The programs and services of HHS advocate for the safest possible healthcare experience. The foundation of this quality experience begins with optimal communication between the patient and the healthcare provider. Families achieve optimally healthy outcomes when their care and resources are provided in an atmosphere of

Open (transparent), effective healthcare-provider communications

A shared decision-making process between and among families, clinicians and nurses (teamwork)

Evidenced / experiential based practices -all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care.

Support that fosters understanding, compassion and hope; the human dimension of healthcare.

Hygeia Health Systems LLC is an entity which provides programs and services to the public, to healthcare teams and others with a mission to enhance communication, clarification, engagement, quality, safety, trustand humanism (the need for healthcare to be personal and humane with empathy and compassion) withinthe healthcare system.

Hygeia Health Systems, LLC provides its transacted business through Internet-based programs, programs distributed as Software as a Service (SAAS), personal communications (virtual and face-to-face) and the rendering of professional reviews publications, discussion groups and lectures. 

Improving Safety in Obstetrics

Hygeia Health Systems, LLC has introduced its first commercial software program, Labor and Delivery Scheduling Program ( LDSP™ ). 


LDSP™ is an essential component to an Obstetrical Labor Floor Quality and Safety Initiative.  The program’s customized algorithms permit Labor and Delivery administrators to assure that the timing of scheduled deliveries are appropriate and within recommended guidelines.  This feature alone provides assurance that neonates will not be delivered too early.

LDSP™ is a scheduling tool for all Ob Practitioners which:

  • Provides a legible and organized schedule for inductions of labor, C-sections, and other necessary scheduled procedures.
  • Introduces hard stops and decision support for all scheduled inductions of labors and cesarean section.
  • Prints out daily schedule and individual patient information sheets that comply with Medicaid Rule-Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Initiative 5402.
    • Print outs of the daily schedule both in a spreadsheet format and a text-based page layout to be scanned or inserted into the patient’s chart.
  • Enables an opportunity for discussions between providers and patients about timing of inductions of labor, trials of labor, versions, ambulation, returning to home during latent phase labors, etc.
  • Encourages discussions between providers and MFMs regarding indications, management plans, etc.

LDSP Provides the following features:

  • Maintains a SQL Database for future statistical evaluation / research.
  • The proprietary program files, algorithms, dashboards, report generators and all other code are customized to the needs of the customer and licensed as such.
  • A webpage which serves as the dashboard for the entire program.
  • Resides on customer’s secure server and can be available on all secure network servers and / or by use of VPN, which must be setup by individual end user after and / if they obtain authorization.
  • Customized menu of Obstetrical Best Practices and assorted Patient Information handouts available at all times.
  • Enables all authorized users to have the ability to schedule their own patients at the point of care assuring that the procedure, date and time are confirmed and / or approved by an MFM when approval is required.
  • Enables all authorized users and /or admin may cancel (remove) the patients from the schedule if they should deliver prior to the scheduled date to free up the time slot.
  • Proprietary decision support algorithms to assure compliance with timing of scheduled deliveries for each indication
    • algorithms will assure that only one procedure of one type (i.e. induction of labor vs. C-section ) will be scheduled per desired day, date and time slot
    • Day, Date, Month and Time of scheduled procedures to conform with scheduling requirements of the Department
  • Menu of all providers authorized to schedule their patients and procedures
    • Menu of all MFM specialists available to authorize (approve) the timing of the scheduling of deliveries with certain high risk indications
    • Automatic calculations of:
      • Gestational Age
      • BMI
      • Output
  • Considerations for Blood management / Cell Saver reservations are built into a mandatory input field. A schedule for those patient’s requiring Cell Saver can then be accessed by the Blood Management / Perfusionist Team and they can be prepared and available for the procedure.
  • A customized reporting module is available as an add-on to the authorized administrator dashboard to provide reports based on all fields in the Database.
  • Customer training / support
    • on site
    • phone / email


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Michael R. Berman, M.D.
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