We provide unique programs and resources and embrace universal age-old human values necessary today for global prenatal health care, healing, and well-being.


          The first song on earth
          Was a child's cry,
          A canticle of absolute beauty.
          Each note a bequest for eternity;
          Ageless music of heart-sounds
          And first-breath sighs
          To immortalize
          The promise of humankind.

          Aoide in ancient Greek mythology was the muse of song


          Today are times of much despair
          Yet times of great hope
          To affirm our oath
          As unfiltered reason and purpose
          Rush in our blood
          Every pulse a wave
          Approaching distant shores
          To leave our prejudice behind
          To fade into vapors
          As common as fog
          And guide us to plant
          Roots to bond our humanhood and
          Vines to grow our brotherhood
          As we go forth into tomorrow.

          Prociedo "Going forward" in Latin

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