Our programs

    Maternl provides proprietary, free-to-use software programs developed specifically to offer opportunities and advantages to improve gaps and disparities in prenatal health care for women and their families, world-wide. These are accessed through your personal dashboard. Access to the dashboard is free of charge and only requires your email address to register.

    1.   A Personal Prenatal Health Record (PPHR) to store and retrieve vital information. The PPHR also incorporates decision support and references for pregnancy-related conditions, enabling more collaborative and patient-centric decision-making processes. The PPHR maintains a continuous prental health record with each and every entry stored at Maternl and sent to the user by email to archive in your private email account- as an immediate back up- including your prenatal health information, your visits with your provider, medications, allergies, new conditions, daily baby kick counts and entries into a personal diary. Users whose entries contain abnormal findings or concerning symptoms will be alerted to suggest follow-up with your provider. Users who identify their need for essential social services such as sheter / housing, food, transportation and utilities will be directed to appropriate resources.

    2.   GetCare: A tool to help identify pre-natal and women's healthcare centers and provide a personalized letter of introduction to the center to provide access to care with a sense of dignity and self-worth.

    3.   A unique complementary library of original poetry to re-dedicate original and personalized poems to a loved one, friend, patient or colleague providing a means to further humanize mother and newborn health-related experiences.

    4.   A rich, humanistic resource for solace and comfort when the unexpected, tragic loss of a pregnancy or newborn child occurs. This program helps lessen the pain and sorrow of a pregnancy or newborn loss. Here you will find a place for comfort, empathy, support and hope if you should experience a miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death including original writings, poems, sharing and bereavement resources and excerpts from Dr. Berman's book: Parenthood Lost.

    "Though strangers we may be, we are all connected by the loss of a child,
    and that makes us all soulmates..."

    ( from a Maternl / Hygeia user )

    5.   A growing, searchable comprehensive database including references and resources for maternal and newborn health, healthcare social justice, global healthcare, pregnancy and newborn loss and international support organizations.

    All programs and applications of Maternl are free of cost to use, but please consider a voluntary contribution through our GoFundMe campaign to help further develop, support and sustain the programs and mission of Maternl.

Signing up for Maternl is free
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