Your Personal Prenatal Health Record (PPHR)

I have developed these modules of pregnancy tools as a Personal Prenatal Health Record. You will need to enter your email address for each module. The information that you enter will be emailed immediately to your email address. This will enable you to collect and keep this in your email an organized, permanent record of your pregnancy. No information is stored, shared or saved on the Maternl website or servers-only in your email account. Please ask your health care provider to help you enter the information.

The following modules are currently available:

    First Visit Pregnancy Information

    Prenatal Visit Information

    Problem list

    Medication list

    Allergy list

    Track your baby's movements with our Baby Kick Counter

    Make an Entry into Your Prenatal Diary

About the origin of this program

The Maternl Personal Prenatal Health Record ( PPHR ) is an email-based, a portable and interactive electronic personal health record, designed specifically for pregnant women in underserved, urban communities. Many women in urban, underserved communities do not have readily accessible and continuous access to pre-natal care, may get fragmented care at multiple facilities ("unregistered" patients") and may present to a provider in one or more of those facilities who is unfamiliar with her health history, family history and her prior physical examinations and findings, knowledge of which would contribute to a higher quality and safer prenatal visit / encounter. This portable, mobile, secure and interactive personal health record, designed specifically to replace the commonly used handwritten "paper card" format to record pre-natal care information. Such a card carried by the patient, sometimes referred to as a "Pregnancy Passport," is sub-optimal in today's contemporary healthcare and health information technology environment. As a large proportion of all women have smart phones and email accounts, this platform is ideal to collect the information, transmit it to the patient's personal email account for storage and immediate access. No information is collected, stored or identified on the Maternl Website or Servers.

This program is an updated platform of a program I developed as my Capstone for my master's degree in Biomedical Informatics (MBI) at Oregon Health and Science University. The program originated by the name

A PDF Manuscript of the Capstone Thesis can be found HERE.