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The programs and services of HYGEIA® advocate for the safest possible healthcare experience, embraced with compassion, empathy and trust. The foundation of this quality experience begins with optimal communication between the patient and the healthcare provider. Families achieve optimally healthy outcomes when their care and resources are provided in an atmosphere of:
Open (transparent), effective healthcare-provider communications

A shared decision-making process between and among families, clinicians and nurses (teamwork)

Evidenced / experiential based practices -all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care.

Support -including peer support-that fosters understanding, compassion and hope; the human dimension of healthcare.


HYGEIA® is an entity which provides programs and services to the public, to healthcare teams and others with a mission to enhance communication, clarification, engagement, quality, safety, trust and humanism (the need for healthcare to be personal and humane with empathy and compassion) withinthe healthcare system. HYGEIA®  provides its transacted business through Internet-based programs, programs and original content distributed through the HYGEIA® website, Software as a Service (SAAS), personal communications (virtual and face-to-face) and the rendering of professional reviews publications, discussion groups and lectures. 

HYGEIA®  has been online since 1995 and now reintroduced in 2018 as a site for exploring and learning about the aspects of caring, suport and healthcare that involve the human condition.  HYGEIA®  remains committed to the promise of its original mission to comfort families who have endured the tragic loss of a pregnancy or newborn child and prominently provides access to its established and ongoing global, in-kind caring community in which thousands have participated and shared their stories of loss and hope;  where users can find a sense of "belonging" and a safe place to share thoughts.  Each year in the U.S. 30,000 infants die within the first 28 days of life. (1 in 144) and 25,000 (1 in 123) are stillborn. One in five families experience the pain of miscarriage (approx. 900,000). The impact of these losses is great, affecting parents, surviving siblings, grandparents, extended families and friends. Talking to one's health care provider and accessing the full range of physical and psycho-social support required is often a challenge. Although bereavement support is available by mostly branches of national organizations, the support is fractured and difficult to access. Families reaching out for support, or experiencing a recent loss, require support which is available when they need it, not when the monthly support group meets. Families desire and require support that is tailored to their specific needs. For example a family who has lost a child and is considering conceiving again or coping with subsequent pregnancy has very different needs than a family trying to make decisions regarding funeral arrangements for their recently departed child. All individuals searching for solace should have access to appropriate resources.  Hygeia brings these resources to those in need using three Internet domains:

When you Join HYGEIA® , you will be able to participate in an exchange of stories and thoughts on message boards and in a supportive private, international e-mail community between those who have experienced the grieving of a failed pregnancy, fetal demise, stillborn infant, perinatal, neonatal and early childhood loss or genetic abnormality leading to pregnancy termination. This is the HYGEIA®  Family.

As mentioned, HYGEIA® began its online presence on 1995 and grew to become the largest online database of its kind-over 30,000 families-online, and by virtue of its size, the Registry permitted users to find another parent with a very similar loss as their own.

"Reaching out and trying to make people more aware of the grieving that comes with any pregnancy loss or infant loss, is wonderful. And making a place for us to go, and share our experiences with people who will listen and understand is wonderful too. When I read all the stories about all the pain and heartache that is felt worldwide it saddens me but in a way comforts me knowing I am not alone. Strangers we may be, but yet we are connected by a common thread the loss of a child and that makes us all soulmates."

HYGEIA® was taken off line for several years and now with renewed energy and a new, more current platform, HYGEIA®  is returning to the Internet in an effort to reconnect those who first joined and connect new families who might benefit from sharing thoughts with other new families as well as reach out to those who experienced losses up to 25 years ago to relate how they have been able to grieve, remain hopeful and endure.

HYGEIA® has added a new focus as I, it's Founder, have re-directed my career over the past 7 years.  Still passionate, involved, committed and affected by the need to help families who endured the tragedy of pregnancy and neonatal loss, I have added to my committments, the domain of to improving patient safety in hospitals, ambulatory care centers, short term and longterm care facilities and other locals where a patient's safety is paramount.  You may visit demo sites and learn about these programs by selecting each from the main menu.

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Michael R. Berman, M.D.
Founder and President
Hygeia®Health Systems, LLC