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How to find your PAP (Positive Axis Point)

It is always recommended that you visit your local Pro Shop Professional to have your Positive Axis Point located. If you are unable to visit your local Pro Shop, here is a method that will get your approximate PAP location.
Step 1. Trace the first flare ring on the bowling ball.
Step 2. Rotate the ball so the flare ring is horizontal.
Step 3. Mark a line on the top of the ball.
Step 4. Turn the ball 90 degrees and repeat Step 3.
Step 5. Repeat Step 4.
Step 6. Repeat Step 4.
You should end up with 4 lines on top of the ball. The lines should form a rectangle of some type. Your approximate PAP is located in the center of this rectangle.
Using an Armadillo Axis Point Locater you can see that this method gets you pretty close to your actual Positive Axis Point.
Draw a line, perpendicular to your span's center line, towards the PAP. Then draw a vertical line, perpendicular to the horizontal line, through the PAP.
Measure the Horizontal Line. This is your Horizontal Coordinate. Measure the Vertical Line. This is your Vertical Coordinate.
In this example the PAP is 5" over and 5/8" up.