<title>Maternl© About our name

Maternl© is a neologism (a new word) which best describes as metaphor my career and passion as an obstetrician; a doctor of maternal, fetal and newborn care. Since my entry into medical school more than 50 years ago, I have devoted my career to improve the healthcare of parents and their children. I am first a physician, a distant disciple of Aesculapius and Hippocrates. I am too a clinician, a teacher, and a student; I am an Obstetrician. I stand before my patients and facilitate their births. I share their joys; I feel their pains. I have chosen Maternl© to represent my life's work as a physician, my concern and interpretation of the human dimensions of healthcare and as my platform to share age-old feelings and lessons, provide poetry, essays, software programs and contemporary personal communications to improve comfort, quality, safety, access and patient-centric approaches to healthcare services.