned Assembly
Mechanical assembly                                                Functional test up to over 50 GHz
Prototype Development                                             Through-Hole
Box Build                                                                   Potting and Conformal Coating
Design verification                                                     Environmental stress screening
Mixed surface and through hole                                DFT (Design for Test)
DFM (Design for Manufacture)                                   Test Development
RoHS and WEEE assemblies                                     Mechanical Design
Electronics repair consumer/specialized                    Custom Assembly Tooling / Fixture Design
Consulting in all the above areas     
Precision Assemblies   P.O. BOX 2301   Auburn, WA. 98071   Phone (253) 835-9995   Fax (501) 647-5002  
Hours of operation M-F 6am-6pm PST E-mail to