Maternl Maternl© is not a non-profit organization but does provide its full range of services pro bono in support and in consideration of its intended user base. I am therefore providing a GoFundMe campaign to invite you to help support its mission.

There are two ways to support Maternl©:
1. Go to the Pregnancy and Newborn Loss Community and "Request a Poem" which provides a selection of poems and a link for an opportunity to make a contribution in consideration for the personalized poem.

Pregnancy and Newborn Loss

2. Make a stand-alone contribution and have an opportunity to select an original, signed poem dedicated to someone you choose with universal themes of Hope and Loss, Eulogy and Celebration, Love and Understanding.

Loss and Hope, Eulogy and Celebration
This can be done directly through the Maternl© GOFUNDME Campaign.

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