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Applicant Information

*First Name Middle Name *last Name Suffix
*Date of Birth * Social Security/Social Insurance Number
  Format: MM/DD/YYYY
*Driver's Lic. No. Expr. Date *State/Province
*Marital status Number of Dependents

Address Information

*Street Address
*City *State/Province *Postal Code
County *Country  
*Home Phone Mobile Phone  
*Email Address
*Years Lived at Current Address
Last Address if Less then 2 Years

Employment Information
*Employer *Occupation Self Employed?
*Street Address
*City *State/Province *Postial Code
County *Country
*Work Phone No. *Employed Year(s) Month(s)
*Gross Income/Mo.(Pre-Tax) Other Income

Referance Information
*Relative Name(Nearest but not living with you)
*Relative Address
*Relative Phone No.
*Relative Relation (Mother, Father, etc.)
*Reference Name
*Reference Address
*Reference Phone No.
*Reference Relation

Credit Information

*Monthly Rent or Mortgage Payment Mortgage Balance
Checking Account
Savings Account
Automobile Loan
Other Loan
Credit Card Credit Card Type(Visa, Mastercard,etc). Expr. Date
Has any party to this application been the subject of, or is subject to, any bankruptcy proceedings?
Has applicant or spouse ever obtained credit under a different name?
Have you or your spouse ever had a vehicle reprossessed?
Have you applied for credit with us in the last 90 days?
Have you applied at a different dealer in the last 90 days?
Salesperson you spoke with?
Intended model you would like to purchase?
How much Money down?

If you are going to have someone co-sign for you then please have them also complete one of these applications and provide the name of the person they are co-signing for. Name of person you are co-signing for.

This information is warranted to be true and is given for the purpose of obtaining credit for purchases
from PowerSports of Vallejo, Inc
By submitting this application, I am providing the same assurances as I would by
signing a paper document.

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