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Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Welcome to my website, drberman.org / aka Hygeia®. The substance of this site represents my career as a physician; my original writings, essays, thoughts, poems, favorite lines and poems by other authors and links to original web-based software programs. Hygeia®, symbolic of the Greek mythological goddess of health and healing for which it is named, concerns my interpretation of the human dimension of healthcare and uses new technologies to share age-old feelings and lessons providing poetry, essays, software programs and personal communications to improve comfort, quality, safety, access and patient-centric approaches to healthcare services.

I believe that when we are ill, vulnerable and in need of care and although our spirits may fade and our viscera may bleed, we are enabled by the agents of our humanity empowered by ancestral song and promise(Berman, 1999). Furthermore, all who require care must have access to receive that care with expertise, respect, dignity and compassion. "The body, impotent to maladies; thirsts for harmonies of cure by gentle ways and artful skills to dignify countless souls' infirmed and helpless wills..."(From Nadiyb, 2014. Berman). Furthermore, the human dimension of healthcare is a personification of humanism, which I believe can be best described by the words of my esteemed mentor, Dr. Sherwin Nuland:

"The physicians of the Hippocratic era called medicine "The Art". They knew that the care of their fellows was an act of creativity. They also recognized that each patient and his or her physician form a bond that is unique unto itself. That bond is the foundation upon which healing takes place. The bond's formation and maintenance is the fundamental aspect of 'The Art,' no less a creative act than is healing itself. It goes beyond the notion of mere empathy and sometimes comes very near to being a form of love. It is when we cannot cure that the bond of patient with doctor reaches its ultimate challenge.."(Sherwin Nuland in Parenthood Lost) The software programs and services of Hygeia® advocate for the safest possible healthcare experience. The foundation of this quality experience begins with optimal communication between the patient and the healthcare provider. Families achieve optimally healthy outcomes when their care and resources are provided in an atmosphere of:

  • open (transparent), effective healthcare / provider communications
  • shared decision-making process between and among families, clinicians and nurses (teamwork)
  • evidenced / experiential based practices -all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care
  • support that fosters understanding, compassion and hope; the human dimension of healthcare.

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    Michael R. Berman, MD, MBI, FACOG
    Founder and President
    Hygeia Health Systems, LLC