Hygeia Health Systems, LLC,(HHS) symbolic of the Greek mythological goddess of health and healing for which it is named, represents concern for the human dimension of healthcare,the use of new technologies to share age-old lessons and development of software programs to improve quality, safety and physician-patient engagement and address disparities in access to and outcomes of care, internationally. Software programs include:

Maternl©, a division of Hygeia Health Systems LLC, is an organization that provides unique, software programs specifically developed to offer opportunities and advantages to improve gaps and disparities in prenatal health care for women and their families, world-wide. MaternlĀ© addresses access to maternal and child healthcare, and is particularly focused on disparities to early entry into pre-natal healthcare services, in an effort to reduce associated prematurity, neonatal and infant mortality. Maternl© offers comfort and support for all pregnancy and newborn related concerns, particularly should one have a miscarriage or very complicated pregnancy that might end with a pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal death. Maternl©provides important tools to monitor each pregnancy's progress, better understand the providers' care, and provides assistance to access maternal and child healthcare services and resources. Three major programs distinguish Maternl's© mission:

Accrue©, software as a service (SAAS), advantages the collection, reporting and distribution of information to improve system(s) safety. Accrue© offers simple yet intuitive customized data entry forms available with decision-tree algorithms and administrative portals with immediate reporting to designated sites and leadership teams. Programs of Accrue© include:    

Ombudu© is derived from the familiar word "Ombudsman". The origin of this word is thought to be from the old Norse word, "Umbodhsmadhr". In the old Norse language, an "Umbodhsmadhr" was a "trusted manager." Here, you will find personal reflections, essays, stories that reflect a physician's perspective on humanism, caring and medicine and the importance of trust: the hallmark of the doctor-patient relationship as well as thoughts and teachings about our patients when they die or are incurable: the ultimate challenge to the bond of patient with doctor

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