H Y G E I A®    

HYGEIA HEALTH SYSTEMS,LLC (HHS) provides programs and services to the public, to healthcare teams and others with a mission to enhance communication, clarification, engagement, quality, safety, trust and humanism (the need for healthcare to be personal and humane with empathy and compassion) within the healthcare system.

Feature services of HHS include:

  • HYGEIA®, symbolic of the Greek mythological goddess of health and healing for which it is named, represents concern for the human dimension of healthcare,the use of new technologies to share age-old lessons and software programs to promote comfort, support and healing through humanism.A major portion of Hygeia is devoted to original poetry and essays documenting the human condition.

  • ACCRUE© advantages the collection, reporting and distribution of information to improve system(s) safety. ACCRUE© offers tested, simple yet intuitive customized data entry forms available with decision-tree algorithms and proven administrative portals with immediate reporting to designated sites and leadership teams.

  • MATERNL© is a new and unique web portal with programs dedicated to improving the care and outcomes of all mothers during their pregnancy. Maternal and newborn healthcare is a paradigm for safe, patient-focused care. Families must achieve optimally healthy maternal and newborn outcomes in an atmosphere of effective healthcare provider communications, a shared decision-making process between and among clinicians and nurses (teamwork) and evidenced / experientially based practices all occurring within a milieu of consistent and compassionate care which generates trust, the hallmark of the doctor-patient relationship. When unexpected outcomes do occur and /or technology fails to achieve its intended purpose, Maternl© provides avenues and resources to facilitate access to care, understanding, compassion and promise hope. This is the human dimension of healthcare; this is the essence of Maternl©.

    Michael R. Berman, MD, MBI, FACOG
    Founder and President, Hygeia Health Systems, LLC.
    Contact email: info@hygeia.org