June 14th, 2013

they are great trying to find on ebay

November 21st, 2012

I'd love for you to make more open eyed toddlers like Tammy and Tommy, and for a lower price. You also really need to make more YouTube videos of nursery tours, new babies, toys you make for them, etc.

June 14th, 2012

I LOVE your work!!! Those miniatures are amazing!! My blog is :www.kicksngigglesnursery.blogspot.comThat diaper bag is amazing!! Mini Hugs,Audrey

June 7th, 2012

Your babies are simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

September 17th, 2011

My goodness they are all so beautiful how can anyone ever choose? I'm amazed at the realism in each precious detail of your babies. You have amazing talent! Robin <3

July 7th, 2011

Hi Jean,
Glad to see you back on ebay i have missed looking at your lovely babies they are so sweet.
Christine from England.

July 1st, 2011

I just received little Heather in the mail this morning and WOW WOW WOW!! She is the best ooak baby that I own by far!!!! She is absolutely adorable and sooo perfect!! You need to pat yourself on the back for being able to sculpt something so tiny and lifelike!!! I wish I had your talent!!!!

September 21st 200Ma AMaJanuary 20th 2010

I am honored to be able to call Jean a new friend and have had the privilege of spending time with Jean, her husband & their wonderful children. I have seen some of her works in progress and am awed by her artistry- they are most definitely handmade every step of the way & each one is so unique. Beautiful, beautiful babies!
So proud of you Jean!

August 1st 2009

sous bois FRANCE

vos petits trésors sont magnifiques !! j'adore.

September 21st 200Ma AMa October 27th 2008

I am so happy I stumbled on your site. I fell in love with all the babies. I have three sons and would love to make a dollhouse nursery with all three of them!

September 11th 2008
Amazing babies, Jean. I have collected fullsize babies and reborns for several years and have fallen in love with your tiny ones. Hope one is available soon.

Lavonne, Arkansas, USA
September 21st 200Ma AMa July 29th 2008

Wonderful work!!! Your babies are so life like and look really well made. I've added you to my fav. sites. I'm curious what clay you use?

June 8th 2008
So glad I stumble across your wonderful creations.. I've added your website into my favorites..looking forward to having my girls sculpted and creating that one of a kind cherished keepsake..
September 21st 2007a May 27th 2008

Wonderful, wonderful babies. I hope to see an available one soon.

Regards, Sunnie.

April 19th 2008
Hello Jean,
Your babies are so life like!!! I have 2 orange hair boys. We wanted a little girl, God gives you what he wants. I hope you will make a baby girl with orange hair soon so that I may have a girl with orange hair that never grows up. LOVE your work.
September 21st 2007February 3rd 2008
I adore your tiny works of art and would love to own them all!
October 27th 2007
Your sculpts are amazing! They look like angels
September 21st 20077February 3rd 2008
Those babies are fantastic, they are the most real I've ever seen.I hope to get a few for my collection.
Octobrer 27th 2007
I love your babies they are some of the best I have ever seen
September 21st 2007September 26th 2007

Hi Jean,your tiny treasures always bring a smile to my face , they are so beautiful,a true artist works with her hands and her heart,and you are a true artist,take care and stay safe,Fran (granamer)

September 25th 2007

Greetings Jean,

As soon as I saw your mini babies for Ashton Drake I had to place an order. I spend a fair amount of time travelling (and shopping) world wide for minis. It is great to be able to support a world class artist in Canada.
Lynne, Regina, SK

September 21st 2007September 22nd 2007
Hi Jean!

What a wonderful website..............just as wonderful as your beautiful babies! And since I am a proud owner of several of them, it is an honor to sign your guest book.

I'm looking forward in the future to have more of your precious babies for my collection.

Take Care!
Carol (from New Jersey)
September 22nd 2007
Hello Jean :-)
Your work is incredible, I am going to purchase one of your babies from ashton Drake right now and I look forward to collecting many more. You are a very talented artist ! Thanks so much for making wonderful babies and for bringing a smile to my face everythime I see one of your wee ones. Michele Tifft
September 21st 2007September 22nd 2007
I am a lover of art and your babies are adorable.
September 21st 2007
Jean, you never cease to amaze me. Congratulations and I wish you great success. I might even have to become a customer myself. Sheila
September 21st 2007September 21st 2007
The artistry apparent in your sculptures takes the realistic style to a whole new level. There is just something about these masterpieces that makes me feel warm inside. They certainly are little treasures.
September 21st 2007
Hey jean i am so very happy for you i knew you would make it you are a very talented person and a go getter good job keep up the good work and i am glad that your talent was and is recognized good luck in the future
September 21st 2007September 21st 2007
Photo looks great Jean. Congrats again! :)
September 21st 2007
Wonderfull site. Absolutly beautiful workmanship. Go Girl.
September 21st 2007September 21st 2007
I love your dolls they are so beautiful, GOOD LUCK & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
September 21st 2007
September 21st 2007September 21st 2007
Absolutly beautiful love them all
September 21st 2007
Im excited for you! Your talents have been recognized, Congrats! Keep up the great work!!
September 21st 2007
I really love your babies and your website. Im really glad that you've been recognized for your talents. Look forward to seeing more babies. Keep up the good work
September 21st 2007
Congrats on joining Ashton-Drake. Your amazing artistic talents are finally being recognized. Ashton-Drake is lucky to have an artist like yourself. Good luck.