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MATERNL© Introduction to "Request a Poem"

The impact of words and thoughts at difficult times of loss are universal. Upon other occasions, poetry can equally bridge the chasm of what to say and what is felt at significant times in our lives. Through metaphor and allusion, rhyming and meter; for eulogy and celebration; for love, understanding and hope, poetry does "matter".

Poetry enables me to ask why even when we already understand how. It permits me as a Doctor of Medicine, witness to the frailties of our humanity, to abet healing through the very core of what makes us human, ur language and our personal emotions. It has been my platform to tell my 'stories', to honor my patients, my friends, my family and indeed, the essence of humanity, the "family of man". It is my hope that offering these very personal poems to the users of Maternl for their own purpose or to be shared with friends and family will bring solace, comfort, joy, meaning and hope at difficult as well as joyous times.

Please select a major category of my poetry to select an appropriate poem for your personal use. Here you can request an original poem rededicated to someone you choose. This is a complementry service of Maternl in an effort to share words to comfort, celebrate or honor. I have written, read, sent and shared many poems with my patients and others and found them to be cathartic and healing and appreciated. I hope you will find them healing and helpful as well.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss

Eulogy and Celebration

Thank you for supporting the mission of Maternl©