Joining Maternl© is free and only requires your email address

Maternl© is a new and unique pregnancy organization founded on the premise that the use of new technologies that abet science and innovation in maternal and child healthcare can also address age-old human values and lessons necessary for healing and well-being. The programs of Maternl© provide a platform to inform, educate and monitor the progress of the user's pregnancy through its Personal Prenatal Health Record while embracing language, communication and the vital tenets of 'humanism' to offer unique resources to improve the dimension of caring for all mothers.

When you join Maternl© you generate a personal homepage and Maternl© dashboard including:

  • A Personal Prenatal Health Record
  • A complementary service to rededicate an original, personal poem to a loved one, friend, patient or colleague ††

  • A program to help alleviate the pain and sorrow of a pregnancy or newborn loss

  • A tool to help find a healthcare center for pre-natal and women's healthcare including a personalized letter of introduction

  • A forum to share professional and personal reflections on humanistic healthcare ††

    †† These applications of Maternl© are designed for health professionals and students as well as other Maternl© users.

    The programs and applications of Maternl© are free of cost to use, but please consider a voluntary contribution through our GoFundMe campaign to help further develop, support and sustain the programs and mission of Maternl©.

    The only personal information Maternl© collects from you is your email address at the time of this registration. Your email address will never be shared (see our privacy statement) but will be necessary for you to use and take advantage of the interactive programs.